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Israel Enjoys Warm Friendship With Gulf Monarchies While Bombing Gaza

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Elections took place in Israel on March 23rd, and the recurrence of a common correlation of events could be observed.

It is as follows – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu narrowly wins the election but is unable to lead without a coalition in the Knesset. In such a scenario, what invariably happens, as has happened before, is that an escalation takes place in Gaza.

Netanyahu was attending a restaurant, to presumably celebrate his “success” in the election, when one single rocket was launched from Gaza. The rocket didn’t even target the area where Netanyahu and company were located.

The Israeli Defense Forces responded immediately, striking presumed Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip with numerous missiles.

This has been observed in past elections – Netanyahu “being targeted” since as the “Great Leader of Israel” he is doing such a grand job that his enemies want to eliminate him. This tends to happen quite conveniently like when he’s losing in a political situation.

The story is then propagated further – despite being targeted by Arabs, Netanyahu is willing to cooperate with some of them.

A railway megaproject with the UAE has just been announced. Other infrastructure projects are also on the way. In addition to these, weeks earlier the UAE announced a $10 billion investment fund for the two countries to develop a joint air defense system.

This is useful for both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Riyadh and Tel Aviv have been allied behind the scenes for some time, after all they both stand against “the Iranian Threat.”

The Saudi-led coalition, of which the UAE is a part, is struggling in Yemen. Its members need as much assistance as possible.

An air defense system would provide ideal assistance for the Kingdom, keeping in mind the US Patriot batteries have historically done little in terms of defense.

An effective defense is rather urgently needed. Yemen’s Ansar Allah (the Houthis) carry out frequent drone strikes on various military positions including Aramco infrastructure within Saudi Arabia.

On the ground in Yemen, on March 24th, the Houthis ambushed Saudi-led forces in the eastern province of Asir. This came two days after Ansar Allah conducted a successful military operation against Saudi proxies in the Dhamar Governorate.

Saudi Arabia is struggling with its intervention in Yemen, as is the UAE as its ally. They need all the help they can get. Luckily help might come their way from Israel, which is open to cooperation with anybody who is ready to antagonize Iran and turn the other way when annexation and illegal settlements are mentioned.

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It’s not a “warm friendship”. The terrorist Ziocorporate globalists, who’ve been designing the world order for centuries, aborted both the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine and the GCC Ziowahhabi monarchies from the very same terrorist British imperial womb.

When the Crusaders invaded the “holy land” to fabricate the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, they too became close to local Muslim collaborators to act as their proxy terrorists and assassins. Today they’re taking the consolidation of their empire to encroach the borders of the old Persian empire’s heartland.

Clarence Spangle


Jens Holm


John Wallace

Is this a pic of you Jens.. or your favorite person maybe…. You are always posting pics of him so must be in your fan club. Understandable since your grandmothers experiences during the 2nd WW… Is that why you changed your name from Han’s to Jens.. To hide your past..


You know, John, the funny thing is that before the “international clique” oligarchs were making weird claims about China putting innocent people in camps, Syria using chemical weapons, Russia invading countries, etc. to justify bigger sanctions, provocations, and wars, weren’t they doing the same thing to Germany?

Maybe that is part of our past we also should not keep hiding: How the “official” story of this upcoming world war is full of lies, but so were the previous world wars…

John Wallace

I know it is unbelievable madness out there and the more that people have gained the ability to know the less they do..


Well, yes and no. Yes, people clueless about this sort of thing are remarkably ignorant compared to how much knowledge they have ready access to.

But no, if this were 80 years ago with no Internet, one of these provocations probably would have “officially” kickstarted a world war by now.

Jens Holm

The invaders are Islam and the Ham and Muhs.

Jews were there first. Next some derivates named Christianity was there. Next some muslims took over, because they were beter killers and people there produced things to take for free as well as here and there had nice looking women too.


Cannot tell if serious…

“Jews” “which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2 v.9) were also there before the Christian and Muslim derivatives.

Face facts, Jens: Being a follower of the God of Abraham is in sharing His beliefs and following His laws. It has little to do with what people call you or what you call yourself.


There is only thing that bothers me, why did you put his face in the video? he doesn’t get to decide anymore.

Pave Way IV

IZ – at this point, everyone is just waiting to see who can form a coalition large enough in the Knesset first (or if anyone can), right? Then everyone gives up in two or three weeks if they can’t, or is there no time limit? How’s the War Party coalition doing? [edit] I assumed vote counting is over by now, or does it take a while?


Voting is done, our bloc has 57 his block has 52. There are two parties who are neutral right now and can join either side, one with 7 the other wth 4. Bibi needs them both, we need only one of them. So we have better chances, but it might take some time.

Pave Way IV

Thanks. I’m getting the idea that the MSM here in the U.S. is very pro-Netanyahu biased for whatever reason. They were all over the dumb Bibi claiming victory thing, but gloss over uncertainty about the majority coalition – dismissing it with something like ‘Well, Bibi remains King if they can’t decide’. Not accurate, but simple enough in the minds of most Americans. Makes me wonder how the MSM will react here if Netanyahu is booted out. Maybe our State Department will declare the elections were not fair and Bibi remains the Internationally-recognized PM. We’re kind of crazy like that.

Furkan Sahin

Bibi have win lol

Furkan Sahin




3 November 1979 The murderers in Israel’s army Edward Mortimer The Spectator

This has led to a general discussion of the ‘purity of arms’ theme, and some commentators have suggested that it may always have been something of a myth, or at least an ideal rather than a description of the armed forces’ actual behaviour. In Davar, the daily newspaper published by the Histadrut (the Israeli TUC), the journalist Eyal Kafakfi quoted a letter written by a member of the left Zionist Mapam Party in November 1948, which purports to pass on an eyewitness report of a massacre perpetrated by Israeli troops in the Arab village of Duwayma, west of Hebron. According to this admittedly secondhand but, it must be emphasized, Israeli account, ‘they killed some 80 to 100 Arabs, women and children. The children were killed by smashing their skulls with clubs . . in the village there remained Arab men and women who were put in the houses without food. Then the sappers came to blow up the houses, One officer ordered a sapper to put two old women into the house he was about to blow up. The sapper refused, and said that he will obey only such orders as are handed down to him by his direct commander. So the officer ordered his own soldiers to put the old women in, and the atrocity was carried out. Another soldier boasted that he raped an Arab woman and then shot her. Another Arab woman with a day-old baby was employed in cleaning jobs in the yard … she worked for one or two days and then was shot together with her baby . . . cultured and well-mannered commanders who are considered good fellows . . . have turned into low murderers, and this happened not in the storm of the battle and blind passion, but because of a system of expulsion and annihilation. The less Arabs remain, the better .



From Alfred Lilienthal’s ‘The Zionist Connection’.

“The initial resistance of the men of Deir Yassin to the attack was soon overcome, and all of the town’s inhabitants were ordered out into a square, where they were lined up against the wall and shot . According to the recital in 0!Jerusalem by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, the daughter of one of the principal families of Deir Yassin, declared that she saw “a man shoot a bullet in the neck of my sister Salhiyeh, who was nine months pregnant. Then he cut her stomach open with a butcher’s knife. Another woman was killed when she tried to extricate the unborn infant from the dead mother’s womb. A sixteen- year-old survivor, Naaneh Khalil, claimed she saw a man take “a kind of sword and slash my neighbor Jamil Hish from head to toe and then do the same thing on the steps to mv house to my cousin Fathi.”

According to the accounts of survivors, the female members of the two terrorist groups matched the savagery of their male counterparts. “Bit by bit, Deir Yassin was submerged in a he11 of screams, exploding grenades, the stench of blood, gunpowder and smoke. Its assailants killed, they looted, and finally they raped.” Another survivor, Safiyeh Attiyah, saw one man open his pants and leap on her. “I screamed,” she said, “but around the other women were being raped, too. Some of the men were so anxious to get our earrings they ripped our ears to pull them off faster.”

Icarus Tanović

You’re so brave. Now it’s time to do your job for your call of duty. Game.


he’s more popular in riyadh than in tel aviv – time to bring out the old treason card and hang him high!


https://i.imgur.com/PvSDUhR.png?1 Which one was “returning home” to the Arab region?


nice mugshots Helen……lol……



Jens Holm

Here is a friend of his https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce33c6b1b6f0071b88a9e66caf659f0d46d2112927dd4265f01465a84a12d1bf.jpg

John Wallace

Jens post a pic of himself. The paid Troll . No wonder you didn’t want to come out of the closet… Looks like you can swallow a big one Jens.


Lets be factual. Sunni countries are run by JEWS. The Al Saud family, in Saudi Arabia, are jews converted to islam to run the country. Al-Sisi, in Egypt, is a jew born of jew mother. Gaza strip is locked by Israel AND EGYPT. If Egypt lift the blockade, Gaza will be free, but… never will happens.

Icarus Tanović

Yeas, you’re right most about all you said, bravo. Only thing is that those countries are in fact Wahhabi ones.


YOU: No, source, only lies, right? ME: The Al Saud family, in Saudi Arabia, are jews converted to islam to run the country. YOU: No, source, only lies, right? ME: Al-Sisi, in Egypt, is a jew born of jew mother. YOU: No, source, only lies, right? ME: Gaza strip is locked by Israel AND EGYPT. If Egypt lift the blockade, YOU: Gaza will be free, but… never will happens. ME: Because the US is paying billions to Egypt to protect Jew interests.


More like “worm friendship”


Politics: 1.) Netanyahu has no other short term choice, than to either win, or create an endless stalemate/stalled no-result, in domestic election process, lest he be subject to future corruption charges, out of office, that he can only effectively dodge by legislating them out of existence from within Prime Ministerial office. Meanwhile, 2.) bin-Salam Jr is now on a much tighter leash with his US handlers and protectors, as they control blocking of any international sanctions against him personally over the Khashoggi murder in Istanbul mess. Result: Netanyahu desperately wants to look like a regional statesman and success to his domestic electorate, and bin-Salman Jr has to basically play along with that script, as likely suggested by the US officials running his protection racket.

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