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Israel Vowed To Hold Lebanese Government Accountable For Any Attack From Lebanon

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Israel Vowed To Hold Lebanese Government Accountable For Any Attack From Lebanon

Lebanese army and UNIFIL soldiers watching, from the Lebanese village of Adaisseh, as an Israeli army tank takes manuevers on the “blue line”, June 2, 2020. (Photo by JALAA MAREY / AFP)

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) warned on July 24 that it would hold the Lebanese government responsible for any attack on its troops from Lebanon’s territory.

In an official statement, the IDF said it was taking military and intelligence measures to secure the separation line with Lebanon.

“The IDF is elevating its readiness to defend Israel’s northern border from all enemy threats with changes to troop deployment and enhanced field intelligence activity in the area … We hold the Lebanese government responsible for all actions emanating from Lebanon,” the statement reads.

Israeli media said the IDF would close roads exposed to the Lebanese side of the separation line. The army will also restrict access to farmlands near Lebanon’s territory.

The IDF is expecting an attack by Hezbollah. A fighter of the Lebanese group was killed in the recent Israeli airstrikes on the capital, Damascus. The group usually responds to such incidents by launching attacks from Southern Lebanon.

As a part of its preparations for a possible attack by Hezbollah, the IDF deployed an elite infantry unit on the separation line with Lebanon a day earlier. Israeli drones are also flying nonstop over Hezbollah’s strongholds.

Israel is taking Hezbollah’s threat seriously. Any attack by the Lebanese group will likely be limited. However, it could provoke a fierce response from the IDF.


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  1. PZIVJ says:

    Breaking news:
    Iron_Zion has just been taken hostage by Hezbollah near the Lebanese border.
    It was reported that he was screaming loudly for mercy when he was taken. :D

    1. AJ says:

      We are not that lucky!

    2. good american says:

      I heard he was captured in the toilet, crapping with fear. Now I know why his rank is Commodore!

    3. <> says:

      Not even close, try harder.
      Waiting to see if they call me, I’m on standby.

      1. PZIVJ says:

        They gave you early release!
        WOW, how did you manage that, did you have to do unspeakable things?
        No doubt Hezbollah at least cut off your trigger finger to spare some Palestinian kids. :)

        1. <> says:

          The day a Hezbollah guy can cut my finger, then I would cut it myself.
          However, all of them need to pray to Allah not to fall into my hands alive..let your imagination run wild.

          1. ruca says:

            You intend to orally pleasure them?

          2. <> says:

            Not exactly, I have other plans for a Hezbollah member alive.

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Stupid PUNK faggot.

      2. Zionism = EVIL says:


    4. Captain Freedom says:

      It was reported that even before Iron_Zion encountered the Hezbollah fighters, the mere sight of them caused him to panic and scream in horror. In fact, it were the loud screams that revealed his position. It was the day where Iron_Zion would become known as Cryin’_Zion forever.

      1. <> says:

        You think you are funny clown? come and join your hezbollah friends and meet me on the battlefield. Let’s see who’s going to cry.

        1. Captain Freedom says:

          I hope they didn’t harm you too much! You wouldn’t deserve that, because the only battlefield you got to know is the battlefield of internet forums. No need for you to act as a big, strong man here… since I got word that your fellow inmates in hezbollah prison already discovered your soft, tender part…

          1. <> says:

            It seems that you’re acting like a keyboard warrior here, I already said I’m on standby. Don’t worry, I promise we make a fast death to any shia we meet in SL.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            You are stand by for your boyfriend, you arsehole LOL

          3. ruca says:

            In standby on occupied land. How heroic.

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            He is just a brat. Most of the real IDF cowards have been recalled and 3 brigades of reservists are on the Metulla defacto border. The Zionists are literally shit scared.

        2. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Stupid PUNK, you are sitting in a basement pounding fantasies, dumbass the real IDF child killer “reservists” have already been mobilized as the Zionist cunts are scared shitless of Hezbollah. How are trying to kid you wanking motherfucker?

        3. guest says:

          As I have diagnosed you earlier, you are a very disturbed and lonely pre-teenager. No normal adult talks incessantly about cutting fingers and war, death and destruction. In my native South Africa, there is a Zulu saying imparted on young pre-teen warriors on how to become a man, a real man is kind, humble, and has quiet strength. You are the opposite and display acute isolation and avoidance of reality. I am sure there are good psychiatrists in the US where you live. Get help and stay away from adult chatrooms.

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            He is perfectly fine. He just trolls around.

    5. FlorianGeyer says:

      This is excellent news :) :) :)

    6. Zionism = EVIL says:

      The Zionist cowards are petrified of Hezbollah, but there will be no major escalation until next year and as many positive developments favor the Axis of Resistance. The Zionist cunts are desperately trying to goad the dumbass Americunts into a war, but that is not is going to happen either as the Americunt streets are burning, their deadbeat economy is kaput and the a civil war is coming after November. To top all their problems, the Chinese Dragon is breathing down their fat swine necks. The cowardly Americunt soldiers are now using rubber bullets and buckshot to blind their own citizens based on the Zionist bastards tactics in Palestine and Kashmir. In Seattle alone over 300 young demonstrators were blinded this week. What a bunch of Nazi lardass cowards. KARMA is a BITCH!


    7. The Objective says:

      You’re a comedian. But they will soon reply to you. What a big laugh cracking a joke like that.

  2. Crusader says:

    oy vey..they cry out in pain….tick tock, motherf…

  3. cactus says:

    be patient my friends and consider it done already

    1. <> says:

      Respond already, we are waiting for you shia Lebanese. Promise me just one thing, no ceasefire allowed when it starts. It would feel so good genociding all of you in SL.

      1. Jim Allen says:

        Keep waiting.

      2. Jaime Galarza says:

        It’s good to see the criminal nature of your ilk. Since you are boasting about genociding innocents, why do you cry so much about Hitler’s final solution?

        1. guest says:

          His boasts are that of a disturbed teenager not fitting in well at high school. No rational teenager talks about cutting fingers etc, only psychopathic terrorists like ISIS use that language.

  4. Potato Man says:

    How many time the world have hear this apes crying from money and weapons again and again….

  5. chris chuba says:

    How about holding Israel responsible for attacks launched by Israel? What arrogance.

    It is well known that the U.S. gives the Lebanese substandard equipment to keep them inferior to Israel. They couldn’t secure S. Lebanon from Hezbollah even if they tried. They even get 2nd rate rifles.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      70% of Lebanese army is Shia as they are the majority population and like in 2006, they will simply switch to Hezbollah in a matter of minutes. For years Hezbollah by most Lebanese is viewed to have the legitimate right to bear arms in its
      role as the protector of Lebanon from Israel. Since 2011, despite western
      criticism regarding its involvement in Syria, Hezbollah has expanded
      this view to portray the organization as a protector against Wahhabi terror
      spilling over from Syria. Hezbollah is widely seen as a strong partner in anti-terrorism operations and maintains working relations with most western intelligence organizations via the UNIFIL detachment in Southern Lebanon.

      1. ruca says:

        I hope so.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          That is a FACT like in Iraq, where the PMU and Shia militias are basically Iraqi army and that is why they have handed over most of the Americunt equipment to Kataeb Hezbollah and PMU. That is the reason the Americunts and froggies don’t arm the regular Lebanese Army as it is break apart on the first day of conflict. Keep in mind that Hezbollah 3.0 is far bigger than the barely 4,000 men that defeated the Zionists in 33 days. Today, Hezbollah has active battle tested strength of over 100,000 men and reservists. Bigger than most NATO armies.

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            Not just shia, every Muslim who is not blind folded.

      2. Icarus Tanović says:

        A protector against Wahhabi terror. Very good statement. That’s why more and more Muslims and other religions are gathering around Hezbollah, because they feel threatened by Wahhabi monstrosities.
        Wahhabiam isn’t Islam and it is Zionistic/mi6/CIA etc. invention to do dirtiest jobs for them.

  6. Free man says:

    Poor Lebanese.
    The last thing they need is a war between Iran (Hezbollah is actually an Iranian militia) and Israel on their land.

    1. <> says:

      But it seems it will happen again Free Man. Hezbollah must be dealt with once and for all.

      1. Free man says:

        As I have written before, it seems to me that Israel is pushing for war.
        However, I think that war now is not in Israels / Lebanons interest .
        But in light of the upcoming trial, Netanyahu may think differently.

        1. <> says:

          Netanyahu will go to jail, regardless of Hezbollah. Doesn’t matter who will be Israel’s PM, we have no channels with Hezbollah and we only talk to the Lebanese govt using the U.N as mediators. It’s best to end the Hezbollah threat now, it has grown way out of proportion.

          1. Free man says:

            I don’t think Israel can destroy Hezbollah. It is true that Israel can cause enormous damage to Lebanon/Hezbollah, but it will come at the cost of destruction in Israel.
            Is it worthwhile for Israel today? I think not.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            All my scolding is working, kiddo, you can see sometimes think like a grown up. The whole idea of asymmetrical warfare is that the weaker party can deal enough punishment on the aggressor to back down. There is no way on earth the Zionists can even enter Lebanon, their total manpower at full mobilization is less than 400,000 and as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria has shown that even a million armed men fighting against determined resistance with full air cover can not do a damn thing and get bogged down. A million dual passport holding Zionist cunts have already fled to North America, Europe and Australia, and at the first Hezbollah precision missile landing in Occupied Palestine most will clear out and leave the second class Mizrahi and Falashas behind, and they have no skills or will to fight. That is exactly what the CIA report predicted as well.

            During the Second Lebanon War 2006, Hezbollah’s operational concept in
            southern Lebanon was typified by defensive activity on the ground
            coupled with the launching of missiles and rockets on civilian targets
            to deter Israelis. The main contributors to this concept had intimate
            familiarity with the southern Lebanese terrain, the existence of
            operational and logistical infrastructure, a camouflaged network of
            tunnels and the ability to blend into the local population. The fighting
            in Syria posed a different challenge to Hezbollah, as it was forced to
            adopt an offensive strategy in unfamiliar terrain (e.g. urban warfare),
            against a western armed and funded Salafist enemy with intimate familiarity of the terrain and close
            ties to the potentially hostile Sunni local population. Additionally, Hezbollah
            had to work with Russian, Iranian and Syrian forces as well as various
            Shia militias (Afghani, Pakistani and Iraqi). Such an operational
            challenge enhances Hezbollah’s capabilities and is applicable to future
            hostilities with Israel. Nasrallah in various speeches and videos expressed Hezbollah’s plans to conquer the Galilee.
            The operational cooperation among Hezbollah, Russia, Iran, and
            Syria exposed Hezbollah to advanced weaponry, wide-scale operations,
            operational planning, intertwined battle, and advanced command and
            control systems. The operational experience gained during the years of
            fighting in Syria enhances its organizational, professional and command
            capabilities to include, among others, management of long-term fighting,
            upgrading low- and high-intensity fighting, and operation of advanced

          3. Paul says:

            I would agree with you on this.Iran has a lot of manpower as compared to israel.Israel does have a technical edge though.All these militias have realtime war experience.IDF seems to be lacking that if I’m not wrong and no offence to the israelis on this forum

          4. <> says:

            Paul, their manpower is not the issue we can deal even if they bring 1M of them here. We just need Russia to stay neutral if a war comes, or else it might become a world war rather than a regional one.

          5. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Go find a job you stupid teenage cunt.

          6. Paul says:

            Russia is not trustworthy.They haven’t removed Iranians from syria.Russia is aligned with China

          7. Zionism = EVIL says:

            It is aligned with China, again due to its demographic problems. If you go to the Russian far east, the Chinese are everywhere.

          8. Paul says:

            India could mediate as we have good relations we both.

          9. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Well, India did try its best as a leader of the non-aligned nations till quite recently, but the Zionist cunts became too arrogant as the Americunt hubris was at its peak till recently. History is unforgiving and the Zionists will not last. As I told you kids, India and China are smart mature nations and did use effective diplomacy to cool things down, much to western and Zionist disappointment. But the problem with Palestine is that the Zionist are an alien occupation force and the average Arab will never accept that. Same as if the Pakis capture Kashmir, I am certain the Kashmiris will turn on them too. No ancient people like occupation and brutality.

          10. Zionism = EVIL says:

            How India Got Wrapped Up In China’s Belt And Road Initiative, Despite Opposing It

            While India has been a very vocal opponent of the BRI,
            a view of the balance sheet indicates that the giant of South Asia has a
            very deep economic connection with China. To sum this position up in
            one point: China is India’s largest trading partner, with over $70 billion worth of goods passing between the two countries each year.
            For comparison, Pakistan — a core participant in the BRI— transacted a
            mere $14 billion in trade with China over the same period. Chinese
            companies have major stakes in some of India’s fasted rising companies — such as Paytm, Ola, and Snapdeal — are supplying trains for the Delhi metro, and have participated in major Indian infrastructure projects, as Chinese FDI flowing into India soars higher each year.

            Whether owning up to it by name — or attending its summits — or not,
            India isn’t only wrapped up by the Belt and Road, but is almost
            unavoidably being absorbed into it.


          11. <> says:

            Paul, if you want to join Owen’s blog then click on my profile and the link is there. He is a cool guy who is against islamo-fasicts here on SF, and also against the Chinese bastards.

          12. Paul says:

            In india, the main trouble makers are the wahabis.Bjp usually aligns with Shia while congress aligns with Sunnis.Iran helps us in countering pakis.Iran also cannot with China on all terms especially regarding Pakistan . They help baloch separatists against pakistan army.Pak army is getting daily casualties from india border,Afghan border and balochistan.

          13. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Pakistan and its corrupt military is Wahhabi terrorist breeding ground and now that India has started helping the Baluch effectively the Pakis are crying. That is why India would gain far more support if it eased up on Kashmir and get rid of the Zionist cunts. I was speaking with an educated Kashmiri in London recently and he was as anti-Paki as any Indian I have met. The Baluch and Pashtun are facing genocide. Every day a Pashtun or Baluch journalist simply disappears and killed by the Paki ISI.

          14. Paul says:

            We can easily handle the pakis.Problem is China.If China gets involved the US will get involved .Everyone will lose as everyone has nukes

          15. Zionism = EVIL says:

            I am 100% certain that India and China will never fall for a US trap. That is what the British racist cunts used to do, recruit Indians to fight their colonial wars. Even a fuckwit like Modi understands the economic benefits of Sino-Indian trade and business links. Go to any store in even the remotest parts of Assam or Kerala and you will find cheap Chinese goods which the growing Indian middle class prefers. Whether people like it or not, China is now the global manufacturing hub and will only grow. India has done a smart thing by linking up with Iran via Chah Bahar as the Pakis have been by-passed and the shitty Gwader port they have been building and siphoned off $11 billion in Chinese money is not going to be worth much as main One Belt route is via Iran, Turkey and the Soviet Stans. The first large Indian shipment to Afghanistan via Iran left last week.

          16. Icarus Tanović says:

            Indeed it is. Remember when all that started, when Afganistan war have started Zbigislaw B. did all propaganda, all that is in CIAs power to turn Pakistan into Wahhabi shithole.
            Same scenario is seen all over Muslim world. Actually entire world.

          17. <> says:

            I know, but if they help Syria or Iran against us, then the U.S would also join the war and then its a global conflict. Better for Russia and the U.S to avoid it, let Israel and Syria or Lebanon deal with it our own way.

          18. Paul says:

            Israel will face hostilities from Lebanon,Syria,Jordan(If it goes ahead with annexation) and Egypt(If israel continues to support Turkey over Egypt).And we can’t forget Gaza.IDF will face a tough time and no one knows what the outcome of this war could be.

          19. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Good to see all you kids, even Indian ones are learning fast. Yes, the Zionist regime is in dire straits as its sugar daddies in the west are in trouble too. In good professional officers school and later staff and command colleges, the first lesson any good student learns is about the nature of war and the strategic matrix. The Zionist regime is simply on borrowed time. BTW, you Indian military academy at Dehra Doon is not bad, all jokes aside and they teach almost western standard curriculum. I once attended a course where Sam Makenshaw (another smart Persian) spoke about the Bangladesh conflict and how he planned the war based on India’s overwhelming manpower and resources superiority against the Pakistanis. Even if the cowardly Paki army had fought they would have eventually been overwhelmed. The Zionist cunts face a far worse strategic inferiority, they can bomb some civilians and cause immense damage, but in the end, they will be wiped out, and they know it. That is why they are desperate and scared.

          20. Icarus Tanović says:

            Those that you address as Sunni are actually no Muslims at all, and are called Wahhabis, Zionistic creation to wreck havoc in ME, and any normal country. Thinking about Gaddafi.

          21. Zionism = EVIL says:

            It works both ways. Have been to occupied Palestine? The Zionists have big cities with a lot of glass and concrete infrastructure, one Hezbollah officer told me that if the Zionist bomb South Beirut this time, the gloves are off and a symbolic message, they will hit the high rise glass Azrael Tower and Ben Gurion airport in seconds. Most Lebanese Shia are hardy farmers and live off the land, that is why Hezbollah soldiers are so tough. That is why the Shah and and Musa Sadr started arming the Shia majority in the late 1970’s.

          22. Jaime Galarza says:

            To be a warrior, you talk too much. You want to end the Hezbollah threat? Ok, go ahead. Who’s holding you back? You even have full support of the Americans, something that Hezbollah doesn’t have because the Russians won’t give that kind of support. Not even the Iranians can provide the kind of help the gringos can. Despite that, Israel doesn’t dare.

          23. Zionism = EVIL says:

            He is an internet playstation warrior for sure. I have spent most of life with real professional soldiers and no one from any nationality boasts teenage nonsense like this idiot. He is at most 15 years old.

          24. JIMI JAMES says:

            Won’t happen(period) Too much power backs present leader,fk ye nazi!

            You hillary voters have no future,yet there are faster more agile and stronger fighters from lebanon,then your demented inferior bred selow nazi fkrz!

            Invadids like that hato loser who actually got shot dead by rare decent american on Trumps side,not incumbent neo-liberal-biden,so keep bragging then,voided!

        2. Tommy Jensen says:

          Israel is just scared of retaliation, thats all.
          As small children they dont know where the limit is and will continue digging until they get their butt hurt by mom.

          1. Free man says:

            Israel has known the limit for 9 years.
            Something seems to have changed recently and Israel is pushing for war. Maybe it’s the November election / Netanyahu’s trial / Israel’s unity government / Iran’s perceived weakness / Lebanon’s economic crisis / Russia’s attitude toward the Iranian militias / the end of the arms embargo on Iran in October…..
            In my opinion something different is happening.

      2. midell says:

        But they did not attack you.. You are the one attacking and killing. I believe isreal national security would have been serve better if they had remain actively passive in syrian civil war.. Rather than fully supporting hard core terrorist..head chopers. Infact they should have leant support to syrian people and governments.. As that will serve their national security better… There wont have been any need by syria for iran or Hisbollah help if isreal have joined assad in dismatling Daesh.their myopic policy have paid off against them.. Hisbollah that the dreaded has gained battle field expierience.. and many times stronger that they were b4 they went to help assad crush the Terrorist. This Panicky measure of cowardly killing via aerial bombing of individuals who went to help syrian people put down isis.. Will also backfire on isreal.. As it will draw more support for Hisbollah.. And more isreali haters!… So much for national security!!!

    2. Jim Allen says:

      Hezbollah is a Lebanese militia, and you are confused. No one ever needs war.
      Israel is bluffing, it’s all puffed up, talking shit like it always does. All bluster, no one believes that shit anyway. Fear of Israel’s protector is diminishing fast.
      Israel is a joke.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Very good and realistic summation, the Zionist know full well that a war will be their end.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Their arrogance won’t let them believe it.
          Despite the pretenders being terrified of Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran in particular. Israel thinks itself insulated from Russia, with the large number of Russian citizens living in Israel, and that US military will protect them. The pretenders are bold hiding behind US military. The world is rapidly losing it’s fear of US military, in the Middle East more so than any other regions.
          Even the former head of Israeli intelligence services, stated US/NATO cannot defeat Iran in conventional war. US military does not have, and cannot get the forces to defeat Iran, then occupy the country, being the only way to keep Iran from attacking the US occupation. He estimated US military needed 1 million more troops to attack, noting the capabilities, and attitude of Iran’s military, Iran’s terrain better for defense, while not impeding offensive action by the defending force. Not good for an invading force. He didn’t mention Iran’s allies, in this conversation.
          Russia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, all have trade, and military alliances between each country, this at Putin’s suggestion when Iraq came to Russia requesting military alliance. Russia, and Iraq had never done business before. Nouri al-Maliki is the first Iraqi to stand on Russian soil.
          Iran, and Iraq didnt like each other after the 1980-1988 war when Iraq attacked Iran having been directed by The City of London to do so. Iran prevailed.
          al-Maliki left Russia with trade, and military alliances, Putin’s suggestion that alliances with it’s neighbors may be good. In weeks this was done, and Iran, and Iraq were trading like family.
          Russia doesn’t want war it’s allies either. It’s Russia that has world presense and as a military world power. It has the best intelligence services in the world currently, it has the strategic capacity, and Russian General Staff are the strategists. Experienced in strategy, and tactics. Russia is the weapons manufacturer, and supplier, performs the upgrades, even a training upgrade to SAA, and Hezbollah. This is when SAA really started kickin’ ass. With Hezbollah, and some other militias fighting beside SAA. One of the militias is Palestinian.
          I’m not sure how Hezbollah fits in to to the picture, but it does fit, and does defer to Iran, but I think it’s an agreement, not a command. All defer to Russia by consensus, and very wise. The allies can take advantage of Russia’s Intelligence Services, radars, and other services the allies don’t have, or the range.
          Hezbollah is twice the size it was in 2006, better armed, trained , supplied, and battle hardend. The IDF admitted it lost the war to a militia that it should’ve been able to easily defeat. In the media, a strategic defeat, Israel’s first defeat. That was a humiliating day for the arrogant sociopaths. Yet Israel wants to provoke the militia ? Hezbollah has a bone to pick with Israel, doesn’t like Israel, and it’s probably fortunate for Israel the militia defers to Iran.
          Iran’s leaders are supposed to be a bunch of religious extremist zealots, the run around killing people for fun. Israel says so, and you know they won’t lie…
          Iran’s leaders are the most calm, level headed, rational, logical, and reasonable thinkers there are. Responses are considered, measured, and applied father an investigation.
          While religious. Also a terrorist organization, supporter of terrorism, that hasn’t attacked another country since since 1775. Nasrallah, Rouhani, Assad, and Putin share the same conduct in this respect. The lunatic sociopaths are in the West, and Israel.
          Well, the Headcutters…
          Zionists know, the problem is the lunatics will destroy the world before they’ll surrender. This is Russia’s main concern, it has the capability to prevent that, but I think not quite the capacity.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Absolutely factual statement. They are shit scared as the Axis of Resistance is not the regular Arab armies like Egypt, Jordan and to some extent Syria, which in the past have performed very poorly, largely due to poor quality officer training and low skilled manpower, but now Hezbollah, Iranians and the Shia militias are a different type of warrior, they are highly motivated, better armed and above all have unlimited battle hardened manpower, no amount of air power or technical superiority will work.

  7. Tommy Jensen says:

    Why not hold Cyprus Government accountable, or all old people in Jordan accountable?? israel wont get hurt in these places and can take revenge necessary, showing who is the Boss and who is the guilty.

  8. Icarus Tanović says:

    Iron Zion is shitting his pants eight now.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      He is just a teenager and is clueless about how asymmetrical wars are fought. He just trolls teenage fantasies for hasbara. I try my best to educate these idiots for their own sake. Hezbollah 3.0 is a far deadlier military force and will fight a no holds barred conflict and Zionist hovels will look worse than Mosul. The first target to be hit is Ben Gurion airport if a single Zionist bullet hits Beirut and then it is eye for eye. This is not 2006, when Hezbollah fought a defensive border war for 33 days and won in guerilla terms by fighting the Zionist cowards to a standstill, and remember back then the Americunt hubris was at its peak, today the Americunts are dying in their burning streets as a civil war looms. The Zionist cunts will have no support.

      Hezbollah losses in Syria have been minimal, around 1500 fighters over almost a decade of anti-terrorism operations over a wide region spanning Iraq to South Lebanon, Additionally, Hezbollah increased the scope of its target audience and formed a Christian battalion and successfully integrated Sunni, Yazidi, Orthodox, Slavic, Palestinians and foreign fighters from Kuwait, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan,Iraq, Balkan and ex-CIS states.

      With Russian and Iranian support Hezbollah managed to increase its arsenal to include ground to air missiles,radars, shore to sea batteries, modern SAMS, anti-aircraft guns, and anti-tank weapons. It also acquired various armored vehicles, including U.S.-made M-60 and M1 Abrams tanks and APCs. It should be noted that it also valuable gained experience in deploying UAVs as well, with extensive exposure to advanced weapons systems and ability to conduct large scale combined arms operations, some at the level of those of NATO nations and superior weaponry than that owned by Western countries, Israel included.

  9. Icarus Tanović says:

    Wow, is this a joke? They will hold Lebanese gov responsible for any action of Lebanese army…
    Wth? You nuts? Hahahahahahahahahah

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