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MAY 2021

Israel, US Send Secret Delegation To Ukraine To Train Against S-300 Systems: Reports

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Israel, US Send Secret Delegation To Ukraine To Train Against S-300 Systems: Reports

FILE IMAGE: S-300 air defense systems are in Ukraine

Israel and the US have sent a secret military delegation to Ukraine to train against and test Russian-made S-300 missile defense systems, which Moscow recently provided to Syria, according to multiple reports circulating in Israeli media.

According to reports, servicemen of the Ukrainian military instructed their US and Israeli counterparts on the capabilities of the air defense system as well as allowed US and Israeli specialists to test it in various possible scenarios.

According to some reports, F-15 warplanes are now training in Ukraine against the S-300 in the framework of the Clear Sky 2018 international exercise that includes Israeli and US pilots. It wasn’t immediately clear if the Israeli pilots were flying or merely observing from the ground. However, on October 16, a US pilot and his Ukrainian counterpart died in a crash of the Ukrainian SU-27 warplane.

Since the delivery of the S-300 systems to Syria last month, the Israeli Air Force has carried out no airstrikes on targets in the war-torn country. However, the Israeli leadership has repeatedly vowed that the strikes would be continued. Thus, it’s highly likely that the Israeli military is now preparing for a first military action in the new enviroment.

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  1. Zo Fu says:

    Test passed OK, S300 win.

  2. potcracker2588 says:

    true because ukraine has plenty and all sorts of S-300 including s-300ps,s-300pmu,s-300v…BUT…none has the technology past 2004…and these systems which include radar and missiles are constantly upgraded with either upgraded radar or and upgraded missiles………and i´d bet all-in that syria recieved s-300 systems with the newsest upgrades.
    in short…if they try either israel or the us attacking these systems, lol, I dont think that they will be happy with the outcome of such a mission.

    1. Zo Fu says:

      Next time they should test S300 against F35 wonder weapon instead of obsolete Su27.
      Oh, I forgot. F35 can not fly in storms, wind, rain, hot weather, cold weather, night, daylight and what is the biggest problem, the whole F35 fleet have faulty fuel pipes and is grounded.

      1. Drogba says:

        And bird strikes

      2. wow! you are too bad! i love you too much

    2. Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes says:

      Russian EW systems control the s-300’s in Syria as it is all under one central command now. The syrians are protected with the same EW as the Russian army

    3. FlorianGeyer says:

      Yes, it would be certain that the S300’s in Syria are and will continue to be upgraded systems.
      If only to show they are a ‘hard nut to crack’ if Zog or the US Coalition of Terror attacks :)

  3. Merijn says:

    Smart to practise a little in the Ukraine…The UkroNazis are very good in shooting Missiles at Planes….Especially Commercial Airliners…

    1. HardHawk says:

      or su 27s.

      1. Merijn says:

        That is why I don’t really understand the Fuzz about ZioNazis…. Who in fact are the real Nazis… NSDAP & ZioNazis two different things for me…. we have the Sabbatean Khazarian Frankist Ashke Nazis…. I don’t think I go for the WWII Narrative anymore anyway… too Much Lies… Hitler never was my Favourite nor will he ever be…Just Like Comrad Stalin… Roosevelt…Truman….Churchill… a Bunch of Freemasons that Murdered Millions upon Millions of People… None of them is a Leader nor a Messiah…neither a Good Samaritan…no Saviours or a Righteous & Just Man… They were all Massmurdering Psychopathic Maniacs… that is my Perception…

        1. You couldn’t be more wronga about Roosewelt. About the others you are more or less right… Roosewelt was one of the best things ever happened to USA like Linkoln, A. Hamilton and few others. There is plenty of lies going around about Roosewelt however, cause he was the real enemy of the British Empire meaning the bankers and he did a lot to destroy them…

          Wathc this movies to properly understand that please…

          1932 – A True History of the United States

          Firewall: In Defense Of The Nation State

          Glass-Steagall – The Complete Story

          1. Merijn says:

            Franklin D. Roosevelt…

          2. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the good guy yes. The other Roosewelt was a crook and a British agent of course. Anyways.., FDR is worth looking into for sure..

          3. SG says:

            You do realize that FDR was in bed with the jewish [extremist] banking dynasties and other private interests throughout America and the nations of Europe? They even had a sizeable presence within these governments, albeit considerably disproportionate considering the relatively small percentage of jews compared to the rest of the population of any country throughout the world.

            https://bit.ly/2OtQ2cv; https://bit.ly/2J5esmv; https://bit.ly/2ushyfu

            All criticism aside, Germany while under the leadership of the NSDAP was off the gold/silver standard and was not subject to a fiat currency. Most people are not aware of how Fascist economies and the economic policies of related ideologies such as National Socialism. The former is neither right nor left, but a third position; while the latter was certainly race/ethnicity focused, however did not proclaim itself to be the “master race” despite what has been frequently claimed.

            Not to forget that this was a time where it was not uncommon for White people to openly proclaim racial superiorty, however the retelling of such history has been widely exaggerated for political purposes aimed at instilling guilt and self-hatred into people of European descent (i.e. White Caucasians).



            What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1939:



          4. Well, do you realise that you have been spewing out British Imperialist’s propaganda? First: there’s no such thing as Jewish banking dynasties as such, at least not in the way you think, yes some of the banking families are Jewish by nationality but the whole system of banking is and has been British, British Imperial system which is today governed by the City of London , Not Israhell by the way. In the time of Aleksander Hamilton an Lincoln it was a well understood fact that those Rothchilds and such represent the British interest, meaning the British Empire. If you were to look at who wrote all the philosophy on which the system of “Free Trade” or Globalism and Monetarism rely today and in the past, you will find out that Jewish had little to do with it. By the way, Zionism was not created by Jews it was created by the British Imperialist’s. Who do you think created Israhell ? The British did! And when I’m talking about the British I mean the British Imperial system not the average English bloke. Not The way you think of Jews where all Jews are bad, which is just another British lead propaganda machine btw… So, instead of public concentrating on Zionism which is arguably as bad as it gets.., this public goes around thinking all Jews are bad as it apparently says so in Talmud don’t you know? Well, for your information, non of the bullshit quotes or otherwise believed to be in there by the internet public can be actually found in there if you go and check it out by yourself. So, they will say: I don’t speak Hebrew so I can’t tell for sure if the English version is not different than the Jewish one for sure. Bullshit ! If you really want to know how the Jewish all bad story was created and is run still today, than take your time and read this detailed research on this subject:

            How Britains Biggest Racists and Financiers Created Zionist Cult

            Second: Roosevelt did what he did with gold for a reason. He did that to be able to save the dolar and the USA out of the biggest economical crises ever. He had to order the compulsory sell of the gold for a certain price cause the British Bankers were manipulating gold and this way he could not guaranty the survival of the dolar and the US economy. Who do you think owned gold in that period anyways?? Small people like you and me?? Don’t be stupid.

          5. SG says:

            Take your ad hominen attacks elsewhere, it is you who has fallen for misinformation yourself and learn some proper punctuation while you’re at it.

            “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

            Proof that jews both own and run the mainstream media: https://imgur.com/a/ERw8t

            Who Controls the World, How They Do It, and What They Believe: https://www.bitchute.com/video/sJ0NzZEE7Xht/

            According to the Father of Propaganda an Invisible Government Controls Our Minds with a Thought Prison:


            Since you are confused regarding the actual definition of ‘propaganda’:



          6. The Zionists may own seme things and are clearly involved in many of the dirty business around the world today, true…, but it is not their Jewish character which is the reason for their behaviour and their politics, it is the British Imperial hand which is guiding them, that’s what you fail to recognise my friend. And until you realise that you will be lost, and merely seeing the shadows of the Empire instead of seeing the puppet masters them selves, it’s that simple!

          7. People like Edward Bernays and Aldous Huxley were all known British propagandists and there are many others within their ranks… But try to watch this video, dealing with the true influence and power of the British monarchy which is a part of the British Empire machine. See how big their reach around the world actually is and how many international organisations, countries and different corporations is under their direct control ! There is no single Jew, Zionist or otherwise who possesses such power, not one!

            Britains Invisible Empire (full lecture)

          8. SG says:

            Jews were and remain the largest supporters of Zionism, they were also the largest supporters of Bolshevism while Marxism was in its infancy; jews were also the foremost leaders of all Marxist and contemporary Liberal movements and remain the foremost propagators and financiers of contemporary Liberalism to this very day.

            The leadership of Bolshevik movements throughout Russia, Germany, Austro-Hungary and elsewhere were also predominately jewish; they received most of their financing from jewish bankers throughout Europe and the United States, and more than half of all the wealth the Bolsheviks reaped and pillaged from Russia was shipped to the privately owned banks, as well as to the jewish dominated central banks of Western Europe and the United States.

            Books written by jews on the subject of the jewish question:

            – “Jewish Power: Inside The American Jewish Establishment” by J.J. Goldberg.

            – “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel.

            – “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine.

            Books written by Gentiles regarding the jewish question:

            – “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History” by E. Michael Jones.

            “Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in
            Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements” by Kevin

            Additional information:

            Quotes from Jews about Jews: https://www.bitchute.com/video/K19fPs3KLjgM/

            Culture of Critique: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Culture+of+Critique+for+Normies






          9. Many Jews today support Zionism and for that part they are guilty, no doubt about that ! But Zionism itself is a British construct and has been planted within the Jewish community in the middle of 18th century by the British Imperialists.

            All the rest you hear and read about Jews did that and that and are such and such is largely a product of British propaganda machine and groups like ADL and freemasonry which are a British construct as well. The British, like before them Venetians know that you have to control the public opinion of the people you wish to control and they are prepared to go a long way in order to make this happen.

            The Jew card is one of the ways the British use in order to hide who is controlling the worlds monetary system, which is the British in fact. They control it by the City of London and their Inter Alpha banking group for the large part. The fact that some of the bankers are in fact Jewish doesn’t mean that they are the one in control of this system since they are clearly not, the British are!

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      so true, the Uki holol arseholes are good at shooting down civilian airliners like Malaysian MH-17 and let the Zionist scum kill protestors.

  4. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    Explosive device caused blast that killed 10, injured 50 in Crimea college – antiterrorist officials

      1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

        who ever done it, I am sure they will get what is coming to them sooner than they think. Kiev is a puppet government that follows orders, from the ones who own them and put them there. So there is no Kiev in the real world.

        For the sake of the innocent people there, I hope they dont follow the advice of who ever give them that and follow the path they set Georgia. Or maybe is good they do is time Russia to become whole again.

        1. Zo Fu says:

          Russia will start a war against Kiev. And by the way, the whole USSR concept was bad from the beginning. And it spectacularly backfired with Baltics, Ukraine, Georgia … and partly with former Eastern block as well, for example Poland. Those nations are the worst Russophobic nations now.
          It will take centuries to heal relations, especially considering the fact that US mainstream does everything possible to destroy all critical thinking and boost Russophobic narrative ad absurdum in all countries mentioned above.
          IMHO the only way how Russia can win is to destroy the source of indoctrination and the source is Deep State in Washington and Israel.

          But Russia has not the balls to confront Deep State. So this is not winning scenario for Russia. As new brainwashed generation become adult, the Russophobic narrative will cause real WW3. Hollywood is trying hard to convince young generation, that nuclear war against Russia is a piece of cake.

          1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            you seem not to be very well versed in historical fact or you intentionally using selective memory. USSR is the creation of the globalists, and part of their plan to see which system to promote on their NWO drive. I was not referring to USSR that was as bad as the US and colonies are since they been created or the experiment japan.

            Kiev was the first capital city of Russia and there was no Ukraine as it was no Georgia or albania or….. All this countries as israel also is, been created to divide the world, so it be easier to handle and set to kill each other at the direction of their handlers. That is what I am referring to.

          2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            p.s. stop watching to much holywood. It seem to effect you too. If they start it we will finish it for them, if any of us, is left alive. As for the balls part. Did you check them and they dont have, or is an assumption of yours, based on the movies you watching?

          3. Brother Ma says:

            Poland was Russophobic from year dot; not only since USSR takeover.

          4. Turbofan says:

            yep.. some of the worse neocons and Russophobes in the US have Polish roots.

          5. Brother Ma says:

            One example! The Late Zbigneiew? brezinski?.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      The US Coalition of Terror strikes again.

      1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

        who else? they are the only ones who only go against women and children.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          As the Palestinians and others will testify to, even in death their sacrifice is with us.

  5. HardHawk says:

    Train against S300, in Ukraine……….. What Ukraine has is obsolete systems, that are ancient history not unlike the ones Greece has with very cut down version on the electronics and radars so what is exactly they going to train against?

    I was thinking that year after year nato and allies are getting stupider by the minute but did not figured out that their military is even more ignorant than their politicians. I am sure the Russians laughing their heads off at this low mentality no common sense idiots.

  6. Drogba says:

    The Mask is off the fake israhellI Jews in pretending to be friends with Russia.Now is the time for Syria, Russia ,Iran, Hezbollah and other allies to arm to the teeth and use the best air defences available to once and for all stop these zionist warmongering scumbags.

    1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      when they pretended to be friends with any one and I missed it? You confuse politics from all side with friendships how is that?

    2. Miroslav Beran says:

      Khazar folks was sometimes friends with Russia folks. One such story is described in 13th Tribe, when Russians need navigate along one Khazar river. Nice story.

  7. Empire's Frontiers says:

    That would be, they’ve trained for rapid reversals operating on the edge of what they believe is the operational range of the system.

    And these systems were evaluated long ago.

    In any case, practicing retreat will serve the soldiers, I wonder if the politicians in Kiev are as far ahead rehearsing their surrender?

  8. Daniel Miller says:

    the problem is that the S-300’s Ukraine has are all extremely outdated 1980’s legacy systems witch have no post 1989 upgrades.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Well, on reflection that is a bonus for the US.

      This is because the US has not upgraded the ‘ intelligence’ of her own 1980’s legacy opinions ,with no upgrades post 1989 :)

      The muppets in the US media and government often STILL refer to the USSR when ranting about Russia today :)

      1. Daniel Miller says:

        Hey thats only good news for the Russian’s and Syria.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          And Russia and Syria are only interested in defending Syria with the S300’s by deterring aggression from the US Coalition of Terror. If no US coalition attempt to bomb or harm Syria, it will be a victory of common sense.

          If the US coalition does attack Syria I hope it will be a hard lesson for her pilots who are in fact committing war crimes by the international standards adopted after WW2

      2. John Whitehot says:

        US intel agencies are probably unable to understand the functioning of all the possible configurations of a s300 system.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          That’s partially to the ‘devilish Russians’ using Russian in the manuals John. :)

    2. Harvey Swinestein says:

      Exactly . .

  9. John Whitehot says:


    all the parts related to search, acquisition and attack are pretty much another system as the Ukraine can only provide the oldest variants which were in service during soviet times.

    the only thing they can train and get accustomed to may be the aerodynamic characteristic of the missile itself (but again in some older variants) – but what are they gonna do? fire real rockets at flying planes to see if they are able to evade them?

    i’m amused that Russia only talked once about the S300 in Syria, and then delivered.
    Since then, jews and yanks instead, are bullshitting every single day, at least twice a day.

  10. archer says:

    Leave US pilots out of it, if the Israeli’s want to fly against them to bomb Syria that’s their decision. The US testing the s-300’s would do probably do us no good against Russia, they are protected with the s-400’s.

    1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      only if your government agree with you, but… I dont think they much care what happens to their armed forces as long they survive and stay in power.

    2. Sage Durham says:

      You have to marvel at the s-300/400/500. An airdefense system able to dominate the skies. Perfect against marauding invaders! This has the potential to strengthen the whole premise of the sovereign nation state as the ability to repel air and missile attacks is definitely turning the tide to defense.

      Destroying a countries infrastructure won’t be like Iraq or Libya – all remote control, air strikes and from a distance with no losses. It makes attacking much more costly – with significant losses.

      1. archer says:

        Maybe their presence will put some sense into Israel and the US and stop bombing other countries, we have no real national security interests there, live and let live.

  11. Dušan Mirić says:

    What is secrecy for?! According to Haaretz, Israel is already selling small arms to neo-Nazis in UA

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