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Israel Unveils New Bunker Buster Missile


Israel Unveils New Bunker Buster Missile

Rafael’s new Rocks stand-off air-to-surface missile on the F-16I testbed during certification trials. Source: Rafael Advanced Defence Systems

On February 20, Israeli defense giant Rafael Advanced Defense Systems revealed a new air-to-surface long-range missile designed to destroy targets deep underground. The new missile, which is named “Rocks,” will be presented for the first time at the Aero India Air Show.

According to an official statement by Rafael, the new missile uses an internal navigation system (INS) companied with GPS for mid-course navigation while it locks on its target with an electro-optical (EO) seeker with an advanced image tracking system.

The Rocks can be equipped with a penetration or blast fragmentation warhead and it can be used against static or moving targets. Rafael claim that the missile can be launched from a significant standoff range and that It is capable of preforming a high velocity trajectory toward its target.

“Rocks effectively answers a growing demand for long range, GPS-independent Air-to-Ground precision strike capability,” said Yuval Miller, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Rafael’s Air and C4ISR Systems Division, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The new missile shares several design similarities with the Black Sparrow target missile, which was designed by Rafael to test the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system. Expert believe that Rocks’s range could be as far as 300km, that’s the maximum range allowed by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).

Israel Unveils New Bunker Buster Missile

Black Sparrow target missile on an F-15 warplane

The Rocks missile appears to be Israel’s response to Iran, which revealed a 1,350km-range cruise missile and a 1,00km-range ballistic missile earlier this year.

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  • potcracker777

    lol…..bunker buster???? pure bs News………
    deep Underground Targets can only be penetrated through nuclear weapons, and even those wont penetrate “true” Underground bunkers, as for instance ie. Cheyenne mountain Underground base in Colorado, or Irans Underground Missile bases or Mount Yamantau in the ural mountains…..each of These bases is 600+ meters Underground granite!!!!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Zionist scum are full of crap and are running scared. They are given free Americunt weaponry and then they paint a shitty start of David on it and claim it to be some sort of “super weapon”. The liars tried to copy an F-16 into a defunct Lavi and we all know how that turned out. Zionist scum are weaker than a spiders web. The Paki terror haven that was created by the British faggots also use the same bluster by painting a Chinese donated weapon green and giving it a Persian name like Ghauri, Ghaznavi etc, all Afghan warlords and then calling it a domestic weapon. The JF-17 “Thunder” is 100% made in China but painted green, just like Zionists and their propaganda. This is quite pathetic really, bunker buster my ass :)

  • Patriotic_White_American

    Iran’s fake missile can’t even get off the launch pad

    There is no competition here

  • Wulver

    The Israeli government is in shambles, lets make more missiles. These people could touch off more than they can handle.

  • Syria insider

    It’s an improvement, but It’s not hard to improve on garbage.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      It is Americunt weaponry on an F-16. The Zionist parasites are liars and running scared. They tried to hold a PR military exercise last week and could not even operate at a brigade level as most of the weaponry was ill-maintained and had breakdowns. They even took the pathetic propaganda videos off the IDF website.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    Just in time for war on Lebanon and Iran right?
    Israhell is absolutely terrified. .
    Irans and HEZBOLLAH many ballistic missiles are buried underground.
    But Israhell knows not where they are
    I hope Israhell is destroyed if it moves to harm Lebanon and Iran ..
    Iran and Hezbollah battle hardened will surprise Israhell

  • Kelli Hernandez

    BTW, anything coming out of the Zionist entity, its beginning based on myths and lies, doesn’t know how not to tell them

  • Lena Jones

    Tel aviv will look like Mosul 48 hours into the coming war and there’s NOTHING that these stupid bunker busters can do about it. The terrorist jews are amateurs at statecraft and haven’t a clue how to run a state properly: their weakness is in their defensive weaponry yet all they ever do is gather up more offensive weapons.

  • verner

    fun to have but where are they supposed to do some damage or be useful – I bet a dime that russia has some mega busters and, if need be, that they can be on loan to syria or iran to try out on tel aviv to quick start. the process to evict the squatters to kingdom come or kingdom ever never land and their next diaspora 2.0.

    what is the world waiting for, that the squatters will turn to nice? won’t happen, evil as evil comes and therefore necessary to evict them from the stolen land and give the world peace, there is no such thing as peace where the squatters are involved – dislodge them from the stolen palestina and end the squatters depalestination (i.e. the slow genocide of the indigenous palestinian people).