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Israel & United States Unite Efforts In Large-Scale Strikes On Iranian Infrastructure In Syria

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You can read this article in German. LINK

The first two weeks of 2021 have, so far, been marked by an incredible increase in Israeli activity in the skies over Syria.

The most intense strike took place on January 13 morning hitting multiple Syrian and Iranian-affiliated targets in the province of Deir Ezzor, including the underground base of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Corps near al-Bukamal.

The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Israeli strikes have killed 57 and wounded another 37. Pro-government sources confirmed only 5 casualties.

The airstrikes were so numerous that even Abu Yatem al-Katrani – the commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 4th Brigade was killed in an airstrike.

The Israeli operations were carried out with the assistance of the United States – it provided intelligence and Israeli struck on them. Former CIA Director, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was reportedly discussing the airstrikes with Yossi Cohen, chief of Israel’s spy agency Mossad.

The US support of Tel Aviv’s aerial raids is a clear message to Iran, and is a very open support to Israel’s undeclared war against Iran, which it has been waging in Syria since hostilities began.

All of the airstrikes in the first two weeks of 2021 are the most significant by Israel, and over all, since the beginning of the war in Syria. They were so significant, that Damascus even accused Tel Aviv of carrying out the strikes in very open support of ISIS militants which the Syrian Arab Army is hunting.

Meanwhile, there appears to be a sense of urgency, or a sense of danger in the air, as the United States reinforced its troop positions in the Omar oil fields with artillery pieces and other equipment.

The US troops, together with their local proxies also hold frequent drills in the area, to keep ready, for some future unknown escalation.

Prior to New Year’s Eve, Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated, in what Tehran claimed to be an elaborate Israeli operation.

Additionally, since around the same time, a farewell strike on Iran has been expected from US President Donald Trump, and the general chaos in the US ahead of Joe Biden stepping into office has been used by Israel as a chance to inflict as much damage as possible on Tehran and its allies.

Russia, at the same time, appears to also be preparing for an escalation of some sort, by building up its forces and is lying in wait.

Israel appears dead set on continuing its crusade against Iran and its allies in Syria. An urgency is felt, since Biden is unlikely to support Tel Aviv as much as Trump did, and every possible chance should be used. This is all in spite of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu removed the photo of Donald Trump from his Twitter, but all is fair in love and war.

Finally, both the American and Russian forces appear to be biding their time, waiting for an escalation that, with tensions at the breaking point appears closer than ever.

The year began with terrorist attacks in Syria, increased Israeli strikes, Iran threatening against any aggression against it, and the two most significant players in the face of Moscow and Washington are expecting an escalation, and no amount of preparation would be enough for the incoming storm.

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Alekai Mordechai

Lot of blood has been extracted. But the train keeps moving.

Preventing Assad from his territory might hit a snag from next month.


Moving along just fine:

comment image


Iran needs to employ some air defenses to protect the hub of its axis, unless this is part of their strategy to study IAF tactics and develop countermeasures.
Previous Israeli attacks were launched from Lebanon involving stand-off cruise missiles.

Rhodium 10

Iran have denied that any IRGC have been killed..also Shia-Afghan brigade Fatemiyoun have denied any casualties and that airstrikes hit them!….it seems that almost all missile have been shot down by Pantsir system deployed along Deir Ezzor to Al Bukamal where Russian and SAA troops are deployed! a storage near civilians buildings have been destroyed by Debris…anyway coming soon we will see fake satellites photos posted…



Vidarr Kerr

There has to be a way to stop the Zionists. We need peace.


Sorry to say they only understand the language of the gun.

Arch Bungle

A blockade of Haifa and a wipeout of Ben Gurion Airport.


Damascus can respect our national security and stop hosting Iranian or Hezbollah members in their bases, or ignore it which would lead to an even harsher strikes. I know for a fact that many units on the border are readty to enter Syria or Lebanon at any given moment, I dare them not to try us or it will make the Syrian civil war like a walk in the park compared to what we unleash on them.

chris chuba

Because Syria must remain infested w/ISIS and the Shiites are not allowed to pool resources to fight them. They have to remain isolated to be picked of one at a time.


Joop1g thinks syrian territory is israel’s national sovereignty lol. Iran was invited by syria unlike fakejoop1gs who were not invited by palestinians. Your mamas ass will be hezbollah sovereignty Soo as thousands of pmu invade the galilee and make babies with settler trash.

Jens Holm

Its no wonder they dont care half a banana about You.


Listen you dumb bastard,there were no Iranians IN Syria before your terror war started,and the Syrians can have anyone they like in their own Country,now fuck off.


It doesn’t matter if you curse, it won’t change what I wrote.

Arch Bungle

You have no sovereignty.
You are a colonial occupation.
You exist because of the British Empire.
You are now whores to the American Empire.

Jens Holm

They might prefare that for being someone like You. I think so.

Arch Bungle
Arch Bungle

Shut up about sovereignty while you violate Lebanese airspace daily.


Syria isn’t Lebanon. Which you’ve been kicked out of just like you were kicked out of Gaza. And is why you’re highly unlikely to invade Syria. You can’t even deal with Hamas.

Jens Holm

Incompetent crap. Tempting to remind Ypu Assads were kicked out of Lebanon as well)

Arch Bungle

Lebabon was part of Syria before the Brits, Jews and French broke it off. Rightly, Lebanon should be allowed to merge back into Syria.

Jens Holm

No Lebanon wasnt that at all. comment image


excellent idea and from the map it seems the jews in palestine have been evicted to kingdom come. that is a start the world is looking for or a beauty in the eyes of the beholder (the world free of murdering and thieving and lying jews, what more can you ask for).

Arch Bungle

It certainly looks beautiful to me. A Syria large and powerful to defend itself from Turkey and Saudi Barbaria, even Egypt.

The Jews can stay, like the white South Africans … if they can stand the humiliation …

Jens Holm

And here again NO NO NO again. Vikings also didnt get America just because some actually was in New Foundland.


1899 = NO comment image

Very pathetic people claim this and that and they not even know who had what

Jens Holm

It should include Afghanistan.

We can let UN buy opium there and give all down to not even a single baby cry.

In Europe we use beer. Muslism cant handle beer, thats why Allah dont let them.

There are 2 ways to get peace there. The second one is to send in more weapons, so You do it Yourself. A start would be arm women and children too and let them shoot anyone, they want.


I’m okay with this, except for the Cyprus part. Don’t push it. We’re letting you have enough rightful Greek clay as it is.

Arch Bungle

The Assads are not known for land theft and would probably not be interested in it.

The Turks and jews on the other hand …


Remember your comment when the real war starts.


What year and month do you think that will be?

I’m expecting a dodge.


This year.


You said that Gantz was going to invade Gaza. Didn’t happen. You’ve done nothing but antagonize your neighbors for your entire criminal existence. And now you’re claiming that you’re going to invade Syria to fight the Syrian government coalition which includes Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. When you won’t even fight Hamas which is attacking Israel on a regular basis after they kicked you out of Gaza. You really are a disinfo troll.


Other PM would have done everything I wrote Richard, it’s not my fault Bibi has still kept his seat after 3 elections in less than 2 years and he is a coward. He is our main destabilizer here, and he will go. When his era is over, you will see my comments were right.


There’s a reason that you haven’t fought a ground war with a national military of any significance since 73. Which you almost lost.

You’re highly unlikely to start one anytime soon. Because if the gloves come off you’ll be on the receiving end of more firepower than you’ve ever seen before and no Israeli leader wants to be responsible for the amount of destruction that Israel would sustain from starting an unnecessary war.

Iran isn’t going anywhere. Your disinfo posts here are a waste of key strokes.


Israel is stronger than you may think, one day we will prove it to our enemies and keep their mouths shut for many more years. It’s you who doesn’t realize the amount of destruction we can inflict upon our enemies.


The Syrian government coalition, which has nukes, pushed the Turks out of Idlib. On the Turk’s border. They’d do the same to you. Which is why you’re not going to go that route.

You got kicked out of Gaza, Lebanon and Egypt. All of which are proportionally stronger to Israel now than when they kicked you out. Your fantasy disinfo here about kicking Iran out of Syria, attacking Iran with subs and invading Syria just proves that you don’t want to deal with reality.

Arch Bungle

Please let it be!

Séamus Ó Néill

The parasites squatting, in fear, in Palestine, see the writing on the wall. America is finished and without them and their blood money, the fake Jews are nothing….but there’s plenty of room in hell for all of them !

Jens Holm

Even Hesbollah use dollars.

Arch Bungle

They also use missiles.

Jens Holm

Thats right and the whole point. If You use all money for warfare and even many are soldiers and not produce a single thing, they get an economic deroute.

Its even worse because none hav e reduced the corruption where money is made among the Christian¨parts. Hardly any will invest a single lira there as long as the unporoductive making missiles and like that run anything.

No control for Corona is added to it.

Séamus Ó Néill

….and your point is? I think in my lifetime, I’ve used about 30 different currencies. Presently the $ is the world’s reserve currency so if it’s needed to buy something, and you’ve got dollars, use them. Are you inferring that Hezbollah ONLY use dollars ?……thought not !!!

Jens Holm

Of course including collapsed ones as toilepaper.

It was about economy. If Hesbollah soldiers produce nothing and the money which hardly is there ia used on missiles – its a there we go.

Compared to that USA can påay for their wellfare.


comment image?w=400
Ashkenazi ==> go home!!



Nobody cries like the Ashkenazi.


That’s like Russia asking Estonia to respect it’s national security by not hosting US troops. Of course, nobody would take that seriously because its stupid, and Estonia has the right to host whoever it wants within its own borders.

Arch Bungle

The isn’trealis just hit a lot of decoys.

American intelligence is an oxymoron.

The SOHR is a british propaganda outlet.

Freemon Sandlewould

Just get your nukes put together Iran. Then they can suck eggs.

cechas vodobenikov

sand dunes are now Iranian targets according to American/israeli “intelligence”? the pimp’s evangelical guru serves him chicken blood mixed w LSD at communion; the pimp even lies to his allies

Arch Bungle

I have identified the Iranian infrastructure in Syria:



Phantom Electronic Decoys:


Ivan Freely

Yup. Biden has yet to be inaugurated and the Empire resumes their usual behavior.

Icarus Tanović

‘Us started drills with local sup…uhm clowns aka Kurds and Ypj.”

Icarus Tanović

That is a way to say Thank you Trump for supporting me in 2013, and for enormous amounth of money and arms shipped to Israel, as well as recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


comment image?h=300

Why is the alien European Jew in the Middle East?

Arch Bungle

Same reason we have something called the “White Tribes of Africa” …


What flight path did the IAF use?

Arch Bungle

Apparently through Iraqi airspace.

Jens Holm

They go by deep Jordan and might cross where Al tanf is and go most of the rest of the way by Iraq.

Jens Holm

Auroira is not so bad, but also a kid of påest for me. I get mail even I try to deny them.

Arch Bungle
Jens Holm

Mine is better then Yours. Its advanced. Yours i based on tranplantation from a simplefied language. Thats why You dont understand a lot here in west and my normal fast english.

We normally dont speak as doctors and lawyers here. Yours seemes to do.

Arch Bungle

Very interesting. I believe that this is decoy activity being generated to create targets to focus israeli activity on.

The real activity is happening somewhere else …

Jens Holm

Decoys often is a good idea. So observations of any kind is a very good idea.

Arch Bungle

It should be clear to the Iranians what is visible from satellite imaging and what it not.

If anything is visible you can be quite sure the Iranians want it to be visible – this is basic information warfare.

“What can be seen is not real. What cannot be seen – that is what’s real”

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