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Israel, U.S. Prepare For Further Attacks On Syria


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In 2018, the Syrian war entered into a new phase of the conflict marked by the increased tensions among key powers involved in the standoff. The collapse of ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate, which used to be a main formal enemy of both the US-led bloc and the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance, has sharpened the contrast between the goals of the two sides.

The Damascus government, Iran and Russia seek to solve fully the militancy using depending on the situation both diplomatic and military means and to restore the Syrian territorial integrity. In turn, real goals of the US-Israeli bloc and their allies are to limit the Iranian influence in the region, to prevent the Assad government from restoring full control even in a diplomatic way of the country and to establish a weak puppet government in Damascus, if this would be possible in some case.

This is why President Trump’s statements about “withdrawing” US troops are followed by reports about new US military facilities under construction in northern Syria. The same reasons are behind the increased Israeli military activity. Tel Aviv would see any strong Damascus government, especially with close ties to Iran, as a threat to its national security.

Since the start of the year, Israel has carried out at least 10 rounds of strikes on targets inside Syria. The most prominent of them is the May 10 incident when the Israeli military carried out a massive strike on multiple targets across Syria justifying its actions with an alleged rocket attack on its positions in the Golan Heights by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Summing up the reports, the Israeli military launched more than 70 air-to-surface and tactical missiles at over 50 targets, including the Iranian armed units’ deployment sites as well as the positions of the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) units. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 28 Israeli jets F-15 and F-16 participated in the air raid. They launched at least 60 air-to-surface missiles.

Following the strike, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman claimed that nearly all Iranian infrastructure in Syria had been destroyed. Liberman also once again said that Tel Aviv “will not allow Iran to turn Syria into a frontline base for activity against Israel”.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 27 pro-government fighters, including 11 Iranians, were killed in the incident. However, according to some pro-government sources, only 3 people were killed and 2 others were injured.

Despite statements by Russian and Syrian militaries that the SADF intercepted over a half of the Israeli missiles, Israeli missiles delivered notable damage to the military infrastructure of pro-government forces in Syria. Summing up, the Israeli May 10 attack was more successful than the April 14 missile strike by the US, France and the UK.

It should be noted that the Israeli strike took place less than a month after the April 14 incident when the US, France and the UK launched 105 missiles on targets inside Syria. Then, the Pentagon claimed that all the missiles hit their targets. However, the Russian military demonstrated vestiges of intercepted and unexploded missiles debunking the Pentagon’s version. According to the Russians, only 22 missiles hit their targets, 66 missiles were intercepted and a part of the missiles failed to reach their targets by different, apparently technical, reasons. Then, the experts suggested that the Russian military had possibly used its state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems and provided the SADF with operational data from its technical reconnaissance net, including satellites and other surveillance means.

There are two key factors explaining the difference in the results of the US-led and Israeli strikes:

  • Israel massively used tactical air-to-surface missiles from a relatively small distance. As a result, the SADF had much less time and opportunities to intercept them by fire or to use some EW measures;
  • By contrast to the April 14 case, the Russian military most likely did not employ own EW systems and did not provide the SADF with the access to operational data from its technical reconnaissance net ahead of the encounter.

In this situation, the interception of over a half of the launched missiles can be described as a success of the Syrian military.

Furthermore, some experts believe that one of the goals of the attack was to check current capabilities of the SADF, which Washington did by Israeli hands. The received info will likely be used by the US and Israel for planning of their further operations in the region.

As tensions between the Israeli-US-led bloc and Iran are growing, Syria could easily become a battleground of their direct military confrontation. In the general case, Israel will continue to carry out strikes on military infrastructure of Syria and Iranian forces operating in the country.

If Israeli attacks result in successes, the US may decide to carry out a new attack on Syria using the obtained experience.

The situation remains tense.



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    • Joe

      ..and as usual Russia will provide non lethal support like EW or sat info and stands aside… to watch how it goes and see how many of its allies are killed and what need to be replaced ..meaning more sales or (free).

      Assad is fighting against rich and powerful rogue nations with hands tight .
      Assad should call for peace with America. and stop the war as long as Syrian sovereignty is guaranteed.

      • Jens Holm

        I am afraid You are out of context. Assad is not Syria.

        The agression there was and are meant to remove or reduce Assad. Besides that – again – its not only USA but a coalition with many more then them.

        And thats the mild version. You also treat women as they hardly were human beings and ignore normal human rights for wast parts of the Syrians.

        • Joe

          If you cannot understand what I posted Assad means Syria !!

          Why they wanted to remove Assad in the frist place? Because with Assad Russian have the bases and strong in ME and can have no pipeline to would destroy Russia.

          Why do you think Russia intervene to prevent defeat of Assad but strangely not in favour of complete Assad victory as Russia allows Israel to kill Syrian soldiers who died for Russia!!

          That is why I said , it is better for Assad to call for peace with America (the rest are just zombies blind followers ) to stop the war and stop dying for Russia. Let the major powers Russia and US fight among themselves.

          • Jens Holm

            Assads are not Syria. Even the main parts in Syria dont thi´nk that and more then 5 millions are not even there.

            You probatly also think Assad is commander of the russian army.

          • Joe

            How silly and machine like reply.

            Who then represent Syria ? Jihadists or Israel or America?

            SOOO Silly and childish reply

          • Boris Kazlov

            For the U$AIPAC imbeciles: Al-Assad won elections in a landslide, with a larger percentage than Trump, how is not he the President of the Syrian Arab Republic? Oh, I know, fraud, that is what you call results U$AIPAC does not like.
            I remind you of the United Arab Republic created by Nasser, with Egypt and Syria, united in the common ideology of Arabism, socialism with arabic characteristics, Egypt drifted away, but Syria remains staunchly committed, hence the names Syrian Arab Republic and Syrian Arab Army, Al-Assad has spoken lengthily on this. What he does is approved by the majority of Syrian society, who loves him. His constituional duty is to liberate the whole country from terrorism and foreign interference, the SAA fights for this. You are a bunch of ignoramuses, as regards women they are treated with utmost respect, Syria is a secular country, have you seen how Asma Al-Assad dresses? The problem is that your heads are full of shit from Hollywood and woman empowerment and #Metoo, probably you are gay too just to keep with the trend, if so go get fucked and shit on your boyfriend’s dick, and just keep your shit away.

      • TRAORE

        Joe,maybe we are naive but let me say this.you speak the truth and you are one of the few commenter here who do not rationalize Putin’s absurdities. if Putin eats shits on national tv you will see people here who will tell you how eating shit elongates a man’s life.i tell you that. keep up your convictions Bro.

        • disqus_dmukTWgNMk

          Tell me how is eating it, for you. Maybe you should teach a course in the eating of it.

        • Boris Kazlov

          Agreed, from somebody who loves Russia more than life or family, I could not help but remark Putin’s body language on last meeting with Al Assad: The Syrian was all hope and smiles and Putin was looking away, ashamed to look at him eye to eye, disgraceful surrender to Netanyahu.

      • You are right, Assad and Syrians should make peace with the West, heck, the Russians too are seeking closer ties with the West because they know it means more opportunities for making more $$$.

        Hating Israel is plain idiocy, align with the Jews, be friends, open up Syria to Jews technology and free trade, give the west and arabs that darm pipeline while Syria makes billions of $ as transit fee, land charges… then watch Syria’s economy grow with Syrians benefiting. The only interest Russia has is that darm pipeline not happening…which only benefits Russia!

        Iran with its plain hate for Israel should also be kicked out, they can attack Israel but not from Syria, Syrians should get its country back from Assad if he continues in this folly.

        • disqus_dmukTWgNMk

          Peace with the West? and Just whom do you recommend? This sort of trash can only come from certain people. Should we make peace with people who give Israel the green light for Mass Murder. This sort of arrogance will only piss people off. I don’t recommend it. Following the Mass Murder should the real Victims kiss the ASS of the West? is this what you suggest? Go join a social club or take up Golf. You really are not qualified to make political statements. It is people like you that are the stumbling blocks for a peaceful world. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the World hates you for it.

          • Then you want Iran to be like Syria? because after Syria is done destroyed guess who is next???Iran is no world power compared to the forces currently seeking to cut its wings, when you count USA, Israel, the whole GCC, the West…heck, even Russia is waiting to pick up oil sales shortfall when Iran gets its oil sales clipped. Use your head fool, and loosen the towel wrapped around your head, it is stopping blood flow into your brain!

      • Boris Kazlov

        Are you crazy, since when U$AIPAC can guarantee anything?

    • Jens Holm

      USA is not one of the worlds most unpopular nations. They are needed.

      • jerry hamilton

        They certainly are needed. Want the Pentagon to create more rubble?
        Dial RENTATHUG

        • Boris Kazlov

          He is a known Cia troll disrupting an alternative site.

  • World_Eye

    LOL SF tell us smt that we don’t know

  • Deo Cass

    Quote: “Tel Aviv would see any strong Damascus government, especially with close ties to Iran, as a threat to its national security.” False! The Zioinist tyranny sees Iran only as an obstacle to its plan to partition Syria and take full dominance of its resources. Iran is not threatening the Zionist tyranny. Only the Zionist tyranny is threatening Iran.

    • Jens Holm

      Another construction told so many times in the copy obedience of Your part of the world, so You – and only You – made Yourself more stupid, then You should be.

      Syria is a dirty and impotent construction to get oil from Kirkuk after WW1. Very strange You will keep it like that artificial konglomerate filled up with unsolved impossible problems,

      Worse is, You are not even able to have astructure for it and run a comlicated mechanism in an infantile emirate dictator style.

      Therefore it make sense to divide and maybe connects in more but smaller states for Turkey, Syria and Iraq. That has nothing to do with the small minorities for that in Israel.

      You also can go the other way as proposed by PYD C/O SDF and decentralize the Governess in local matters, because locals knows better, what they need and also are the ones, which shall pay for it.

      • Boris Kazlov

        You really like to suck U$AIPAC cock, filthy degenerate, there is more moral value in the tiniest spot in the millenary Syrian civilization that in all your homosexual country.

      • batavian

        When a ‘full court press’ fails, resort to partition…Where have I heard that before?

    • disqus_dmukTWgNMk

      Hear hear, well said.

    • Boris Kazlov

      Precisely because it opposes U$AIPAC designs in the Middle East it is considered a threat to national security, the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, etc.

  • dejavutoyou

    Talk about infrastructure, Syria should shoot a missile up Netanyahu’s toilet, while he’s on it.

    • Fatime Oomyadin

      We could cheat some of his israeli homegrown ISIS-rebels to go to that location, telling them they’d conquer Assad’s palace…

    • Jens Holm

      And ISIS should make the tunnel ??

      • batavian

        No need for a tunnel. The orifice between Nutty Yahoo’s butt cheeks is large enough to accommodate most modern missiles.

    • That means Tehran gets turned into glass you dumb idioten!

      • batavian

        Wait…Are you saying Israel has nukes? Are you sure, cause Israel says they don’t have a nuclear arms program? They wouldn’t lie about something like that, would they?

  • JustPassingThrough

    “Furthermore, some experts believe that one of the goals of the attack
    was to check current capabilities of the SADF, which Washington did by
    Israeli hands. The received info will likely be used by the US and
    Israel for planning of their further operations in the region.”

    i’m sure no one knows this except the ghetto brigade and their experts. what makes them think that things will be the same as last time?

    • Jens Holm

      Of course You should learn by that. And correct, in science its also very difficult to do things again 100%.

  • as

    That carrier group is for that purposes. Israeli strikes successful or not is irrelevant. They want a total defeat and humiliation of Russian forces to keep it’s hegemony and face and towards that goal Syrian is a perfect target.

    • Steve Bell

      The U.S. revealed its game plan when it said its base west of the Euphrates would stay. That’s why Putin just said kalibr armed frigates would be on permanent standby in the Med.

      • Joe

        The base would be wiped out the moment it is decided US must go .

        Right now get rid of US proxies first

        There is just no way US forces can stay … Send a few hundred Houhhis in there will be enough. No need air cover too hahah

        • Jens Holm

          You dont decide that. Not many apart from local hooligans see things like that.

          • Joe

            If you wish to respond , do respond with sense.
            When did I posted I decide? Can’t Assad decide when it is time?

            You tell me how is US going to fight just Syria alone INSIDE SYRIA?
            Tell me. Isreal? Ha .. they are only good for killing defenceless Palestinians who are also moronic to let them be killed. In Syria the Iranians moved , they are dead.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats the hole point. USA and we do not. USA did hard for a while but is not there anymore apart from the SDF zone.

            The plan was to replace Assad and the Leaders of Baathitas or reduce the Goverment of theirs. I was never to take over.

            USA being there was because of the raise of ISIS, which came out of hand as well as the opposition named “old” FSA collapsed into the more effective radicals in the Jihadisme.

            The fight was against ISIS making terror as Qaida was andmany never mention how many billions and people we use for that having succes about it too.

            Even ISIS grow here and there, they are very much reduced and make only a little miney and few recuits.

    • Wrong. What makes you think Israel opposes Russia. Syria having Russian bases on its territory is almost the equivalent of hosting the IDF.

      • Jens Holm

        Thats right. They again and again forget, that Russia dont like Hesbollah and iran.

        • Joe

          Without Hezbollah or iran , Syria would have been lost for your info.

          Russia ONLY provides air power to destroy those American trained ISIS who are trained the traditional stupid ways to warfare and so easily destroyed.

          The ones fighting were Hez ,Syrians, and iranians and they are winning.

          Israel your country is alarmed at the outcome when they see the way Assad forces destroyed the Israeli trained ISIS as they would face the same music.

          No Russia only help to bomb ahead but the ones fighting and dying door to door are Hez, Syrians and Iranians. Without them Russia would not have any base in Syria. and would be expelled out of ME and have the pipeline to Europe thus destroying Russia. Yet Russia is not help Syria as they should .

          Not a good ally …

          • Jens Holm

            Nothing new in those facts. They have been there since 1948.

            I dont see Israel as any losser in that as well as winner.

            My oppinions are political and military reflecrions and not an Israelian ones.

            And Yes. You should expect most help is something for something. The Assad ones also is – as I recall it – 25 years of oil to russia. So oil is needed for weapons.

            And where is the rebuilding of Syria – hard to see,.

          • batavian

            There’s no rebuilding being done in Raqqa. Maybe contact your pals in DC to find out what’s happening there.

      • as

        I’m talking about USA. Israel disagree with Bashar Al Assad and his supporters including the Iranian.

  • New Israel is Muslims

    “Russia” has got Israhell’s back, “don’t anybody worry.”

    • Dr. Pro Liv

      Russia is protecting Russian interests unlike Arabs who kill each other for money!
      So SuckDick MuslimNaziNato or whatever @$$hole you are!
      You sound like those retards from Western NATO countries who accuse Russia for not fulfilling your desires and orders to fight for better world against evil globalists….
      FuckYouVeryMuch pathetic twat for defending Syria that would not even exist today if Russia didn’t help!

      • Harold Smith

        So you’re jewish?

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          And how am I Jewish?!?
          Because your brain is so retarded that you can’t come out with other deduction except that I am Jewish?!
          I shit on all Jews just like shit on you!
          And you are?! US clown?! Or similar shithead !
          You western morons come from countries like US & UK
          that are SERVANTS to the Jewish bankers and Israel and you keep accusing Russia of being “pro Israel” !?!!
          You have no decency left in you!
          You keep spiting on Russia!

          And you attack Russia only!
          Why not China, why not your ROTTEN to the bone NATO countries why not all other Muslim countries for not helping Syria?!
          Arabs kill Arabs and it is Russia fault!
          And it is AmeriCunt now to lecture me morals?!
          Well FUCK YOU BASTARD!
          And FUCK YOU ALL who judge Russia!!!

          • Harold Smith

            LOL! I knew you were a jew. Thanks for confirming it Shlomo.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            I shit on Jews and on you!
            So that is all you can answer you AmeriCunt bitch?
            What are you totally retarded ?!
            You are labeling others for being Jews while your
            TERRORIST country U.S. is the BIGGEST SERVANT of the JEWS!
            You can NOT even whisper those anti-Jew comments in your
            terrorist country you filthy coward !

          • Harold Smith

            Why don’t you run along now, little Shlomo, and get back to your Talmudic studies, before your Mommy finds out you’re at the computer again.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Eating Jewish shit all your lives makes you AmeriCunts insane.
            Jews have robbed you blind through “FED” and Wall Street and make you and your children SLAVES for generations to come !
            They have humiliated you with 9/11 !

            You are nation of JEWISH SLAVES who are fighting wars for the JEWS ! You are their GOYIM BITCHES !

          • yes , you got him made.. it is classic hasbara 101 strategy , tag temaong in comment section , one pretend to be rude guys and then another hasbara posted in normal manners , but rude or normal both of them post lies and propaganda from isrseli PR.

            it is called Shaping the media Landscape or Shaping the narrarive.. classic israeli propaganda scheme

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Yeah “Shaping the narrarive”
            And how about “USS Liberty”, massacre in Lebanon, 9/11, Iraq war, Syria war and now Iran war where you Goyim slaves will going to die for Jews?

          • Boris Kazlov

            He is possesed by the spirit of a Jew and thinks he is European. Russia is not going all in in Syria, and you don’t fight a half-ass war, that is all I am saying, Russian military are obedient to their commander-in-chief, that does not mean that they agree. I hope next President will be a general.

          • TRAORE

            RELapse. Stick to those Meds they help in the interim

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            You AmeriICUNT BITCH WHORE !
            you are that RETARDED Harold Smith !

            That is another profile you even crate you sick minded cowardly
            You are blocked PIG !

          • Relax commie, had so many vodkas I bet ..now go to bed, you have been a major embarrassment, I hope your handlers read your idiotic comments then have you posted to a desk without any internet connection.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            fuck your mommy the way you usually do,
            you NATO retarded bitch… instead of driveling here!

          • Darm…who let you out if the loon cage? You must be one ugly mutherfucker!

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            and I eat wimps like you after ripping your balls of !

          • Hahaha, keep it coming Muppet!

          • Lolss…thank you for validating my earlier comment. now go back to sleep and stop crying, I am not the one that made your handlers sack you, your comment reflects plain idiocy of its writer(YOU)!

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            I shit straight into your filthy NATO mouth

          • Boris Kazlov

            Russian Federation is not a Christian county, there are 4 recognized religions: Orthodox, Muslims in their own provinces: Dagestan and Chechenya, Jewish with its autonomous region and Buddhism in Tuva region. Russia is an observer in the Organization of Muslim countries with 30 million muslims within its borders.
            Russian Federation does not fight Israel, this is not my desire, just a statement of fact. I disagree with this because they fail to realize that Israel is the main head of the Hydra monster.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Russian Federation is not a true Christian county for simple reason that Orthodox religion is not accepted and RESPECTED by majority of those whose grand-grand parents were Orthodox.
            Big number of Russians still does not respect their own roots (unlike Muslims)!
            The communist installed atheism has its negative effect today on Orthodox religion ONLY !
            Russia can only stay as “an observer” in the Organization of Muslim countries because Muslims are only MINORITY.
            So stop that propaganda nonsense.
            You are exaggerating numbers of Muslims (maybe you count all non Russian emigrants as well)

            I do not care what you and others think of Israel.
            Whoever HATES Israel should go there and KILL THEM or SHUT THE FUCK UP already on that subject.
            I would be happy that somebody bombs Israel but that is not Russia’s job or Russia’s interest at this moment.
            That is not objective of Russian federation to start war against Israel to fulfill Muslim desire for revenge or Iranian objectives.
            Russia has possible war in Ukraine and with her activity in Syria that is already plenty.
            All wars are very expensive!

          • Boris Kazlov

            I must be an atheist because I shit on Christian fables, like angels, virgin birth, resurrection, etc.,
            I hate Israel, just I am not mad to go there and kill them.
            But you seem to be full of hate, so shoot yourself in the ass.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            I shit on all atheists (like you) who doesn’t have any basic decency and respect for other peoples believes!
            You are primitive twat and I couldn’t care less about your “opinion”!
            You are just another arrogant ass atheist and believer that God doesn’t exist. Believing only that moron like you represent everything better.
            Jewish communism above all has created you in Russia.
            Yet Jews were never stupid enough to get much in communism themselves.
            Yeah you are not “mad to go there and kill them” but you can’t close your cowardly big mouth telling others to do it for you?!?
            You low life cowardly bitch !

          • Boris Kazlov

            good luck talking to your invisible friend, you are only talking to yourself, deluded fuck, deal with facts, your fucking Messiah hanging half naked did not make the world better, but worse.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            But retarded narcissistic morons like you will make the world better?!
            Everything is better than you atheists egocentric twats full of disdain of things you do not understand.
            Even totally braininess animal have more in their scull then you
            will ever have!

          • Boris Kazlov


        • Promitheas Apollonious

          no you just an idiot, who can not see, farther than his nose.

          • Harold Smith

            You’re going to speak for him, Shlomo? Or maybe you are him?

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        Hey calm down and dont be so emotional, if you have something to say do so, using your brain and not your emotion. Emotion it is not only a bad consular, but shows also weakness of spirit.

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          I had enough of you from your previous comment.
          Do not talk to me man in the skirt !

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            been a retard begins to show kid. Low mentality idiot who trying to teach others.

    • Omega

      Russia also destroyed two airports rented by the IDF in Georgia in 2008 to prevent an Israeli attack on Iran.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        is retard you first name, or it runs in the family and is your sir name?

        • Omega

          Neither. I read so recently and believed the information to be accurate considering the source (Voltairenet).

          It is exactly this same attitude that pushed Russia to bomb the two airports rented by Tsahal in Georgia, in 2008. At that time, it was a question of preventing an attack on Teheran by Tel-Aviv. Except that the laisser-faire this time is opposed to an initiative by Iran, and not by Israël.


          • Promitheas Apollonious

            your ignorance goes with your inability to understand fact. In any case dont believe every idiot you read and learn to use common sense where you knowledge fails you.

            Iran unlike what all of you think does not need the help of Russia to give more than she receives in case of an attack against it. And russia when she went into georgia, she did not went to save Iran.

            I read the link you posted and i dont know the ones who wrote it what they are smoking and what pills they taking but they missing their calling and writing in a third rate web site they should apply to hollywood, with their imagination to make up stories.

          • Omega

            Are you exhibiting a complex of superiority to mask the inferior one?

            Neither the article nor me suggested that Russia went to Georgia to save Iran. I only quoted the part mentioning the airports rented by the IDFd and cited the source as a general rule of reference to show where I got it from. If you believe it’s inaccurate, feel free to contradict it factually. Resorting to insults and belittling isn’t doing so.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Omega are you from Lebanon?

          • Omega

            Yes. Born, raised and live.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Do you also believe like others
            that Putin and Russia work for Israel?
            BTW greetings to whole Lebanon from EU !
            Enemies of Israel are my friends.

          • Omega

            I don’t believe so. Suggesting that Putin/Russia worked for Israel would imply that Putin/Russia work for the western (Anglo-Saxon) oligarchs who created Israel in the first place. The Anglo-American-Gulf-Israel backed ISIS et al. would also not be defeated in Syria. That said, I am not found of Putin’s decades-long relationship with Kissinger. What we must understand is that countries are ran by oligarchs and not politicians. Those oligarchs often collude or collide behind closed doors to reach respective objectives.

            Likewise, warm greetings to you from Lebanon (!). British Israel can go to hell. If you wish to learn more about the true origin of British Modern Zionism and the creation of British Israel, invite you to read the following: http://wlym.com/archive/campaigner/7812.pdf

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            You seam to be the guy who knows how to use his head .
            And that is not often the case with these Jokers from the West..
            They are talking all kinds of nonsense.
            With them I cant even disagree because often they do not have ,their opinion.
            But echo of somebody else’s opinion…

  • Omega

    Syria/Iran is to Yemen what Israel is to the Gulf …

    Strange as it may seem, the answer is that Britain is scared of Yemen. For Yemen is the sole country on the Arab peninsula with the potential power to challenge the colonial stitch-up reached between Britain and the Gulf monarchies it placed in power in the nineteenth century, and who continue to rule to this day.

    Britain and the Yemeni threra

    • Jens Holm

      And Gulf is a german car.

      • Omega

        Golf is a German car model from VW. The Gulf is a region in the Middle East.

        • Jens Holm

          Its an ironic comment from here. Yemen itself was not important. It was a cole depot on an Island for ships through the suez.

          More important for me is the Mocca coffea and the harbour for it is only sand.

          • Omega

            Not important to who? You who only finds its “mocha coffeel and “sand” of relevance? Be serious.

            Theee wars in century is the testimony that Yemen is in fact important to many.

          • Jakke1899

            Yes, of course Yemen is important, above all geographicly. Control of Yemen gives, gives control of the Suez Canal.

          • Omega

            Precisely. The Suez Canal has been key for Britain since the 18th century.

          • Boris Kazlov

            The only thing serious for U$AIPAC trolls is Israeli shekels, no use arguing with them, don’t feed the trolls, they are paid by post . Troll boycott, no answer!

      • batavian

        VW Golf, not Gulf.

  • Luutzen

    Is China’s Silk road infra investmentplan important to Russia?

    If yes -> deliver S300 to partners!

    This plan has the potential of changing EurAsia into this planets
    economic powerhouse! The return of dragon: Ming, Ding, Tjing, whtever


    • Dr. Pro Liv

      So that shit blog claims that “China’s Silk road” is passing through Syria?
      Well they are fucking dead WRONG about that !…
      And no S-300 are not pretzels to be distributed on simple demand.
      What “partners”?*
      Iran has made Iranian copy of S-300 just like China and they claim it is better than Russian so WHERE THE FUCK IS IT ?!
      Why Iranians do not GIVE to their Syrian “allay” and “partner”
      that Iranian S-300 huh?
      Why China doesn’t send their copy of S-300 huh?!
      Why are you all people so full of bullshit against Russia all the time?!?

      • Luutzen

        Are you Israeli?

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          Are you?!
          I shit on Israel and they all can go to hell !
          Why would “China’s Silk road” investment OUTSIDE of Russia be “important” to Russia?
          China must defend that not Russia !
          Are you anti-Russian troll for talking such NONSENSE?!
          I’m sure that you are from one of NATO terrorist countries that have helped to create all that problems in Syria together with Israel and some ARABS!

          WHY are you not answering on my questions?!
          Where are Iranian or Chinese S-300 ?
          You have no answer, that’s why you don’t answer!
          All that counts is that all of you can complain about Russia and spit on Russia!
          Wherever I go I find more anti-Russian trolls inventing more false accusations !

          • Luutzen

            A bit of Russian nationalism is OK, but do not exaggerate it! Otherwise you look crazy to the rest of this planet, like NAZIs before.

            The Russians have helped Syrians/Iranians fight ISIS/NATO/Israel/Saudis greatly! No dispute here!

            It’s about international trade and economic growth, when looking ahead in the future! A gold-backed Yuan.-renmimbi. OIL transactions /gold transactions in Yuan! Less Dollars needed, less US bullying!!

            Did you ever study economics? Fair trade between equal partners (non-warmongering) spurs win-win benefits to all contractors.

            In order to establish trade, peace-stability-military balance is required.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            You call me “crazy” but you still did NOT answer a single
            question I have asked you?!
            Maybe you confuse “crazy” with “stupid”?

            I will ask you again:
            Why would “China’s Silk road” investment OUTSIDE of Russia be “important” to Russia?
            Where are Iranian or Chinese S-300 ?

            ANSWER or just shut up!!

          • Luutzen

            Dear DR, you don’t understand economics!

            You don’t even understand shouting is not a solution.

            You think a reasonable, two-way discussion = you shouting:
            I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!
            I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!
            I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!
            I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!
            I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            It was YOU who said that Russia must defend “China’s Silk road” in Iran by giving S-300 not me!

            So I ask you to explain that because I say that argument does not make sense!
            Also I ask you where are Iranian S-300…why are they not in Syria?!
            Why is everybody attacking Russia on that subject?

            Fuck me! I’m not important !
            All I want you to stop denigrating RUSSIA!
            Too many people spits on Russia too often lately !

          • Luutzen

            The US media do blame Russia all the time, for certain.

            The Jewish Billionaires Soros/Adelson & megacorporate Wallstreet friends want war for more US profits. And not Russian or Iranian oil profits.

            I am a long time (5 years+) supporter of Russia and Putin on the Internet.

            So do not confuse me with the massmurdering cowboys!

            I criticize Putin for not delivering the S300 to Syria, it would have prevented Israeli attacks and it ensures stability in ME, BECAUSE IT CREATES MILITARY BALANCE!

            S300 (or Iranian eqquivalent) IN SYRIA CREATES MILITARY BALANCE ISRAEL SYRIA

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            But Iran can deliver that also and they did not do that!
            *So what is your answer to that?
            Whenever I ask those who attack Russia of being “traitors” of not “helping Assad” enough or not “helping Assad” at all and fighting for Jews….
            Whenever I see them claiming that Putin is in bed with Bibi I ask them:
            And they change subject immediately !

            Iranians are Shia Muslims just like (similar) to Assad !
            So he is their “brother” why do they not giving Syria their S-300?!
            Bavar 373

          • Luutzen

            Iran’s delivery of missiles would be fine, for me. If this protects Syria against Israeli missiles, good. See also previous comments.

            Probably, this is why netanyahu is so nervous and keeps bombing Syria.

            For Syria’s and ME future, military balance against Israel is KEY!

            This will ensure stability, internal and foreign investments, growth and prosperity!

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Syria would do perfectly well even with some more BUK M2 but people like to jump on conclusion that only bigger is better.
            Which is not necessarily so depending on the specific needs.

            Syria needs PEACE as soon as possible so that rebuilding of the country starts…
            China has plenty to offer to Syria in every possible way…

          • Jens Holm

            Less stupid an useless attacs could save a lot of Sams too. But no, no …

          • Jens Holm

            I a western and see Russia has become agressive as they were before the wall fell by Your collápse.

            We see You think Eatsrern Europe is yours and not a part of the world. We see Your sayly threats aroun it too.

            You keep Assads alive as well.

            Next time we will hijak the votings for POutin and give him 1% and anybody else the 99. There was no election in Russia.

            So You are kind of correct. We have sanctions against You. They should be done, so they dont harm You are what.

          • Raptar Driver

            Acting in a defensive way is now considered to be “aggressive” here in the West, much like when our police continue beating a non convicted person in restraints while yelling “stop resisting”. Try again, Russia is not at all being aggressive, this is double-speak.

        • of course. this website been flooded by more hasbara trolls since the failed missile raid.. they pretend to hate israel or hate zionism yet all they posted are all lies and deceit coming from israeli govt PR..

          look at the way he post. he is not seeking facts and truth but he seek to distract you by posting strawman arguments ..

          • Jens Holm

            You dont have to be and Israelian or a jew to write like that.

            Many muslims here write as if their Mullas and Imams has told them, that Islam tell them, they has to.

      • Ewan

        Syria already has Russian S300’s. It will onl be deployed during a fullscale Israeli/US offensive. It is a trump card the Russians and Syrians are keeping for the end game.

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          You could have saved yourself from typing all those words I need only LINK please.
          So give me the link or do not bother me with some
          theories on S-300 being already there.

      • That is all true. I have all but removed Russia out the equation completely. Iran talks a good game but dosen’t deliver. I guess Israel would likely try and destroy any S300 delivery from Iran to Syria. Probably in co-operation with Russia that would provide them the intelligence of when and where such deliveries would take place. The question is, could Iran defend these shipments by military means if necessary.

        Iran if it is really serious needs to develop it its own military equipment. Forget about getting anything from Russia. Or do what the Chinese do and just copy everything.

        • Jens Holm

          They have their own big problems themselves too having so many unimployed youngsters.

          Make me laugh and cry Leaders of Syria cant even make that much peace, so they can give 10 mio,´. people of their own a roof –

          And then prefare to talk about chinese S300 or something.

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          “That is all true”
          What is?

          “Probably in co-operation with Russia that would provide them the intelligence of when and where such deliveries would take place”

          Why would Russia go that far to completely turns against Iran and Syria and take side of Israel?
          That is not possible not even in theory!
          They had every opportunity to do that but they never did and they NEVER will !

          (Apart from being US allay) Israel is evil bitch that supports directly JIHAD and Russia knows that !
          Russia would never take side with countries that support Jihad.
          Besides Russia RESPECTS SOVEREIGNTY and international law.
          Russia does NOT support occupations or invasions of other countries.
          Now if you start usual Western crap on “Crimea invasion” as an argument…You better not…..I have nothing to ad… Russia have already said all on subject !

          Iran has developed their “own military equipment”
          The problem is that majority of that military equipment is CRAP !

          • There are one million Russian Jews that presently live in Israel. They are very influential. Putin owes his presidency to Jewish Oligarchs, specifically Roman Abramovich. Russia has a private central bank. The economy can be imploded at any time. Neo-Liberal scum is all over the place in Russia occupying key positions of power.

            It is no secret that Bibi and Putin are good friends. Gazprom is doing billion-dollar deals with Israel. (You will not find mention of that on RT of course.) Russia is working jointly with Israel in the development of drones. Russia gets its military technology from Israel that steals it from the West or has it given to them. (This is my allegation for which I have no proof, but it is a reasonable hypothesis.) Russia cannot design anything of quality such a car, computer, television, or toilet seat and yet they develop these wonder weapons with a minuscule defense budget. Despite having these wonder weapons, the Russian military stands down everytime an American or Israeli plane or ship comes anywhere near them.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            ” Putin owes his presidency to Jewish Oligarchs, specifically Roman Abramovich.”
            Mega bollocks!
            See video about that transition Yeltsin period on you tube and you will understand that claim is pure bollocks!
            ” Russia has a private central bank. The economy can be imploded at any time.”
            You are typical Westerner…You must be reading too much of that false “independent” media that are just Western MSM in disguise .
            Your picture of Russian situation is distorted and Russia despite her occasional weaknesses is VERY SOUND and one of the most solid in the world at the moment

            “It is no secret that Bibi and Putin are good friends”
            Where did you get that RUBBISH , Did Bibi or Putin tell you personally that?!
            Only CHILD can speak like you speak now…For crying out loud how naive you can get?!
            I have seen so many pictures of Silvio Berluconi a “friend” of Putin drinking together , laughing…And WHERE are they now?!!
            Putin has NO FRIENDS of that kind ! It is his well paid JOB that imposes him “friends” like that!

            I am SHOCKED Gazprom is earning money from Israel!!!!? They do not do it for FREE for Israel?!!!

            (You will not find mention of that on RT of course.)
            “Russia is working jointly with Israel in the development of drones. ”
            But I DID find out that from RUSSIAN NEWS outlets that Russia took option to buy some CIVIL DRONES and with that option often goes contract clause of cooperation of development of the bought model which is USUAL PRACTICE !
            So NO it was NOT SECRET at all !

            “Russia gets its military technology from Israel”
            Simply NOT TRUE ! That bollocks you got from some American “military” blogs and so called “experts”
            Israel did not sell any military drones to Russia !
            Only models for CIVILIAN USE!

            “Russia cannot design anything of quality such a car, computer, television, or toilet seat ”
            You are such BIASED American that makes me PUKE
            In US you produce toilet seats only these days and you have IMPORTED ROCKET ENGINES from RUSSIA
            Her few RUSSIAN CARS (you claim they can not produce)!! Our conversation STOPS NOW I don’t waste my time with biased brain washed simpletons like you!!!

          • Go to hell you nutter. Why do you have to interject you comment on every bloody post.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            I like you crappy posts they are so emblematic for Western “expertise”.

            Actually I didn’t pay attention it was you (again)
            You all of you… look same to me with your same carp story.
            And same disdain for Russia and everything Russian so typically AmeriCunt

          • Again you feel the need to comment. Go fuck yourself you worthless cocksucker.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            I have feeling that you are…. upset

          • Jules Mark

            This post deserves 100 upvotes, sadly few will take what they should away from it.

          • AmounRah

            (You will not find mention of that on RT of course.)

            literally 2 seconds of googling “rt gazprom and israel deal”; the *very* first article :
            Ctrl+F “gazprom” yields this

            -“Putin was also asked about the gas contract with Poland which expires in 2022. The Russian President said Gazprom is looking for another partner in Europe who will buy the volume taken by Poland, including Israel.”

            ..I barely had enough time to breathe in and out….that’s how long it took me to debunk that.

        • Jules Mark

          Do you think that the British puppet Rouhani is any different from Putin? Or that the ‘all powerful’ Khamenei has any power at all? Now if Putin’s Russia is little more than a convenient bogeyman how much more obvious is the case with Iran which is merely used to justify western assistance to Israel and intervention in that region. Iran is completely surrounded by hostile states, many of which already have a US military presence. The Iranian authorities can barely contain the situation in their country as it is, imagine if an air campaign were launched against it, doubtless it wouldn’t be long before that regime collapsed on its own. No need for US troops, the Americans will do exactly as they did in Syria, take the resources and bomb the country into oblivion while the people kill each other over their insignificant and pathetic little quarrels that they have with one another.

      • Jens Holm

        Well written. To much talk in that region as well as others there are based on hopes as weatherrapport.

        It make no sense anything should go through Syria apart from oil and gas.

        Syria has no sekular sector, which can adabt things. Even the army is like 1967 – I think.

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          As far as I know Chaina has plenty of choices for the “Silk road”
          According to journalist Pepe Escobar Iran is one of important nodes of “China’s Silk road”
          But Syria is totally of the chart because of war and instability in the region.
          China does not like taking too much risk with their money.
          They have been burnt so many times by the West and billions of Chinese investments were lost by the wars and regime changes provoked by the US …After Chinese invested in some countries…..

          Even for ” oil and gas” people forget that in the case of victory of Iran in Syria it would be Iranian pipeline towards EU making direct competition to the Russian gas !
          Russia has no reason to spend her military resources for Iranian interests to get Iranian competition in EU market

    • Jens Holm

      To be on and in that road, You have to have something other need to buy things. Do You.

      I dont see that at all. Chinese also dont invent much. But they will improve it very much because China and India grows. Very good.

  • georgeking

    Our USoA Tax Dollars sending America’s Soul to HELL, and its government someday to the International Criminal Courts of the future.

    • as

      Lot’s of them would turncoat if it come to that.

      • Jens Holm

        No we will not, and we are not turncoats. Mosr women here are more clever then You and are not raised worse then we raise pigs.

    • Jens Holm

      The USA economy for the moment is the best ever as well as most of EU, China, India and Japan is doing fine.

      Hard to believe any compared to Your own economies.

  • S Melanson

    I like this articles analysis and agree that one purpose of the missile strikes to date is to evaluate defence capabilities. I expect strikes will continue periodically as ongoing evaluation of defences. The success of Syria’s air defence systems means that Israel and US will have to take out or neutralize these systems when things really heat up – when Syria begins systematically clearing the jihadists (proxies) along the border of Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Now you know why a country that learn to take severe punishment and overcome it, accepted russians strategy not to retaliate and be patient to use her full defences, when the real attack comes and not before.

      The only part I have not yet understand is the final role of turkey into this equation.

      • Jens Holm

        Its making a reduction of Syria having all the leftovers there.

        To me its very temporary. Syria has 10 mio.refugees. Where shall they settle.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          agree, but turkey does not think so and is even warning syria what to do or not to do. But then er.dog has lost it a long time ago. his awakening alkong wiht the rest of the mongols who follow him will be very hard.

          • Jens Holm

            My private fear is what will happen, when Erdogan or/and Pútin dies. There are no replacements.

      • S Melanson

        See my comment above. I may follow up with a comment on what Turkeys future actions may be and why. This would require some serious thought and further research, but given the importance, worthwhile I think.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          i have

        • Jakke1899

          Yes, indeed: the erratic role Turkey keeps playing in this conflict is truly incomprihendible! Erdogan is behaving like the Turkish Trump (or is Trump the American Erdogan?)

          • S Melanson

            I think Erdogan wants to keep them all guessing while he plays in the middle as the opportunists. Prometheus did some analysis that brought up a good point I have overlooked which is Greece – I thought Erdogan would stay focused on Syria and keep things with Greece to just Sabre rattling, but Prometheus makes a good case for why it could get uglier between Greece and Turkey. I will take time to look into Turkey in depth and see what I can deduce – it helps that I know a bit of the history. One thing that I scratch my head about is US decision to build a Kurdish army. The USA would absolutely know how Turkey would respond given the history with the PKK and their nation-state ambitions that includes a good chunk of Turkey.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Nothing new…FSA&Nusra are the failed Pro USA goverment in Syria…while ISIS is the excuse( useful fools) to invade Syria and steal oil fields!….Israel can attack syria again….but they know that SAA will respond with a barrage of rockets that collapse iron Dome!…last time only 4 of 20 were intercepted!

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      They will not do that. That is what is expected and if they do this then they lose. The reason they took the punishment with out reacting from Israel is so they think testing the ground that are invisible and take the final step committing themselves in a way of no return.

      When they attack in force then not only the Syrians but all the allies to them will hit back with all they have. All will start and end within 24 hours. I began to understated russian strategy.

      • S Melanson

        I agree. They are cleaning up nuisance pockets in Syria first which is sensible – make sure your backyard is secure. When they hit Israel, it will be a coordinated attack by Syria, Hezbollah and Iran and it will be hard. I am assuming this is the plan and Israel seems to be acting under this assumption. Big question is Russia’s position on this. An even bigger question is about the wild card in all this which is Turkey.

        You mention Turkey as the big question mark in your response to my post below. I agree completely. To even begin to predict future actions by Turkey, a deep understanding is required of geo-politics and the history which is complex, convoluted and plagued by contradictions – might just be easier to play the roulette table at a casino.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          The turks trying to get a hold of the gas deposits in Mediterranean, from the Greeks and the Cypriots with the Uk supporting them and moving them from the background.

          They have also make a lot of openings in the Balkans with Albania that was always their mules to move the opium, coming from Afghanistan and are with Greece into a none declared war and I hope they make the mistake and attack we are waiting for them and we will eliminate them from the face of the earth.

          That said also turks are known historically to hate everything greek orthodox stand for and Russia it is kind of the leading power, of this religion and so is declaring Putin to be also.

          turkeys economy is 100% relay on west and is been build by west mainly scandinavian countries, Uk and Germany. So if indeed they dont leave from syria the only choice they have is to unite the land already took with the land US has under control using the kurds.

          At the same time is an attack in Ukraine against new Russia as they name themselves and is getting to the point of a full scale war and the plan is at the same time to be an attack also against greece and serbia and iran so do the maths.

          This new found friendship with turkey and the chess putin plays will not last long and the one who know it best of all it is putin itself. He is using turkey who was with israel the creators on location with UK/US been the background supporters of isis, to destory what took them few trillions to set up and also how many years and he did that in very short time.

          Europe can not survive with out the gas from russia and using nukes in ME it is going to destroy what every one trying to control so it will be conventional war and in that type of war west stand absolutely no chance. They are with their economies in ruins and FIAT money and IOUs dont fly any more. And both europe and US have exhausted their natural resources 50 years ago.

          Turkey at the end will do what they do best. and I believe is the trojan horse planted this way from the ones they make her. Will turn against russia. All this on the surface is a very complicated chess game. Nothign is real and nothing it is as it seems.

          • S Melanson

            Thanks for this, the Greek angle is particularly interesting to me. Note that Turkey is not economically 100% dependent on the West. Consider what happened following the Turkish shooting down of a Russian jet. Putin did not respond by military means, the response was economic – Russian tourism dried up instantly and this alone had significant negative impact for Turkey.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            tourist industry is like the air, some times it blows sometimes is not. I was referring to the car industry as well their war industry. and also agriculture, is mostly bought by the countries invested in turkey. Embargo europe to sell anything to russia and redirected russia to buy form turkey.

            Search it and also understand why at the correct timing the one who controls them all have left EU. Also check all countries and deeds who have not go to the euro, but are part of EU and ask yourself why.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            tourism is like hot air one moment is there the next not. I was referring to the heavy industry of turkey that is build by the northern european countries i.e. uk/germany and scandinavian countries.

    • as

      That’s from their version. 4 out of 20 in first unprovoked attack. In Syrian version they fired around 50 rocket including ballistic missiles into IDF position in golan height in retaliation after Israel started shelling the village in the borders.

    • Jens Holm

      So know the americans and the little PKKs are sending oil down Eufrat in barrels, by zip files and internet or by blimps filled of dirty hot air froim Your.

      USA has not even invaded and certainly not som some secondclass sulphur asphalt oil. It would make more sense to take corners of Venezuala having a lot of it.

      ISIS took the oil from the Baathists and not the people of Syria. SDFa share with the Syrian people.

  • Lena Jones

    Nasrallah said this week that israel stopped its missile shooting on Damascus because after Syria struck idf army positions on the Golan, it sent a warning message to israel saying that if it did not halt its attacks on Damascus immediately, then the Syrian airforce will start sending missiles past the Golan and into israel proper. Immediately, israel stopped firing.

    So this article is, well… under-informed.

    • Joe

      If true then Nasrallah in a way is scared of Israeli attacks. It only responds tamely even this time and in the past.

      Why should Syria or Hezbollah attacks or retaliate upon Israeli attacks so far?

      Why can’t he attack even without provocation as the Israeli are doing?

      • Jens Holm

        To me its no change. The same show for many years. Only the dead ones are new.

        • batavian

          No change since 1948.

      • Lena Jones

        Joe, it’s called strategy: saving it all for the big one.

  • gustavo

    It is time not only to shut that the missiles launche dby planes but it is time to shut down also the planes.

    • Jens Holm

      As usual – Everything can be solved by shooting plans and people.

      Soon Allah will pay in oil to make Your heaven bigger and divided in many boxes, so You not kill each other there too.

  • Julian Clegg

    The headline doesn’t really match the content of the article.

    • S Melanson

      I think one of the main points of the article is how the strikes test the depth and robustness of defence systems which implies the need for ongoing strikes to look for weaknesses in the defence systems. This is an age old tactic – Zulus did this using a preliminary charge not expected to succeed as the intent was to determine what would be required to break the defences. The first attack by Trump on a Syrian airbase in April 2017 was so ineffective to be laughable, but on further examination one may have a different view. The value of the attack was to test defences, and I think this was one reason the airbase selected was deep inside Syrian territory. However, Russia saw through this and held back there best capabilities. Despite Russia holding back, the majority of missiles failed to reach their target which I am sure was cause for concern among US military planners.

      Russia continues to hold back just like a poker player keeping their cards close to their chest. One thing often overlooked here is that Russia faces threats on multiple fronts such a the NATO build-up in Eastern Europe and Ukraine crisis. Russia revealing capabilities in Syria would tip Russia’s hand not just in Syria, but also its air defence and EW abilities elsewhere.

      Russia is playing a complex and difficult chess game on a global scale and broad spectrum warfare – air, land, sea, strategic forces, conventional, non conventional, economic, cyber, electronic, intelligence, covert, psyop, R&D allocation etc…

      While it possibly may be true Russia is being a wimp and betraying her allies as proposed by armchair strategists, I highly doubt this simplistic view is the case. I cannot say for certain what Russia’s grand strategy is, but I can say that to me, Russia is playing the game well… so far. Lastly, I would not underestimate the US and her allies/proxies, Russia certainly is not.

      • TRAORE

        An African proverb says,”to tame a mad person you have to temporarily act mad yourself” .the world needs Russia to forget the Chess for a bit and play some Poker. Russia behaves like an opportunist. they have to show better leadership and stabilize the middle east.

  • smoloko.com
    • Jens Holm

      Nice selfportrait.

  • Hos Ng

    911 justice would take care of all syrian and palestinuan problems. Slaughter dancing child burners mercilessly, as a good deed.

    • Jens Holm

      911 only was when the water was too much for the glass.

      Very few seemes to understand, thats why hell broke loose again …

      • Joe

        Are you a robot replying .Your answers seem to indicate so … answer like a machine.

        • Jens Holm

          Thank You. Machines has timetables for what happens and dont forget.

  • Raptar Driver

    Who would have thought that tepid responses to overt aggression would invite more and escalated attacks? Oh yeah just about anybody who has stood up to a bully, it is simple so one cannot say the Russians, Syrians, Iranians are ignorant of this fact. What is truly going on here? Gradual capitulation or the formations of a kill zone or as the Russians call it a cauldron? We can only speculate at time but for sure things are not as they seem on the surface.

    • Jens Holm

      They divide Syria. The millions Assads cant handle got a cave by Turkey.

      • Raptar Driver

        Syria is divided, this is fact but it does not have to be, international law is not being observed by one side and this side needs an ass-kicking like the Nazi’s got, there is no difference but the current ‘allies’ are acting like Neville Chamberlain so things will get much worse for all of us.

  • Hide Behind

    O. K?
    Now tell us how you know U. S. and Israel are preparing new strikes, evidence , whatever.
    We already damn well knew what has came before now.
    Troop and infrastructure movements, busy elsewhere, timing, examples that confirm article title.
    Do not dismiss the smarts of your readership, anyone of whom could guess with around 99.9% certaintude more strikes are forthcoming.

    • Raptar Driver

      How do we know you are breathing? I cannot confirm this but if I had to bet guess what?

  • horst

    …at 1:09 What are those Humvee’s with a mock-tank turret for?
    Can anybody explain?

    • Ivan Freely

      IMO, those turrets are for Anti-Tank missiles. You only need to point the turret in the general direction and the missiles will be optically guided towards the target.

  • Assad is an idiot, give the USA and west and the Arab cronies the darm pipeline they want for a big fee, get the dollars from this rich guys, lay the pipe which involves job for Syrians then kick Russians and Iranians out, Assad has two choices, be a friend to the west or to Russia, now we all know how Americans treat its friends look at the darm Saudis, UAE, Qatar! They literally are rich and have stable economy. Then make peace deal with Israel, stop been so idiotic, what has hatred for Israel given Syria except for wars and bombings?