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Israel To Use Its F-35I Jets To Counter Syrian S-300 Systems: Media

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Israel To Use Its F-35I Jets To Counter Syrian S-300 Systems: Media


Israel is to begin using F-35i stealth fighters to attack targets in Syria, according to a Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) report.

This decision comes after on October 1st Syria received its new S-300 surface-to-air missile defense systems. The new system, supplied to Syria by Russia, is aimed at boosting the security of Russian forces, according to Russian claims.

Galei Tzahal cited an anonymous source in the Israeli Air Force who said that in light of the situation in Syria, Israel has decided to increase the use of F-35 stealth fighter in its attacks on Syria.

The anonymous source explained that the Israeli Air Force expects to better handle the threat from Syria by utilizing its F-35i jets. Presumably the threat are the security forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government, as well as Iranian forces, the presence of which Israel strongly opposes.

“The coming attacks won’t be the first, but they will be safer for the pilots in light of the new reality in Syria’s skies,” the anonymous source told Galei Tzahal.

“This is the most expensive weapon in the world, and it’s the most advanced airplane in the world. Israel paid 125 million for each plane, and the Defense Ministry purchased 50 of the Model A planes… Our planes are called the F-35I. Eight of the planes have already landed in Israel and 33 are expected to arrive by 2021.”

According to the technical characteristics of the US-made jets, the active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar system should, in theory, allow the jet to operate undetected inside enemy territory and to evade advanced missile defense systems such as the S-300 by suppressing its signals. Whether or not the F-35’s ‘stealth’ capabilities will be effective in real battle conditions is yet to be seen as, in the past, the aircraft, on top of hundreds of bugs and glitches in its systems, was experiencing radar problems, as reported by RT.

In May 2018, Israel claimed that it had become the first country to carry out airstrikes with F-35 fighter jets.

“We are flying the F-35 over the entire Middle East and that has become part of our operational capability,” Israeli Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin said then. “We were the first in the world to attack with the F-35. The Israeli Air Force has twice carried out strikes with the F-35, on two different fronts.”

The move to reinforce Syrian air defenses comes after the downing of a Russian IL-20 plane by Damascus’S-200 missile defense system. Moscow pinned the blame for the death of the 15 servicemen on Tel Aviv, asserting that the tragedy occurred due to hostile actions from Israel’s side. Tel Aviv denied responsibility, shifting the blame on Damascus and Tehran, and stressing that it will continue to strike ‘Iranian targets’ in Syria.

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Nigel Maund

Well, now that the Russians and Syrians know that the IAF intent is, they will know how to deal with this problem. I have no doubt that the RuAF has been putting its brightest minds to work on how to deal with the F35i from a Russian Defence perspective, let alone in the defence of Syria. If the IAF use these aircraft, as this report indicates, then it will be come a very important face off between the S300 system and the F35i. Both parties now have a great deal at stake and neither side will want to face defeat now that Israel has once again raised the stakes!! Hmmmmmmm! ……………..It’s going to be interesting!!

Nigel Maund
Promitheas Apollonious

This brainless robot who make this video is a confused puppy who doesn’t know where his ass from second base is. Beside the fact he has no idea what is he talking about.

Nigel Maund

Emotional invective is worthless and suggests that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Rather than just mindlessly denegrate something, why don’t you advance your technical arguments for us all to assess? However, I very much doubt’ you’re a defence systems physicist with a PhD in this difficult subject; if so, you’d be gainfully employed in the Defence Industry and not permitted to discuss such issues on a website like this?

Promitheas Apollonious

want to test knowledge shit4brains? If you had any idea what you posted and says you would have saved your self the embarrassment parrot.

Only a complete ignorant idiot as yourself could post such a video thinking he is making a point.


You do not have to be a PHD in low frequency radars, Russian radar on the S400 has multiple radars operating on various bands, when fused together provide a good location of the stealth aircraft.
How do you think that the F22’s (which are stealthier than F35) were spotted, whereby Suk 35 were sent to intercept them? And the Suk 35 had no problem out maneuvered the F22 and placing itself behind it.

“””According to the technical characteristics of the US-made jets, the active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar system should, in theory, allow the jet to operate undetected inside enemy territory and to evade advanced missile defense systems such as the S-300 by suppressing its signals. ””

That is wishful thinking, the F22 AESA radar is supposed and EW capabilities did not prevent the Russians from seeing it and intercepting it using air superiority fighter, because Russian EW neutralized the the F22 AESA radar capability, rendering its situational awareness to a minimal level.

Promitheas Apollonious

the guy is a moron you wasting your time.

Nigel Maund

Jesus, this was the


The S300 and S400 radars can be targeted by using antiradiation missiles that lock on the emissions coming from the radar, however, EW can interdict and confuse the incoming missile, and last of all, the point defenses provided by Tor and Pantsir would take out any glide bombs or antiradiation missiles.
The concept of layered defense provides strong defenses to the radar, control and command centers along with the launchers and missiles.


To be absolutely fair…there is no way anyone knows anything…until the F-35 takes out a S-300 or vice versa. Personally, I think that the outcome will rely primarily on the best EW system. One can say that if they can be overwhelmed, that they are vulnerable, by tactics…that’s all, not necessarily inferior. 5,000 WWII P51 Mustangs could overwhelm them, but that does not mean they are superior. What will most likely be a determining factor is how many Tor or Pantsir systems and their respective armaments there are…especially if these should be mobile…while defending. If indeed, the S-300/400 systems can see them at distance, the jig is up. A any rate, the ball is in Israels corner…are they going to shoot or continue to dribble?


Yes finally some commonsense.

Nigel Maund

The Israeli’s will shoot when they feel their strategy will result in a win for them. They cannot afford to back down having stated publically that they will attack regardless.


Anti radiation missile is passive seekers. Easily decoyed.


Well the vid did mention that Russia and China were working on using different radars to locate low RCS aircraft.

As for AESA, it’s not invisible, but because the frequency keeps changing you can’t get a targeting lock on it.

Patriotic fervor does not win wars.


Try reading up on harmonics, and Rayleigh scattering and you might understand.

Promitheas Apollonious

Ok this is the last tine I will allow you to think you know me and know what I know and humor you. So what dont you, who assuming you understand the principles keep advising me on principles that are very simple to understand and know explain them to me in a simple way so my simple mind understand them?

Because posting wiki links as argument also shows you simplistic mind to me. Go on kid explain me the theory and try next time with me to stop putting your foot in your mouth or at least wash it first.


The aliens Israel should get out from Palestine wtf they are doing in Palestine.

Nigel Maund

People have been saying that Rob since 1948, and with each passing year the Palestinian territory shrinks a little further and no amount of approbation changes this. Powerful Jewish lobby’s in all major Western States, especially the US, plus their overarching control of the Global Banking, Financial and Economic System means that Israel is essentially invulnerable. Essentially they are above International Law and they know it and, therefore, don’t give a damn and do as they please when they please.


Dedollarization, isolation, and the world political weather is a nightmare for US, UK and Israel. Now governments have introduced their own currencies instead of US dollar. The world is moving towards Gold for global trades.

Nigel Maund

Good comment Rob and I feel correct!


But is Israel’s intention really what they announced? I doubt it. When they are serious to do something, they just do it without shouting in advance and they keep quite afterwards. I think this “maneuver” is directed to milk the Americans for something Israelis want very badly.

Now let’s see who benefits and who loses by Israeli F-35’s attacking and keep attacking Syria?

If the attacks are successful and Syrian S-300 fails to bring the F-35’s down:

– It won’t benefit Israelis much, as their +200 attacks didn’t result in anything meaningful for them, but they can show they rule Syria’s skies which results in positive psychological effect for them.

– Americans will benefit by showing their plane truly invisible and invincible to the Russian air defence systems.

– Syria loses a few assets, material damage and probably lives lost. Psychological effect is more important because it shows Syria powerless against Israel’s will.

– Russia mildly loses face for it’s “old” air defence system was unable to detect or bring down a very modern aircraft. They also benefit by gathering valuable intel on planes, if the system manages to see it.

– Iran. I don’t know if Iran loses anything.

If the attacks aren’t successful, the F-35’s are identified and their flaming bottoms handed to them by S-300:

– Israelis will lose badly. The psychological effect would be devastating to them. Their only advantage to their neighbours will be lost. It proves they can’t do much, other than using their WMDs.

– Syria benefits immensely. They will be presented as capable in defending their skies against a technologically superior adversary and the only Arab country able to teach a lesson to Israel. Positive psychological effect and from that moment, Israels will harass them less.

– Russia gains a victory. If S-300 can bring down a very hyped plane as F-35, what will S-400 do? Plus all kinds of the data imaginable.

– The US loses big time. With no doubt F-35 will be proved as crap and there will be consequences for future weapons sales. Very negative psychological effect.

– Iran rolls on the floor laughing. By information exchange with Syria Iran receives valuable data which will help greatly in case of a future aggression against Iran.

In either case Russia will gain, for Israel it will determine their future behaviour but the risk for Americans is just too much. Americans themselves tested the plane against the Taliban for crying outloud, to make sure no danger threatens it during “the show”.

Time will tell.


I think sending S-300 is a mistake. Israel is not Turkey, they will not back down. Even worse: they can choose when, where and how to attack. And they will attack. What if S-300 fail to destroy them? It will be a major embarrassment for Russia, what will they do then – send more? Send S-400? Too much of the risk, it will only encourage even more aggressive western actions against Russia.


Israel wouldn’t risk troops advancing into it’s capital. Their army and citizens mindset is in poorer shape than their adversary.


Russians should know if they can detect F-35s (and F22) or not. If they can’t, sending S-300 to Syria makes no sense. But even if they can, Israel has more options than just relying on stealth.. even more importantly they can choose when, where and how to attack. That’s something you should never allow to your enemy… IMO Russians are risking too much here, without much to gain.

Nigel Maund

Neo, thanks for your comment! I agree with your logic re sending the S300 to Syria in face off wth either the F22 or F35i. I also agree with your commentary re Israel’s range of options. There is no doubt that the IAF would have prepared for the day when Russia finally got the excuse they needed to install the S300 in Syria. I think the important thing here is that they have installed the S300 system having the S400 already in place at the Port of Tartus and at their main air base nearby. This means that the IAF will also be dealing with not only the S300 radar system but the S400 as well. Whilst Russia will only fire off S400 missiles if their aircraft or bases are threatened, there is nothing to stop them supplying the Syrian defences with their real time data and situtation assessment enabling accurate targeting of incoming IAF assets.

I don’t think we’re going to have to wait long before the first confrontation between the IAF and the upgraded Syrian air defences. The Israeli target will be to knock these out., sending Russia a strong message. The outcome wil be both interesting and, to a degree, decisive.


Well no doubt, Israel will attack, they are insanely aggressive… But I don’t think Putin planned this, russian generals (and public opinion) demand that something must be done to protect their soldiers, so if he refused to send S-300 again, he would just look weak. Russian problem is their confusing and even contradictory strategy in Syria, especially against Israel: trying not to to antagonize them – while IAF continuously bomb syrian targets. The enemy of my friend is – my friend?? Impossible. I’m afraid they still hesitate to attack israeli planes, until they attack first, and then it will be too late… S-300 is a long range system, it should engage enemy targets as soon as possible, not allowing them to reach syrian airspace at all (and Israeli will use Lebanon, hiding behind the mountains as usual). Yeah, they will certainly use S-400 radars, ships, even planes, but not directly, just providing data to Syrians (or perhaps russian crews?), but that is not enough unless they (S-300 i mean) are seriously prepared to shot down israeli planes, something that Putin is really trying to avoid, but simply has no choice now. Otherwise it’s all just a bluff, and it won’t work with Israel. We’ll see…

Nigel Maund

Agree 100% with your commentary. Thanks!


Well if not the Politicians, the Pilots will certainly be shitting themselves.

Brother Thomas

Exactly. And Lieberman and Netanyahu don’t have to fly the planes.


Now benjanyahu and leverman should have to watch like duck to their kites.


If a bird can see F-35 and can damage it then what about S-200 and S-300. LOL


Forget the S-300, let call in a squadron of pigeons!

You can call me Al

comment image


Yes that’s good idea.

Nigel Maund

Maybe, maybe not? There are methods of dealing with the S300 including overwhelming the system with a combination of variabe frequence jamming and air launched, latest version, Tomahawk cruise missiles and high altitude launched, and inexpensive, glide bombs. Much depends on how early the S300 system detects F35i’s taking off and coming in for a clear bombing run. In this respect, I feel the Russians maybe using their Navy and S400 radar system at Tartus and their Letakia Air Base. The Russian Frigates and Covettes maybe stationed offshore Syria and effectively serve as ‘Picket Ships” placed to pick up F35’s and other IAF assets further out to sea?


Well the S-300 are protected by SA-22, so I would dare say even glide bomb will be detected and taken out. Unless of course there is an overwhelming swarm of bombs and missiles, but how much will be enough?

You can call me Al

Help me out please, so I dont need to look it up and forget it again; SA-22 ?

Nigel Maund

NATO designation?

You can call me Al


Nigel Maund

James, each F35i can carry 4 glide bombs. Oddly enough they are not that easy to destroy as eliminating cruise misslies is actually easier. Because the are not as accurate, moving the mobile radars and batteries around can reduce their effectiveness. The objective of the attacking force would be to overwhelm the Syrian defence system. Integration with the Russian S400’s in Tartus and Letakia may significantly upgrade the entire Syrian sir defence system without the Russians having to fire one S400 missile?


Overwhelming them through sheer number of guided and unguided missiles in the mix. The unguided should be equipped with dummy electronic mimicking radar homing, laser, gps data link, etc of the guided missile to confuses the defending units. The problems with that is you’d need to concentrates your forces in the vicinity of the target and they would obviously know what’s going on.

Nigel Maund

The Israeli’s will never give up attacking Syria IMO. Therefore, either way we will all shortly find out what strategy they will employ to neutralise the S300 system; if indeed they can do it. It’s going to be a revelation to all the armchair theorists on this site will see whether their own prognosis is correct or not. If the Israeli’s fail, their loss of face and prestige will have a serious political and military knock on effect throughout the entire Middle East, not least undermine the morale of the IAF. The stakes could now hardly be higher and I would expect Israeli action sooner rather than later. ………………..Your thoughts?


It’s almost a given that the Israelis, given their rhetoric and track record, will have to attack Syria again just to prove they can do it. The efficacy of the attack is what’s in question.

As “as” mentioned earlier, it would most likely be a large mix of varied types of missiles, but what I’m more keen on knowing is how the new Russian EW units augment the defense of Syria against such attacks.

Hopefully an effective jamming zone can be created that will mess with Israeli air force trying to bomb Syrian sites and the now layered SyAAD network will heavily mitigate the rest of the missiles and bombs that happen to get through.

Sincerely speaking, I’m not well versed in the nomenclature and technical details of Air defense and or Jets so my opinion will be inherently ignorant to an extent, my apologies. But Russian Air defense credibility is indeed on the line.

What is very clear is that the US and Israel will now be working in conjunction to find out how to beat the more advanced S300 units as this will inevitably help in attacking Iran one day.


They need escalation short of making world war 3 to take them out. They’re too interconnected with the Russian forces.


If Russia is genius and keep eyes on aliens Israeli military bases and track their planes so in this way Russia can keep their servicemen safe in all Syria. Similarly about other morons that operating in Syria like US, UK. This is a shame that Israel attacked points near Russian bases in which Russia lost IL-20 with 15 servicemen.


There is a portaloo integrated into their pilots seat James.


It will be a Great Experiment…..just a little testing of Combat-Readiness and all that….


Well said.

Daniel Martin

The F-35i may be stealthy from the front, but once it turns it’s huge ass towards Syria and start running back home for Khazaria, it will glow like Las-Vegas in a clear summer night, on every radar in the region.

Besides rest assured that the Russian radars can see and track all of these overpriced pieces of crap, that where designed to line the pockets of the CEO’s and the share holders of the MIC. and not for war.


Brother Thomas

In that case Syria may not need the S-300. The F-35s may well crash in the desert on their own. The American taxpayers are footing the bill, anyway.


Great idea! Win-win for everyone!

Asaad gets kudos for shooting them down.
Russians, at long last, get to show off their babies.
Israel gets to “buy” more F-35s from the cash-strapped USA.
US gets to “sell” Israel more F-35s and the US taxpayer gets to pay for them! (Even tho’ he doesn’t know it.)

So please, Izzie, go right ahead – we’d love to see you blowing up all over Syrian skies.


and the rest of the world lines up to buy superior Rusky military hardware and ditch US sh!t

Promitheas Apollonious

is the jews and patrons sure about it? It is a lot of birds flying over syria and it will hurt sales of the already disputed as a lemon F35, when it start dropping off the skies in pieces.

Nicola Acerra

I hope to see millions of Americans tax payers $ to burn in Syria

Promitheas Apollonious

They already burning over time. I am sure you mean more american $ right?

Nicola Acerra

Off course i was talking about money and not people

Promitheas Apollonious

so have I.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Good luck with that. The trillion dollar fiasco does everything but fly safelu.

Zo Fu

Don’t agree with the article. Israel made always hit&run mission, flying low, taking cover, undetected by radars. F35 is not a big advantage compared with F15 or F16 for such missions.

It is maybe a bit more stealthy, but it is slower and with shorter range and can’t carry weapons externally (if it wants to stay stealthy) and by the way, software for “smart” weapons is not operable yet.Including air to ground attacks. At least in America. Maybe Israel has his own SW version, but nobody knows for sure.
IMHO F35 is absolutely not suitable for high risky missions over Syria and probably will be never any better then legacy fighters like F16 and F15.
And once F35 is spotted, it is a sitting duck against Su35 fighters.

Empire's Frontiers

To add, we don’t have any evidence that the f-35 can avoid detection at any range.

I’m not quite prepared to believe the not-so-novel shapes of the f-35 can hide from radar or laser detection, and I’ll give Jesus credit for the lift equation before I buy ‘stealth paint’

Ivan Freely

Talk is cheap Israel. Walk the walk, or stay home.


…like they have been staying home..since 2006. As I said previously, Israel’s strategic depth is only as deep as NuttyYahoo’s mouth and the F-16’s + EW + bunker busters the Us provides them with. They are scr@wed


It looks like Russia and Israel (with perhaps US backing) are both now hell-bent on having at least duels over Syria, even if stopping short of full-blown combats-to-wars – to test their military technological strength. And some kind of duels are therefore near certain to take place.

What do the “experts” here think about this?


It is not Israel it is the US. They wouldn’t dare bothering real army into showdown where they don’t have any option that can leave them unscathed however the result went.
In any case the goyim would go first. Expect the US escalating their hostilities first.


Over 200 ATTACKS on Syria and now Israelis Jews are saying they intend to keep attacking

What more does ASSAD need to know about the Israeli non-Semitic Jews who have declared WAR, long ago, on Syria, by their very acts of aggression, and admitting that they shall continue to attack and destroy and that Syria has justification to DESTROY Israel as an act of SELF -DEFENSE ?

For those,Americans especially, if a neighbor continued to attack your farm, killing your livestock , members of your family, destroying your buildings and have vowed that they shall continue to attack you, would you not realize that you have a RIGHT to SELF DEFENSE by attacking and destroying the Neighbor as the only solution?


I agree. Once Iraq as well reorganized and rearmed their army things would change again. It should start in knocking out their goyim US mercs.


Well, Bagdad got a 1 Billion Dollar US Embassy, hence US will never leave Iraq without being forced out. But things could change faster as one thinks, if russia provides the right arms to the right receiver. Doing an Afghanistan like move against the US (Charly Wilson style).


If Syria can survive these WARS of ATTRITION, fomented by Ashkenazi Jews……a BIG IF !

It is best, from my IRISH experience, that they do not tarry – “He who hesitates is lost” in wars of attrition

Israel has virtually UNLIMITED funds thanks to chief Khazar mafia THUG, Rothschild who is worth at least 500 TRILLION, enough to buy unlimited MERCENARIES to keep any war going..


Money can keep their war going, but Khazar populace are not willing to lose their sons. Hezbollah and Iran’s Shiite doctrine of matyrdom is the most effective counter for the Khazars. You cannot fight an enemy who wants to die. Since the early ’80’s, IDF morale was on the wane. An invasion by Hezbollah with the aid of Shiite PMU’s is how it will all end for Israel….that and the massacre that will follow. In 2006, Israel’s tanks could not pass Bint Jbeil – thats hardly 5 km into Leb. The IDF military planners know whats coming, hence the hysterics. There is no amount of money in the world that can prevent their defeat in the next conflagration.

bernie garland

Well said, top post


Time will tell.

Floyd Hazzard

Israel is just embarassed now of course and throwing temper tantrums. The Americans won’t let them do that with the S400’s at Hymeim tracking and learning everything about the F35 to upgrade the Russian systems. And just think of the damage it will do to the marketing of that super-expensive platform if everyone found out they are not even really stealth in the first place. That’s why flying them was curtailed I think.
Also, I would like to see the Russians at the central control (because they are obviously trying to manipulate how and when it’s used), turn off the codes and allow these systems and Syria to be continued to be bombed at will and with their knowledge and complicity. Their traitorous ways have already been fully expose with the way they have been complivit in aiding the enemy of a country that hosted their bases for decades to be bombed at will by and aggressor, but boy, would that ever cheapen their big-money military hardware in the eyes of the watching world?

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I said and what I predicted.

S-300 are only there to test F-35 with SAA, Russians and Iranians as cannonfodder in agreement with our equal partners.


Could you tell me next weeks winning lotto numbers, pretty please with sugar on top?

Kell McBanned

Id expect Israel and the US to stage a demostration, some type of saturation attack against a single site then loudly exclaim their victory, id expect all sorts of subterfuge in order to acomplish this, if the Syrians/Russians also expect this a trap can be set, imagine bagging all of Israels F-35s in one event, better again if they can be downed over Syria or Lebanon. comment image


“….The Israeli Air Force has twice carried out strikes with the F-35, on two different fronts.” – TWO strikes and ONE F35 down, that’s a 50% loss rate. What a fkin bunch of idiots the Yids are.What a piece of Sh!t the F35 is.


I hope Israel does attack using F35’s.
You hear the propaganda from both sides, but until they actually get in the ring and start throwing punches, you don’t know who will win.

Actually Israel has to attack, because if they don’t, the S300 wins by default.


Yugoslavia 1999 comes to mind.

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