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MARCH 2021

Israel To “Suffer Substantial Casualties” In Case Of Confrontation With Hezbollah – Russia’s Ambassador In Lebanon


Israel To "Suffer Substantial Casualties" In Case Of Confrontation With Hezbollah - Russia’s Ambassador In Lebanon

July 29, 2017 photo, a Hezbollah fighter stands at a watchtower at the site where clashes erupted between Hezbollah and al-Qaida-linked fighters in Wadi al-Kheil or al-Kheil Valley in the Lebanon-Syria border. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said that currently the situation in Lebanon is under control, and that Moscow does not expect military escalation there.

Zasypkin added that in the case of a new military action against Lebanon-based Hezbollah organization, Israel will “suffer substantial casualties”.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned on November 4 in a declaration read from Saudi Arabia, pushing Lebanon back to the forefront of a regional struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran. In his resignation speech, Hariri denounced Iran and the Lebanese Shi‘ite group Hezbollah for sowing strife in Arab states and said he feared assassination. Iran denied the accusations, saying the United States and Saudi Arabia are responsible for orchestrating the resignation.

Tensions are rapidly escalating between Hezbollah and Saudi Arabia/Israel. Some experts even believe that the region may be heading to another conflict.

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