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Israel To Seek $1Bn Replenishment For Iron Dome From U.S., As New Coalition Government Forms In Israel

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Israel To Seek $1Bn Replenishment For Iron Dome From U.S., As New Coalition Government Forms In Israel

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On June 2nd, Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz will travel to the US in order to request a $1bn replenishment for the Iron Dome air defense system.

US Senator Lindsey Graham said he expected the US will quickly authorize the request in the wake of an 11-day escalation between Israel and Hamas, in which Israeli officials said the Iron Dome intercepted hundreds of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Graham continues to act beyond his responsibility as a simple member of parliament of a country and is currently on a visit to Israel.

“There will be a $1bn request coming to the Pentagon this week from the [Israeli] defence minister to replenish the Iron Dome and a few other things, to upgrade the system,” Graham told reporters during his visit to Jerusalem.

“There’s been a big dustup over the last engagement between Hamas and the State of Israel in the United States, but I’m here to tell you that there’s a wide and deep support for Israel among the Democratic Party,” Graham, a Republican, said.

Israel’s defense ministry, for its part, said Gantz would meet US defense secretary Lloyd Austin and White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan for a discussion on issues including Iran and military aid.

Internally, Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) chose a new president for the country – Isaac Herzog.

At the same time, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid has moved closer to unseating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he officially informed the country’s president that he had reached agreements with political allies to form a new coalition government.

Lapid, of the centrist Yesh Atid party, reached a historic deal with Mansour Abbas, head of the United Arab List.

Lapid’s main partner is far-right nationalist Naftali Bennett, and the pair have reached an agreement to rotate the prime minister position.

In a statement on Twitter, Lapid said he has informed the country’s president of the deal.

“This government will work for all the citizens of Israel, those that voted for it and those that didn’t. It will do everything to unite Israeli society,” he said.

Bennett, head of the right-wing Yamina party, is to serve as the next Israeli prime minister and Lapid will serve as alternate prime minister, the president’s office has said.

As a result, the indictments against soon-to-be-former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are likely to move forward very soon.


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Peter Wallace

I wonder what it will take for ordinary Americans to stand up and say enough is enough , no more for Israel. With officially 10 million unemployed , probably double that ,millions sleeping on the street wages unable to keep up with inflation which has been growing quietly for sometime and now starting to accelerate , whole city blocks of closed retail shops , helicopter money soon to stop the future is looking grim for most Americans and Israel EXPECTS them to pay for their contrived war costs with their open prison camp , Gaza. Who are more important , your own citizens welfare or a country with their hand with a massive hole in the middle forever out requesting more and more. Time for Americans to tell Israel do it yourself as no more support from us. Want to go to war , pay for it yourself. Want to run an apartheid state well live with the consequences.

Peter Wallace

I used to kill people for a living so no chance I would be scared of you or anyone else.. I know what I can do .. You only dream ..


I want a job like that one. Seriously.

Ivan Freely

All you have to do is enlist in the armed forces.

Hindu black fungus

The real scary thing is that why do filthy Hindus shit in the streets and drink cow piss ?


Because India is a country, where less then 1 out of 1000 is bright enough to use a toilet. The concept of flushing exceeds their intelectual power, and looks for them like magic. And not having toilets on farms means, that you shit where you grow your food, and wonder, why your allway suffer of diarrea.

India is shitty

Tell us why you shit in the street lol

Potato Man

Hahahaha you can’t even come up with something new stfu, go drink your mother piss next time pig, that would kill you rats faster.


‘cos their “religion” tells them to

Israel is an Apartheid Regime

There was an American politician that said that even if all (100%) of Americans were starving and dirt poor; that America would still send aid to Israel.


Please explain this odd question. Thank you.


Americans are so conditioned they can’t tell fact from fantasy let alone figure out they are being used like ants use aphids. They beilieve that if they keep sucking rich dick eventually something will trickle down their chin into their hands. In the mean time their jobs go to China, the rich get bailouts and tax breaks, the infastructure their dwindling economy depends on is falling apart and their grandchildren are being saddled with paying for bailouts and the defense of rich corporations.

Zionist parasites

Zionist parasites are fleecing the deadbeat Ameriswine who are bankrupt already lol

Jew beggars

The real issue is that the Zionists are shameless beggars who have found the dumbarse American brainwashed patsies to pay for the savage holocaust of Palestine. The Zionist losers started the Gaza child slaughter with the delusional goal of destroying Hamas and subduing the Palestinians, but the opposite has happened as Nutter Yahoo lost his job and Zionist cowards are globally exposed as eunuchs.

Israel is an Apartheid Regime

Interesting that the Arab parties got some representation in the Israeli government. The Jewish parties must have been really desperate and tired of Netanyahu. I hope that the Arab parties can push for more rights for Palestinians. And as Palestinians and Jews work together in the government, it will make the Jews realize that the Palestinians are not so bad, like Zio propaganda paints them as. This can move the Overton window in favor of Palestinians even more.

Last edited 1 year ago by Israel is an Apartheid Regime

Arabs will be majority in their own Palestinian land soon and the colonial settlers will move back to US.

Tahuan Tinsuyo

Highway to Hell. Shalom.

Biden is a senile duck walker

Israel is unsustainable parasitic entity that has turned the whole world against the hated US and put the average ignorant redneck losers into a literal doghouse by ripping off trillions of taxdollars. US has the most unequal income distribution in the world and even the OECD has recently raised concerns about US imploding. US economy is like the funny way the demented senile Biden walks like a doddering duck, how embarrassing.

AM Hants

Why does Israel expect the tax payers of the US to finance her Defence Budget? Why is Israel exempt from the OPCW programme, with regards chemical weapons and declaring what they have and do not have? Why is Israel exempt from the nuclear programme and can have as many nukes as she likes, without anybody checking on her?

Potato Man

You need to understand this, some yankees believe that one day Jesus comes when war breaks out between Iran block and Zion…in that story, they say 90% of Zion/Jews die and Jesus comes back. Now those yankees pay a lot and buy politicians such as Trump and even Biden, evangelicals yankees. Look them up it is the funniest shit you hear… P.S we have evangelicals yankees here as well btw.

And your other question has one answer – the US.


Simple solution to the Palestinian struggle “hiding” in the plain sight. Just let Israel finance their own sh*tshow. Let them kill as much innocent civilians as they can afford and/or are willing to pay. And just watch their voters and politicians turn “fiscal conservative” and pro-any-solution other than spending their own sheckel on the ongoing Palestinian genocide…


A good Jewish w(h)ine: Can you spare a few shekels, please?

Arch Bungle

Hahaha haha. Fuckin’ Welfare Queen.

Survives on charity alone. Pretends to be a Switzerland in the Middle East.


Imagine if no one will replenish their iron dome, like no money from the US, and we can see that the Israhell waste over 1 billion to counter Hammas in just 12days. 1 billion now the Neo-zionists need to give to the zionist in what they called Military AID, lol since when JDAM bombs became AID in any meaning. So Israhell wastes 1 billion on the Iron done and the bombs, and if no one gives them the money to replenish that, hah, Israhell will bankrupt itself in 2 weeks. But uncle sam is here to give taxpayer’s money to Israhell for Palestinians to be killed. Nasty evil montherfuckers.


I think the USA should, for sure, provide Israel with more of everything. Military equipment, for sure a lot more money even if the US is closer than ever to bankruptcy. Let’s not forget more American blood as well as it is important for zionists to have others’ blood spilled for them. After all, non-Jews are just inferior races…cattle at best…right?


Hamas was on the verge of breaking iron dome, that is why the israelis sued for peace.

But then again, netanyahoo is in control of hamas so it was all just a show anyways…

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