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Israel To Redraw ‘Red Lines’, To Expand Operations In Syria: Media


Israel To Redraw 'Red Lines', To Expand Operations In Syria: Media

Israeli F-15 fighter jet takes off in Negev desert (AFP/file photo)

Israel has notified Russia of its decision to redraw its Iran “red lines” and to expand its operations across Syria, the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported on May 26.

According to the report, Israel is going to expand its operations to the entirety of its northern neighbor’s territory rather than just the southern portion of Syria.

“The “red lines” previously aimed to prevent Iran from transferring missiles to its militias and to “Hezbollah,” and to halt the establishment of permanent Iranian bases or missile factories.

“Israeli missiles targeted on Thursday al-Dabaa Military Airbase and its vicinity in the western countryside of Homs, where the Lebanese Hezbollah and militiamen loyal to Syrian regime forces and non-Syrian nationalities are located,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday.

While no official statement was made by Israel concerning the attack, several media outlets confirmed the Observatory’s report,” Asharq Al-Awsat’s article says.

The report comes just a few days after another round of Israeli strikes on Syria in which 9 Iranians were killed, according to Sky News. However, the Iranian state media denied that Iranian forces had suffered any casualties in the recent Israeli strike.

According to Syrian experts, the May 26 report by Asharq Al-Awsat is another step in a longstanding Saudi-Israeli campaign aimed at undermining the Iranian-Russian cooperation over the Syrian conflict. Israel and Saudi media have released multiple reports and speculations alleging that the Iranian-Russian alliance is shrinking or is about to collapse.

In contrary to these allegations, in reality the both countries have been successfully cooperating en rotue to reach their joint goals: to defeat radical groups, to strengthen the central government and to set a foothold for restoring a territorial integrity of Syria.

According to som experts, the recent series of propaganda claims and Israeli strikes are clearly linked to the ongoing preparations of the Syrian Army to launch a military operation to regain the southern part of the country from militants.



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  • Vince Dhimos

    The big question is: what will Putin do to stop this vandalism on the part of his “partners” the Israelis?

    • Joe

      No need big question. simple question … nothing . He will keep quiet as he can do nothing .

      Russian forces are ONLY to fight terrorists without air defence nothing more. Israel can just tell Putin what to do ..

      The rest up to Syrian old AA systems and luck ….

      • potcracker2588

        sad to say but…………spot on

      • potcracker2588

        sad to say but………………. spot on

    • Boris Kazlov


    • hamster

      The big question is when will you stop mistranslating and misinterpreting the word “partners”, which does not have the same meaning and usage in the Russian language as it does in English.

  • Rob

    How much Israel move in the ME will definitely go down in the swamp. These migrants don’t know that the Arab ME whole land is holy and anybody do crime on the ME land will be destroyed in this life and in the life after death. God will defend the ME land from all migrants US, UK, France and Wahabi Jews.

  • Aheebwa patrick

    Israel should do everything it can and strike Syria and Iran if it has powers before the end of June cause after the world cup, the story in Syria would be different, otherwise the Zionists will face fire and even they strike now, still they will pay!, am just dying to wake up one day and here Golanheights is in the hands of the SAA, Hezbollah and Hamasi.

    • Turbofan

      Honestly I hope after the World Cup Russia really put its feet down in Syria. This has gone way to far

      • Ma_Laoshi

        Before the world cup, it was Putin’s reelection; before that, the Iran deal; before that, the Trump honeymoon (real or imagined). This pattern strongly suggests that another excuse for inaction will be readily found. I may be proven wrong, but I think that this display of Russian weakness almost guarantees that the world cup will be derailed with yet another provocation, most likely in the Donbass theater. One also notices that Iranian reticence didn’t help squat to keep Trump in the nuclear deal. In contrast, Israeli and French aggression didn’t hurt their access to Moscow at all; in realpolitik, countries that act are seen as relevant, no matter how repugnant the action.

        Frankly, bringing a gaudy sports show into it only shows that Moscow doesn’t have what it takes.

        • Turbofan

          Well you may be right and I wrong.. I me be grasping at straws here I guess. I have to keep believing. What other choice do I have/..

          • Ma_Laoshi

            Well believing or not I’m happy to leave as your personal choice. In addition to that, we can try to see the nuances of the situation. Without Russian intervention, the black flag of jihad would almost certainly have flown over Damascus already. But it is what it is, and there’s no doubt that Syria is in a very rough place.

          • hamster

            Dude… you make way too much of the word “partners”. The word partners, when translated from Russian is significantly different from the way it is used in English. In engish language, the word partner suggests friendship/alliance/good relations/intimate etc. A more accurate translation would be something like the word “counterparts”.

            Basically anyone in the world that Russia has any sort of diplomatic interaction with whatsoever, no matter how close or how strained, can be considered a “partner”. The word’s meaning really doesn’t go any deeper than that. I assure you with 100% certainty that nobody in China is taking offense to the Russians using the term “partners” when referring to Americans.

            Seriously, this obsession over the “partners” terminology bullshit has been pointed out and explained by Russian speakers on this board multiple times already. Give it a rest. He doesn’t “mean” anything by use of that word, the word just has a slightly different usage in the Russian language.

            Again, you can probably think of it as similar to the word “counterparts” going forward.

            It is similar the poorly worded “translation” of some Iranian leaders who many in the western press suggested wanted to “destroy Israel off the map” when in reality a more accurate translation was that the “regime occupying Jerusalem should fade from the pages of history”. Sometimes, certain statements are very difficult to directly translate from one language to another without butchering the intent or content of the speaker of the original language. And in other cases, even when there is a direct translation from a word or phrase in one language to another, the actual meaning of the 2 words are very different when you take into account the context that particular word is used when it’s used in their native language.

          • Jens Holm

            You could ask for needed reforms making fx Syria to a modern and productive state in the world economics.

            In stead of using the Ramadan prayings for asking others, You as number one should help Yourself.

            You are like children only experts in blindfolding and killing each other blaming them for doing no changes Yourself.

            You do have choises, buit even declaring Syria is kind of oil-nation with kurds and americans as thieves, You are not even able to produce simple plasticbuckets even You can by used machines for it by internet and delievered to the door.

            The money is in what You do with it – not just selling it.

            PYD has ideas too. Almost all Your agriculture is from ancient times too. The water evaporates by so many open channels and soon will make many areas salty. Furthermore Turks seemes to take more and more themselves.

            Most people know its much cheeper growing 10 hektars giving 40 times back then 40 hektars giving 10 times back. By that You have space to grow more and fields almost all can be mechanised.

            By that , You also make homogene products and Middle East close by do import a lot of food, even they do export too. But by that and cooled trucks You can make an export as well as educate the many, which now work hard for almost nothing.

            I also do remember, You by no rain several years ago lost a lot of forrests and bushes and by that the sandstorms hit harder. So by reduced but better growing, You have space and time for making new ones and many of them gives something back.

            Very much of that is not expensive and You have many unimployed, which can owe their needed dayli meal in stead of just giving them, what You have for free or try to work slow and drink long time tea to pretend, all has a job.

            And of course I forget women are like that even worse, for You keep them down to make them not as clever as the men figting each other verbal ad well as with guns.

            So You do have very good choices for being much stronger Yourself by Yourself.

            Even the unrealistic morons of Yours should see, that evaporating Israel has no chance as long as You raise Your inhabitants as You do in no activity and innovation.

            Your armies is a very good mirror for, what the rest is too. Tempting to campare with YPJ women, which handle weapons well, when they get the normal conditions for education in stead og being kept, raised and sold as cattle or cars.

        • Sports is a useless distraction, no doubt about it. Russia is not going to be anymore attractive to its western partners after hosting this event then it was before. Besides, who wants to attach themself to a rotting corpse anyways. Would Russia like to be more like Germany? Is that desirable?

          Homosexuality, Gay Parades, Casinos, Alcohol, Atheism and massive immigration. All coming to a ciry near you soon, thanks to our western partners.

          • Ariel Cohen

            Russia is starting to look a whole lot more attractive as a major economic partner than the unstable, reactionary USA. Europe is finally waking up to who their best trading partners will be. America leaving the Iran agreement and ruining billions of investment by European firms in Iran has been a wake up call..

          • Ma_Laoshi

            I regularly agree with things you say, and rolls my eyes at Western assumptions of its superiority, but: alcohol in Russia is an imported Western vice? Thou must be joking, even at its loopiest the USSR made no such claim. Same deal for gambling in China. Given, say, how many jihadists from the Russosphere need to be cleaned up in Syria, clearly *not* all is well with social health at home, and kudos for Russia if they finally become sufficiently grown up to admit this.

          • hamster

            I would rather have homosexuality, gay parades, casinos, alcohol, and atheism… none of which are any of my business, but someone else’s life choices, rather than some brutal medieval suffocating totalitarian ideology dictating to me and to everyone else how to lead every minute aspect of our lives.

          • That is your choice of course, but not everyone is amicable to living in a cesspool. If you are raising children, it gives you more of a perspective.

            It is always a slippery slope too once the moral rot and decay has set in. I mention the obvious vices, but there is a lot more coming on the horizon. Where do you draw the line? Moral ambivalence because it may not effect you personally is typical of the narcissistic thinking we see so prevalent in today’s society.

          • hamster

            Well again, you don’t seem to see the “narcissistic thinking” is actually prevalent in your way of thinking in much the same way that you accuse everyone else of having. There is nothing more narcissistic than proclaiming that you and your personal comforts and prejudices of… as you quote “not wanting to live in a cesspool” in any way justify your inclination to suggest that all other individuals in society that live around you should be forced to live their own personal lives in a way that you approve of. That makes you the oppressor and the instigator, not the other way around.

            Take the so called “vices” that you have cited. I am not a homosexual, I do not participate in gay parades, I don’t gamble or go to casinos (except on rare occasions), I rarely drink alcohol, and I am not an atheist (although I am also not particularly “religious”. I prefer to refer to myself as “non-affiliated”).

            However I also understand that some people in society are homosexuals and they prefer to have intercourse or intimate relationships with a person of the same. Is someone forcing me to be attracted to other men? Is someone telling me that heterosexuality is immoral? It is none of anyones business who I am attracted to or who I have intimate relations with, and it is equally none of my business if another man is attracted to another man or another woman is attracted to another woman. If I don’t like or approve of that kind of thing, there’s a very simple solution. I just don’t participate in whatever homosexual activities that homosexuals engage in. I mind my own fucking business just like they mind theirs. It is the epitome of narcissism for me to suggest that because I do not approve or am repulsed by someone else’s personal life choices that I should therefore have overbearing control over that other person’s life. It’s none of my business.

            Same thing with “gay pride parades”. I don’t like or particularly care for gay pride parades? You know what I do? It’s called “don’t participate”. Nobody is forcing you to participate in a gay pride parade, or any sort of parade. Just don’t go, its not a big deal. If someone were to force children to participate in a parade without their parent’s consent, that would be a completely different story and a massive intrusion into your own personal life. Again, the overarching principle is very simple, which is that in the same way that noone has any place in forcing you to observe a religious fast or participate in a parade, you have absolutely no place in dictating to someone that they should not be allowed to observe their own religion or enjoy some parade.

            Now of course things do get somewhat complicated when you start confronting more complicated scenarios, and in different situations and different circumstances warrant different “lines” to be drawn. For instance, when it comes to any sort of protest. Let’s say somebody doesn’t like you and they want to protest you. Well, where do you draw the line? Where should they be allowed to protest? How should they be allowed to protest? etc etc. Obviously it would depend on a lot of factors and a line has to be drawn somewhere, but that line should be drawn based upon some sound principles like the one I outlined earlier.

            For instance, someone criticizing you online or picketing/criticizing your views in the public sphere would under most reasonable circumstances be considered ok. However, when somebody crosses the line, such as violating your privacy, issuing threats, going to your home/business and clearly doing things that can be reasonably interpreted as harassment and interfering with your personal life. To simply say that because something is a “slippery slope” and therefore no slope should be allowed is the epitome of arrogance and has been an argument used for ages to justify some of the most brutal crackdowns and repressions throughout history. That same “slippery slope” argument has been used by Taliban to justify forcing women to wear burkas, the Saudis to segregate the sexes, and racists to justify repression and slave ownership, all because they didn’t want their particular surrounding society to become whatever they thought of as a “cesspool”.

            The biggest problem by far throughout history, and the source of most human conflicts and unspeakable suffering (outside of resource scarcity) has not been “cesspools” or so called “moral decay” (as defined by whatever self centered tyrant was uttering these phrases at the time), but by power hungry, self centered narcissists who want to dictate to OTHER people how they must live their personal lives.

            Gay pride and casinos were never responsible for the mass slaughter of other human beings. Despots, fundamentalists, and overly zealous morality tyrants have.

            Me saying this is not a reflection of “narcissistic thinking of todays society”, but rather a result of being able to ponder and reflect upon what it would be like for someone to put you and the ones you love on the receiving end of some absurd accusations that declare you as being a component of some “cesspool” or pronounce that your personal way of life is one of “moral decay” and should be usurped by force.

      • Jens Holm

        Many commanders of the Russian army in the muslim regions. Most of You dont get Russians has their own agenda.

        Very blind to see how much Russia today do and has done to keep the regime in Syria alive.

        • EL ZORRO


          • Jens Holm

            Very limited perspective. Many more are there – more or less.

            Russia and Iran are not allied more then Churchill and Stalin was and You also forget EU and probatly Turks even they have turle shield.

          • hamster

            OH, there we go guys…. its about time the conspiracy fantasies and delusions on the comments section reached epic proportions. And now we have it… “REPTILIANS”. I was waiting for that shit to come along.

          • EL ZORRO


        • Ace

          Three cheers for the Russian agenda. God bless them for helping Assad regain control over Syria.

    • Siegfried

      What about Syria shall strike Israel with some Pakistani nukes and shot you all, your big Yankee-Doodles muzzles.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Israhell is and was built on Lies and Terrorism,

        it can’t last long before to implose in Shame flame !

        • Jens Holm

          Completly irrelevant for the contxt.

          Israel unfortunatly was build on facts, where the last was, that 5 mio. were killed in WW2.

          Before that millions were killed in Eastern Europe mainly in Russia, Poland and Lituania. Could be that guilt making Russia to give Jews some space, which already was low populated.

          • Ma_Laoshi

            Definitely not. Modern Zionism is neither an expression of traditional Judaism (indeed not all jewish sects agree with it), nor a consequence of WWII. It has a common origin in time and place with other central-European ethnonationalisms, and this is not a coincidence: if Serbs, Germans, and Hungarians can have a country for their own race why not jews, the thinking was. The Zionist World Congresses were held well before anybody’d heard of Hitler, and formulated a dream: “After we chase the Arabs out, the land lies wide open for us”. The early Zionists knew *exactly* what they were doing, they just decided that a bit of deception would be prudent to get the major powers of the day to support them.

            Yes bad things happened to jews several times, but not only to them. Nobody lost more than the Russian people at the hands of both Hitler and the Georgian Stalin, but they never seem to merit special consideration in the lands of their butchers. And there is something deeply dishonest in the attitude of most jews, in that they skip the part where their families only survived WWII thanks to the sacrifices of Russian patriotism; this just doesn’t register–the way the Talmud sees it, the goy owes the jew, and it cannot be changed.

    • Starlight

      One thing about the dirty depraved jew war criminals- when they promise a thing they always try to deliver on that promise. And when they promise a thing, they’ve always had their evil murdereous plans pre-approved by America, Russia, France, Germany and the UK.

      Go to any pro-west forum and you’ll see the statement that jews are ENTITLED to bomb Syria cos they are ‘technically’ at war with Syria. This is how the evil of the jews operates. That is why the worst and most evil lawyers on the planet are jews- the ‘skill’ at twisting words and circumstances.

      Unlike the christian and muslim peoples, world jewry is a single bloc, and has been since WW2 ended. Which is the precise reason that while all jews pull together, they HATE reference to this fact- and want those that point out that world jewry is effectively a single organisaton silenced.

      None of you ask what happens when a HIVE MIND goes truly insane. World jewry is a hive mind, and this hive mind has gone insane. Having achieved power beyond belief, simple power ceases to amuse this hive mind. Now it needs to prove how it can use this power without any constraint at all. The jewish monsters know the Iran War is coming, and that the West will normalise ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons in that conflict. While Britain, America and France are NUKING Iran (using the SAME excuse as they did when the USA nuked Japan- ie., ‘lower’ ally troop losses), Israel plans to go buck wild on its neighbours, and genocide ONE MILLION+ of them. Gaza and Lebanon will simply cease to exist.

      World Wars are used as a time of RESET- a chance to get all the dirty deeds done in one burst of atrocity. Whole peoples just vanish, and whole cities.

      Standing behind the jews are America’s (and Germany’s) ‘Christian Zionists’- powerful cultists that sincerely believe only the ‘end times’ will return Jesus Christ to the Earth. While fools here dismiss these ifiots as ‘nutters’, they occupy key command and control positions in our society.

      People got BORED of the wise men who explained the coming horrors of WW1 and WW2, for both these terrible conflicts were described accurately so many years before they inevitably happened. It’s the same this time. Dribblers confuse ‘crying wolf’ with those that recognise trends and preparation but are not privvy to the exact moment the war will begin. The Iran War has been building since 9/11, closer some years and distant others. But now we are in the final stretch, and Trump looks set to declare war on Iran this September on the anniversary of 9/11, which Trump will declare was carried out by Iranians.

      • Jens Holm

        No wonder so many here dont like most of You. Your novel is filled with twisted lies and manipulations as You were in Africa hit by Ebola.

        Trump can declare war, but cant feed it, because he is no dictator. he has to frequent the War Commity best known for McCain in their parlament. So Trump itself only can hit Iran as with some nasty needles.

        We dont give so much power to our leaders but share and dont have one string systems as in Emirates as You do as well.

      • James

        Well said. However, as for war, well the West has made plenty of threats and had plenty of excuses, so what are they waiting for? Perhaps we will avoid a world war and the US will slide away, preoccupied by it’s internal problems. I don’t know, and I think only those that are very close to the top of the power structure would really do.

      • Ma_Laoshi

        Jews squabble among ourselves; that’s our culture. But when it comes to their superiority, the stolen Motherland, and the wars that are needed to keep the show going, they reflexively pull together and close ranks. Like it or not, that’s why they are successful and others are not; I think indeed in most contexts it’s therefore not inaccurate to speak of “the jews” as a power structure, even though they don’t like to be referred to in this way. In contrast, liberal vs nationalist Russians have existential disagreements, and the former think nothing of teaming up with Russia’s foreign enemies if it helps trip up the latter (of course most liberals are jews, who never saw themselves as being on Team Russia to begin with). And Arabs… well a bit of money plus a bit of religion usually suffices to get them to kill each other off.

        If you follow the money, Hillary vs Trump was about left- vs right-wing jews (Soros-Saban vs Adelson). So this is a controlled conflict: nobody gets hurt or even goes to jail, and at least in foreign policy you get the same no matter who you voted for.

    • Oh please. Talking about twisting yourself in a pretzel to excuse Chabad Putin’s acquiescence.

    • gustavo

      First, Golanheights is not Isreal land but Syria land. Secon, Syria is not intended to recover Golandheight yet because this depends on political decision. Third, Syria needs to get rid of those terrorists supported by Israel at the border for security reason. And fourth, Syria will use their missile not only to shot down Israel missiles but to shot down planes.

  • AlexanderAmproz


    The U.S. and Israel: a Match Made in Hell


    When one is discussing a violent nation, one that disdains international law, hold human rights in contempt, and cares nothing for its reputation on the international stage, one is generally discussing either the United States or Israel. They are so often complicit in each other’s crimes, and that fact is becoming clearer as each nation is led by an unstable, corrupt and egotistical mad man.

    We will not take the time herein to rehash the ugly history of this disgraceful duo; their current crimes are sufficient for a brief discussion.

    U.S. violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

    This agreement, signed by President Barack Obama representing the United States, with Germany, France, Britain, Russia, China, the European Union and Iran, regulated Iran’s nuclear program, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against that nation. One of the terms of the agreement was that international inspectors had to certify Iranian compliance, which it has done since its inception in 2015. The U.S. president had to certify, to Congress, compliance, based on the results of those international inspections.

    Israeli Prime Murderer Benjamin Netanyahu was more than a little miffed by this agreement; he addressed the U.S. Congress prior to the completion and signing of the agreement, attempting to get that body to vote it down. This put Congress members in a very uncomfortable position: they had to defy one of their two leaders. Either the Democratic president would have to be thwarted, or a main source of their campaign contributions would need to be disappointed.

    In the end, they risked the campaign dollars, and approved the agreement.

    During the remainder of Obama’s term, he certified compliance, as President Donald Trump did, most grudgingly, for the first year of his administration. Yet while Obama had a ‘troubled’ relationship with Netanyahu, the bromance between Trump and the Israeli leader rivals that of Romeo and Juliet; never have there been two such peas in any pod.

    So, in order to please his Israeli paramour, and against the wishes and counsel of the entire international body except Saudi Arabia and Israel, against the advice of the U.S.’s military leaders, and in violation of international law, Trump withdrew the U.S. from the JCPOA.

    This, of course, threw the other signatories into an understandable tizzy. Companies within their borders had begun doing very lucrative business with Iran, and they have now been told by the U.S. that they have between 60 and 120 days to cease and desist. Yet their own governments have said they will respect the JCPOA. This means that Trump could sanction some of the U.S.’s oldest and most trusted allies. This does not seem to trouble Trump, or his war-mongering cohorts. This includes the current National Security Advisor John Bolton, who disdains international law, and says it only exists to constrain U.S. power.

    U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem.

    This seems to be a case where Congressional lust to please Israel (keep in mind those campaign contributions), may have caused more problems than even Congress thinks it is worth. Congress decades ago passed a law mandating the move of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, to please its Israeli masters, but included a caveat that the U.S. president could delay the move due to ‘security considerations’. Every president since Bill Clinton has used that caveat. But security considerations be damned, said the illustrious Trump. So what if nearly the entire international community says that this must not be done, and that the final status of Jerusalem can only be determined through negotiations. So what if a resolution in the United Nations Security Council condemning the move was vetoed by the U.S., when every other nation represented on the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution. Who cares if the U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to make the decision to establish Jerusalem null and void. It is the fulfillment of a dream long held by Netanyahu, so that, it seems, is all that matters.

    Israeli killing of Palestinian protestors.

    For weeks, Palestinians in Gaza have been demonstrating, demanding the internationally-recognized right of return. Tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated, and they were met with live ammunition and tear gas by Israeli soldiers. Members of the press, clearly marked as such, were targeted, shot and killed. Medical personnel, also clearly marked and assisting injured Palestinians, had to fight Israeli soldiers who were attempting to prevent them from helping the wounded.

    Around the world, such behaviors were condemned, yet no words of criticism emitted from the White House. Indeed, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., the ignorant, racist Nikki Healy, praised Israeli ‘restraint’, and said any country would have defended its borders, apparently from unarmed demonstrators who were making no effort to breach those borders. She has long demonstrated that she lives in a fantasy land also inhabited by the president that she so ably serves.

    So, where does this all leave us? We have two countries, each of which encourages and supports the other in its international crimes against humanity. Each is led by an internationally-recognized mad man. Each oppresses other nations, as it also selectively oppresses those within its own borders.

    Have we, perhaps, reached a tipping point, that time when opinions shift dramatically? Several Democratic members of Congress have done the previously-unthinkable in criticizing Israeli actions. And not a single Democrat attended the grand, bloody opening of the embassy in Jerusalem.Until very recently, one of the very few areas on which the heavily-divided and extremely partisan Congress could agree was in their unwavering devotion to Israel.

    Things are changing, but not for the people in Palestine. With the occupation in full force, the head of the government in the West Bank nothing more than a traitor, and Gaza strangled by the illegal blockade, the abject, unspeakable suffering continues. Perhaps, however, real change may be on the horizon. It will not come too soon for Palestine.

  • You can call me Al

    Well, who would have guessed it ?.

    They know the game is up and now they will test Russian patietence ane will to the limit.

    Even I know the US and Israel need a war, Iran, Russia, it doesn’t matter – if they are not now, it is only a matter of time.

    • Joe

      I don’t think they are testing Russian patience as Russia has allowed all attacks by Israel so far and just stood aside for their allies to be attacked.

      It is rather testing the patience of the Iranians as Iran can easily finish off Israel is she wants to but would be costly .

      … so far Iran is quiet and allows its soldiers to be killed or slaughtered.

      • Russia is 100% under Zionist control, what is Iran’s excuse? They talk a good game, but don’t deliver much.

        • Kell

          Iran is playing the long game, they almost have their shia crescent hence the histeria and insanity from ZOG.
          They just need to consolidate and avoid major escalations, ZOG is already almost strangling itself in anticipation.

        • gustavo

          It is not clear at all about this 100%. Russia military are very smart and wisdom in general, and I am sure they are just trying to avoid a WWIII, it does not matter the type of provocation Israel-USA-NATO are doing. Eventually, they prepare a right answer to each provocation. However, with respect Israel freedom of doing whatever she want with Syria, it is something strange…..Stranger and suspicious is more the constant Putin-Bibi meetings.

        • zman

          Yeah, that’s why Israel is having hissie fits, because Iran is a paper tiger. So is hezbollah too, right? What does that make the Zionist chicken shits that had to flee Lebanon in 2006? Oh, yeah ..slaughterers of unarmed civilians..preferably women and children.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Well, you can draw red lines, yellow lines, or even green colored ones, who cares?
    Daraa will be liberated in terms of few weeks and that’s a FACT!

    • BMWA1

      But what about al Sham and ISIS, which State Dept. as seems intent on protecting?

      • Icarus Tanović

        Well, in that case, they can put them in the bucket of water, and feed them every third day!

    • jorge

      Good afternoon Icarus. Things are and will be like you wrote. The creation of the 4 de-escalation zones was part of a military plan, as the liberation now of those four zones is also part of the same plan (two, East Ghouta and North Homs, were already liberated). The plan is going ahead and the path it’s the liberation of all Syria, and only the blinds and the loosers in this war can’t see it.

      • Icarus Tanović

        God evening my friend.
        The thing is that Daraa is way too important, way too big to stay unliberated. Meaning, there’s too much of the greenery on the map, which by it self means that there are monsters, psychos, plague and worst of all – Wahhabis.
        The thing is that situation for them is unreversable. Thing has already snowballed, and nothing can stop SAA from liberating their country.

  • Serious

    I think that Putin can propose S-400 to israel and Saudi Arabia. XD.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Trapped MBS money is already in the US/Zionist hands

      • Serious

        Money is nothing. Influence and power are useful. Westerners countries have huge debts but are more powerfull and have more influence.

  • Pave Way IV

    ISIS/al Nusra to redraw ‘red lines’; to expand operations in Israel: the headline you’ll never see.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Israel is the “red line.” Every time it so much as stirs it ought be pounded.

    • Joe Dirt

      maybe you should go and join isis

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Israel is a Colonialist “Red Lines” by his own since it Existed !

  • Siegfried

    Sure.. ISRAEL again.
    Turkey buys SU-57 and S-400, Saudi-Arabia buys S-400.. and ASSAD doesn’t get even the obsolete S-300, has to shoot on Israelis with the old Soviet-SAMs or the some “newer” S-200.
    Say what you want here, by this RUSSIAN internet-site, but PUTIN slides more and more in the twilight-zone ..
    And I ask myself WHAT EXPECTS IRAN . I guess only THE CHINESE and the Pakistanis are reliable allies for the IRAN. BOTH because of THE OIL of course, but at least they do THEIR PART of the agreements.
    IRAN shall buy quick some CHINESE systems and try to “flash” the SAM-2 /long range soil-air missile systems with the NEWER SOFTWARE and combine the newer RADAR with the old missiles.
    The old SAM-2 can hit as well IF THE GUIDANCE is NEWER, reliable.
    If you don’t have what you need, you have to improvise.
    TIME runs out for IRAN..
    And SYRIA? I guess Putin gets a good price for ASSAD, a trade BROKERED by BIBI ( call it on its name: Bibi Netanyahu’s MEDDLING) with the USraeli big and idY0t blond “Longhorn” in the WH.

    • Serious

      Iran must do like Pakistan : build nuclear weapons and make a cooperation with China to build own military aircrafts or build them by themselfs.

      Never trust Russia. Russia goal is only to impress the west. Russia is ready to betray everyone for their “western partners”.

      Good things to do is to let down Russia and face consequences of being traitors. I think it’s the only way people understanb.

      • Agreed. Russia will feel the stab in the back, just like Germany did in WW1.

    • TTdr

      Don’t you know China was forced to abandon its nuclear reactor project with Iran by ZUS long time ago (but Chinese was such reliable partner by giving Iranian full blueprints to dev themselves).

      China also refused to sell its HQ9 SAM (improved S300) to Iran till now, when Turkey was given selection from S300, HQ9, Patriots in open tender. Also no fighters or warships sales to Iran.

      Once ZUS forced Israel to stop its sales of E-2C Hawkeye equivalent to China in view of grave threat to USAF. Israel simply transfer the technology to honor the paid deal.

      Russia simply refused to honor its S300 paid deal with Syria.

      Now can you connect the dots? ZUS gave every technology to Israel, who use them to cut deals with China & Russia so that they will not sell lethal weapons to all its Yinon plan enemies- Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon (US Gen Clark: 7 countries to invade in 5 yrs).

      PAK has China backing as bulwark to India, NK was able to develop something with Chinese/ Russian help to balance US-SK. Its big boys geopolitical game. The rest are pawns. Poor Iran is on its own, its weakness is a benefit to FUKUS-Israel & Russia. China has no core interest to intervene like NK.

  • Siegfried

    Bibi redraws “Red-Lines”…

    • dontlietome

      Simply brilliant !

  • Lena Jones

    The nanny state of israel if huffing and puffing and bluffing for domestic consumption.

    They know that if THEY step over Syria’s “red line”, tel aviv is next. The Syrians warned them of this when they clashed in the Golan a couple of weeks ago.

    Bring it israel, you shitty little coward!

    Barking dogs don’t bite.

    And hit-and run ops don’t win a war either.



  • Smaug

    I think South Front doesn’t understand Israel’s intentions. The IDF cares about one thing only: the security of its citizens.
    And despite efforts to make the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus alliance look all gun ho, there are many problems that exist just below the surface. Assad wants to pursue the total restoration of Syria’s borders while the Russians want to make a realistic peace as soon as possible so they can go home while the Iranians joined this fight with the obvious secondary motive of pursuing their undeclared war with Israel.

    • EL ZORRO

      What about the DECLARED WAR of the ZIONIST ISRAEL AGAINS, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Palestinians and HUMANITY ?.

    • Pacificnorthwest


      It seems that the evidence instead shows that what the IDF actually really cares about is massacring unarmed people in the walled in concentration camp of Gaza, celebrating each kill with ethno-supremacist joy. I have seen the videos myself, and they are sickening evidence of just how ugly the racism of Israelis is.

      Israel is a fucking war crime, is what it is. Your Nuremburg days are coming.

      Boycott the apartheid death squad war crime state of Israel, bring that sick racist society to its knees, and force its racist genocidally inclined inhabitants to surrender to the superior will of humanity.

      Shun all Israeli people who do not themselves denounce the racist murderous evil of Zionism.

    • RamboDave

      If, as you say, Iranians want to make war with Israel, why are they not joining in the military buildup in Dara, as SF has reported? …..https://southfront.org/iranian-forces-will-not-participate-in-any-operation-in-daraa-iranian-official/
      And furthermore, why has Iran agreed to keep all of it’s advisers and proxies 40 miles from The Golan, as SF also reported?
      And furthermore, why has Iran offered to remove all of it’s advisers and disband it’s proxies as soon as the US and NATO and the Saudis do the same?
      Doesn’t look Iran wants war to me !

      • Smaug

        Are you saying that Iran wouldn’t drive Israel out of the Golan given the opportunity? Given the current state of affairs I would think that would go without saying, and I know for a fact that you would rejoice if Iran announced that it intended to do so.

        • RichardD

          Clearing the IDF out of the Golan and the rest of the occupied territories is authorized by numerous UNSC resolutions including 2334, supported by almost the entire planet. Do you have a problem with that?

          • S Melanson


        • RamboDave

          I would definitely rejoice if Iran were able to do that. However, Iran knows that it is not capable of that, and has gone out of it’s way to avoid conflict with Israel.

          I would rejoice if Iran had the capability to nuke your country, which I presume is Israel.

          Unfortunately, Iran is only trying to defend, as requested, the sovereign UN recognized country of Syria from Jihadis supported by the US, the Saudis, and Israel, and people like you.

      • S Melanson

        As for who wants war, that is clear. Iran announces it will not take part in operations in Syria’s south. Israel announces new red lines that expand from southern Syria to now all of Syria.

        We see how this works. Israel demands Iran not take positions near Israel borders and the Golan Heights. Iran complies. Israel is incensed, how dare they ruin our justification for bombing them. Solution, redefine the red lines and now the bombing can resume.

  • Pacificnorthwest

    Israel requires the red line of a Nuremburg style war crimes tribunal, with the zionist crime bosses in the docket of the accused.

    Suport the One state solution, based on the principals of universal human rights and one person one vote. Down with Jim Crow Israel.

  • Kell
  • RichardD

    I hope that Israel’s neighbors will work together, supported by the Syrian government coalition and others. To clear the IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet out of the occupied territories, including airspace. And secure Gaza. As part of implementing the UN and other resolutions that the Jews are in chronic violation of. And that it doesn’t go nuclear or draw in the US, France and UK.

    • TTdr

      When you burst the malignant cancer tumor, it will spread everywhere in the world. Don’t burn that rat nest yet, let them concentrate all there until some genius come out a way to de-joosradicalize them.

  • RichardD

    “There is a wide bipartisan majority that seeks an American foreign policy of realism and restraint. …

    The headline findings show, among other things, that 86.4 percent of those surveyed feel the American military should be used only as a last resort, while 57 percent feel that US military aid to foreign countries is counterproductive. The latter sentiment “increases significantly” when involving countries like Saudi Arabia, with 63.9 percent saying military aid—including money and weapons—should not be provided to such countries.

    The poll shows strong, indeed overwhelming, support, for Congress to reassert itself in the oversight of US military interventions, with 70.8 percent of those polled saying Congress should pass legislation that would restrain military action overseas in three specific ways:

    by requiring “clearly defined goals to authorize military engagement” (78.8 percent);

    by requiring Congress “to have both oversight and accountability regarding where troops are stationed” (77 percent);

    by requiring that “any donation of funds or equipment to a foreign country be matched by a pledge of that country to adhere to the rules of the Geneva Convention” (84.8 percent).”

    – A New Poll Shows the Public Is Overwhelmingly Opposed to Endless US Military Interventions –


  • russ

    It’s time for Russia put the S500 into Syria

    • Joe Dirt

      Putin will never fully support mudslime

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The :Syrian Perspective: had an interesting article in it the other day, It stated Iran has just supplied Syria with several new AA systems that will replace and upgrade the one the Israeli’s blew up, helping to improve Syria’s existing air defense’s capabilities. I haven’t seen or heard about this elsewhere and wonder if there’s any credence to this article. I find he’s usually accurate when it comes to most articles but on the odd occasion totally inaccurate, so I’m wondering if anyone else has heard anything anywhere else concerning this. I hope it proves to be accurate.

  • KILLDisk

    when will the world learn, Israel always has a red-line, its just below the sand of her neighbours territories.

  • JEinCA

    F the Zionist State. If Putin doesn’t have the stomach to give Syria what it needs to defend itself I’m sure we can find a patriotic Russian billionaire who’d be willing to provide Syria with the equipment it needs to enforce a no fly zone for NATO and the Zionist State over it’s own country.

    • Joe Dirt

      Putin will never fully support carpet kissers

    • It might be hard to find in Russia, because Putin has them all killed, jailed or exiled.

  • World_Eye

    Ah damn zionists ah your time will come soon or later.

  • MeMadMax

    So whos the terrorist now?
    The jihadi thats paid by the jew?
    Or the jew?