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Israel To Participate In US-led Mission In Persian Gulf By Providing Intelligence And “Other” Activities

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Israel To Participate In US-led Mission In Persian Gulf By Providing Intelligence And "Other" Activities

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On August 6th, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said that the country would support the US-led operation to provide a sort of maritime security in the Persian Gulf.

This is, in its entirety, no surprise at all.

Speaking at a closed session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Katz said Israel was assisting the mission with intelligence and other unspecified fields

Katz told a ministers’ meeting that the two reached “substantial agreements,” adding that he was working toward “transparent normalization and signed agreements” with Gulf states. He added: “We do not have a conflict with them.”

Katz further said that it is an Israeli interest to stop Iranian entrenchment in the region and strengthen Israel’s relationship with Gulf countries.

No information was provided whether Israel would actually send warships or any vessels to the Persian Gulf, to take part in the mission. And it is likely that it would simply provide intelligence.

So far, the only willing participants in the US-led mission in the Persian Gulf are: Israel and the UK.

Announcing its participation in the US-led mission, Britain’s Ministry of Defense said it “will draw largely on assets already in the region.” It said the Royal Navy will work alongside the US Navy to escort vessels through the Strait of Hormuz.

Israel To Participate In US-led Mission In Persian Gulf By Providing Intelligence And "Other" Activities

An Israeli warship arrives at an Israeli navy base in the Red Sea resort city of Eilat July 15, 2009. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Which is puzzling, since US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that the US-led mission would only escort US-flagged ships, and all other countries would have to provide their own security.

Australia appeared to be considering it. Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds told the visiting US secretaries of state and defense that their “very serious” and “complex” request would be given “very serious consideration.” No other information was provided.

So far, Germany refused to participate in a military mission in the Persian Gulf, especially a US-led one. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that discussions with France and the UK were on-going for an EU-led peace keeping mission.

Paris, Berlin and London plan to coordinate and share information in the Gulf to reinforce maritime security, but without deploying additional assets, according to French Defense Minister Florence Parly.

Getting back to the US-led mission, Spain, too, rejected the offer, as per Spanish newspaper El Confidencial.

The newspaper quoted unnamed diplomatic sources confirming that Madrid had received an official request from the United States to participate in these forces. Those same sources said that “the Spanish government has currently no intention to participate in joint US-led forces.”

It is unconfirmed, but likely true, since Spain, earlier pulled out its warship the fregate Méndez Núñez from the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group when it was moving towards its deployment in the Persian Gulf, where it still is.

Japan was invited to take part, and rejected the invitation. It won’t send warships to join the US-led mission, but it may send vessels independently, to protect its own vessels, if the necessity arises.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and continue to collect information while working closely with the United States and other countries”, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga explained.

Other countries that were invited by the US include Norway, Belgium and South Korea.

There’s been no response by South Korea, but a positive answer is likely, especially if its “best frenemy” Japan refuses to participate, after all Seoul would like to prove itself as the premier proxy-state of the US in Southeast Asia.

Belgium in its navy has two frigates, both commissioned 28 years ago in 1991, 5 minehunters, two support vessels, two patrol boats and two Navy aircraft, one being a submarine hunter, the other a spy helicopter. It is unclear what kind of support it can provide.

Norway, on the other hand, has a very modernized navy, which despite its small numbers has several frigates, the oldest of which was commissioned in 2006. It also has more than a dozen combat boats, which would be quite useful in potentially countering the IRGC’s speed boat prowess.

No response has been given by neither Norway, nor Belgium.

Mark Esper, the US defense secretary, tried to present the effort in a positive light and said the United States had gotten “various degrees of response,” adding “I think there’ll be some announcements coming out in the coming days.”


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The US general and navy admiral should not allowed such moves,unlike all the other arabs states the Israeli and Saudi Arabia are looking for a fight between the US and Iran. If the Israel navy does participate with the US navi in the Persian gulf best believe they will start a war.The United states of America general must understand isreal is not to be trusted they greed exceed them and they will do anything to ge trhisn they way at the expense of the US citizen.


What gonna be mission in which all global terrorists participate. They are the same perverters that said Iraq has WMD and butchered millions in Iraq.

Saddam, Qazzafi, Iran, Palestine, Afghan, Assad, Putin, Xi all are bad guys and these butchers are good guys. Nonsense.

Daniel Martin

“Other activities” would probably involve some kind of a provocation to draw enemy fire on them, just like in the case of the USS Liberty incident in 1967.


other activities translates as an opportunity to attack Iran or cause an incident that will ire the dysfunctional states of A to such an extent to attack Iran. or be enough reason for the squatters to fire off a couple of nukes from the stealth subs lurking around the Gulf of Oman where they are hiding in protection of the dysfunctional states of A.

it’s been said before – get rid of the squatters and return the land they’ve stolen and murdered for with impunity so far, and peace will be restored and the world will be free of the worst nightmare which has been seen for more than a 100 years.

Lena Jones

As if barracuda jews aren’t already on the UAE side of the Strait lol! But guess what? The mullahs welcome the arrival of the pedo synagogue of satan to their shores: come on in motherfuckers and meet your REAL maker lol!

Free man

The irony. Israel leads the Arab resistance against Iran. LOL . You Arabs are crazy.

Lena Jones

I got news for you motherfucker: there is NO Arab resistance against Iran – it exists only in the minds of jews and their idiot media lol! There are for sure a small handful of crypto-jew Arab dictators who side with israel against Iran: saudi arabia, bahrain, oman, and uae – that’s 4 dictators (without majority of people support), out of 22 Arab nations: all of them traditional and historic friends of Iran and enemies of israel and they remain so. ‘Ironically’, you need to stfu with your idiot info.

And I’m neither “crazy” nor “Arab”, but if I had the choice, I’d rather be a crazy Arab than a filthy jew cunt like you.

Free man

1. In the past, you identified yourself as an Arab from southern Lebanon. Did you lie? 2. You are spineless and useless . You need Iran to fight Israel, and you need Israel to fight Iran. 3. If not for Russia , by now Syria would have been ruled by Sharia law.

Lena Jones

No you dumbfuck no no no lol! Obviously your reading comprehension is at moron level. I wrote quite a few times that I LIVE IN SOUTH LEBANON – I never said I was Arab or shmarab. You just assumed in your racist dumbfuck brains that I was. I’m actually from sth.Cal :-D

The rest of your stupid comment is moot and wasteful – just like your idiot existence.

Free man

Yeah sure. You surf the beaches of Sidon (-;

Lena Jones

And you surf the turd holes of tel aviv, “ironically”. I don’t give a shit what your talmudic paranoid brains think what I am and what I’m not. Point is that clearly you’re a racist jewish cunt.

Free man

Point is that clearly you’re a crazy Arab who is ashamed of his identity and hates Jews.

Lena Jones

Point is I don’t give a fuck what your terrorist jew brain thinks of me, but I can tell you this much: you are hated not just in sth Lebanon, but in sth Cal too motherfucker lol!

Again, I’d rather be a crazy Arab than a klepto scumbag jew any day of the week. So, thanks, keep calling me a “crazy Arab” till kingdom come.

Free man

Whatever you say jihadist Ali.

Lena Jones

Whatever you say terrorist jew cunt.


oh shut the fuck up both of you. Don’t you realize that the Persians are taking revenge? the Muslims brought down their empire during the Muslim conquest of Persia. The Persians are more willing to kill Arabs as many as possible. The Iranians have direct access with the Israeli border in Syria but they are more concerned with the “Arab terrorists” in Idlib, wake the fuck up.

Lena Jones

Oh another delusional mothereffing jew-centric moron! Clearly you know shitoooo about Iran or the history of the region! It’s YOU who needs to stfu and go suck on a kosher sausage!


You are so weak, so close minded, so deluded that you call everyone who disagrees with you and/or provides good arguments a “Jew”

That’s right, a Jew. instead of providing factual evidence, or make well thought arguments, you call them a Jew and call it a day. Get a fucking life you moron.


The pathetic Gulf monarchies are starting to lick israeli arse openly.

Free man

The irony. Israel leads the Arab resistance against Iran. LOL . The Middle East is a crazy place.


the thing is, Iran also leads other Arab resistance against Israel. The Iranians will kill an Arab before an Israeli, trust me. The Persians seek revenge because the Muslims brought down their empire during the Muslim conquest of Persia.


One can sense that time is nearly up for the zionists.

Zionism = EVIL

Their whole Yinon plan pipe dream is up their dumb arse. They will be hit hard soon.

Pave Way IV

“…So far, the only willing participants in the US-led mission in the Persian Gulf are: Israel and the UK…”

No surprise, but a hilarious clown-car of massive participation none-the-less. Non-participating countries are now on the U.S. sanctions list for anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist evil cancerous parasites would love to shed Americunt dumbass blood in the Persian Gulf so that they can plunder its resources, but they should know that they will be hit first if bullets start to fly. I am quite sure that the Americunts are not that stupid to start a swan song war, but Zionist arseholes will be destroyed.


Lmao, im pretty sure the Iranians will destroy the Arab countries first, they hate Arabs more than the Zionists. Poor Persians got their empire owned by the Arabs and now they are taking revenge but they will never win.

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