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Israel To Launch Large Missile-Detection Blimp Over Northern Region (Video)

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Israel To Launch Large Missile-Detection Blimp Over Northern Region (Video)

Screen grab from a RT video showing Israel’s Sky Dew aerostat.

On November 3, the Ministry of Defense of Israel announced that it will soon launch a large aerostat equipped with an advanced missile and aircraft detection system over the country’s northern region.

The advanced aerostat, dubbed “Sky Dew,” will be deployed at high altitudes to detect incoming long-range missiles, cruise missiles and drones.

Sky Dew was developed in a joint venture between the Israeli Missile Defense Organization and the US Missile Defense Agency over the last few years. The system design is based on an aerostat air platform developed by the American company TCOM.

The airborne system is meant to complement and improve Israel’s existing early warning network by placing detection sensors at high altitude.

Israeli Air Force chief Amikam Norkin said that the new system would “enable us to build a more accurate and broader air surveillance picture.”

“The IAF [Israeli Air Force] has both the defensive and offensive systems to defend the State of Israel and its sovereignty,” the Times of Israel quoted the commander as saying.

From his side, Vice Admiral Jon Hill, the director of the American Missile Defense Agency, said the system was aimed at shoring up Israel’s “qualitative military edge” in the Middle East.

Israel is consistently working to develop and expand its early warning and air defense network in order to cope with the growing drone and missile capabilities of Iran and its allies, namely Syria and Lebanon’s’ Hezbollah.


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