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Israel To Continue Strikes On Syria, Despite S-300 Delivery: Netanyahu

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Israel To Continue Strikes On Syria, Despite S-300 Delivery: Netanyahu

FILE IMAGE: AFP 2018 / Jalaa Marey

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will continue to strike targets in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on September 25 after a special security cabinet meeting and brief the ministers on the recent events triggered by the Russian IL-20 shootdown on September 17.

“Israel has been very successful in the last three years in preventing Iran’s military buildup in Syria as well as its attempts to deliver lethal weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon,” Netanyahu stated before departing for New York where he plans to meet with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

The prime minister also repeated Iraeli attempts to put blame on Syria for the IL-20 incident.

“Since the tragic events in the Syrian skies, I have spoken twice with President Putin, expressing deep sorrow about the loss of lives of the Russia crew on the plane, that was irresponsibly shot down by Syrian fire,” Netanyahu said.

On September 24, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced that Russia will supply Syria with an S-300 air defense system as well as employ other measures to boost the country’s air defense capabilities. The defense minister’s statement came amid in response to what Russia described as Israeli “hostile actions”, which led to the IL-20 shootdown off the Syrian coast.

Russia says that the Israeli behaviour and actions of F-16 pilots, who were using the IL-20 as cover from Syrian air defense fire led to the incident. Thus, Tel Aviv is the side responsible for it.

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Israel will stop attacking Syria once they loose some more aircrafts.


Hopefully Russia won’t impair Syria’s ability to fire on Israeli aircraft.

stary ujo

Usa and Israel to test Putins patient . Putins position home isnt sure and good , people are angry from his
recede !


Israel is pushing the United States to have a war with Russia in Syria. Israel is playing with WWIII.


US is obligated to protect Israel if the going gets to tough for the Israelis, and seeing as though the Israelis are undoubtedly pushing the envelope to see how far it bends, they will take it to the next level.

Russia is sending in a rather large contingent of batteries and missiles so the actual real world efficacy of Israeli strikes on various Syrian targets in the presence of activated S-300PMU1-2 systems has yet to be seen.

Best case scenario is that Israeli gets cocky and launches more airstrikes against said batteries that down 2-4 Israeli Jets during one of their sorties. This will send the entire Israeli nation a message they won’t soon forget.

Manuel Flores Escobar

S-300 PMU2 and S-300VM4 can shot down israeli planes just after take off and when the planes are climbing and taking alttitude….especially from Ramat David air base near Haifa….


Totally correct, that is why Israel is now so scared.

Joe Dickson

It is the same as the S-400 without the 40N6 missile.


That’s what hiding behind the Russian plane was all about. Russia had stated they would target the launchers and initially, everyone though the French frigate was firing. I believe that it was a setup similar to the USS Liberty event with the goal for the French frigate being blamed and targeted followed by NATO bombing Syria for Israel. Recall that the French immediately stated they weren’t involved and recall that NATO had just appeared in the Med.


Yes, UK aircraft were in a Holding Pattern near Cyprus with their transponders on and just waiting for the order to attack Russian bases in my opinion.


Wouldn’t doubt that. I remember a few NATO ships entering the Med. besides that French frigate.


They just wont quit…. Fucking Israeli scum.

Hope they start a war with Hezbollah at this point just to see them die in droves and their puny arrogance crushed….

On a more Serious note, this is a concerning development as it shows the Russians that the Israelis never wanted to have any sort of “mutual” working relationship. Russia made a shit choice by allowing the Israelis to bomb Syrian and Iranian troops/supplies in Syria thus far but at least now the tune in Moscow has changed for the better.

Although, it can’t be stated enough just how sad this conflict is in retrospect…

Promitheas Apollonious

you mean they are not in war with Hez and they start it now? Beside the fact that the jews shit ice cubes the moment they hear Hezbollah. So dont hold your breath with what you wishing for


I dont think the Israelis will risk losing massive amounts of face against Hezbollah in another hot war.

Given just how effective Hezbollah is against armed opponents, it would stand to say the Hezbollah can really make Israel look bad if they got into another shooting war.

Promitheas Apollonious

It is no longer their choice. Since the creation of that phony `state`it always had an expiration date, according to the ones who created it. So despite what people thing, who only scratch the surface and think israel controls the rest of the world and could not be farther than the truth, their destiny as planned is to be destroyed. See the teachings they been brainwashing, the world, for the last 2000 years.

Chosen people, armagedon and the rest of the BS. They are chosen people ok as the myth they created also of the holoshit and pla pla. All their great planning has failed miserably so all they have left as the last card is that to be used as an excuse. What they have not calculated is that actually after they manage to destroy russia and was about ready, to enjoy their spoils of war, instead it backfire right into their face and instead of having all the resources of russia it becomes their doom now.

Have you listen the pathetic claims trump said to UN? It is so pathetic to see a clown pretending to be putin and using putins speech in the last SCO points and russias deeds, in ME as though the amerkans did all that and not be the predators who have received the bigger kick up the ass and lost their footing for ever.

israel is private real estate and isarel will do what its owners who created it for a specific task will do. In any case believe what you like. Soon if events continue in the path that are set the last 3 years you see what I mean.


Did you expect sopmething different ? As I said long time ago, Israel attcked Syria protected by Russian S300 before, so why they should stop now ?
S300 is nothing. It is a hardware. The only way how to protect Syria is USE this hardware and start shooting down Israeli jets. Putin will NEVER allow that.
Even if Netanyahu decides ground attak on Khmeimim airbase, killing half of Russian contingent or attacking Russian S300 batteries.
Firstly – Putin is weak to confront USA by force. He restored Russia as superpower after Yeltsin devastation and is not ready to destroy his “child” by nuclear war.
Secondly – Putin loves Jews and deals. He likes talking with “partners” however those deals were 1000x broken by West. But Putin will be eager to make 1001 one.
Thirdly – Russian economy heavily depends on Jew oligarch like Abramovich. Many of them are friends of Putin or at least are respecting him. Putin is not able to face their infuence.
And (unfortunatelly) Russian generals like Shoigu will not go directly against Putin-Lavrov.
Not yet. But the time will come, probably sooner then expected.


Idk about Putin directly issuing an order to Syrian AD to not use the s300s given to them but I do agree with your sentiment about Putin and his relationship with Israel.

All I will say, since it’s really all that can be said, is that we don’t know what will happen next and I personally believe that the Russian MoD is very angry with Israel currently. 2-4 regiments of S-300s is not a laughing matter and will be deadly to Israeli aircraft operating in and around Syria.

You could be right though. Hell, it might all even be kabuki theater for all we know.


“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” – Gutle Schnapper Rothschild, wife of Amschel



Syrians died because of the pipeline that would have destroyed Russia and yet Russia allowed them to be killed by Israeli strikes. Pathetic.

Now only Russia realised their mistakes.


It is an absolute shame and down right disgrace the Russians allowed Syrian and Iranian/Hezbollah troops and supplies to be unjustly attacked by Israrl thus far but the amount of AD weaponry the Russians are giving Syria will heavily impact the efficiency and efficacy of future Israeli raids on the nation.

With reports of 2-4 regiments of advanced versions of the s300, torm2, buk, additional panstir units and new and improved EW weapons. The likelihood of Israel launching an effective strike will go down significantly. Just wish this happened sooner.


What ever you want to do Bibi. What you do to others you do to yourself. Sadly the rest of us have to reap the whirlwind of your actions. For now. Change is coming….for you.


karma awaits.


Israel like my country (US) is just another failed state waiting to collapse. I don’t know if I’ll live to see it but its coming.


It can not be more precise.


When exceptionalism were embraced as national identity they’re already finished.

Redsky B

Bibi can’t help himself. Being a human descendant of Satan, lying and committing evil come naturally to him. With him around and those of his ilk who are yearning to rule the world by tyranny there’s nothing but trouble ahead for mankind and all living things. May the Almighty shorten their days. It’s our only hope.

Promitheas Apollonious

GOOD LUCK jews make sure because only once you attempt it, then you know better, to send enough planes and not just one preferable your F35s and newer ones you have so it is over before it begins.


Net..yahoo you sound like Trump, all bluster and BS, wait until you start loosing planes.

Tudor Miron

Let’s see how it goes now. My guess is that effectiveness of Israeli actions will differ from now on and there will be price to pay.


Jews never like a high price if they are ‘buying’. :)

Oscar Silva Martinez

Jews are cheap!


Most crap is Oscar :)


I don’t understand Western “Gentiles” who passionately defend Israel and the Zionists as if they themselves were Zionist “settlers” in the West Bank.

Albert Pike

It’s because their leaders arn’t ‘Gentiles’ – they are crypto jewish Frankist – therefore original Zionists, who follow their eschatological perverted wet dream…

Tommy Jensen

We gentiles get money. The Zio´s pay us well to back them.
If someone show you 500 dollares, wouldnt you jump around on 2 legs and wag your little tail quickly up and down as we do?


There’s a technical term used to describe them : Traitors.


Quite a lot of American Christians believe that Israel will bring on the apocalypse and the whole world will go to hell except for them.


Yeah. It’s a very peculiar worldview, but one very convenient for modern schizophrenic fascist types. It lets them back the fascist state of Israel which neocons consider the US’ “unsinkable aircraft carrier” in the Middle East, while at the exact same time being antisemitic about actual Jews. That is, they’re just using Israel to bring those end times, but they think when those end times come the Jews will all convert or fry–mostly fry. If I were Jewish I would think more than twice before allying with such scum.


They’ve believed that their god (themselves) would protect them.


Terrorism is only words that would be used exclusively for Muslims.
Arabs is only radically ideologically driven barbarians that seek to destroy Christian civilizations not really trying to defending their home or taking revenge for it’s destruction.
War is waged with impunity and without declaration of war and any of the target civilians casualties is all just inevitable collateral damage. Any of their own civilian casualties is a victims of cowardly terrorism despite they’re happened to struck the country of said terrorist that can’t punish them back the same way and which they attack in groups.
Islam is a radical ideology that run counter of civilizations and against progressive for it’s teaching despite what they’re teaching in it mirror mostly the Christian teaching in example prohibition of adultery, murder, lies, obsession, promoting of altruism, socialism, etc.

Demonization of their target were quite clear as well as their immediate goal. Most people were just don’t care all that much if there’s nothing that cost them in damage or risks. Except there is and they’ve been lied to about it.
I don’t know much but could Hawaiian still take nuclear missile coming their way just a joke ? That should tell you something.

Lena Jones

Jewish bullshiter bullshitting his own bullshit people and no one else.

Jim Bim

Lol….good luck. The leader of the Apartheid state is talking like if the Syrian newest S-300s will stand alone….contrary they will be integrated with the even more modern Russian air defense system, witch btw. will also be upgraded to an even higher level with more electronic jaming.


Think at the top left one… was useless.

Jim Bim

I don`t think the Russian would be happy, taking the S-400 and S-300 away from their bases.


Why taking it away if it’s useless?


The wedge they have tried to create between Russia and Syria has fallen into deaf ears.


Told you…


Maybe you should wait until they actually attack, Israel and BS are synonymous.


Maybe you should endeavor to understand your enemy. When they threaten they mean it and they will take the fight to their enemies and they won’t hold back a reserve and they will not passively watch themselves lose the upper hand militarily. No matter which side one takes in the conflict the above should be understood.


I dunno. They’ve been threatening Iran long enough, haven’t done much yet except push the US into economic sanctions. So maybe this means they’ll whine to the US to hit Syria with economic sanctions?


They killed 10 Iranians at T4 and Iran was too pussy to retaliate lol


Lol thinking Israel would back down like Russians do is silly

They will not back down


On the day Israeli merkava tank met up with the Russian Kornet missile of Hezbollah in 2006 Israel couldn’t retreat fast enough.


Why should they, when they can get people like you to fight for them?

Nigel Maund

The arrogant and paranoid Israeli’s will carry on as though it were business as normal. Well it’s time they lost 4 x F16’s in one hit. Maybe then they may realise that the skies over Syria are not owned by the IAF??…One day the Bully get’s beaten up and that’s a “game changer”

Willing Conscience (The Truths

In other words the Israelis don’t believe the new S-300 system Russia’s sending to Syria, will ever be used, they think it’s just for show and won’t be used against them, but I hope they’re as wrong about that as they are everything else.
In reality those S-300 systems are only half the remedy to the Israeli problem, taking out the offending jets without punishing the airbase’s they came from isn’t quite good enough for me, but taking out the offending aircraft as well as the bases they came from would be though, hopefully Putin feels the same way too now.


U dont need to wipe those bases out.

An F16-I cost 18 to 20 mill USD, while the most expensive missile 40N6(if I remember correctly) in S300 arsenal cost at most over 2 mill USD.

I think economically Israel will lose big time. Not to mention the resources required and cost of training new pilots

Real Anti-Racist Action

Jews continue their genocide against humans dispite S-300.
S-300 cannot hold a good genocide back.
Truth is, only Russian Iskander missiles are ever going to defend Lebanon and Syria.
Only Iskander missiles!!!comment imagecomment image


Iskander is an offensive weapon, it is not a defensive weapon. This weapon can erase ISrael in a single shot.


That would really get the Jews dancing like it’s 911.

Tommy Jensen

So this map means Scandinavians will go free? LOL…………….Scandinavians never gets killed!

J Roderet

The land-stealing Zionists will only stop their aggression when large numbers of their planes get blown out of the sky by the S-300s.

Peter Stein

I’m sure Putin agreed with Nutcake that Israhell can go on and bomb Syria as long as, they stay away from their military bases there

the S300 etc only go to Syria because the Russian military put real hard pressure on
he is in the pockets of the cabal its obvious

leon mc pilibin

Nothing will get in their way of murder and thieving.Its time to take out these satanic scumbags.

Brother Thomas

We know Netanyahu is a bully, and that he is corrupt. What he is demonstrating here is that while he is sly, he is not very wise.


It will be interesting to see if the S-300s are a game changer. And if they’re used over Israel and Lebanon, as well as over the sea, to deter or respond to attacks effectively by taking down IAF manned aircraft.

The baby rapers are trying to get the US involved on their side, without much luck. IAF planes falling from the sky should be an attitude adjuster for the Jews.


Israel is talking rubbish about being able to stop flow of weapons as though Iranian and Hez are that stupid . It is impossible.

Israel only make believe … not reality.
It is impossible to stop delivery through air strikes alone. silly.


Sign of utter desperation only. Zionists are loosing their grip gently but rapidly. These useless and counter productive strikes can’t stop that momentum. So simple.

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