Israel Threatens To ‘Act Alone’ Against Iranian Forces In Syria


Israel Threatens To 'Act Alone' Against Iranian Forces In Syria

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Israel will act alone and stop at nothing to contain Iranian forces in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Jewish Federation of North America’s General Assembly.

Netanyahu said that Iran is plotting to destroy Israel from Syria.

“Iran is scheming to entrench itself militarily in Syria,” he said adding that Iran wants to deploy its troops in Syria on a permanent basis “with the declared intent of using Syria as a base from which to destroy Israel.”

The prime minister called on the so-called international community to counter the alleged Iranian effort. However, he emphaseized that if allies do not support the Israeli effort, Tel Aviv will act on its own.

“If we stand together we will achieve it,” Netanyahu said. “But if we have to – we’ll stand alone. Iran will not get nuclear weapons. It will not turn Syria into a military base against Israel.”

Iranian forces operate in Syria at a request of the Syrian government and help it to counter multiple terrorist groups, which had been actively supported by the US-led block, including Israel, since the start of the Syrian conflict. Unforutnately, the Israeli leadership and its allies refuese  to understand that the key reason of the growing Iranian and Hezbollah influence in Syria is their tireless efforts to throw the country into the chaos.



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