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Israel Threatens Gaza With More Military Actions As Tensions Grow Further

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After a 5,5-hour meeting on October 17, the Israeli security cabinet adopted a new policy, under which the Israeli military will step up its response to any attacks from the Palestinian Gaza Strip. According to the Times of Israel, the new policy, that will change the “rules of the game,” will be implemented starting on October 19.

During the long meeting, Israeli’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman pushed for a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip to deter the Hamas Movement. However, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, wanted a more flexible approach and he was able to pass it with support from the military.

“I will not refer to the content of the cabinet discussions, but I can say one thing very explicitly – the rules of the game are about to change … We will no longer accept the arson terror and the fence terror,” the Israeli Arutz Sheva quoted Yoav Galant, a minister and a member of the security cabinet, as saying.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which is a military wing of the Hamas Movement, responded to Israel’s new policy by releasing a short video message entitled “Don’t Dear To Misjudge.” The message shows al-Qassam fighters loading heavy rockets into a launcher in an apparent threat to Israel.

The Gaza Strip will likely witness a dangerous escalation in the upcoming few days, as Palestinian activists are planning to hold new protest on October 19. Israel will likely respond violently to any incident, which may occur during the protest. In the worst case scenario, it can trigger an open military confrontation of Israel with the Hamas Movement.

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leon mc pilibin

Nutandyahoo and his loverman are playing the victim card,while murdering Palestinian women and children. Can’t wait for the day when they mistakenly take on Hezbollah again.They won’t be shown any mercy like the last time they got their ugly faces kicked in.


As the circle around Saudis, Israel, US and England becoming tight then they act desperately, even then they kill their own body guards.


too bad satanic liebermann couldnt push through with ground invasion…….no win for them and hundreds of dead IDF………from the air….no IDF casualties……..typical jews…scared pricks…….hezbollah kicked major jew ass 2006…even massacred the IDF golani brigades


Syrian front is a non issue anymore for Israel since the S300 arrived, now Israel needs another front to make themselves relevant.

Karim Al Ahamadi

Muslims unite against the enemy of humanity !
Shia and Sunni.
Also others, unite


Those ZioNazi swamp rats are too cowardly to take on a real opponent. Netanyahu with his big mouth bragged that his ZioNazi garbage dump would continue attacking Syria and even take out those S300’s. Reality is slightly different: no mora attacks on Syria. So, they revert to what they do best: attacking defenceless civilians, incl. children, who threaten that cancerous boil’s existence. Yeah, that feels good, makes them feel ever so tough and important.

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