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Israel Threatened Syrian Army 1st Corps In leaflets Dropped Over Al-Quneitra

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The Israeli military had dropped leaflets with threats to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 1st Corps over the countryside of al-Quneitra, local sources reported on November 25.

In the leaflets, the Israeli military alleged that Lebanon’s Hezbollah had taken control over decision-making within the 1st Corps. Furthermore, Iran and Hezbollah were accused of abusing Syrian military positions, personnel and civilians to launch “sabotage” operations against Israel.

Israel Threatened Syrian Army 1st Corps In leaflets Dropped Over Al-Quneitra

Click to see fulls-size image. Source: horanfree.com

“Your relationship with Iran and Hezbollah is hindering the reconstruction of Syria and obstructing Syrian unity,” the leaflet reads. “We will not allow anyone to destabilize us! Beware of working for Hezbollah in any way, direct or indirect, we will not stop until we eliminate the threat posed to us.”

In the early morning hours, a series of Israeli strikes targeted military positions in al-Quneitra and in the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Last month, the Israeli military dropped similar leaflets with threats to senior commanders in the SAA’s 1st Corps. Early on November 18, Israeli airstrikes destroyed the personal office of Major General Akram Hawija, commander of the 1st Corps’ 7th Division. Hawija was one of the officer named in the leaflets.

The new leaflets indicate that Israel is planning to launch new wave of strikes on the SAA 1st Corps under the pretext of “cooperation with Hezbollah.” The 1st Corps is the main force in southern Syria.


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Free man

SAA soldiers in the Syrian Golan are about to go through few rough weeks.

Fog of War

And no Russian help in sight.

Free man

The Russians didn’t signed up for a war with Israel.
Nor should one expect it from them.
I see the recent Israeli actions as preparations for an American action against Iran / Iranian forces in the Middle East.


You must be dreaming. A dream never come true.
American action against Iran….if it is your hope that the USA will fight your wars,then it likely you will never see it in your lifetime against Iran..
RIP Bondman

Free man
Fog of War

So what’s Putin’s game plan then ? To get a multi decade lease on a naval base for nothing ? If Russia is not there to defend Syria then it needs to get the hell out of the way because its impeding Iran’s actions and stopped Syria from finishing the job in Idlib and prevents Syria from using ITS OWN s-300 . In fact , Russia might even be providing the targeting data on Iranian forces there to Israhell. Seems like they are very involved in the war and not just there to stop some mythical; Jihadis from attacking Russia proper.

Free man

“To get a multi decade lease on a naval base for nothing ?” – No, he saved Syria from total disintegration.
“its impeding Iran’s actions” – Russia cares about the Russian interest not the Iranian interest.
“stopped Syria from finishing the job in Idlib ” – Definitely not. He saved the SAA in Idlib. Turkey would have done to the SAA what Azerbaijan did to the Armenian army.
“and prevents Syria from using ITS OWN s-300” – If the S-300 failed against Azerbaijan do you think they will succeed against Israel?
I have always said that the Israeli bombings also serve a Russian interest.


“So what’s Putin’s game plan then ?”

Keep Syrian territory out of islamic terrorists hands, support Assad as the legal government of Syria and return control of the country to him then have elections as soon as all Syrian territory was back under his control and keep the 25000 terrorists holding Russian passports from leaving Syria alive.

The Russians said this was their objective in 2015 and they have never deviated from these objectives.

As for the legitimacy of the Assad regime Putin said in 2015 “if not Assad then who?” which meant that as far as Russia was concerned they didn’t give a rats ass about Assad other than that he was the the legitimate governor of Syria and the Russians planned to support the Syrian constitution instead of allowing Syria to fall into anarchy.

So protecting Syria’s sovereignty is Russia’s legal reason for fighting in Syria but the real reason they are there is to deal with the threat of Islamic terrorism in Russia.

There are all kind of secondary perks from the Russian operation in Syria from diplomatic influence in the ME to training to improving their military / geostrategic position in the world however the move into Syria was really a defensive move for Russia.

If you’re a chess player Russia made a move in Crimea and then Syria to deal with threats on their weak southern underbelly which is at the same time threatening the US / NATO position in the ME. While the Russian force in Syria is a small vulnerable force compared to the US / NATO forces in the reason it holds a powerful position in that it’s protected the queen …. Russia’s air and naval strike capabilities in the Black sea / Caspian region.

Russia has nothing to gain and everything to lose by fighting israel for the Syrians. The whole idea is to win without sacrificing your own resources, giving up ground or losing allies.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what the Russians do going forward. I suspect a lot of nothing until an opening presents itself then another series of lightning moves.


American action against Iran? When Trump is going out of the White House. Do you want to see Antifa x 1000 in the streets? The orange turd will be hanged like Mussolini.

There is a non-written rule in american politics. The exiting president stays quiet in order to not cause problems to the new one. Attacking Iran would mean that Trump wants to be exiled from the country.

Free man

Something is cooking.
It seems that we will hear, in the coming days, about bombings of Iranian forces / militias.

Free man

Just another provocation by the zios, hoping that Iran will take the bait. They should try something bigger, if they want Iran to react. But in that case, they will have a lot of explaining to do in front of the international community.


Iran needs to start pondering whether war with the US Ziocorporate terrorists and/or the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine, and with the EU regimes by extension, is avoidable and how Russia’s and China’s push for BRI business partnership with them can affect any development regarding such possibility. The terrorist Ziojew cannot dictate from Tel Aviv who Syria’s partners are or whether Iran can do business with Syria and Lebanon.

Iran, Syria and Lebanon cannot count on Russia for this as things and reconstruction won’t be a reality as long as ISIS/al-Qaeda keep encroaching Syria’s desert and northern/eastern regions. Iranians have actually taken very long to make any moves regarding those issues.

Jens Holm

Assads probatly think its money:)


Israel want this area and more…

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