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Israel Targeted Damascus Suburbs With None-Line-Of-Sight Missiles – Report

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Israel Targeted Damascus Suburbs With None-Line-Of-Sight Missiles – Report


The Israeli military used Spike NLOS [None-Line-Of-Sight] missiles in the October 30 strike that targeted the northwestern suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus, Israel’s Ynet News reported on November 1, citing Syrian media sources.

The Spike NLOS, also known as “Tamuz,” is a precision-guided missile with a range of up to 25 kilometers. The missile is equipped with an CCD/EO-IIR seeker and a secure data-line which enables “man-in-the-loop” guidance.

Ynet News said that the target of the October 30 strike was an Iranian weapons shipment that was on its way to Hezbollah in Lebanon. This is yet to be verified.

The information provided by the Israeli military does not add up. The area hit during the strike is located more than 45 kilometers away from the nearest Israeli military position in the occupied Golan Heights, well out of the Spike NLOS known range.

A recent report by the Russian Reconciliation Center said that the strike was carried out by four F-16 fighter jets which fired eight IMI Delilah missiles. This makes more sense as the range of the loitering missile is 250 kilometers.

Early on November 3, the Israeli military carried out a second strike on Damascus, this time targeting the southern suburbs of the capital.

Israel rarely release any information on its strikes on Syria. This leaves much room in the media for speculations and unverified claims.


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Icarus Tanović

So basically very expensive artillery shell.


No problem how expensive it is


Of course not (although is unlikely this ordnance was actually used in attack), because the USA subsidizes all IDF ordnance, because Israel is a USA welfare dependent state. The processes of welfare dependency and learned helplessness are a real thing.

Michel LeBlanc

Turk dog working with israel, pathetic!


Hello friends from SF! Today I finally become a father!
Thank you, Icarus.

Icarus Tanović

No problem Attila, you turkish filthy dog, anytime.
If you need some more kids, just call me again. This time two for one, discount price.
And your wifey is so beautiful and sweeety kandi.


poor wife and poor child they will not be along with the miserable attila for long they will leave its just a matter of time isnt it

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat
Icarus Tanović

She runned away with me. He’s ugly turk, I’m beautiful arian.


People who push others over and over again don’t end well. I think history will gladly accept this outcome without the usual prejudice. They got it twice already, they surely will get it again.

Dennis Kovac

No worry, USA will do the payment as usually

Icarus Tanović

This slavery for Idf in america, indeed, but people won’t take that punishment for much longer.
All of our money goes to arm idf zionistic terror group.

Lore Ranger

They just admitted their Air Farce are useless.


Mossad knows enough to intercept an Iranian shipment to Hiz.
IAF tracks it using satellites, drones and humint.
Fires missiles that wipe out convoy.
No casualties on Israel side.
You have to mix things up in military operations. You keep doing it one way, it leads to complacency, negligence and then disaster.


Mossad was formidable up to, like 15 years ago, when they made calculus error ending up with bloody IDF nose versus Hezbollah. As for convoy goes, usually there is called rabbit, a fake convoy that draws attention, while real convoy shadows it.


Israeli disinformation to generate confusion, and focus talking points on technical side issues. Because, it was an aerial missile attack targeting the residential suburbs of Syrian capital.

Last edited 24 days ago by BobbyDazzler
Peter Jennings

Of course one cannot fire back at the isreali apartheid regime. That would be anti-semitic.

Last edited 24 days ago by Peter Jennings
Ralph Conner

So SAA ADF has to choose between defending civilians or the real military targets. Just like when they hide behind commercial airliners, other countires civilians are are nothing but fodder.


Seems again a very desperate action from Israel. They are so shy to start a real war and instead do this. They always blame aggression on others, but as everyone can see the aggression always happens to be their own. What a shame for their people.
Without US protection they are one push of a button away from their final destruction. Too bad they choose a path like that after what they allegedly encountered 90 years ago.


Do not worry anyone Iran will retaliate soon but I don’t know how soon 😂😂

Icarus Tanović

I already did. Check my comment from above.


Yup, like mysterious explosion in Negev desert several months ago.


This is most likely bull shit on Israel part. I guarantee any weapon shipment made it through to Hezbollah. And if it’s an important shipment, like better missiles/air defence etc+, it would’ve been transported through a secret route.


Z10pigs DOING desperate PsyOps. It dont matter what weapons they have, their pissy state will be toast in a few months. There’s nothing they can scare the Axis with. not even nukes ‘cos the axis will be fighting street to street slaughtering diaper shithead idf until they reach Jerusalem


hahahahahahahaha 25 kilometers its like fireworks this is their real power and it amounts to little


The frequent zio terrorist jew scumm strikes are because of the duplicity of Pootin with his jewish gods Chickenshit Satanyahoo and gayboy Bennett


Putin dermo, Israeli holop

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