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Israel Takes Part In Greek Military Exercise, Signs Defense Procurement Deal

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Israel Takes Part In Greek Military Exercise, Signs Defense Procurement Deal

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On April 20th, Israeli and UAE fighter jets took part in a joint military exercise hosted by Greece.

This is not the first time that Israeli and Emirati pilots have flown together, they both participated in a similar Greek-led exercise in 2017 and an American drill in 2016.

Seven countries joined Greece in its Iniohos exercise this year: Cyprus, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, France, the United States, Spain and Canada. The exercise kicked off on Sunday and was scheduled to last through April 23rd.

According to the Israeli Air Force, the drill is meant to simulate a variety of scenarios, including air-to-air combat, strikes on land-based targets and evading attacks from surface-to-air missiles.

“This exercise is an important milestone in the strategic international cooperations between the Israeli Air Force and the different countries through strengthening shared interests,” the Israeli military said.

Dozens of planes from each country are participating in the exercise, which is being held largely along the Greek coast and over the Mediterranean.

In previous years, Israel has used aerial exercises in Greece as a way to practice against and learn about the Russian S-300 air defense system, which is also used by Iran and Syria.

“They’re doing something nice: [The Greeks are] involving their navy in the exercise so a lot of times on these ships there are different surface-to-air missiles and cannons that can fire at us. That’s what you’re dealing with,” said an Israeli officer, referred to as Lt. Yod.

According to the officer, the different countries participating in the exercise work together to complete different aspects of a shared mission, while a so-called “Red Team,” pretending to be an enemy military, tries to stop them.

“Before each sortie, you get mission orders that include all kinds of protocols, what you have to do. There will be 20 planes from different countries in different formations. So the French will be doing air-to-air combat missions, while the Spanish are looking for ships, while we are searching for and striking targets. That all needs to happen simultaneously because I can’t carry out a strike if there’s a ship [firing surface-to-air missiles at me] or there’s a plane threatening me,” said Yod.

Prior to the beginning of the military drills, on April 18th, Israel and Greece signed their biggest ever defense procurement deal.

According to Tel Aviv, would strengthen political and economic ties between the two countries, as their air forces launched a joint exercise.

The agreement includes a $1.65 billion contract for the establishment and operation of a training center for the Hellenic Air Force by Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems over 22 years, Israel’s Defense Ministry said.

The training center will be modeled on Israel’s flight academy and will be equipped with 10 M-346 training aircraft produced by Italy’s Leonardo, the Ministry said.

Elbit will supply kits to upgrade and operate Greece’s T-6 aircraft and also provide training, simulators and logistical support.

“I am certain that (this program) will upgrade the capabilities and strengthen the economies of Israel and Greece and thus the partnership between our two countries will deepen on the defense, economic and political levels,” said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

So there you have it… Israel is a resource adversary against Turkey.

Peter Jennings

Why would one country want to strengthen political and economic ties with an apartheid regime that steals land and kills the natives where ever it goes?
I’m guessing that erdogan wasn’t invited and that red team was Turkey?


you guessed right!! when u have a neighbour like turkey you need strong allies

Jens Holm

I can only afgree. DEnmark is small and because of that we are more safe wirth EU and Nato. Here Biden see that. Trunp not even cared.



Jens Holm

Thats a no clever question. Its already well descriebed by 1000s of pages. Read them.

Fog of War

” Why would one country want to strengthen political and economic ties with an apartheid regime that steals land and kills the natives where ever it goes? ”

Excellent question. Now apply this same logic to Putin / Russia’s stance in regards to Israhell, Saudi Arabia and so forth.

johnny rotten

Only the red shield clan that brings home one of his branches, is in his power and the right to do so, nothing again under the sun.


Very good, we are another NATO member, just not officialy.


welcome to the losers circle.
you deserve a place of honor.
you will fit right in with the your genocidal friends, US, TR, FR and DE.
you’ll have all sorts of cozy things to talk about, organ harvesting etc.


We don’t do that sorry, if Russia and China were smart then they would have prefered working with Israel rather than with Iran (just for oil). Now Russia and China have lost Israel, as Israelis see who truely supports a regime that wants to destroy us. Miscalculation, but I guess if they don’t need us then it’s all good. NATO would happily enjoy our capabilities.


You live in a strange world.

A 2nd class turkish tribe of nomads no longer having any roots (where is khazaria?) passing themselves off as “the chosen ones” while committing anti-semitic acts on the semitic population whose land was stolen in coop with the brits and the rot schild family. Disgustingly pitiful. At war with their neighbors every year of their miserable existence. “Sorry, we don’t do that.”, self serving “oh wey” BS, as usual. The only tribe that has to have countries legislate that they must “be liked.”

Losing Israel is not a game changer your shelf life has about expired. One wrong move by the morons and head-bangers in charge and you will resemble the field of glass already in the Sinai.

Yeah, NATO would really enjoy your capabilities, especially your missile defence systems.

How long before you celebrate your Bar Misfit?


It’s all good then, if our systems are so bad then you have nothing to worry about :-)


you’re suckin’ wind, dude. give it a rest.
conversation over.


Why over? I was just getting started. Big mouth talker, you would S*** your pants if you ever had to face us in a real war.


P.S – next step should be kicking out Russian diplomats from Israel in response for Russia’s support to Iran’s nuclear enrichment now at 60%. Also, we need to restore the relationship with Turkey and work together in the East Med along with our other partners.


That’s a good idea. Kick them out. And we’ll see how often nitwityahoo runs to moscow to get their blessing. You have no partners other than the porky pompeos and the cookie baking khazarian double passport traitors in DC. Other partners? Only in your wet dreams.


It isn’t Israel that needs the cooperation with Russia in Syria, it’s Russia that needs us. You’ve got it all wrong, we can remove Assad anytime we want to, so not a good idea.


you’re suckin’ wind bunkie.
conversation over.


What’s the problem are you mad? sit down and drink a cold water boy. Don’t forget who is the true house owner here.

Fog of War

Of course you are and how convenient. By being an unofficial member you get NATO protection but dont have to contribute anything to NATO missions. What a Khazarian deal !

Jens Holm

Thats nice.


GR is keeping a lot of bad company these days.

But then GR is not the GR of history anymore

It is more of a myth today then it was back then.

There was at time, a number of years ago, when GR was being drawn and quartered by DE and the EU (in particular that head up his a** Tusk from PL and by that psychopath in the wheelchair from DE) that it looked like it would stand up again Spartan style. But it was all BS, the russians saw it for what it was quite quickly and moved away.

GR is a myth. Even Erdigone sees it plain as day.


how pathetic the little jews need protection like always but that wont help them


turks put their feet so deep up into greece after they wear greece as boots for centuries and this will annoy the turks more than anyone

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