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Israel Struck Syrian S-200 Air-Defense System In Response To Missile That Reached Tel Aviv

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Israel Struck Syrian S-200 Air-Defense System In Response To Missile That Reached Tel Aviv

An Israeli Air Force F-35 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration at a graduation ceremony for Israeli airforce pilots at the Hatzerim air base in southern Israel December 29, 2016.. (photo credit: REUTERS/AMIR COHEN)

The Israeli military struck an S-200 long-range air-defense system of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) whose fire reached the Israeli capital Tel Aviv early on September 3, according to Israel’s Army Radio.

A missile launched by the system chased one of several Israeli warplanes which launched airstrikes on targets in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus all the way to Tel Aviv before exploding off the city’s coast. Debris from the explosion fell near the city. The Israeli military didn’t attempt to intercept the missile or issue any warning. No losses were reported as a result of the incident.

According to the Army Radio, the Syrian S-200 system was “severely damaged” as a result of the Israeli military’s retaliatory strikes.

Israel Struck Syrian S-200 Air-Defense System In Response To Missile That Reached Tel Aviv

Click to see full-size image.

The state-run radio station also revealed that the earlier airstrikes hit “Iranian targets” in Damascus International Airport. One of the targets was allegedly a warehouse where “strategic weapons” were stored.

Israeli warplanes launched the airstrikes from the airspace of Lebanon, according to a Syrian military source. No casualties were reported.

This was not the first time the Israeli military has responded to Syrian air-defense fire. Last April, a Syrian S-200 missile landed some 250 km deep in Israel, 40 km away from the Dimona nuclear reactor, after chasing an Israeli warplane. The Israeli military responded by wiping out a large base of the SyAADF.


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

More Mossadisis CGI…
Or they doesn’t even make the effort anymore?

Last edited 13 days ago by Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan
Chess Master

Where is the CGI? I want to see it.


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Last edited 12 days ago by Norm
Icarus Tanović

Ince we downed f-35 with S-200. So better luck, next time punk.

Chess Master



Assuming he meant the first generation US stealth bomber warplane, the F-117A Night Hawk, shot down by Yugoslav forces in 1999. They actually hit two, the other F-117A airframe limped back to its base, but was later written off. The battery commander was called Zoltan Dani, who figured out, likely with some broader Russian technical advice to Yugoslav air defenses, that longer bandwidth radar can be effective against much smaller objects, which is what stealth does, it diminishes the available radar signature. Likewise, the actual missile was in fact a short range S-125 Neva, that entered service in 1961, and took down the USAF’s most cutting edge, and active, 1990’s airframe.


Very interesting coment but I belive he was referring to the israeli F-35 that got… Struck by birds heh


Ah, my bad. Thank you for such a polite correction : ) Its a fascinating story though!

Dragan Radulovic

+ B-2 (stealth) bomber fell down is Slavonia,


Worthless ruski junk lol


S-200 is a 54 year old Soviet air defence system … it was first deployed in 1967. if it’s junk how come it’s still operational and why did the IAF risk pilots, aircraft and $$$ to try to take it out?

Tommy Jensen

Well the good old Sovjet stuff can hold on a 100 years while Assad is still waiting for the contracted S-300. Best wishes for Syria.


Thats why the US lost hundreds of aircraft in Vietnam to those missiles,i think insane McCain got one up his arse.


No, that was vietnamese cock up his arse. He was a real squealer apparently.


more affordable and effective than the iron donut
paid for by us tax dollars

Michel LeBlanc

Its so much junk, your israeli barbarian friends fire from lebanon hiding behind civilian airliners.

If the stuff was junk, they would fly wherever they want, not lob glide bombs from lebanese territory behind the mountains.

Ignorant fool.

Lone Ranger

Dont be so hard on your mommy.
Aside from that she is Ukrainian…


So they couldn’t knock out an old missile flying right through the stolen territories, but were able to get the launcher in another country!

Who writes these articles, Joseph Goebbelstein?


Your mom writes them for a nickel lol


Your mom spreads her legs for a nickel and thats how you were born trailer park trash


Iron Doom LMFAO


see above.

Lone Ranger

Chinese fireworks are more effective than iron doom.


1. They did not intercept bc trajectory showed it would land in ocean.
2. Are you pro-Nazi or anti-Nazi? Making the Jews into Goebbels is an insult to both sides. They would both hate you. Just like your family hates you.


(Fake Khazar)Jews are the new nazis . so I gues he’s anti’ Nazi


Clearly, you can’t comprehend contradictions. Which is what politics and history are. Ergo, once Nazi’s kept Jews in ghettos, and now Zionists keep Palestinians in ghettos. So there you have two different historical states, both structured around an ethno-suprematist ideology, and a vicious repression of their ethnic minorities, and yet they are the Nazis and the Zionists! See that crazy contradiction?

Last edited 12 days ago by PunchCardSystems

LoL You’re the best


Clearly the US$ five billion dollar IRON DONUT does not work all the time
maybe they forgot to plug it into the wall or did not pay their electric bill


The quicker the SAA depletes and de-facto phases out their supply of what could be qualified as the worst Russian air-defense system in history, in contrast to an otherwise almost perfect track-record in producing excellent models ahead of their time in all ranges and types, the better.

There is no way in hell those system can even remotely stand a chance against maneuvering and agile targets such as fighter jets let alone with the most modern ECM suites that US-taxpayer money is buying Tel-Aviv, and their large and vulnerable mechanically steered radar is extremely prone to even the most basic jamming available to its enemies today.

If those also had one of the shortest service-time within the Russian air-defense apparatus to begin with, it was for a reason. It was described sort of a botched stop-gap between existing medium-range system and experimental long-range ones, and never supposed to be a fully-fledged weapon system. Initially its missile was supposed to be an ABM interceptor, not a regular air-defense.

The only reason why it’s still used today by the SAA is the lack of a better alternative available in numbers, courtesy of Putin when it comes to Israel, Syrian crew won’t get their hands on anything better or more threatening to Israeli pilots any time soon so brace for more humiliation until the country can very ,very slowly build itself back and regain the ability to respond aka stop being an embarrassing god damn punch-bag for IDF rookie pilots in real-time training in technically undefended and wholly uncontested airspace.

Last edited 12 days ago by Gryzor

It was also conceived for use at long ranges and high altitudes against strategic bombers, back when strategic bombers were a real thing, and not just for impressing crowds at airshows with their bombast. They are also very big and slow, so the design parameters for hitting such a target were a bit different at the time!

Last edited 12 days ago by GulfStreamer
Lone Ranger

It took out a Flop-35 and the Flop-16…
And a bunch of gkide bombs.
Probably better tgan tge Patriot and its 60years old…

Rhodium 10

I have read again that Over 100 times the IAF have struck S-200 AD along these years….

Lone Ranger

Isisairfarce took out more S-200s than there are in active service in total….
Quite the feet if you ask me…

Lance Ripplinger

You have to give credit to the Syrian Air Defense Force. Using a missile system designed back in the 1960’s, and the missile landing over Israel is quite a feat. Of course the IAF attacks from Lebanese airspace. They learned the hard way they can’t fly directly over Syria anymore, since they have had their planes shot down doing that. By using Lebanon airspace, it is very difficult for the Syrian troops to get an accurate fix on the attacking planes. The fact that the S-200 has been “upgraded” by the Syrians as much as it has, and have a missile land over Israel is impressive. I think Israel might not be so bold, if the Syrians had much more advanced, capable radars and command and control. I don’t think Russia will allow that though. They play a fine dance being allies with Syria, and having good relations with Israel.


Pretty soon they will have used up all the 60s inventory and S-400 plus Buk will need to be switched on.

Peppe il Sicario

Do you know how many weapons systems and numbers were produced during Soviet times? I bet the Russians, not to mention Belarus and other CSTO countries, have enough S-200s left in their reserves to supply Syria for another 10 years.

Dick Von D'Astard

Not just S-200’s the Syrians want to fire off towards Israel, but Scuds too.


At least the S-200 is earning its keep. Question is what was the worthless S-300 doing during these attacks.

Peppe il Sicario

That is there as a strategic reserve. BuK, Pantsir and updated S-200s are more than enough to deal with the Israhellis.

Peppe il Sicario

Funny how the writer of this article deliberately omits that the Syrian armed forces also launched a Scud into Israhell as a reprisal and it went undetected hitting a location in the middle of the country. Reported by Avia.pro.


Replace it with two 373

Last edited 12 days ago by Sylvain
L du Plessis

When will Zionist israel’s wings be clipped ??


According to the Army Radio, the Syrian S-200 system
was “severely damaged” as a result of the Israeli military’s
retaliatory strikes.

I attack you, you defend yourself, how dare you?
Apparently nowadays you can “retaliate” against a defence which happened only because you attacked in the first place.

Newspeak is the normal language for some people.


Without knowing the specifics, my guess is that the S200 was launched to chase the israeli plane when it was already homeward bound and some distance away, but target locked, which can’t be that difficult with the integrated radar systems with the Russians. So the israelis launched an attack immediately against one of the radars to shake off the lock, and perhaps were successful, or maybe they just switched off the radar to save it, so the missile exploded in the air. Exciting nevertheless.
Israeliu claims about anything being destroyed with a bucketful of salt.

Ezequiel Cincoreis

Not so true.
According to Russian Militants, in this attack, 4 Israeli f-15 fighter jets launched 24 guided missiles from Lebanon airspace, and 21 where intercepted plby Syrian buk-mE e Pantsyr-S

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