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JULY 2020

Israel Strikes Syrian Army In Southern Syria With Spike Missile


Israel Strikes Syrian Army In Southern Syria With Spike Missile


On Thursday, the Israeli Army destroyed a 130mm artillery piece of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Qaus al-Sindiyana base south of Harfa village near the Golan Heights, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

The Israeli Army confirmed the attack and said it was a respond on a projectile “hit Israel” on Thursday. Moreover, the Israel Army said that it “holds the Syrian regime responsible for any aggression from its territory & won’t tolerate attacks threating Israeli sovereignty.”

A SAA source said that the Israeli Army used the Israeli-made Spike NLOS missile to target the SAA artillery piece. The Spike NLOS is a ground launched guided missile with a range of up to 25km.

The Israeli strike was highly expected after the SAA advanced in the nearby Western Ghouta region. On Thursday the SAA confirmed that it captured Bard’ayyah Hill near Mughr al-meer village east of Beit Jinn town in Western Ghouta.

Israel views any advance of the SAA near the Golan Heights as a direct threat to it because it may allow Hezbollah fighters and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to operate near its border. Due to this the Israeli Army strike might be aimed to obstacle the SAA advance.



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  • Rodger

    Poor Israel, slowly losing all the support of the middle.

    • Wahid Algiers

      Except of kurds and wahabis.

  • Brad Isherwood

    Bend over Syria…..lots more Jewish butt bugger coming.
    Say thanks to Putin/Lavrov…..they just sanctified** Israel staying forever on the Golan of Syria Israel just stole since the war began.

    Why not Fire an Iskander back at the Evil Jews?

    I know…..Putin won’t let you punch a Jew out.

    • Dawn of Svarog

      If a world politics were to be driven by “Rightfull Vengeance”, world would be one big, endless bloodbath..

      • Brad Isherwood

        Sorry buddy…..Predator vs Prey
        You gotta feel for Syria and Iraq who are kept in check from not ending US forces present
        Or whenever Israel decides to jump outta the dark to stab .

        Putin/Lavrov are huge disappointment to me.
        You can continue cheering for them…….I understand.
        Wars and Genocide have been world history since the 1700s and the Masonic Military Industrial Complex game.
        The game continues…..Rothschilds play all sides.

        • Dawn of Svarog

          Havent you noticed that Putin and Lavrov are building new world that is not based on “Predator vs Prey” principle? And quiet sucessfully i say.. Yet they are a disappointment to you..

          • Brad Isherwood

            Are you aware of the Russian/Clinton Uranium scandal?
            Was Putin asleep during that ?
            Concerning this thread….some consider Russia to be in collusion or compromise with
            Israel gets away with bloody murder,…so to the Saudi and the Turks.
            Continually. …posters this forum get upset when criticism is directed at Russia.
            Then comes a litany of excuses.

            Russia and China are investing in Eurasia economic future…..That would be the New World building ….in reality.

    • Rodger

      It’s like a woman slapping a man in public. Public opinion will turn on the man as soon as he hits back. He wins the argument (as much as he can) in the public eye by not hitting back. Ofc some people will just assume he deserved to be hit. That’s what happens when 2 parties argue that are not seen as equal.
      By not hitting back at least the corrupt cop with a white knight complex that’s also watching them like a hawk won’t arrest him and beat him up once while arresting him and another time in jail.

  • cliff

    Iran,Syria and Iraq need to gain influence over labernon and convinced them to back Hezbollah in any ear against Israel and most of all have military alliance and accord on paper by ink.

  • Garga

    Israel coming to help Al-Qaida after SAA’s attack on them.
    They’re itching for a direct war, so sure about the US’s full support.
    SAA WILL clear this region of AQ and ISIS, no matter how much Israel supports them. But Israel’s support of terror groups will affect the world’s opinion, regardless of how much they twist the truth.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      Israels military leaders and Politicians may want war but the ordinary Israeli soldier is too cowardly to handle a war.

      Remember Lebanon 2006 where they cut and ran. The Israeli military ordered a withdrawel before it became an unconditional route. . .

      The normal Israeli soldier is used to abusing unarmed civilians and cannot hold their own against an armed and trained militia. Let alone an army. . .

      • Matthew Campbell

        I would say that the record since 1948 shows different. But who pays attention to history anymore.

        • Garga

          You’re interested in history, aren’t you?
          If you’re talking about the wars in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, they’re long gone. Although it’s not all in records, like the surprise attack of ’67.

          In the last 35 years IDF engaged in numerous heroic battles against the civilians and defenseless, managed to bravely massacre a huge number of unarmed people, including the dangerous and lethal women and deathly children.
          The last time they faced a somehow ready (and yet not even close to IDF in terms of equipment, number and budget) adversary, 2006, their bare behinds were handed to them and they were kicked out.

          But as you rightly said, don’t pay attention to any part of history which doesn’t agree with your view.

          • Matthew Campbell

            Ahhh yes you would know all about the cowardly attacks on women and children as that is the only way any of those opposed to Israel can inflict any casualties. Break into homes and slashing the throat of a school age girl. Very brave indeed. And in reference to your comment about a surprise attack, Israel and Egypt were already fighting when Syria stupidly joined in to support another pathetic muslim attempt to annihilate Israel. Didn’t work out for you did it? And you paid with the Golan Heights. Best thing about this, is no matter how much you and your muslim friends cry about this, Israel will never we destroyed. Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and any variety of evil, inhuman organizations will only beat their heads against the wall time and again.





            Some examples of the vileness that Israel must face all of which I am sure you more than aware

          • Garga

            All this to deny all IDF did what I wrote? And regarding the “evilness”, haven’t you heard “What goes around, comes around”?

            I don’t know what will happen in the future, but oh boy, you’re full of it!

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed


            Syria was always on zionisms agenda in 1967. . .

            That is why Israel attacked and tried to kill all the sailors on the USS Liberty.

            One day, the Occupied territories will be under a different Political Governance. And that Governance will not be the Racist and terrorist zionism.

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed


            You hit the nail on the head. Including the fact that young Israelis know that zionism has a dream of a greater Israel but they are no longer willing to die for that. Just the Occupied Territories.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          You really want history the reality of what happened, the massacres conducted by Israeli gangs. Let’s not get started on that or you would be surprised about the real history.

        • Admiral_Moorer_believed

          The Israeli Military has not come up against a well armed, trained and prepared adversary for many decades.

          In 1967, it carried out a Sneak Attack destroyign the neighnbours airforces on the ground.

          In 2006, the IDF came up against the forward elements of Hezbollah and were driven out of Lebanon. The IDF didn’t even reach the main body of Hezbollah. Probably this saved them from a much more crushing defeat which would have killed hundreds of their soldiers.

          The soldiers cut and ran when they started dyign because they now faced a well trained and armed military rather than the unarmed civilians they were used to,.

          There is No Indication that they woudl behave differently in future. Young Israelis are not prepared to fight and die for zionisms Lebensraum dreams.

          The last area of Domination that Israel has is in the air and with Nukes. One day, the Israeli planes will be vulnerable. Like the “Stealth” fighter that got hit by one of Syrias aged S200 missiles the other day. . .

          • Garga

            Come on, everybody knows that it was 2 sneaky storks which hit IAF’s F-35, and it happened 2 weeks ago. True story!

            No need to see the plane’s picture as Israeli officials NEVER lie. Pinky swear!
            You don’t believe me, call Hasbara HQ. They’ll confirm it.

        • Uri

          Nice to find some enlighten soul in this Russian-Nazis infested hole, I recommend sincerely to leave, think that 99.99 % are people you would say hello in our your country

    • Tudor Miron

      Very well said. One by one, step after step as they do now. That’s how SAA should deal with this conflict. Don’t everstretch and allow Israel to drag you in a war now when theres still ISIS, Queda and lately SDF to deal with.

      • Thegr8rambino

        Exactly, SAA needs to let Israel know it will be fighting them and their proxies on THEIR terms, not israels

  • General Surena

    israhell can do any damn thing… will be a loser..
    wait for it

    • Garga

      Right it this way:

      X can do nothing.
      X can’t do anything (or any darn thing).

      What you wrote means it is capable of doing all kinds of things. Do not translate word-for-word directly, specially from Persian. You’ll get funny results.

      • Antikapitalista

        You obviously don’t understand elision. :-D

        Do not respond to comments that you so miserably fail to understand. :-P

        • Garga

          Oh, you’re write!
          Can I blame it on the Speech Recognition?

          • Antikapitalista

            Well, when it is in your medical record, then most likely yes.

          • Garga

            So you know a lot. Now please either correct me or cut the verbal attack.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Fascist in denial do you always make idiotic observations. Pretty weak and child like in my opinion.

          • Antikapitalista

            Oh, what disturbance made you repeat the words of your psychiatrist? A nasty flashback from the drugs that you abuse?
            Or maybe the fear the you will inevitably meet your destiny, sooner or later?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Wow, what an utterly boorish diatribe can you be more annoying like a gnat at least they can be smarter than you.

          • Antikapitalista

            Of course, I can splat you whenever I want, regardless of your utterly boorish diatribes or high-pitched buzzing. That is why I am here, after all.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The gnat espouses rhetoric like a larvae barely past the pupae stage.

  • MeMadMax

    Ol netanyahoo is the most paranoid leader israel has had ever…

    … and he’s gonna get israel in the most trouble ever if he keeps this shit up…

    • Vitex

      I think he already did. Sad thing is he thinks he’s doing a good job.

  • Eskandar Black

    The truth is that Israel was going to blow something up to recover from their F35 fiasco.

    • Cobras

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Thegr8rambino

      Still doesn’t erase the fact that it happened tho lmao!

    • as

      If you considered why they don’t use air launched missiles that should give some hint.

      • as

        I expect some more airspace incursions from Israel side if they don’t find the Syrian air defense as a threat following the former incidents. Seems for now they rather use ground based missiles.

        • Joe

          That is because they are not sure now who helped to track their planes . As long as they can fly 100% safe they fly. Less than than, they rather not.

          They only attack from safe distance

    • 888mladen .

      Destroying 130 mm artillery piece is of a little comfort for the loss of multi-million worth F-35.

    • Uri

      Nice to see you matching their level. Not much left of intellectual inclination.

      • Eskandar Black

        Uri, we had this debate too many times. You are incapable of honestly discussing Israel, and its aggressive policy towards Syria. You are entitled to continue lying and throwing around your empty accusations, but I am not interested in discussing politics with you because I do not find your perspective interesting. Welcome back to South Front.

        • Uri

          I’m not coming back, just click a link and was funny what just has become. I will not be coming back. You little communa is an allegory of the world without Jews, blunt, bestial, ignorant.

          Incidentally, the F-35 is at least 8-10 months away from being minimal operational combat ready due Israel own hardware integration and due to Israel the one debugging all features. That is the reason we received a new version each 2 months with Israel inputs fixed. And it still is strictly forbidden to leave Israel airspace.
          Israel really doesn’t need any stealth technology since it’s not its strategy, you don’t need to be Dani Din in the midst of blind people.

          The news item was made public two weeks ago and it’s due to the migratory flying of strokes over the re-feeding stop on The Hula Valley Nature Reserve, the squadron base is relative near, the base was not used for tens of years in order not to disturb bird migration. But now with so many F-35 arriving it’s was wrongly re-enable to be the base of F-35 squadron.

          Besides If a missile causes so little damage you better release a pack of storks as defence system ;-) Wait I always wanted to know what stands the S, S-200 is a pack of 200 storks, S-300 300 storks.

  • Rob Centros

    NutYahoo trying desperately to draw the U.S. into a direct war with Russia.

  • Bru

    Worse, their regime illegally occupy these Syrian territories (Golan heights). But as long as they are backed by the American wolf, they go on abusing the “right” of the strongest.

    • Tudor Miron

      US is about to change drastically in fiew years – mark my words :)

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    zionism as always, Supporting ISIL. . .

  • Vitex

    Israel doesn’t have sovereignty over the Golan. Only Israel thinks so.

  • RichardD

    If you look at Jew eradications over history, they’re repetitive:

    “The Bar Kokhba revolt resulted in the extensive depopulation of Judean communities, more so than the First Jewish–Roman War of 70 CE.[10] According to Cassius Dio, 580,000 Jews perished in the war and many more died of hunger and disease. In addition, many Judean war captives were sold into slavery.[11] The Jewish communities of Judea were devastated to an extent which some scholars describe as a genocide.”


    Germany and Europe in the 30s and 40s, 6 million

    Russia over the past 100 years 5 million:



    And many other examples. The Israel and Jewmerica debacles over the past 100 years is illustrative of what’s wrong with this evil cult that creates anti semitism by it’s crime and evil. And rapes 1,000 babies every week. It should be outlawed and eradicated from our planet to create a Jew free future for humanity without Jew crime and evil.

    America and our planet would be a much better place without Jews. We need to get rid of them.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    If someone has a doubt that Israel is the godfather of Al qaeda/ISIS and the guardian of the arab spring vs gadafi , Al Assad( both big enemy of israel), ex tunis president friend of palestinos and Egipt as his old enemy….he has to leave that pills!

  • slayern2

    ISraeli terrorists are really nervous, their puppets failed so miserably.

  • Harold Smith

    I thought Syria had Pantsir air defense systems. Aren’t they supposed to be able to defend against missile attacks like this? Or were there no Pantsir systems anywhere in the area at the time?

  • Vitex

    The best way to bother Israel is to figure out whether every Mista’arvim, Mossad, or Sayaretz operative is in Syria and repay the compliment with suitable ATGMs :)

  • Joe

    Syrian forces are in Syria and none of Israel’s business surely.

    This Israel is danger to the world just because they are dead scared of Hezbollah and Iran which can easily finish them off

  • Cheryl Brandon

    This the kind of stuff Israhell gets away with whilst Iran is blamed for helping TERRORIST being pursued SAA on their soil??? So, what the F…K these terrorist jewish IDF killers are doing attacking SAA? UN never ever out the JEWS for breaking International Laws????

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    This Mediah killers are concerned about their countries sovereignty while their disrespect Syrian sovereignty.Still belief in first class nonsense.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    What is Russia response.

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Israel is like the bad guys from cartoons of yesteryear, everytime the good guys got the better of them they would never finish them off, so they always came back even stronger :(

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    I think that Israeli piece artillery is maybe malfunctioning after that dust.

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    The Israeli F35 was hit by an S200. . .

    Seems as if America’s Stealthy plane is not so stealthy. . .

    Must make all those people who chose to buy it just a little bit worried. . .

    When it can be shot down by a missile that came into being in 1967. . .

    What happens if Russia uses their S300’s or S400’s?

  • John Whitehot

    these were the same kind of missiles Israel largely supplied to Georgia in anticipation of the invasion of South Ossetia in 2008.

    As things turned out, they couldn’t change the results of the conflict one bit.