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Israel strikes infrastructure in Gaza Strip

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The Israeli Army claims that the alleged mortar attacks they suffered were made by militants of the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas.

Israel strikes infrastructure in Gaza Strip

Smoke and flames are seen following what Palestinian witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip July 10, 2014.

After having registered mortar shots against the Israeli border, Air forces of this country carried out a series of attacks against Rafah locality in Gaza Strip.

Israeli Air forces started on Wednesday a series of airstrikes in different locations of Rafah in Gaza Strip in response to mortar attacks against the Israeli border zone.

According to a military release, Israeli attacks hit five infrastructures in the cited area. Also, witnesses claimed that the airstrikes affected a zone near Rafah’s airport where there are big material losses, but fortunately, no victims have been reported.

The Israeli army claim claims that the alleged mortar attacks they suffered were made by militants of the Islamic Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas.

The spokesman of Hamas, Mushir al-Masri compelled Israel to stop using any excuse for attacking Gaza and also, constrained the regime to abandon the occupied territories in the Palestinian coast rapidly; otherwise they’ll have to face a consistent response.

Al- Masri claimed that the escalation of the airstrikes in Gaza is Israel’s responsibility and warned that nation against fooling the patience of the militants of the Palestinian resistance.

Israel has promoted the policy of building housing and industrial facilities in occupied territories in Palestine alleging safety and religious reasons.

Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip in the 6-Day War in 1967.

Nowadays, about a 59% of the West Bank is officially under civil and police control of Israel. Another 29% is under Palestinian civil control. The rest of the territory is ruled by the Palestinian National Authority.

Written By Lisbeth Mechter

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Hamas fires rockets at Israel. IAF hits back. They find a tunnel leading to Israel that was meant for war and murder. What does Lisbeth not understand? Oh wait, Jews.

Lisbeth Mechter

Hey Barry, nope, I have no problems with Jews, should I have? Of course not! But I’m really annoyed by the fact that IAF respond with excesive force, leaving a trace of death and unjustice and no western media wanna talk about that. So it’s not a matter of anti-Semitism, IT’S A MATTER OF HUMANITY.


Jose B

I will never understand why people who if they where personal threaten would defend and retaliate in kind but when the Jews fight back there treated as war criminals.

Lisbeth Mechter

it’s mainly due to the excessive use of force and unlawfulness of their actions

Boris Kazlov

Which they of course are, you forget that they drove Palestinians out of their land, and razed their homes, thus condemning them to a life of misery and despair. The devil Dayan said: they will live like dogs”

Jose B

There never was a nation or people called Palestine they are just Arabs from the surrounding countries that migrated there. The Arab nations threw out the Jews in their nations after 1948. So Israel took in those Jews and the Arab nations need to take in there Palestinian brothers. When you study history you will realize that there is actually an Arab occupation of North Africa and the Middle East. The Palestinian Mandate was supposed to be split into a Jewish state and Arab State. They gave the Arabs 80% of the land and called it Jordan now they want to create a second state on the Jewish side and call it Palestine. The only reason why people champion Palestine is because they hate Jews and really they just hate God. They know that a Palestinian state in the West Bank would leave Israel defenseless. There is no difference in the Two State Solution and the Final Solution.

Monte George Jr

What a total pack of lies. The Palestinian people have lived in the land of Palestine for at least 1500 years. In 1900 Jews comprised 5% of the population of that region, and lived peacefully and happily with their neighbors. The problem began with the establishment of the International Zionist movement and their campaign gather the Jewish people in Palestine and expel the natives. The land and people “called Palestine” is specifically referenced in the foundational document of the “Jewish Homeland” (how racist is that?), the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Google it. The Palestinians were attacked and expelled from their homes in 1947/1948 by a Zionist militia formed by combining the Zionist terror groups Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah, etc. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues today, to the horror of observers around the world.. There are Jewish communities remaining in Iraq and Iran today. Those who left did so for the promise of free land for Jewish settlers on Palestinian property. This process continues today (google Birthright Israel) in countries around the world. The Land of Palestine never had anything to do with Jordan. The Zionists expelled masses of Palestinians to Jordan and called it a gift. How generous. No one hates Jews. A great many people worldwide despise Zionists. “The Jews” have been expelled from over 100 countries during their centuries of diaspora because they have not challenged the claim of Talmudists, Zionists, etc. to represent and speak for the Jewish people. Today, most people recognize the distinction between the majority of decent Jewish people and the arrogant, thieving, murderous Zionists of Israel. Ergo, Antisemitism is dead, and Jews are no longer threatened by pogroms merely for being Jews. It is no longer sufficient to cry “Antisemite!!” to deflect legitimate disapproval of Zionist Israel; this does not work any more. Finally, Israel most definitely has no right to exist as a “Jewish” state. A state which is only for Jews is no less racist than one which allows no Jews. Zionist and Nazi ideologies are two sides of the same coin; they are equally racist. They are both unacceptable in the modern world.

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