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JUNE 2023

Israel Strikes Sensitive Targets In Syria. IEDs Explode Near Turkish-Russian Patrol

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Israel Strikes Sensitive Targets In Syria. IEDs Explode Near Turkish-Russian Patrol

Early on June 5, the Israeli Air Force conducted strikes on a Syrian military facility near Masyaf. The strikes were conducted from Lebanese airspace. The Syrian Air Defense Forces intercepted several missiles, however the rest hit their targets. The bombed facility, which is run by the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center, is reportedly involved in the development and manufacturing of missiles.

Two improvised explosive devices exploded near a joint Russian-Turkish patrol moving along the M4 highway in southern Idlib on June 4. The explosions happened when the patrol was passing the militant-held town of Arihah. However, they caused no damage to military vehicles or casualties among Turkish or Russian personnel. Despite the incident, the 15th joint patrol became even longer than all the previous ones. It started in the government-held town of Tronba bypassed Arihah and reached the village of Kafer Shalaya.

The slowly but steadily expanding length of Russian-Turkish patrols is a visual confirmation of the implementation of the de-escalation deal reached by Moscow and Ankara. At the same time, the full implementation of the deal still faces serious difficulties due to the presence of terrorist groups in the area. For example, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants are still in control of Arihah and recent developments show that they are not planning to sit there idly.

Ankara understands this and its forces continue expanding a network of observation posts along the M4 highway to secure the patrols. Recently, the Turkish Army set up positions near Bsanqul, Kafer Shalaya, Urum al-Jawz and Mareian. Nonetheless, without proactive measures to put an end to the terrorist threat, the situation cannot be changed strategically.

Just recently, a new wave of violence rolled across the militant-held part of Greater Idlib after Hayat Tahrir al-Sham detained a member of another radical militant group – Houras al-Din. The militant was detained when he was collecting taxes from locals for military purposes and kept in a Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-run prison in Jisr al-Shughur. Later, Houras al-Din fighters stormed the prison and freed their counterpart.

Earlier, Houras al-Din and the Turkistan Islamic Party criticized Hayat Tahrir al-Sham for having too soft a stance towards the Russian-Turkish de-escalation agreement in southern Idlib. Tensions, caused by the internal struggle for influence and resources, often grow among Idlib militant groups during the ceasefire phases of the conflict. Therefore, if some power wants to unite them and use them as at least a relatively homogenous force, a new escalation would be very useful.

On June 4, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces and the US-led coalition launched a security operation against ISIS cells in northeastern Syria. By June 5, SDF units had conducted several raids in a vast area between the the town of al-Shaddadi in the province of al-Hasakah and the government-held town of al-Bukamal in Deir Ezzor province. Up to 6,000 SDF members are reportedly involved in the effort. A total of at least 17 ISIS members have been neutralized so far.

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Jamal Utr.

Putin the homosexual cant stop spreading his ass for his zionist masters

Jens Holm

So how much do You pay??


Some homosexuals do make children and if they are rich enough, they can stop paying taxes. This might be where some of Ukraine’s rent-a-womb business is coming from…

Jens Holm

Thats crap. It makes no sense that some few does it. And the group being forced to be married and make children are much much bigger…

Now You put Ukraine too. How comes. Whats next ? Jews making secret grren cheese from the backside of the moon.

Facts are homos are a % of the population always has been kind of different, so You shoud not look down on that. They not even has decided to be born and their parents has not decided how their children should be.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If they were such a minority they couldn’t tell out governments what to do when it comes to bringing up children, they couldn’t force us to make our little boys and girls use the same toilets, or force them to call an ugly man a beautiful women, but they do now, well not in Russia they don’t.

Jens Holm

There are no reasons not to use the same toilet seats.


Rent-a-womb: Sounds like an idea whose time has come.

Raptar Driver

Tell that to the children they adopt And subsequently warp their minds forever.

Jamal Utr.

I agree, the best thing about homosexuals is that they dont make children


turkey making inroads in libya and having teamed up with russia in syria spells the end of the illegal occupation of the vermin jews in palestine – they either have to run or be buried 6 feet under pushing up daisies and lilies and whatnot for the world to enjoy – they are doomed and their iron dome will be the iron doom in the hands of turkey, iran, syria and iraq and hezbollah. days to behold.


Lol wtf did i just read

Free man

A crazy man’s grumble.

El Mashi

A victorious Turkey in Libya, will embolden Turkey in Syria.

Jamal Utr.

Learn to live with it


Syria isnt Libya. Turks will sliced and diced when their deal with Assad falls through

Astar Roth

That’s right.

Jamal Utr.

Sure, thats why they were running to Turkey begging for a ceasefire. If Turkey didnt agree with the ceasefire Assad’s forces would be dust by now. Ask Putin the Homosexual Ziondixucker


Just another unanswered air strike by Israel. Nothing to see here. Go about your business.

Icarus Tanović

What??! Are you preparing to give up Idlib and all Wahhabi controled parts of Syria to Turkey? What kind of game is this? Only good news is that SAA gets second batch of Mig 29s.

Assad must stay

i am really hoping putin-erdogan love affair dies quickly


Remember when Erdogan’s Turkey was downing that Su-24 in 2015, getting Ambassador Karlov killed, basically turning Northern Syria into another Golan Heights, and turning Turkish soldiers into human shields for Al-Qaeda?

Provoking Russia into an escalating military response it can be blamed for is the whole point. This is the McCollum Memo provocations on steroids, so if reacting to the strategy like Japan did turned out poorly for Japan, should Russia handle things differently…?

Astar Roth

Erdogan is American last card from the sleeve, and is trying to blackmail into submission all from European Nato countries, Middle east, Northern Africa etc, SAA, which won’t be working. The dog is biting far too much it can not swallow.


The bankster oligarchs running America have more cards up their sleeves than just Erdogan. Another 9/11 or USS Liberty style false flag attack immediately comes to mind; much worse than the Syrian chemical weapon claims can be arranged.

Alternative media would still be able to expose the truth, but the banksters can do worse than have South Front kicked off YouTube. For example, people’s Internet service providers can block access to South Front’s website completely.

Astar Roth

Those false flags are de ja vu, and that film with same scenario such are gulf of Tonkin won’t be working.


Trump bombed Syria his first year in office, yet some people still believe he will “drain the swamp.” This means that some people will believe a major false flag or Gulf of Tonkin style hoax. I don’t know if enough police and military will believe it, even more extreme controls on the media, but with all the extra unemployment, economic conscription bringing more new people into armed forces will be a factor.

Astar Roth

Nobody’s gonna believe in that no more. That Vietnamese swamp can be very dangerous…


True, except the banksters are not aiming for another Vietnam. They are aiming for another world war. Given how many people, including supposedly awake ones, still believe WW2 myths like “Japan attacked Pearl Harbor unprovoked,” the banksters do have psychological openings to get people to believe new myths.

I am not saying this will be as easy for the banksters as it was in WW2. Times when regular people had to wait 2 weeks after Japan was nuked to learn that the Japanese were making surrender offers for over 7 months: Those times are long gone. But just like many people still believe the “Japan refused to surrender” myth, there are ways to make them believe new myths.

Astar Roth

Just check the streests in America, people doesn’t trust their lies no more…


You mean lies like “defund the police” being a legitimate solution? I assure you, if the banksters are good at one thing, it’s repackaging lies.

Astar Roth

America is in chaos, man…

Rodney Loder

Kurdish SDF and ISIS have one thing in common they hire out to anyone, same as the Jew homosexual Sid Loder, not no more though, his disciples are running scared, Jewish maggots are like that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Therefore, if some power wants to unite them and use them as at least a relatively homogenous force, a new escalation would be very useful.”

Gee I wonder who they’re referring to in that cryptic statement, it could only be Assad, Putin, or Erdogan, but which one do they mean. Since Assad’s doing all the trade deals with HTS and not doing them with the Turks I’d have to point to him as being the person the statement is referring to. Divide and conquer.

Raptar Driver

The Russians have clearly given up the initiative. Putin Has done his job well. Faking Russia’s super power status while in essence not really doing a damn thing.


Haven’t you heard of USMC Major General Smedley Butler or his book, “War is a Racket”? He wrote, “The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s shores. Even as pleased as would be the residents of California were they to dimly discern through the morning mist, the Japanese fleet playing at war games off Los Angeles.”

The general was, of course being sarcastic. Japanese officials hated the aggressive military maneuvers and debilitating sanctions from Federal Reserve Act America, and Butler wrote that before the war. Did responding to the provocations by attacking Pearl Harbor do Japan any favors? No…? Then doesn’t Russia need to respond differently?

Raptar Driver

Damn good point. At this time I have no counterpoint.


Of course, and Russia knew it and allowed it.


Russia just lying pretending helping SAA, S300/S400 are just useless they didn’t shoot down any aircraft

Russia is afraid if Israel that’s clear.

cechas vodobenikov

right??? sand dunes are sensitive military targets…amerikans will believe anything

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