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Israeli Forces Strike Gaza After Sniper Hits Israeli Soldier (Photos)

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On July 25, a Palestinian sniper shot a soldier of the Israeli military in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military said on Twitter that the soldier was moderately injured in the shooting attack and evacuated to the hospital for further medical treatment.

The Israeli military held the Hamas Movement responsible for the shooting attack. Minutes later, the Israeli artillery shelled seven positions of the Palestinian group throughout the Gaza Strip.

In an official statement, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, acknowledged that three of its fighters “Ahmad al-Bassus,” “Obada Farawnah” and “Mohamad al-Arair” were killed as a result of the Israeli shelling. The armed group added that this Israeli attack “shall not pass without a punishment.”

Following the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades’ statement, rocket sirens were heard in several Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip. However, Israeli media has not reported any hits or interceptions so far.

The Israeli-Palestinian tension will likely escalate in the upcoming hours, especially that this is the second shooting attack on the Israeli military this week. On July 20, an Israeli soldier was killed in a similar incident.

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Palestinians give the Zionists a taste of their own medicine with snipers. Looks like an eye for an eye. The difference is that Palestinians shoot at Israeli soldiers, and Israeli snipers kill Palestinian children and medical personnel attending the wounded.

Jozsef Osztronkovics

Zionist murderess israel
The world is Heartless
Russia is Heartless
China is Heartless EU is hearth less
Hungarian president is heartless because he went to visit that murderess terror regime
There is no UN just zionist murderess dictators


I notice that the ‘Gazans’are shooting soldiers, not female medical personnel.


The one constant…. Israel terrorizes the Semitic people of Palestine just as the Saudis terrorize the Yemenis; together they terrorize the Syrians. The one common thread throughout Israels existence is a common bond with terrorists and terrorism!

For those that may be ignorant, Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity. Israel is nothing more than a terrorist entity masquerading as a democratic state when in fact, it’s a genocidal theocratic state similar to it’s terrorist ally Saudi Arabia.

Johann Kruger

Israel killing with every excuse available and very happy in their bloody heaven

New Israel is Muslim

killing the goyim is the only thing that pleases the jew.


Lebanis, Syrians, Jordanians and Egyptians are ready to take revange of their children in Palestine. Russia is also ready to support them because strong Middle East is security of Russia. No more blockade and barbarism of Israel.

New Israel is Muslim

While the Lebanese “government” is a puppet of Saudi Arabia. Jordan a puppet of Washington. And Egypt a puppet of Hell Aviv and Washington. Russia is controlled by Netanyahu, rabbis and other jews.

Israhell sure is surrounded… by other jews, zionists and jew-lovers.


All Muslim countries should immediately start joint military and civil projects with Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan without any delay. It does not necessary that they should be well experienced because any new project is start from scratch.

Empire's Frontiers


Empire's Frontiers

Nobody has love for the European invaders occupying that ancient land.

The Palestinians, however, deserve every ounce of punishment they request.
The unwillingness and inability to adapt, to recognize that the war can’t be fought on a front line, dooms and entitles the group to steady erasure.

Hamas and Palestinian ‘leadership’ plays so readily into the hands of the Israeli strategy, and grants them such tactical advantage on any given day that it would be right to question the true intentions, and national origins, of the political class ruling the enclave.

The Palestinians keep getting what they deserve precisely because they keep asking for it, the external evils notwithstanding.

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