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Israel Strikes Again: Missile Hits Southern Outskirts Of Syria’s Damascus

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Israel Strikes Again: Missile Hits Southern Outskirts Of Syria’s Damascus

File image.

In the early morning of November 17, an Israeli missile strike targeted the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

A Syrian military source told the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency that the target was an “empty building,” claiming that no losses were sustained.

“At approximately 12:45 am today, the Israeli enemy launched an aggression with two missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting an empty building south of Damascus,” the source said. “One of the hostile missiles was shot down, and no losses were sustained.”

The unnamed source didn’t clarify if the missiles were fired from an Israeli ground base or by Israeli Air Force fighter jets, as in most recent attacks.

This was the third Israeli attack on Syria in November. The first attack, which took place on the 3rd of the month, targeted a military logistic support facility in the southern outskirts of the capital, Damascus. The second attack, which took place on the 8th of the month, targeted a military logistic support facility to the south of the coastal city of Tartus as well as an air defense base to the south of the central city of Homs.

Israeli attacks on Syria are becoming more frequent. The scale of the attacks is also getting larger. Tel Aviv apparently hopes that these repeated attacks will force Iran out from the war-torn country. Nevertheless, the contrary appears to be happening.


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No matter how many times they bomb Syria, Bashar and his allies are still getting stronger there

jens holm

Someone is putting pepper on them:)


why are there fires and explosions in “tel aviv” these days care to talk about how it hurts these retaliations and how you zionist fools wipe yourselves out one step after another leading to your own demise and of course the seen damage meaning the explosions and the fires are much less than the unseen damage but you might figure out one day soon yourselves

Last edited 11 days ago by farbat
Chris Gr

You will be happy at first but later you will be hurt a lot.

Arch Bungle

Oh look, it’s the resident Zionoid.

jens holm

And what

Chris Gr

What dialect are you speaking?

jens holm

“Danglish”. which is common SPOKEN english by most danes and for me – in its best.

You can look up “Danglish”.

Chris Gr


jens holm

Almost all communication here is fast. We are very much digitalized. So its a result of that. None oforget we also send a lot of the SMS and MMS ones and nicer versions are accepted even in courts as well as by saying yes in marrige.

Parts of the danes are very worried but during time we has taken in a lot of words andmade them into Ours.

We also has exported Our language. The English name themself as Anglo-Saxians. Anglos was emmigrant from here being danes and incommers there after the Romans left. They came with Saxens, which are close family to the anglo-danish.

Så when the Vikings 500 years after that arrived, they integrated well and gave only 1000 new danish words.

The winner was Anglo-Saxia which after that was added a lot with mainly french but with Anglo Saxians accent.

Thats how things are.

Chris Gr

Yes, this is correct.

jens holm

Turks and some of the Kurds has same problems. Kurds were well integrated or affiliated with the Armanians. By that the base for the Kurds there was and are Kurdish but many many words are armenian ones. Armenians also was the ones having contact to the rest of the world even many was poor too.

By that Turks often mention those Kurds as Armenian Kurds and dislike them having not forgotten how many real Armeneins was killed.

Chris Gr

Who are the Armenian Kurds? The Zazas or the Kurmanjis?

jens holm

I have no idea. But I have heard it many times.

I would expect its the ones living in Turkey of today.

So many has been displaced and displaced in that region. Many Turks just simply left, so no one else but those Kurds were there.

Next those Kurds genosided chrtistians and others and was punished by the Turks about 1924, where the Turks genosided the last Armenians in Izmir, where those Armanand until the greeks was defeated had been living in relative peace with the greeks.

jens holm


Tommy Jensen

Clima Change.

Turkish Dog

Kike weasel airforce was intercepted by Russian SU-35’s. Diaper forces couldn’t carry out their airstrike so they used Lora ballistic missile ground-ground missile instead. First public interception this year. Good job Russian Airforce! https://twitter.com/Intel_sky/status/1460890938537095169

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

That is great, they have intercepted them before, but they will keep trying again probably unfortunately

Turkish Dog

Israeli faggot airforce got intercepted by SU-35. so they launch Lora ballistic missile. Well done RUAF. Syria needs better AD to intercept hypersonic missiles. https://twitter.com/Anthony81801219/status/1460889153114095619


It is more likely, that Israel hopes of a retaliation after an attack, that they can play victim again and launch a war.

Golden Dildo

Stupid shit-eater 😁, there cant be anything positive,advantage for Assad co. anymore.How many times do we have to show?Israel is the all-father of this region.Go find yourself sugar mummy dummkof. 🤣

Chris Gr

If this thing happens then Israelis and Syrians will never normalize and this is good for Turkey at first and Iran at second.

Arch Bungle

‘israel’ will be smashed before 2030. At that point nobody will care about normalising with the joos.

However, the entire Arab world will instantly normalise with Palestine at the point ziostan falls.

jens holm

Arabs are not arabs like that at all.

When did that happen last time.

Chris Gr

Moroccans, Egyptians, Sudanese and Gulfs have done.

jens holm

Source is “Bulgarian Covid”.

Tommy Jensen

Russia said that next time they do it Assad will get S-300, if they do it again.

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