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Israel Settles on Third Round of Elections, As Netanyahu Remains Prime Minister

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Israel Settles on Third Round of Elections, As Netanyahu Remains Prime Minister

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On December 12th, the Israeli High Court of Justice ruled that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could retain his post “for the time-being,” rejecting a petition calling for him to resign.

A separate petition for him to vacate the post was also filed, and the High Court of Justice hasn’t ruled on it yet.

The petition that was rejected was filed by the Movement for the Quality of Government in Israel.

They wanted Netanyahu fired for the following reasons:

  • He was incompetent;
  • As a transitional prime minister, the indictment against him obligated him to resign;
  • He was prohibited from forming a new government.

The petition argued that a sitting Prime Minister would also potentially have to resign, if he were indicted, as Netanyahu was on November 21st. And he was in a weaker position, since he had no government to hold.

The argument was resisted by the person who indicted Netanyahu – Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit.

Mandelblit rejected the arguments about incompetence and about Netanyahu being weaker as a transitional prime minister. The issue if whether he could form a government was theoretical, in Mandelblit’s opinion.

He explained that until Netanyahu had 61 members of parliament supporting him, no legal analysis needed to be performed.

High Court Justices Noam Sohlberg, George Kara and Yosef Elron endorsed Mandelblit’s views.

A separate petition was later filed by hi-tech sector officials demanding that Mandelblit explain whether Netanyahu’s ability to form a government needs to be decided now that third elections are set. This was in order to know if there were limits on Netanyahu when the time came for citizens to vote.

On December 11th, the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, dissolved and set the date for new elections on March 2nd. This is a precedent, having 3 general elections within 11 months.

That vote brought to an official close attempts by Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to assemble a coalition following the September election.

Talks between Netanyahu and Gantz, leaders of the two-largest parties, on a unity arrangement broke down with both sides trading blame.

Over the past 21 days, lawmakers also had the opportunity to nominate any MK for a shot at forming a government by gathering 61 signatures. No candidate was even nominated.

Netanyahu will be campaigning in the upcoming election in the shadow of the criminal charges against him in three corruption probes.

He also faces an internal leadership challenge by Likud MK Gideon Sa’ar in an upcoming party primary.

A Tuesday poll showed Blue and White increasing its lead over Likud, expanding its current one-seat advantage to a four-seat lead — 37 seats to Likud’s 33 in the 120-seat parliament.

The poll predicted Likud falling even further if the party drops Netanyahu in favor of his main challenger, Sa’ar.

When asked who they blamed for the expected third election, 41 percent of respondents blamed Netanyahu, followed by Yisrael Beytenu leader Liberman at 26%, and Gantz at 5%.

Thus, the election campaign begins anew in Israel.


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Hasbara Hunter



That traitorous criminal will end up in jail, plus the terrorists in Gaza need to see what a real Israeli patriotic like Gantz is going to do to them.


That’s the sad thing actually, my patheic PM and his corrupted friends don’t care for this country and don’t love it like I do. But it’s a temporary thing, sooner or later Bibi will disappear and the history will remember him as the worst Israeli PM we’ve ever had.


As far as I care, the settlers and the Palis can live together in a state of their own, not as part of Israel. Druze in the Golan are only 20K, and some of them do have Israeli citizenship.

Hasbara Hunter

Downvoting Mister Zion became a habit…that’s his own fault his arrogant attitude from the start was the main reason for me to consider him a Hasbara & a ZioNazi…I can appreciate Smart Hasbaras, Jews & ZioNazis who come up with good Arguments because that will lead to a Tsunami of information which is Good for freedom of speech…I got some friends & acquaintances among Jews (no ZioNazis) and always try to judge folks on their character, not their religion nor color of skin…My grandparents harbored Jews & Pilots alike during WWII…hating all Jews is never the point, because I know there are good folks among them…I’m Dutch and our history with’m Jews goes way back…And after WWII the European Jews returning from the camps were not welcome in Europe anymore & thus more or less Herded towards ISraHell and became Filthy Fascists themselves…Before 1948 Arabs, Jews & Christians lived together in relative peace…The Moors protected the Jews during Crusades & in Spain…I mainly hold the Elite ZioNazis (Queen Elizabeth, Mister Rothschild & Co) responsible for the current situation…Someting GOOD JEWS can do something about…In WWII it were ZioNazis like Soros who helped Exterminating them poor Jews…I think the whole situation is a Weird story don’t you think?

Furkan Sahin

but Netanyahu has built up beautiful land but he cannot figure out how to govern with the military and other things and has no future for the Middle East he is very dangerous and worse than Assad if Hamas kills 10 Israeli civilians and Netanyahu bombs them twice as many, maybe 5,000 dead or more

Hasbara Hunter


Hasbara Hunter

Hey Protocols of Zion…I’ve got a question for you…why are journalists never mentioning the real reasons for growing “Antisemitism”…


In my personal opinion growing “Antisemitism” can be directly linked to things like:

1. The Slaughtering of the Palestinians 2. Endless Wars in the Middle East for the execution of the Yinon Plan 3. The Creation of ISIS 4. The Controlled Demolition of the Twin Towers 5. Mister Rothschild & His Khazarian Banksters 6. The Paedophile Mossad-Honeytrappers 7. Gaining knowledge about the Slavetrade 8. The Holodomor & Gulags 9. Genocides & Warcrimes through the ages 10. Human & Organtrafficking 11. Drugstrade 12. Paedophilia

Those are just a couple of reasons for growing “Antisemitism”…which is actually no Antisemitism because you Khazarian AshkeZioNazis are Imposter without a single gene of Semitic DNA…Palestinians on the other hand ARE SEMITES

1. Genocides 2. Holodomors 3. Gulags 4. Slavetrade 5. Endless Wars 6. Human & Organ trafficking 7. Drugstrade 8. Pedophilia 9. Fraud 10. Rape & Pillage 11. Child Sacrifices 12. The list goes on and on

Hasbara Hunter

Gantz is a Warcriminal…just like the rest of your Khazarian ZioNazi Buddies https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/adri-nieuwhof/dutch-court-hears-war-crimes-accusations-against-israels-benny-gantz

Warcriminal Shlomo Morel got a warm welcome in ISraHell https://www.google.nl/amp/s/zionistnarrative.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/shlomo-morel-polands-mass-murderer/amp/


Tell me did anyone expect anything else, huh. 16 familys runs ISISrael whom is slowly turning into an shithole and now, when Trump the idiot is turning any critics of the shithole ISISrael to be an criminal offence and the MSM in europa warped the usualy drivel about anti-semetism into over drive, attacking the Labour Gov and GoreBin, and of course this benefitted the ISISraeli assliker Bozo the Clown, yeah, so far, nothing have changed, and no matter whom is elected in an election witch already is an farse, will not change jack shit in Britian, nada.

Then we have the usualy nonsense about rising anti-semetism, of course, and yet to this day, I havent seen anything that confirms this, attacks on graveyards, hell yeah, happens all the time on churches and christian/anyone elses graveyards but is left with an 2 liner down on the last pages, but if an swatica is painted on anything, anywhere, its smack in the front line and the whining will continue for some days, about how bad its become and we are all anti-semits and jew haters. Even in Norway we have an mile long article about Jew hate in the Labour party, uh…. and the thing is, any critic of ISISrael is defined as anti-semetism, it dont matter what you say, how carefull you are, how historically correct you are, how thruot you can debunk their nonsense about Jewish history, you are an anti-semit. And thats what they lie about, and despite the massive onslaught on white europeans, almost nothing happens to Jews, nor Muslims, etc, and nobody cares as long its white europeans whom is attacked, raped and robbed, but spray an swatica in an wall, and the MSM goes bananas.

And then we have the HasbaRats, friends of ISISrael the Unit 8200 to the British brigades, whom feed the issue from both sides, I have known this for years, that a large part of the most verbal haters are de facto Jews, because it feeds the scam about anti-semetism and makes it easy for the rest to blame the so called righwinged when this people are HasbaRats. One briliant, if I can use that word, was the young Jew in ISISrael whom was exposed for ringing and writing anti-semitic slures and hate, and that in the thousands, but when this little f…. was cought, the Jews claimed He was of course, mentaly deranged, yeah, and didnt bother to elbrate the massive numbers of fake hate crimes, whom most of them were said to be done by others, aka us. Then we have the insane statictics of how many cases of this so called hate crimes turned out to be just fake, most done by Jews them self.


When do we ever learn, and they control both sides, controlled oposition, like the have the Nazis in ukraina, witch is even protected by the Simon Wiesental center and armed by the jews in ISISrael and they are even open about it, because they know that no western MSM will write about it anyway since it will be regarded as anti-semetism, yeehaaa, and all this is something you would never ever read in the western MSM. They can take the anti-semetism scam and stuff it up where the sun dont shine where it belongs. I hoped for an long time Trump would be somewhat not that senseless, but I was wrong, everything is going to be worse, we have just begun on the downward spiral on the Witch path to persia.

Aka the war on Iran. King Bibi have the Moronikans by their balls, and images of that to.


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

why cant this piece of shit be gone for good????? satan get the FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Hos Ng

leave the very few giews alone , but we need to purge oyrselves of the zioterrorist scum posing as giews.Not a single radical zioterrorists should be allowed to esacape, not even the propagandists. wanna support whats right then side with Palestine and Iran.Thatll make things pretty difficult for the traitors omongst us.

Hos Ng

a crimminal mafia boss, deserves a crimminals death. We allow these scumm to flourish throught the grind of daily modern slavery. In the ME everyone considers themselves as part owner in the oil. arent you all part owner of your own countries? rid yourselves of the mafia.


USrael really is the most badly governed country in the world, and that’s saying a lot because many countries are really badly governed. Insane nutjobs put in charge by global oligarchs trying to expand USrael to “Erez” Communist State by any means necessary and no regard for the human cost. I feel genuinely sorry for any ordinary people trapped in that mayhem.

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