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JULY 2022

Israel Seeks To Use Free Syrian Army To Establish 40km Deep ‘Safe Zone’ In Southern Syria – Report

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Israel Seeks To Use Free Syrian Army To Establish 40km Deep 'Safe Zone' In Southern Syria – Report

By The Intercept, click to see the full-size map

Israel is using several Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in a three phases-plan to impose a 40km-deep ‘safe zone’ in southern Syria, the Intercept reported on January 23.

According to the report, Israel already accomplished the first phase of its plan and it is currently working with different Israeli and American NGOs to accomplish the second phase. The goal of this effort is to push Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian-backed forces 40km away from the Israeli border. An unnamed officer of the FSA told the Intercept that Israel is even willing to push these forces “as far back as Hama.”

A unnamed Syrian Arab Army (SAA) source revealed to the intercept that a small group of Israeli Army and intelligence personnel entered the western Dara countryside in July 2017 and met with commanders of the two FSA groups – Liwa Jaydour and Jaysh al-Ababil.

In September 2017, another meeting between Israeli representatives and commanders of Liwa Jaydour, the Golan Knights and the Syrian Revolutionaries Front took place in the border town of Rafid in the southern Quneitra countryside, according to the Intercept.

Abu Ahmad, a Syrian opposition activist, confirmed to the Intercept that several FSA groups in southern Syria are currently getting money and weapons from the Israeli side, especially after the US Military Operation Center (MOC) in Jordan had suspended its military support for FSA groups.

“Jordan stopped sending them weapons, so they turned to Israel instead,” Abu Ahmad told the Intercept.

The Intercept report also revealed that the Israeli Army started training and equipping a border police force of around 500 FSA fighters from the Golan Knights group as a part of the second phase of the Israeli safe zone plane. This border force is expected to patrol the separation of forces line from south of the government-held Druze town of Hadar through FSA-held towns of Jabata Khashab, Bir Ajam, Hamadiyah, and Quneitra, all the way to Rafid in the southern Quneitra countryside, according to the report.

This was not the first time when the coordination between Israel and FSA groups in southern Syria became public. On December 2, 2017 the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi revealed that the FSA and the Israeli Army are preparing a joint attack on the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army in the western Daraa countryside.

The FSA-Israeli joint attack may be launched in the end of January, according to several oppositions sources, and it’s possible that this effort is a part of Israeli’s safe zone plane.

Israel could indirectly control the FSA groups in southern Syria and eliminate the ISIS threat in the western Daraa countryside. Hwever, it will be much more complicated to establish a 40km-wide safe zone in southern Syria because the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) controls large parts of Daraa governorate, including more than half of the city of Daraa.

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Richard M

So they will stop supporting Daesh?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There is no chance they will stop supporting Daesh and Israel can talk all they want and they may have to contend with UNDOF also in the region, dumb Nazis.

MD Ranix

zio morons and terrorist slaves – their self annihilation prophecy is in full swing and inevitable


An unnamed officer of the FSA told the Intercept that Israel is even willing to push these forces “as far back as Hama.”

What an optimistic creature! Israel wants all there is and even then there will be no satisfaction. After they occupied Golan, when they were asked to return it they argued that “they need a buffer zone”. Now with this plan they want another buffer for the first buffer. If they succeed they will be quiet for a short time until they demand another buffer for this one!

Greedy bastards. Unfortunately for them, the world is fed up with their whining and Syrians and their friends won’t let it happen.


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They need silly Arabs to die for them. No way they can succeed …


Don’t be too sure about the Intercept.

In a way they live to their name perfectly.

Remember the Snowden files?

Considering …less than 2 percent of the estimated 58,000 files have been made public. If the releases continue at this snail’s pace, most of those reading this article will have been dead long before the Snowden cache is made fully public.

FBI Whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and His Campaign to Neuter Wikileaks – FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds asserts Pierre Omidyar decided to create The Intercept to not only take ownership of the Snowden leaks but also to continue his blockade against WikiLeaks and create a “honey trap” for whistleblowers.


Update – listening to Greenwald [in the link] more than confirms that he will never release the entire cache since he believes that it intrudes on peoples privacy.

You can call me Al

I absolutely agree with you.

What if they are scared sh1tless of retaliation ?

Frank Behrens

An unnamed officer of the FSA told….I LIKE such sources ^^

Gregory Casey

And meanwhile, the Golan has been found to be ripe with Oil and Gas and guess who has obtained a License to exploit it? you’ve guessed right …… Cheney & Rothschild & pals


The Alon Plan in action. Any Zionists excuse is part of the implementation of the Greater Israel plan. This is clearly a Zionist provocation.


Assad is a cancerous vile dog that nobody trusts nor wants to border. His the definition of a modern pharaoh. His a sadist


Yes he is, and also “war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength”. Still stuck in 1984, I see.

John Wallace

Cry havoc and unleash the Dogs of war. Good to see Assad is the best man for this job as we wouldn’t want a pussy hiding in the mountains to fail in this with so many scum needing to be cleaned out. Thank you for your support.


Does it have anything to do with the ambitions of israhell to steal more land? Well, to me, it is clear that ” israhell is a cancerous vile dog that nobody trusts nor wants to border.” This is what you are trying to say, right? I agree.


What rubbish. Mountains of rubbish.

Rüdiger Preiss

Which desert have you come from?? You sound like a goat herder with gold chains and white robes. Are you jealous that Assad has a brain and you don’t? Sooner or later nobody will need your oil anymore and you can go back to the desert to do what you do best: goat herding.

Mustaffa Ashaa

Assad remain a symbol of Syrian pride. Unlike the USA puppets he refuse to humiliate Syria by capitulating “Peace treaties” with the Zionists settlers. The SAA proved to be a giant force that is devoted to Syria and to the Arab cause in cause in Palestine. Asad did not kill his own people but he is proud to kill 150 000 who belongs to 53 nationalities whom the USA, Turkey, KSA, Qatar and other Wahabis transported them. There are still few thousands terrorists need to be eliminated and once Syria is decontaminated from the germs, Assad will lead us to Golan and all Palestine. The real cancerous identity in the area is Israel and its protector, the USA. We shall Overcome. The Crusaders remained in Palestine almost 200 Years, they left their ruined cities and castles behind, so shall Israel.


You again posting bullshit. Assad is the greatest Arab leader to be able to defeat you left and right all these years with his tiny force supported by his allies.Thv only problem with him, he is too quiet.

Hc should be blasting you guys day and night to shame those who support terrorists Go and fly your kites somewhere

George King

Joe there is a misspelling here, he is flying his kike!


Lmao. You are not even from that country and you are hailing this guy like his the next big thing while knowning nothing really what is happening on the ground and his atrocites against humanity and his people.

You will be held accountable for this like you have taken these peoples lives. Trust me you don’t want to support such an individual no matter what you believe in. ANYONE who has even little dignity in him would understand this.

His truly a low character and I’m amazed this hasen’t gone up for you


LMAO… you are confirmed a zombie western MSM reader .

You really are ignorant.

Try refuting what I posted that he defeated your friends and those terrorists.

he is winning .. and he has the support of most Syrians and has actually saved Syria from being like Libya.

Now pause a bit .. and had he lost.

How many terrorist factions are there right now in Syria and do you think each will lay down their arms and let the American coalition rule like good school boys.

Now before you post otherwise, answer this first.

I know you cant. and will avoid as usual those US zombies ..

You are soooo ignorant and after being here , you still think Assad is a butcher and kills his people with Chemical weapons !!! Now tell me , the last time it was proven Rebels used Chemical weapons , did US or NIKKI say anything? Quiet as a mouse and I bet you agree too Assad Just used chemical weapons on his people on the eve of Sochi and those dump Americans talking rubbish in UN. Even refused honest investigations .

I suggest you stop reading Western MSM … then you will be better informed.

Tell me one incident Assad is a butcher etc… ooooo he caused all the Syrian war dead?

Rüdiger Preiss

Keep your propaganda rubbish in your sick brainwashed mind. Nobody here will start growing a beard and become a goat herder, we all have far too much dignity.

Alejandro Bonifacio

i don’t trust usa, uk and france; they have lost of criminal of war


I think, you could be even a terrorists supporter. Good luck, but terrorists are loosing.


Hahaha. You are nothing more then a nobody and even a low-life. Do you even know what a terrorist mean. You see everyone with a gun and think his a terrorist or think even the word terrorist itself is some sort of free give away in wal-mart.

95% of these figthing Assad are civilians whom he wanted to force himself upon.

If you can’t understand this then you are a retard and no need to go further

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Mountains is irritating and disgusting Porky Pig , blee, bllleeee,BBLLLLEEEEE that’s all folks!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well no one trusts Israel or Turkey , seems the only one killing the people of Syria are Israelis ,US,UK,GCC,CIA,MI6,MOSSAD,Jordanians,NATO,Turkey and a whole slew of Foreign mercenaries along with Mudslime Brotherhood ,Salafi , Wahhabi butt pirates.


Your entire post recks from ignorance. Go to Assad and see if he values your life. He would have sacrificed you faster then the eye bliks. Never stand with anyone who lacks morality


You are talking bull..

Everywhere Assad forces liberated people return.

Terrorists? You see ghost cities Ignorant


What Ghost citiies? You mean cities being destroyed by ASSAD. he wants to force himself on the people but they don’t want him. It’s simple as that


Why you still display such stupidity ?

Look at the towns or villages where terrorist are .. uninhabited. Most residents moved to Assad’s areas .

Accept the fact areas cleared and safe have Syrians returning . Only terrorist areas like yours are deserted and even in Idlib residents are asking HTS to leave.

Look at areas liberated by Russians compared to your friends the Americans like totally destroyed compared to Allepo.

Don’t try to debate with me …. you read western MSMs where tens of “last” hospital bombed. … and where the bombs only know how to bomb those run by “Doctors without borders” bull shits.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sounds like the Crime Minister , “Thou doth conflate much!”


OK, so, you are a strong Israel-USA-NATO (Qatar, Saudi, Jordanian, Turkey) supporter, right ? Good luck, but your are loosing.


Terra Cotta Wool puller

Behind them are the banks, bloodlines, and finally the demons…


You must have forgotten to take your ‘meds’ again today Mountains. You are ranting again :)


Hey don’t usurp the Zionazi shill ploy… Next you’ll be saying they just escaped from the mental hospital…all ridiculous & laughable !


It’s almost unbearable, how blinded the mass-media consuming mass has become…

John Wallace

They are not blind . They have the official line to follow or they are removed from their job. Comply with or become unemployed and unemployable. Truth has no relevance or place in mass -media.

George King

It has been established that any propaganda organ maybe executed (penalty of death) for contributing to war crimes against humanity. Maybe it is time to re=establish this starting with the White Helmets and their founders and funding organizations, not an Oscar. This should be applied to corporations and individuals who participate with all wealth and holdings confiscated and redistributed to the individuals and states harmed.

Well now there is a thought!

Jasminko Grdic

How stupid and how uptight and greedy this FSA are. They want a better and Free Syria and what are they do . One group work with Turkey the all History enemy of Syria, the other are with KSA, second or third are Qatar enemy, and the worst are with Israel, the Land that killed and expelled millions od Arab ppl and for sure many of then are from Palestine and now they fight for Israel. Only because of the History all FSA fighters would newer fight for Turk/Osman or for a Jew. Syrian ppl are Persian empire and Arabian Empire. Shame on you brainwashed stupid “FREE” Syrian ppl

Is all FSA groups together with SAA join and Fight against Israel .Golan hight would be free in Weeks.

Mustaffa Ashaa

It is not fair to brand FSA and their leadership as stupids. They are mercenaries and hired guns and they do anything and for anyone if the price is right. When the SAA defeat all the terrorists it will be battle-hardened force, patriotically motivated and eager to start the coming Golan liberation. Syrian fighters refuse to be Comrade-in-Arms with a low lives thugs like the FSA.

Jasminko Grdic

Stupid is maybe wrong word. They are Very smart but only for there Pocket. Once there was a list of a T FSA commander, what he spend and what he get from US/Turkey. It was over 1 million $ for Loan-Cash, Car, soilders loan… For me are stupid this brained washed kids that for promised glory use and Drive a SVIED and die for this Commanders..


The FSA are no more than gangs of thugs controlled by warlords. Such gangs have been prevalent in all societies for millennia.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are foreign colonists like Jews are.


FSA’s are stupid, corrupts, and terrorists. They are just helping Israel to destroy their OWN COUNTRY.

Keith Smith

this will not work, and the war will not be over until syria has regained every single square inch of the land taken from her

Mustaffa Ashaa

To all zionists, racists and all fascists in Israel, be assured that the FSA will gratefully take these jobs if the price is right. They are also willing for a little extra to bring their daughters and wives to “work” in any “position” you fancy. Their women can enclose testimonials showing the excellent services they provided to the Saudi Wahabis, Turks and Chechens Mujahideens.

Rüdiger Preiss

Why don’t they use occupied Golan Heights for their FSA fighters to build a safe zone :D

John Whitehot

was thinking the same


In 2015 Isreali druze villagers near Golan Heights attacked and stoned an IDF ambulance carrying battle wounded militants from Syria into Israel proper for IDF medical treatment. This was at time when nearby Syrian druze border villages were being shelled and attacked by Syrian based Nusra militants. In 2017 two of the Israeli druze involved in ambulance attack were convicted and given extremely harsh sentences. The strident Israeli response – recall these are Israeli druze citizens – including Netanyahu getting publicly involved, suggests that the militants in that IDF ambulance were of great value to Israel, and just who they actually were under those ski masks is interesting question.




A small country want to act let a superpower. Can’t even defeat Hamas want to set up a buffer zone!

Try going into Syria with their ground forces and face ASSAD’s Soldiers . If dare then talk


I see no point at all, why Israel should take larger efforts to destroy the hamas-movement. This poorly organized movement is acknowledged as a terror organisation by all important players, thus is a controllable threat.


Not true really . Surely Hamas is a threat and not trivial .

In all cases , Israel refused to engage them when they entered Gaza and surrounded the cities where Hamas were waiting. In the end , all the times , Israel withdrew.

My guess is Israelis are not ready for high death rates fighting in the cities like now in Syria.

That is why you will not see Israel invading Syria anytime soon as they would be bogged down with battle hardened fighters. The best is to use stupid arab proxies, who see money and die for it.

So this stupid idea of creating a buffer will never work or materialise. Assad’s allies and forces are just too strong for a few proxies.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This strangely ties in with Turkey and the assault coming from the Al Tanf being led by the US and it’s proxy terrorist force there to the North and North East of there.



That makes perfect sense considering that the warmongering and anti human rights denying Israeli’s have already requested that Washington recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Southern Golan.

The Israeli’s have already granted an US oil company the rights to this oilfield.

Who? ……Genie oil !

The area was captured by the Israeli’s during 1967 war – the thing not often mentioned is that this area has oil reserves estimated exceed those of Wahhabi ruled Saudi Arabia…..by far.

Starting to make sense now?

The creme de la creme of Neocons and thus Zionist supporters have invested in the exploration of these oil fields

Pave Way IV

“…the thing not often mentioned is that this area has oil reserves estimated exceed those of Wahhabi ruled Saudi Arabia…..by far.”

I’m afraid not, Southern. Not sure if that rumor was spread by nationalistic Israelis (proud of their land theft) or the scammer Genie/Afek Oil stock-pushers in New Jersey. Maybe both. In any case, the only thing there is shale gas/oil and the recoverable quantities have been totally exaggerated. There is no super-giant oil field hiding under the Golan. After five or so years, Genie’s exploratory drilling program has yet to yield a single well with any economically recoverable combination of hydrocarbons. I think most of the holes they completed were dry, anyway. They also have zero experience with fracking.

And the creme de la creme of Neocons and thus Zionist supporters probably didn’t invest a dime. They’re directors or on the board(s) and got their stock for free. Most of it has since been sold to the gullible small-timer goy. That was the money-making part, not the imaginary oil.


The claim of the discovery provides the motive – Iraq was all about the oil just like the Neocons trying the same for Iran and why they have to be stopped.

Your suggestion that there’s no oil in Southern Golan makes no sense, it would imply that its nothing but Zionist expansion – do you have any more details, a link to an article perhaps?

Genies and Genocide: Syria, Israel, Russia and Much Oil

Genie claims huge discovery

On October 8, into the second week of Russian airstrikes against ISIS and other so-called “moderate” terrorists at the request of the Assad government, Yuval Bartov, chief geologist from Genie Energy’s Israeli subsidiary, Afek Oil & Gas, told Israel’s Channel 2 TV that his company had found a major oil reservoir on the Golan Heights: “We’ve found an oil stratum 350 meters thick in the southern Golan Heights. On average worldwide, strata are 20 to 30 meters thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities.”

The Golan Heights, however, are illegally occupied by Israel. In 1981, Israel passed the Golan Heights Law, imposing Israeli “laws, jurisdiction and administration” to the Golan Heights. In response the UN Security Council passed Resolution 242 which declared Israel must withdraw from all lands occupied in the 1967 war with Syria, including the Golan Heights. https://journal-neo.org/2015/10/26/genies-and-genocide-syria-israel-russia-and-much-oil-2/

Pave Way IV

“…Your suggestion that there’s no oil in Southern Golan makes no sense, it would imply that its nothing but Zionist expansion – do you have any more details, a link to an article perhaps?”

Sure. How about a press release from Genie Energy itself?

Genie Energy Suspends Exploratory Oil and Gas Drilling Program in Northern Israel

NEWARK, N.J., Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Afek, the subsidiary of Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA) conducting an oil and gas exploratory program in Northern Israel, today announced that preliminary analysis of results from its completed Ness 10 exploratory well in Northern Israel suggests that the well’s target zone does not contain commercially producible quantities of oil or natural gas.

Afek continues to analyze the data from Ness 10 in the context of the results of its prior drilling and other activities, and has suspended oil and gas drilling operations in the interim. The Company will make decisions about future operations when it has a more complete picture of the results and analysis.

Parts of the shale deposit were thought to run as far as the West Bank, which would of course be ‘problematic’ for Genie/Afek. It did, however, produced this absolute gem from a CounterPunch article in 2015:

“…That problem would be simply solved, if the Chairman of Genie Israel Holdings, Ltd, Efraim “Effie” Eitam had his way. In an interview with Ha’aretz in 2002, the Brigadier General (reserves) in the Israeli army who served as Minister of Housing and Construction under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, referred to Palestinian citizens of Israel as a “ticking bomb” and a “cancer.” In 2004, he called them “dark forces” and told The New Yorker, “We will have to kill them all.”

These are the kind of fucking degenerate psychopaths that my treasonous Israeli-firster, dual-citizen Congress is giving $3.2 billion of my US tax dollars to every year. Ask me if I’m pissed.


Thanks for the additional information.


At the same time it could be a ruse.


They’ll be lucky if they can hang on to the Golan long-term. And the FSA is marked for death for some time now.


If they are really trying to ally with Turkish backed FSA for this project , it will end with a Turkish safe zone around Israel with Israeli money.


I have the feeling this is all fake news based upon some vague gossip and wishful/conspiracy thinking.


Pipe dream…

This might had been possible without russian involvement in syria… But it is apparent that benny netanyahooo is smoking great drugs nowadays and has completely disconnected with reality…..


The important point here, is Russia allowing Israel to do this ? knowing that Israel is a terrorists supporter ? I think, this depend on how well Israel is controlling Russia.


You want a piece of Syria Bibi? Come and get it. If you dare.

Pave Way IV

You could have done a lot better on this one, SF. At least starting with the basic courtesy of mentioning the author of the Intercept article, Nour Samaha and providing a link to the source.

The Intercept article suggests an imaginary Phase I of the project. This is, in fact, the long-planned annexation of additional Syrian territory that Israel started years ago. The most noteable milestones were Israeli-financed al Nusra head-choppers kicking out UN peacekeepers from the UNDOF zone in 2014 allowing IDF to claim it as theirs, and Israeli-financed al Nusra head-choppers (operating as the Southern Front) taking out all Syrian air defense, observation and signals intelligence sites near the Golan border. The end state was unfettered IDF and Mossad access to southern Syria without ‘officially’ occupying it. “Safe Zone” is the clownish term they’re using for the SAA and allies denial zone, providing safe haven to al Nusra head-choppers more than anybody. There is no practical Phase II or III – the Israelis will just keep infiltrating the rebel-held areas all the way to Damascus.

The Golan Knights – former al Nusra head-choppers and Mossad agents – are an Israeli military unit answerable to nobody but Israel. The IAF crossed the UNDOF zone into (then) unoccupied Syria and built their base for them, threatening to kill any Syrian that got close. The Golan Knights are nothing but an Israeli Stazi put in Syria to keep an eye on ‘rebel’ villages and execute anyone Israel doesn’t like. As for the rest of the Southern Front head-choppers, they are still armed, supplied, trained and paid by US taxpayers – the money just flows through Israel now instead of coming directly from CENTCOM and the CIA via Jordan. The only thing that dried up last year was the Saudi/UAE money (but the arms still arrive by the truckload).

Israel is still planning on annexing the Druze area around Hadar – once they get the Israeli al Nusra to kill or pacify them. The Druze are in the way of Israel taking over Syria’s Mt. Hermon, a long-desired radar and electronic eavesdropping location to spy on Syria.

The joint Israeli/al Nusra efforts against the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army (if it’s even real) are for the specific purpose of stealing the lower Yarmouk Valley (and it’s water) for Israel. They missed that when stealing the Golan and want it from Syria now.

Amaliah is the Israeli-American NGO that is used for intelligence gathering, bribery and Israeli agent recruitment in ‘rebel areas’. Duplicates the plan Israel used in Southern Lebanon to ‘buy’ allies (until Hezbollah kicked their asses out). This plan is ultimately destined to failure as well, but it will cost many Syrian lives along the way.

Hide Behind

Israel has no secret designs, all one has to do is Google “Greater Israel” and read/listen of what their religious and Zionist leaders have said and continue to say. Their goal is regaining mythical ancient Israel/Judea borders, and that is one heck of a lot bigger chunk of land than some approximate 25 mile extension of border. That myth means all of Lebanon not just Hez controlled portions. It means reducing Damascus into an unlivable waste land. Why I place no real blame upon those who fight for pay. No matter the paymasters and no matter whom they kill is, because if I lived there, had read and recited but from one book all my life, needed a job, so why not. PHHHHTTT to all you who claim some priveledge of being from Syria or any of people’s living within any of the 2 140 nations now under US/Isreal/UAE/ NATO Allies. YOU LIVE IN THEIR LANDS. TAKE THEIR 30 EUROS, FRACS , MARKS, OR DOLLARS, YOUR LABORS SUPPORT THEIR EMPIRE BUILDING EFFORTS Maybe after saving enough sheckels I would then run away to be a refugee and live on welfare in Europe.


Well said, Hide Behind, and who runs US/Isreal/UAE/ NATO Allies.??? Behind them are hidden controlling banks, some being the Fed, International Settlements Bank, Basel, Vatican Bank, the Bank of England, the World Bank, and the IMF, Deutchebank, ABN/Amro, HSBC…

And who is behind these banks? About 200 very rich and very evil occultists that belong to preferred bloodline families…

And who or what is behind these bloodlines? Other dimensional entities, we know them as demons, jinn, etc. The bloodlines worship them in exchange for money & power.

And what are some of their names? Lucifer, Satan, Ibliss, Baal, Molech….

Domenic Patrone

But where is SYRIA’S SAFE ZONE from ISRAEL ??? Haha.

Domenic Patrone

A safe zone with ISRAEL IN THE REAR and ARABS fighting ARABS in harm’s way.

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