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Israel Seeks An Unchecked Nuclear Monopoly: Ex-Senate Candidate

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Israel Seeks An Unchecked Nuclear Monopoly: Ex-Senate Candidate

A former U.S. Senate Mark Dankof

Interview with Mark Dankof. Originally published at the Tehran Times.

A former U.S. Senate candidate says Israel resorts to assassination and sabotage because it needs an unchecked nuclear monopoly in West Asia.

“This demonic agenda involves the need for an unchecked nuclear monopoly in the Middle East (West Asia) and one not under the scrutiny of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPF) as Iran is,” Mark Dankof tells the Tehran Times.

“The Natanz sabotage is only the latest criminal action directed by Israel against Iran within its own borders, and with the full support of the United States and the West,” he argues.

A power failure caused by a deliberately planned explosion struck Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment site on April 11. Iranian officials called sabotage “nuclear terrorism” and held Israel’s Mossad responsible for the act.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: How do you assess Israeli sabotage operation in the Natanz nuclear facility?  What are the reasons and motives?

A: Israel simply wants a monopoly on nuclear weaponry in the Middle East (West Asia) to continue its pursuit of Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) from the Tigris to the Euphrates Rivers. Its history of terrorism, land theft, and the quest for the establishment of a World Government based in Jerusalem and enforced by a Zionist-controlled global banking system and enabled by its puppets in the Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) of the United States specifically and the Western World generally. This demonic agenda involves the need for an unchecked nuclear monopoly in the Middle East (West Asia) and one not under the scrutiny of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPF) as Iran is.

The Natanz sabotage is only the latest criminal action directed by Israel against Iran within its own borders and with the full support of the United States and the West. The United Nations is absolutely powerless to enforce any semblance of international law where all of this is concerned. The Zionist State is a law unto itself, protected by Zionist Occupied Governments in the West in full alliance with Zionist Occupied Media Consortiums who spin the false narratives Israel wants and gets with impunity.

Q: What is Israel’s history in sabotage operations and assassinations of scientists and political figures?

A: Israel’s history of terrorism goes back to its inception with the Deir Yassin massacre, the bombing of the King David Hotel, and the assassination of Count Bernadotte.

In the case of Iran, the involvement of Israel in the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and acts of terror in Tehran, Baluchistan Province, Khuzestan Province, and Iranian Azerbaijan is a matter of record. So Sabra and Shatila in 1982, the ongoing murders of Palestinians, the atrocities in Gaza, and all of the illegal military operations and support of terrorist acts directed against Lebanon, Libya, and Assad’s Syria are among others.

But what is most incredible is the record of Israeli acts of subversion, espionage and terror directed against the United States, its chief supporter. Look at the record: The Lavon Affair; the Ben Gurion-Meyer Lansky link to the Kennedy Assassination in Dallas over Dimona; the USS Library attack in June of 1967; the NUMEC nuclear materials thefts in Apollo, Pennsylvania; the PROMIS Affair; the Pollard, Ben-Ami, and AIPAC spy cases; the Israeli role with Saudi Arabia in 9-11; and the Mossad connection to the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking ring used to blackmail American and Western politicians.

And yet, the American public still doesn’t get it: Iran isn’t their enemy. Assad isn’t their enemy; Putin and Russia aren’t their enemies; the Palestinians aren’t their enemy. Israel and the Zionist Occupied Government they have are their enemies.

Q: Don’t you think Israel, with this behavior, has turned into the most dangerous regime in West Asia? How could the countries in West Asia deal with this problem?

A: Iran is a model for the proper Resistance Model to apply in self-defense against the Zionist Beast:

Oppose the deliberate cultural subversion of sovereign people by Zionist utilization of sexual perversion, pornography, and abortion on demand to weaken the moral will and impose demographic winter upon those nations Israel and Zionism consider their primary opponents.

Strengthen one’s national defense, intelligence capabilities, and domestic security apparatuses.

Most importantly, enter into alliances with those whose military strength is feared by Israel and its Western enablers. I’m referring principally to Putin and Russia, along with the Chinese, who understand that opposition to the Beast is also based on working toward the de-dollarization of indigenous economies and the larger global economy. The undermining of the American dollar as the reserve currency of the globe will work hand-in-glove with the United States’ national debt and its military over-extensions to end the global aspirations of the Zio-American-Anglo Empire.

Iran has also worked very well with American dissidents on the American Right who want their Old Republic restored and who are sick of Zionism, Globalism, and the tyranny directed at them as well as foreign peoples they do not want wars with. These relationships are as important as the alliances with Putin and China.

Q: Do you think the U.S. and Israel are accomplices in sabotaging Iran’s nuclear facility or is Israel acting unilaterally?

A: It is clear that the Zionist Occupied Government of the United States is absolutely supporting Israel’s criminal activity directed against Natanz, Israel’s use of the MEK-MKO, ISIS, and al-Qaeda against Iran and Syria, and actual and potential illegal Israeli military actions directed against the countries of the region, especially Iran, Syria, and Southern Lebanon.

In the case of the Soleimani Assassination, the President of the United States in January of 2020 carried out this international crime in the explicit interest of his Zionist advisors, domestic Zionist supporters, and the Netanyahu regime. This illustrates how bad and how dangerously reckless all of this really is.

Q: How could Iran contain Israel’s attempts to undermine Tehran’s influence and power?

A: Simply by continuing the multi-faceted strategy of resistance I have already outlined. In this regard, it is my hope that Mr. Putin and Mr. Lavrov in particular, will make it very clear that American Zionist and Neo-Conservative aggression against Iran will be no more tolerated than Zionist subversion and threats over the Donbass and Crimea, or in the Baltics, Eastern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Bosphorus. In this regard, the Russians understand that Zio-subversion is military, political, economic, and cultural and that the perpetrators must be made to understand that their persistence will not be met with appeasement, but with retaliation that will extract a price these evil people will realize they cannot pay.

Meet evil with moral, political, economic, cultural, and military strength that the Zionist and Globalist Beast cannot match. That is the key.

And know that innocent Americans need liberation from their own captivity at the hands of this evil monster. In this regard, I see Iran, Syria, and Putin’s Russia as my allies against what has hijacked my own country in my own lifetime. God be with you.


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Bla bla bla, we don’t take this radical left clown seriously.
“A former U.S. Senate candidate” – FORMER, which means h can only spill out his nonsense and nobody really cares. Tell him to take his F money and shove it.


He is a paleo-conservative, not a leftist.


He is a clown for all I care, you know why I like politicians like him? because they think they can say anything they want and the rest will just obey. So SF can deliver this message from me to him – tell him we Israelis will do whatever we need to protect ourselves from the Iranian regime, and if he doesn’t like it then he can go F himself. End of quote.


In the same way
‘we Israelis will do whatever we need to protect ourselves from the Iranian regime’ You must expect Iran (and every other country) to do the same back.


No Helen, Israel is not the one openly saying we want Iran gone. They come to our borders, not the other way around.

Steve Standley

What’s this about borders? Israel just sabotaged an Iranian nuclear powerplant (that was in Iran, dummy), just assassinated an iranian nuclear scientist (in Iran), and assassinated an senior iranian general (in Iran), not to mention tens of other acts of sabotage against Iran and outside it’s own borders. are you blind to your own behavior, or are you just a water head?


Those are counter-actions because of Iran’s activites.


Dimona missile was fired because of an attack from occupied Golan Heights. swings and roundabouts. The point though is Iran (and Syria) are firing ever better missiles (it wasn’t an S200) that your defences can’t counter.


Yes we can, one missile penetrating our AD systems means nothing. It just means we need to put more AA batteries in that area.


Oh … my

This is an existential fight … expect a War

Steve Standley

the Jew cries out in pain (false-pain, which serves as a pretext) as he stabs you in the back. That’s an age old saying. ^it’s the lie your telling here.


Check the map, who has bases next to whom? so shut up.


comment image?1
The Ashkenazi according to his own DNA = 100% European
and yet he entered the region claiming to be Israelite. Can one
be 100% European and at the same to be Israelite?


Where are your borders?


Check the map again.


The Jew gone out of Palestine would be like
the Belgians removed from the Congo,
the British out of Kenya,
the French out of Algeria.

How is the European Jew different from the
British, the Belgians, the French?


hey miss stillburn, you should just prepare for the 6 feet under concept, the jews have forfeited any right to be viewed as humans and to secure a peaceful world, the jews need to be gone.


Poor reading comprehension? lol

Didn’t make it in school?

Aww … you ended up in dead end job and a failed life? TFB


They’re trying …

I’m keeping score … eh?

Whose winning so far?


comment image?1


comment image?w=300
And how does the alien European Jew feel connected to the
Arab region and he is as alien as the Germans?

Arch Bungle

Why are they wearing pancakes on their heads?

Steve Standley

You should see the ones wearing hostess ding dongs. Super stupid.


You sound jealous Steve … eh?

Steve Standley

you figured me out. I’m jealous of stupidity.


Slap yourself then …



You mean like the CATHOLIC Pope?

Steve Standley

He hit the nail on the head. Jews have been a subversive, deceitful, thieving, and murderous force whether it be from Israel, or the 100+ countries they’ve been thrown out of. Ironically, they have a tiny fringe Jewish community that are honest, and that tells on them all the time. Thank God for that tiny minority. On the other hand, Pew polls from Israel show that at least 79% of Jews want an apartheid state where Jews have special rights. 50% want to throw the NATIVE population out all together. So much for their (fake) love of democracy, and their fake democracy Israel.


We don’t ask you which laws we pass here, that is our own affairs. I do support equality for Arab citizens aswell, and most of them are loyal to Israel. But whatever we decide – it doesn’t concern you.

Steve Standley

That’s strange, because Israel has been meddling in the affairs of other countries since its inception. To say that anyone should stay out of Israeli affairs is to be hypocritical and duplicitous. Jews not only lie to other people about everything, they lie to themselves about everything.


Are the loyal ones whose women you raped and murdered,
whose people you massacred and expelling 90% of the
natives. Remind me how the white Jew is connected to
the Arab region?




they have a tiny fringe Jewish community that are honest, and that tells on them all the time.


Gallup 2014: 93% of American Jews expressed sympathy for
Israel, 2% for Palestinians and 5% had no opinion. Here is
the chart:

Gallup 2019: Jews in the U.S. are both highly likely to
identify as Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates and to
express views that are highly loyal to Israel. There is little
evidence of a change in these trends

Gallup 2019: 95% of Jews have favorable views of Israel
significantly more pro-Israel than the overall national averages
of 71% favorable views of Israel

Steve Standley

lol yeah. I said it was tiny. I meant it. I’m literally counting them individually. The only Jewish “group” I can count are a tiny sect of orthodox jews that are anti-zionist; spokesmen/leader is Dovid Weiss. That’s it. The rest are individuals.


Dovid Weiss wants to have the right to live on Arab soil without
a Jewish state. What would happen if the Palestinians regain
their country and tell the Weiss to get out. Will they
peacefully get out or resist?

Steve Standley

jews and arabs lived peacefully in Palestine long before the jewish state was created. I suppose he would apply for residency….


comment image?1

Daniel Rich

@Steve Standley,

israel, that name legitimizes the place. It should be called what it actually is; Occupied Palestine [imho].

Steve Standley

Good point.


Shut the F up.


Thanks for speaking your ‘truth’ Steve … ya f/kn Jew Hater

Those 100+ countries they were thrown out of … were overwhelmingly CHRISTIAN STATES WITH CHRISTIAN POPULATIONS … eh?


The Jews are sovereign today … eh?

Emad Irani

Exactly this is why Iran will go or went already for full nuclear


There is no Jewish culture, did you mean to say ‘Ashkenazi culture’?

Scroll Down

Khazarian kulture!


Ah … still not sure ? lol

Still going on about Hanna & family strung up during Purim celebration? lol

75,000 was it? How did you come up with that number?

Call me curious …


She is in pocket of France


and he is right of course and that is why the jews in palestine need to be decimated to zero, null, zilch and so on – no room for the palestinian jews or any other jews in the middle east.


There are no Palestinian Jews – zero – none. What are you
talking about?


don’t really care what you’re on about, the naziyahu pretends to be jewish, aipac pretends to be jewish and proudly announces its jewishness so why should I care about some kazarian plot in palestine. they claim to be jewish so they’ll have to accept that jewishness in palestine ain’t the flavour of the day. but keep on to your kazarian plot if it makes you happy!


I said nothing about who is a Jew and who is not. My issue is
with a European people who claim rights to Palestine because
their ancestors used to live there. That is equivalent to the
Chinese Muslims claiming they are the direct descendants of the
Prophet Muhammad.

Ben Gurion --- If you mean to ask why we want to come to
Palestine, I have told you it is because we are coming back to
our country.


Ah nasty zionists even today Hitler with his 1940s army to be able to see you as you are will level everything of you. Only Hitler is for you and your state. But many of you hide like rats underground and survived damn hitler he didn’t do a good job after all.

Cheryl Brandon


Cheryl Brandon
Steve Standley

Everybody had to know this was coming. We in the west live in a world of lies.

In Exile

These scoundrels destroy anywhere they are allowed in. Aussies allowed them in in the 30s and 40s and now Australia is ruined but hey they just go back to Israel when it becomes a little too diverse.


Speaking as an Arab / Lebanese?

NYC is the most diverse city in the USA … Jews LOVE diversity …

• more cuisine / restaurants to enjoy

• more cultural diversity on display

• more exotic women to f/k

Proud Hindu
Arch Bungle

Looks like Hindustan is in trouble … You’ll be buying oxygen from CHINA soon:




Covid is a scam … right?


And yet, the American public still doesn’t get it: Iran isn’t their enemy.
Assad isn’t their enemy; Putin and Russia aren’t their enemies; the
Palestinians aren’t their enemy. Israel and the Zionist Occupied
Government they have are their enemies.


Daniel Rich

@ everybody [except the hasbara clowns],

Don’t waste your time discussing anything with hasbara clowns. They’re here to distort, subvert and wreck the place. Don’t feed them. Ignore them and they’ll get very frustrated and upset.


That rich … Rich … lol

I’m not here to speak or discuss … I’m here to tell you the score …

Roy Sonman

The Jews, from the time of their tool, and possible Jew himself, Napoleon, have had their eyes on stealing for themselves “Greater Israel.” The experience of the Palestinians serve to inform that the Jews will then slaughter the prior inhabitants of “Greater Israel,” and enslave the rest. Of course, the Jews will howl as victims in pain as they steal and slaughter the people in their way.


Projecting … is the psychological term

YOU f/kn Arabs / Muslims and anti-Judaism haters are gonna hate what’s next … eh?

The Future is About to Land …

Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof’s political profile is available in English (original), Russian, German, and Spanish

Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof warns Christians of the cost of supporting the American Empire, the New World Order, World Government, and the Zionist ideology and power structure which drives it. See: https://mark1marti2.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/christian-martyrdom-and-the-american-empire-mark-dankof-for-russia-insider-and-russian-faith/

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