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MAY 2021

Israel Sabotage Iran’s Natanz Facility: MSM Reports

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Israel Sabotage Iran's Natanz Facility: MSM Reports

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The blackout at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility took place hours after its new batch of centrifuges for uranium enrichment were launched.

There are two versions in MSM regarding the incident:

  1. The NYT reports that it was caused by an explosion.
  2. The Guardian reports that Israel even admitted to causing it with a cyber-attack.

As per the NYT, a power failure that appeared to have been caused by a deliberately planned explosion struck Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment site.

Iranian officials called it an act of sabotage that they suggested had been carried out by Israel.

The NYT report is based on two anonymous intelligence officials briefed on the damage. They said it had been caused by a large explosion that completely destroyed the independent internal power system.

As per the claims, the explosion had dealt a severe blow to Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and that it could take at least nine months to restore Natanz’s production.

This could potentially hamper any leverage Iran had in the unofficial Nuclear Deal negotiations with the US it had.

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, described the blackout as an act of “nuclear terrorism” and said the international community must confront the threat.

“The action this morning against the Natanz enrichment site shows the defeat of those who oppose our country’s nuclear and political development and the significant gains of our nuclear industry,” Salehi said. “The incident shows the failure of those who oppose Iran negotiating for sanctions relief.”

Cited by the Guardian, Israeli defence chief, Aviv Kochavi, said the country’s “operations in the Middle East are not hidden from the eyes of the enemy”.

Israel imposed no censorship restrictions on coverage as it had often done after similar previous incidents and the apparent attack was widely covered by Israeli media.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “the struggle against Iran and its proxies and the Iranian armament efforts is a huge mission”.

“The situation that exists today will not necessarily be the situation that will exist tomorrow,” he added.

The US defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, arrived in Tel Aviv on April 11th, partly to sell Washington’s new position to skeptical Israeli officials.

After meeting Austin, Israel’s defence minister, Benny Gantz, said:

“We will work closely with our American allies to ensure that any new agreement with Iran will secure the vital interests of the world, of the United States, prevent a dangerous arms race in our region, and protect the state of Israel.”

Israel appears to be becoming more assertive in protecting its interests and sabotaging Iran. Back in November 2020, Iran’s leading nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated, with the killing blamed on Tel Aviv.

Iran claims that artificial intelligence was used to identify Fakhrizadeh, who was gunned down by a remotely operated automatic weapon. The small lorry carrying the weapon then exploded.

Following the alleged sabotage at the Nataz nuclear facility, Tehran vowed that a response would come.

“The Zionists want to avenge our progress towards lifting the sanctions <…> they have publicly stated that they will not allow this. But we will take revenge on the Zionists,” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was quoted by Reuters.

Earlier, a spokesman for the country’s Foreign Ministry called the incident “an act against humanity.”


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  1. Hadi Heidary says:

    according to what i read the centrifuge that were affected in the incident were all IR-1 and the officials say they gonna replace them with advanced models such as IR-2m,IR-4 etc…. which capacities are about 4 times than IR-1.

    1. Just Me says:

      There is no question that Iran will replace them with more modern ones as it has done in the past, but will remain a target for US and Zionist terrorism unless it tests a nuke, and then the issue becomes moot.

    2. molambo . says:

      Buddy, but why didn’t they do it earlier to make the process go faster? Was the Zionist attack beneficial in the end?

      1. Ashok Varma says:

        No this time Iran was lucky and the damage was minimal. But security needs to be tightened and there must be retaliation. If Iran could attack US bases, attacking Zionists should be a piece of cake.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          I agree.
          Iranian security has not been effective in situations like this.
          Things have to change and red tape regulations that negate individual thinking and ideas are always a problem in regimented security systems.

  2. Simon Ndiritu says:

    If Iran continues only issuing statements, say after the murder of
    scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, later sabotage of Saviz Vessel and now after Natanz facility, Zionists will be emboldened and its hard to imagine what they will do next. Tangible steps need to be taken to deter aggressors

    1. Just Me says:

      Iran needs to test a nuke and stop this nonsense once and for all.

      1. Free man says:

        The Iranians cannot live in the conditions in which the citizens of North Korea live.

        1. Condor says:

          No one dares threaten or attack N. Korea though.

          1. Free man says:

            Still, Iranian citizens will not tolerate such living conditions.

          2. Emad Irani says:

            8 years war proved it, beside that Iranians are not some stateless people

          3. Free man says:

            So you don’t understand how North Korean citizens live.

          4. Emad Irani says:

            haha I don’t care about US propaganda but I also don’t get your bullshit. One time you say Iranian are hungry, now you are saying they will not live in such a condition which means their condition should be very good or not?…

            Little bastard choose one thing :)

          5. Free man says:

            You are one of the fools left in the Islamist Republic, so your poor reading comprehension is understandable.
            You live in a 5 star hotel relative to the standard of living in North Korea.

          6. Ahson says:

            Man a good 1/3rd of the US is in abject poverty. Take a drive to Philly, LA, Cleveland, Gary, Pittsburgh, Miami, Newark, St Louis and Chicago. Dozens of other cities are a total mess. There are more homeless, uneducated no healthcare and unemployed Americans today than the entire population of Iran put together. The US is seriously up shit creek. Fukkin gutted like a third world country.

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        It would appear that Iran has contained the situation, but has to retaliate against increasingly brazen Zionist attacks.

        Iranian nuclear energy chief Ali Akbar Salehi said an emergency power
        system had been activated at Natanz to offset the outage. “Enrichment of
        uranium has not stopped in the site.”

        1. Kathryn Frank says:

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    2. Garga says:

      I’m afraid the proper response (I mean something loud and clear that stops Zionists immediately) won’t be given until the election (June 18th) and when the next president takes the helm. You can’t do it while also fighting in the domestic front with the administration because with any sign of a decisive act from our military or intelligence, they simply screw things up so bad (like the Ukrainian flight, in the war conditions and even with request from the armed forces, the country’s skies remained open to passenger flights with direct order of Rohani).

      What will be done is covert retaliations. In the meantime any possibly damaged centrifuges (which were the oldest model, IR-1) will be replaced with newer and more efficient models.

      If we succeed in booting these traitors, a new and different Iran will emerge (fingers crossed)

      1. Ewan says:

        A different Iran is not necessary. Iran is playing the long game. Iran is unassailable strategically. It is a matter of time only that we will witness the end of the Zionist European Colonial project and a new middle east. Iran is not incapable of retaliating. It did so previously with missiles raining down on the Golan and Nuttyahoo begging for it to stop via clandestine channels

        1. Condor says:

          That is a wise thoughtful comment. Zionism is unsustainable as the Apartheid regime was.

        2. Garga says:

          I’m afraid I have to disagree. If it all depended on our armed forces or the intelligence apparatus, they were more than capable to deal with any threat. Alas it’s not the case.

          It’s a common misconception for foreigners to see Iranian government as some sort of homogeneous entity, where everyone agree on some policies and everything is decided by one person, the Supreme Leader and done accordingly. It’s far from reality.

          There’s a great existential danger for Iran’s unity and survival and this threat is not external but domestic. You say it’s only a matter of time to get rid of the occupying regime, be aware that in order to achieve it, Iran (and the axis of resistance by extension) first need to deal with this threat. Only then we can hope to rid the world off the cancer. There are internal forces right in the government hard at work to postpone that, maybe even prevent it from happening if they succeed. That’s why the next presidential election is a critical point not only for us, but for the region and the world.

          Explaining why we need big changes here will be a long write and takes time, both to write on my part and to read on yours. So I’ll do that only if there’s sufficient interest from members of our little community here in SouthFront boards.

          1. Ewan says:

            I’m totally aware of the opposing forces even amongst mullahs of qom. But I have faith in the irgc . Dissenters there will be. But a 40 year no east no west stance has stood the test of time. The ME people’s cannot afford a faltering Iran, not until after that long awaited cataclysmic crushing of the last vestige of Rothschild’s colonial experiment in the middle east. As long as the old guard in the irgc holds sway, harmful internal dissent can be crushed

          2. Emad Irani says:

            ending negotiations, closing all borders, turning Iranian into a military ruled country would be first steps. There are some Pro-Western boot lickers who think Iran should be like South Korea, Turkey or Emirates, punishing these people would be the first step

          3. farbat says:

            i believe hasan abbasi is absolutely right when he says just push for meritocracy and you will see the country will be ruled by sepah and the people around the leader

          4. farbat says:

            the liberals have nothing besides rhetoric to offer and people are sick of empty rhetoric of liberals they want somebody with merit to what he does and like its usually said in the west people vote with the wallet it also has become a reality nowadays in iran because of the 8 years of constant liberalism

          5. farbat says:

            i personally agree with many that the person with the most merit and who should be president is saeed mohammad so i pretty much support saeed mohammad as president which is why all the politicians aka useless technocrats and such are right now in a election war with him inside iran and only saeed mohammad did have as much merit as even martyr general soleimani to be in such a position to become president so there is no doubt that he should be the one winning this year because without him pretty much nothing would work inside iran by now starting with the fact that we would have no gasoline worse than venezuela

          6. Jakke1899 says:

            I for one would be more than happy to read such an extensive article from your hand about the internal forces shifting inside Iran.

            A silent reader of your insights…

      2. Fog of War says:

        ” What will be done is covert retaliations. ”

        Not the mythical covert operations again. They must all be successful because none of us will ever know, right ? SMH

        1. Garga says:

          Puhleez, it’s ironic that someone who believes in oh so great mythical forces at work, makes fun of “mythical” matters.

          If you don’t hear about something, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and Iran doesn’t need to explain itself to you or me. This back and forth attacks are happening for some years.

          Since we (world’s first grade armchair generals and keyboard warriors) understand that if you don’t stand against a bully, the bully won’t leave you alone, Iranian decision-makers probably understand it too after 42 years of engaging with the biggest bully in the world.
          But feel free to think what you like. Right now we have more pressing matters in order to preserve a country so you can berate it.

    3. farbat says:

      the zionists are way to mighty in being rats for us to do something about their rats games we better just sit here and watch the rat show and continue what we do even stronger than before how about that

    4. farbat says:

      mighty rats zionists are the best when it comes to lying stealing and terrorism and iran better doesnt try to play these games but how about iran playing cat and mouse game with them and to be more precise tom and jerry games and everytime they try to destroy something they see suddenly something bigger infront of them and its like a huge ladder they have to climb with each step being higher and higher until they at one point cant even reach the next one anymore

    5. farbat says:

      to be more precise they can play this game and make us very familiar with their game until we follow it back to its origin and pretty much beat it up in our way right there

    6. farbat says:

      to be more precise our counter intelligence forces will be the best in the world in future so much so that they will pretty much dismantle cia mossad bnd mi6 mokhabarat etc pp

    7. farbat says:

      you are right with one thing thou which is that this cat and mouse game has to come to an end soon since the level of deterrance will change completely in west asia so that even syria cant be bombed so easily anymore and therefore both iraq and syria will probably face more intelligence threats in future

  3. Ma_Laoshi says:

    Venting your anger and talking tough is all nice and well, but what about operational security? You don’t really look like big bad Persian wrestlers if your adversary can apparently sabotage your crown jewels at will.

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      You have made a very valid point, Iran has been a target of Zionist attacks from shipping, bases in Syria, assassination of nuclear scientists and now brazen sabotage. Also the Iranian people have suffered immensely due sanctions for a nuclear program that is going nowhere. Either they need to shut it down or test a nuclear weapon like India did, and let the chips fall where they may. This makes Iran look very weak and impotent.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    Isisrahellians suffer from dwarf syndrome, take advantage of every opportunity to appear larger, NYT mind by definition, Iran is the only one who knows what happened but it will hardly tell him around, he must disconnect the fifth column.
    Americans who send a *egro to deal with Jews demonstrate their complete ignorance, he will be treated as a slave, to the best way.

  5. Diana Cornwell says:

    Pathetic, these Iranians.

    They can’t even deny access to the Jews, to their strategic assets INSIDE Iran itself, their own country under their own control.

    Israel is killing and destroying Iranian officers and Iranian bases almost everyday in Syria.

    Hopeless cases.

    The Americans and the Jews are toying with these other champions of Islam, perversion and backwardness.

    NATO and Israel are only waiting for the next global economic crisis to flatten Iran. What the Iranians will suffer will be incomparable to what happened to Iraq or Syria.

    The hatred of the Jews for the Iranians is palpable. All the Iranians know how to do, is die in large numbers. Russia already stabbed the Iranians in the back. The Russians are in bed with the Jews and their American colony.

    Iranians don’t stand a chance. Nuclear weapons will be used this time.

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      The largely illiterate mullahs that run Iran have alienated a large chunk of population by their controlling fetishes like chador for women, and harsh social repression which makes it easy for its enemies to recruit saboteurs. Iran needs to put some grown up educated people in charge or things will get worse.

      1. Diana Cornwell says:


        Nothing is going to work though. The Mollahs are corrupt perverted vermin who get off watching virgins getting raped before they are killed.


        1. Ashok Varma says:

          In all fairness, they also suit the west as it keeps Iran weak and isolated. Iranians are good people and I have done business there, but they like Russians have been led by horribly inept and corrupt governments.

          1. Diana Cornwell says:

            I have less faith in Iranians than you do. Dealt with many of them in the US. Not impressed by their senseless materialism and shortsightedness.
            Take care.

          2. Ahson says:

            but doc….lol…..nothing happened no? don’t lose it just yet. Power was cut and then the centrifuges just shut down. Nothing else. Power will be restored and then the uranium will keep on pumpin no? Have some faith in the resurrection of the Sassanid. We’re back no?

          3. Diana Cornwell says:

            It’s all the rest that is worrisome. The centrifuges…they’ve been at it what for over a quarter of a century now? What it takes the Iranians to build, it takes the Jews 5 seconds to destroy.
            Anyway, anything Islamic is an abomination; peoples and countries included.

          4. Condor says:

            It would appear that the damage has been contained and the redundant safety systems kicked in and no damage was done to the centrifuges. However, Iran needs to get its act together.

          5. Diana Cornwell says:

            Never will.

            I’m sorry.

            You sealed your fate centuries ago when you repudiated your own religion and civilization known as Zoroastrianism, and adopted the vile Islam of the abominable semites known as the Arabs.

          6. Ahson says:

            Setbacks are part of this long game Iran is playing……The West is hesitant to act and is indecisive as ME is not their core interest, and Israel knows its place. Iran’s long got them in a checkmate.

          7. Condor says:

            From a purely empirical analysis, Iran is a large country with a massive strategic mass and can wear down the Zionist regime, despite US support. Even Egypt succeeded in 1973 and had to be bribed.

          8. Fog of War says:

            ” Even Egypt succeeded in 1973 and had to be bribed. ”

            I think you should research this more as Sadat made sure the operation failed. All is not as it seems.

          9. Ahson says:

            of course man…..Iran’s runnin the show in half a dozen ME capitals from the shadows. Just can’t go to ghetto level to flaunt it. Israel bitching daily about it is the confirmation of this fact. I’ve read the nuke negotiations stalled because Iran rejected a US demand for staying in Iraq with its token intelligence forces.

          10. Ewan says:

            You mean Egypt had to be threatened

          11. Diana Cornwell says:

            Totally disagree.

            The West is only saving you for last. You will experience the kind of devastation seen in science-fiction movies.

            Iran will be the bread and circuses for the debilitated populations of the failing western world.

          12. Ahson says:

            Iranians are xeno by nature. Even Afghan refugees are still semi segregated from Iranian society after 40 years, despite being racially Persian. Iran’s society is still viable. The key metrics are all there…..education, housing, employment, healthcare, state subsidies for essentials etc……All others around Iran are failed states! if not failed then they are US toady dependent on the West for life support. There’s just no comparison.

          13. Ewan says:

            …. And Iran has a hard to crack. Highly insulated boys club of mullahs along with A mighty Praetorian guard that runs the middle east

          14. Ahson says:

            yeah look, this thing is being blown out of proportion. Hardly any damage was done. It’s next to impossible for the intelligence ministry to track every single mossad recruitment within Iran. The last explosion at the Natanz centrifuge hall was caused by a large and heavy desk which was brought inside that warehouse. Iran can retaliate for all this, but so far its been a learning curve for Mr Alavi. Israel is just desperate to be relevant. However, we know they are losing. They just can’t take on Iran, a country far away, and many times their size with huge clout in the region.

          15. Diana Cornwell says:

            I went through an Iranian airport to change flights. Veiled girls selling expensive cellphones, standing around doing nothing for lack of customers. I was forced to veil myself. Some women from our flight were harassed because the Iranian guards thought their accoutrements were not modest, even though these women wore nothing but normal clothes. Other Iranian officials confiscated items people from our group had bought at the airport we flew in from. All throughout our ordeal, stupid condescending grins and constant lying about this and that.
            I will never have anything to do with Iran, and hopefully with other Muslims as well.
            Muslims have been empowered by the crypto-Zionists like Putin and the Jewish oligarchs and Jewish American and European politicians. We are paying for it now.

          16. Ahson says:

            but, that’s strange and totally 180 degrees from what we see on social media no? People go out of their way to help you out no? Come on brah…..lol, stop kidding.

          17. Diana Cornwell says:

            Not quite sure if that’s sarcasm.

          18. Ahson says:

            I liked that comment of yours on Press TV, where you planted the seed of doubt on this entire Natanz affair as being a false flag no?……lol…..you getting smarter doc….

          19. Diana Cornwell says:


          20. Ahson says:

            Lol….you nailed em over there. Any further comments of mine were blocked, but you blew the lid on this fake Natanz bullshit….lol

          21. Ewan says:

            Iran will be the seed for thermonuclear destruction of european capitals and the decimation of the hedonistic european races. The future belongs to the fruitful

          22. Diana Cornwell says:

            Anything can happen. Including the opposite.
            Yes, we know that you Muslims intend to take over the world by making babies like rabbits. Look where this brought Turkey to. Now Sultan Erdogan is losing his grip on power because he can’t feed his army of depraved uneducated babies.

          23. Ewan says:

            And your education has led your race to extinction. Well done.

          24. Ahson says:

            turks are asiatic guppu people doc……turkey is a Nato jihadi Al-Qaeda proxy.

          25. Diana Cornwell says:

            It’s also a Doenmeh/Jewish creation.

          26. Ahson says:

            From their face they just look like regional/ generational servants……this is the biggest issue.

          27. Ahson says:

            doc you made one hell of a comment on Press TV about this whole Natanz thing being a total false flag…(and the mods over there totally published your comment too)….lol…..shit, you got me seriously thinking….lol……I think they (both sides) have us over a barrel……lol……I was just taken aback by your comment. You mentioned it, while the others are sitting buffooned or have long been had (evidently here and everywhere else too)…..lol….There ain’t no way in hell some guy could get in there with a sticky bomb and did what he is being claimed to have done. Its impossible with security up to your eyeballs at Natanz/ Fordow/ Parchin. You earned major respect from me.

          28. Condor says:

            The Iranians in US are worst of the worst and real gaudy wannabes, they are truly like the cheap, materialistic, crass and clownish characters shown on the Shahs of Sunset Strip. Iranians by nature are very prone to ostentatious display of bling and mindless materialism. I saw that during the shah’s time and the oil boom era. Now the mullahs are flaunting wealth through corruption. Iranians and Russians have that in common too, besides treachery.

          29. Diana Cornwell says:

            For once we agree. You’re Iranian I suppose? Or just lived there?

          30. Condor says:

            I am an American who lived in Iran, just prior to the revolution.

          31. Ewan says:

            Sour grapes – Got served by the Iranians , did ya?

          32. Condor says:

            I have no problem with Iranians. Had quite a few friends, but have a distaste for theocratic and autocratic regimes. The shah was corrupt and brutal, but the revolution was hijacked.

          33. Fog of War says:

            ” but the revolution was hijacked. ”

            Or went according to plan. A certain tiny slave state would not want a powerful, nuclear powered, nation in the middle east .

          34. Diana Cornwell says:


            There is so much knowledge you can impart on us.

            Please do so at your leisure whenever you feel like the moment is right.

          35. Ewan says:

            Yep, and no other people behave that way, not so?

          36. Condor says:

            My point was that the Iranians or Persians as they call themselves in the US are the worst representations of Iranians. They are from the shah era and passed the same shallow and vacuous values to their children.

          37. Fog of War says:

            The Houthis seem to be immune.

          38. Fog of War says:

            ” . Iranians and Russians have that in common too, besides treachery. ”

            Very truth. Many of the them are asleep in the ” Western dream”.

          39. Me&Myself None says:

            I do have a few Iranian colleagues(male and female), and I can say that they are absolutely nice and smart people. Somehow I was able to bond with them easily. None of them shares the characteristics that you mentioned.

          40. Diana Cornwell says:


          41. Ewan says:

            This deluded old sow deals with a few iranians and now she knows the the other 50 000 000 LoL

          42. Diana Cornwell says:

            Well, I’m not claiming to have met 50 million Iranians like you are, true.

        2. BBHermes says:

          Yours is a disgusting, sick comment following an ignorant, uninformed comment. You have made an unfounded generalization and slandered an entire category of people without knowledge. This is just another form of bigotry – no different than what the Zionists et al do – and you should be ashamed of yourself.

          1. Condor says:

            Tarring people with a broad brush is always a sign of ignorance and a closed mind, however all nationalities have some quirks.

        3. Ewan says:

          At least thats better than raping babies like your Zionist Rabbi buddies do and harvesting Palestinian organs.

          1. Diana Cornwell says:

            I am certainly not going to defend Jews. They are no better than the Muslims. Christian civilization, on the other hand, has done some good deeds and evinced some virtues, unlike you two above. And I’m not talking about religious doctrine at all. Just basic cultural traits as pertains to the aforementioned societies and their respective cultures.

          2. Ewan says:

            Christian civilisation …that’s an oxymoron. Your civilisation is exemplified in the barbaric brutality of the crusaders…the belief in white racial superiority.. the white man’s burden and other bullshit you pat yourselves on the back with. The science you pride your advanced civilisation on was given to you by the Arabs whilst europe languished in the putrid filth of their own backwardness. You seem to suffer from the same shortsightedness that most of your decrepit co continental’s do, the misguided belief in your racial superiority. You created a religion with a white man as God to reinforce your misguided hallucinations. But it was just a few centuries ago that salahuddin sent you packing from the ME….and the one axiom of this earthly existence that never fails – history always repeats itself .

          3. Diana Cornwell says:


            You Muslims murdered exclusively through rape, torture and mutilation the entire Christian population of Asia Minor; millions and millions of Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians; and you have killed thousands more recently in Iraq and Syria, ethnically cleansing the Middle East of its Christian population.

            I subscribe to the notion that Islam is perversion and depravity codified. Islam and Muslims must be banned for the good of the human race.

          4. Ewan says:

            It is the european races that will be annihilated in the coming cataclysm, thankfully, your new world order replaced by a single Islamic one. The writings on the wall. All you now have left are your white superiority wetdreams

          5. Diana Cornwell says:

            Islam and Muslims, along with Jews similar to them, are the supreme abomination in the history of mankind.

      2. BBHermes says:

        This is an extremely ignorant and “illiterate” comment. Perhaps visit Iran and spend some time with its people before pontificating and repeating tired Western propaganda about a country and people you clearly know absolutely nothing about.

      3. Ewan says:

        Yeah, they should sell their women in the temples like you Hindus do your sisters. The only traitors are the usual suspects – MEK and the a few Iranian fifth column.

      4. Me&Myself None says:

        Exactly right. Iran keeps mimicking the exact same behavior of its neighboring Wahhabi states while trying to present itself as something better. Like Saud Arabia, women have absolutely no right there; not long ago they pelted with rock a woman to death for having sex before marriage.

    2. BBHermes says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Before passing absolute judgments, have some humility and learn a thing or two about geopolitical strategy. Iran is not going to make stupid, knee-jerk decisions to placate your arm-chair desire for short-term actions – with the accompanied sacrifice of loss of life and treasure – that will accomplish little-to-nothing for purposes of long-term strategy.

      Iran and its leadership have many problems. But on this issue they know exactly what they are doing and have the support of the overwhelming majority of the population.

      The Biden administration has already walked back its absolutist line and the Zionist regime is trying to provoke a war – Iran is not taking the bait and is playing the long game. The idiots commenting here of SF don’t get this. At the end of the day:

      “Surely God is with those who are patient!”

      1. Diana Cornwell says:

        I know Iranians and I know Islam (and Judaism as well). Nothing Islamic can ever be any good. You perverts rape virgins before you kill them. Depraved you Muslims and Iranians are. At least the Jews make good falafel. But come to think of it, I like ghormeh sabzi too.
        That’s one thing all cultures do well: cooking. Except for cannibals and Americans I suppose.

        1. BBHermes says:

          And with that shameless contribution to bigotry and ignorance you have summed up everything anyone needs to know about you.

          1. Condor says:

            Not a very good understanding of US diversity either. Diana appears to be trolling rather than engaging in a civilized and respectful dialogue. Most Brits are more tactful, so I would doubt her gender or nationality.

          2. Diana Cornwell says:

            No worries, I’m already married, with children and grandchildren.

          3. Helen4Yemen says:


        2. Ewan says:

          You forget your raping headchopping crusaders, Abu Ghraib and the masses of civilians the Aussies, Yanks and Brits killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

          1. Diana Cornwell says:

            Our side can be cruel and destructive as well, yes. But Muslims are worse than anyone else.

          2. Jaime Galarza says:

            No one can be worse than the westerners that spread their vile behaviour all over the world. Westerners are the champions in cruelty, in lying, in hypocrisy, in deviosness and, above all in violence. WWI, WWII and especially the atomic bomb dropping on civilian populations is the summit of their degeneracy.

          3. Diana Cornwell says:

            Can’t deny that. Westerners murdered their own young men by the millions in two world wars, then acquiesced to their own crypto-Zionist leadership’s importing of hateful Muslim rapefugies to kill European children and rape European women. Now there are cities in Europe where Muslims forbid entrance to Europeans.

          4. Helen4Yemen says:

            You should be banned for making such crazy statements. Jews fled and were received in Muslim countries when Christian Europe wanted to annihilate them,


    3. Ewan says:

      You forget the cowardice of the US and Israel is second to none. You make laughable statements like ” What the Iranians will suffer will be incomparable to what happened to Iraq or Syria.”

      Iraq was bombed partially with NO invasion in the first Gulf war ‘cos the Yanks were too scared to invade, afraid of casualties and the 700 000 strong Republican Guard. Then the Western Cowards got together and sanctioned Iraq (White Pig Assfuckers’ weapon of choice) for 10 years (and murdered 1 million kids) with no fly zones thrown in to destroy all their airdefences. After bribing the officer class to desert, the White Arsefuckers ganged up again in an orgy of violence – 10 Nations against one weakened, sanctioned victim attacked Iraq a second time. Iran is not Iraq or Syria. 30 minutes after the first nuke falls on Tehran, Tel Aviv will be toast, 30 minutes after that, Haifa will be toast, and 3 hours later, Nasrallah will be in Jerusalem thanks to Soleimani’s 100 000 PMUs in Syria. Go peddle your White supremacist pro-zionist wetdreams elsewhere, Hopefully, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi and the other little bullsh1t emirates get fried along with their buddies, the fake jews.

      1. Diana Cornwell says:

        The facts prove otherwise.

        If the Iranians could do anything, they’d have done it by now.

        I am certain the bluster of the Iranians only hides their ineptitude and fear. You are totally defenseless against NATO’s offensive capabilities.

        The US and Israel are only saving you for last. Your devastation will serve as bread and circuses for the imploding western civilization’s populace.

        You have about 5 years. Enjoy every second of it. You will literally experience hell after that. The Jews hate you so much, and they wield such destructive power.

        The Jews control the American and the Turkish armies. That’s millions of brainwashed fanatics backed by thousands of nukes and sophisticated armaments.

        I’m glad my days on this planet are numbered.

        1. Ewan says:

          If israel could do anything, they would have done it by now. They have never been shy of attacking their neighbours yet for more than 20 years Netanyahu bitches about Iran’s nuke bomb and threatens to fight iran to the last Yank. I’m still waiting for that to happen.

          1. Helen4Yemen says:

            The alien white Jew is no neighbor or mind, that is like referring to the French as he neighbors of North Africans. The white Jew is alien to the Arab region 100%.

          2. Diana Cornwell says:

            They’re waiting for the *real* economic and social crisis to hit in 1-2 years. They’ll give it some more time to drive western populations crazy with despair, THEN they will attack and destroy Iran with such violence that you won’t believe your eyes.

            Inquire about Frankism. Basically, these people believe that evil is good and the greatest virtue is the same as the greatest suffering.

          3. Ewan says:

            Don’t get your hopes up satanic sow. The Russians and Chinese know very well that if they do not confront NATO in the ME, they will be confronting NATO in Moscow and Beijing. A major attack on Iran means global thermonuclear warfare. Israel and Europe will get wasted and hopefully the anglo saxon races will disappear en masse.

          4. Diana Cornwell says:

            Russia and China are ruled by crypto-Zionists or their agents. Muslims will only be used as cannon fodder or the means to oppress white Europeans by the Jews.

        2. Helen4Yemen says:

          Why is the state of the white Jew in the Arab region instead
          of in Poland or Ukraine?

    4. Helen4Yemen says:

      You are speaking like a buffoon. Stop generalizing 1.7 billion
      Muslims fool. Stop generalizing 80 million Iranians, fool.
      Jew hatred was 100% from Christian Europe.

  6. Condor says:

    After examining all the evidence, Russian collusion with Zionists can not be ruled out as well. Russia sold Iran archaic Chernobyl nuclear technology which is proving to be a disaster and very vulnerable, like the museum piece S-400 in Syria which have yet to intercept a single Zionist airstrike. Russia appears to have provided the US and Zionists will all the weak points in the security systems. I was stationed in Iran when the shah ordered the first Westinghouse nuclear reactors, however he was overthrown before delivery. If Iran had US technology these regular failures would not be happening. Buy Russian and expect the worst. Russian never disappoints in epic failures.

    1. Fog of War says:

      Its too early to make those accusations. Iran is probably full of ” useful idiots “: willing to sell out their nation for the ” western dream “.

    2. Lakeside says:

      Finger pointing and excuses will do you no good. Look inward brother. That’s where the problem is.

  7. Free man says:

    I feel sorry for the Iranian people who have such an impotent regime.

    1. Condor says:

      The regime suits the west fine, it keeps Iran isolated as a pariah and far from reaching its potential. It also suits Russia, but now China is involved so the situation will get more complex, but Chinese mostly don’t interfere in internal affairs of any nation and focus on economic benefits. US idiocy has given Iran to China on a platter.

      1. Fog of War says:

        ” but Chinese mostly don’t interfere in internal affairs of any nation ”

        1979: Opportunistic China invades a weakened Vietnam thinking it would be an easy cakewalk.

        Result: China got its ass handed to them and have been averse to offensive actions ever since.

    2. BBHermes says:

      If the regime were so impotent, the Biden administration wouldn’t have walked back its absolutist demands. Iran is in a weak position but is not weak – that is an important geopolitical distinction.

      Looked at from a big-picture perspective, Iran is winning the long game – and that’s the one that counts. The Zionists are trying to provoke Iran and the US into a war, and Iran – wisely up till now – has not taken the bait.

      1. Ewan says:

        Most of the anti iranian anti islamic comments are racist white supremacists or from coconuts (Dark skinned people who are brown on the outside but oh so white on the inside)

        1. Condor says:

          I would beg to disagree. Not all white people are racist or genocidal murderers. The Turks and Arabs have been doing all the killing lately.

          1. Ewan says:

            Really? The US alone has massacred more than 20 million third world people’s since it was created. Arabs and Turks have Nothing on the yanks in that Department

        2. Fog of War says:

          GTFOH with your worn our racist, supremacist BS. Its an immediate sign of someone with nothing intellectual to add .

    3. Condor says:

      Time is on Iran’s side. Eventually their strategic patience will wear out if the talks with US fail and they have nothing to lose. The Zionists may be pushing their luck.

    4. Condor says:

      Too early to pass a definitive judgement. Every country has a threshold of pain, Iran should not be underestimated.

  8. Fair treatment says:

    They should stop the Internet access.

    1. Condor says:

      My experience tells me that repressive regimes create more internal enemies who become traitors. The USSR was a classic example where the western intelligence services recruited even Politburo members at will. Iranians by nature have a history of treachery dating back to Darius, who was killed by his own generals and not Alexander’s invading army. Nothing seems to have changed in 3000 years.

        1. Condor says:

          If the theocratic regime eased up on women’s rights and social restrictions, the chance of recruitment by Western intelligence agencies would lessen. Soviets made the same mistakes of creating harsh living conditions.

          1. Fog of War says:

            If it does that it will just become a poor copy of ZioWestern society.

            The greatest weapon the ZioWest has is its cultural and artistic dominance over the world. Once the youth, and others, of a nation are given access to the internet, Western movies, and especially Western music its game over.

          2. Ewan says:

            It’s a double edged sword. It destroyed western civilisation as well who are now completely hedonistic.low birth rates will send the west to extinction. As I said previously, the future belongs to the fruitful

      1. Ewan says:

        What a ridiculous infantile generalisation

    2. AJ says:

      This is more like an inside sabotage job not some hack over the web

  9. verner says:

    anyway, 10million friggin jews against 85 million iranians, I would place the bet on the Iranians and the palestinian jews on the list of extinct species. one problem is that there are odious jews embedded and entrenched in the various societies in the middle east posing as natives, speaking the arab dialect and pretending to be of the local tribe while all the time maintaining loyalty to the jewish tribe and as such can cause a lot of damage. however, when they are caught there is just one thing to do, lamppost them treacherous bastards right away (apparently the one who caused the problem is identified so there is every reason to hope that he is successfully apprehended and lamp-posted (after being forced to give up his network etc). and even if this case of sabotage was half way successful, it’s a set back and they will soon be back on track and maybe they should acquire a full set of missile ready nukes from north korea and test the iron dome the parasitic jews brag about (my guess is like a sieve and will let anything through forcing the maggots to flee like the cowards they are).

    1. Fog of War says:

      ” 10million friggin jews against 85 million iranians ”

      They’ll have to get through 300 million ZioAmericans first.

      1. verner says:

        you dreaming or what – 300 million ziomorons,from a bankrupt country and moreover, the only party interested in the jews in palestine is the bought and paid lawmakers on the hill, the balance of the 330 million undereducated fast-food addicted idiots are anti-jews to the Nth degree. no way that part would lift a finger to save a jew, either in the disunited states of insufferable fools or in palestine.

        1. Fog of War says:

          Neither will all 85 million Iranians. There are traitors everywhere.

  10. Just Me says:


    Jeddah Airport In Saudi Arabia Closed Due To intense Houthi Military Action

    The second largest airport in Saudi Arabia has come under intense attack from Yemen and several civilian and military aircraft and airport terminal have been hit. Developing……..

    1. verner says:

      splendid news for the good people of the middle east and not so good for the bad ones, the jews, saudis etc.

      1. Just Me says:

        Even IATA website has just posted an advisory against flights to Saudi Arabia as drones are coming in waves.

        Military activity in the vicinity of Jeddah has seen that city’s airport
        temporarily closed. Flights are diverting to other airports around
        Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have imposed a complete blackout on the reporting but eyewitnesses saw dozens of inbound drones and missiles equipped with explosives. The drones and missiles are coming out of Yemen and targeting infrastructure such as airports.

      2. Condor says:

        Saudis are getting their just rewards.

    2. tzatz says:


  11. daniel says:

    This is 100% an insider work, don’t forget that Iranian are deeply divided, a large number are pro West and anti China, even current president and his group are pro West, so there are already some Iranian motivated to work with Israeli-Saudi-CIA against their own country,

    1. Condor says:

      Dr. Salehi has acknowledged human element of sabotage.

    2. Ewan says:

      And the mullahs have thankfully inherited the most effective secret police on earth. Let savak do the talking

      1. tzatz says:


    3. Ahson says:

      The guy who did this is missing along with his family. He did it for the money or he got blackmailed into doing it. Either way he’s probably long gone by now. Sitting in Tel Aviv and preparing for a new life in the EU or the US.

      1. tzatz says:

        There are more to take his place …. his utility is over

    4. tzatz says:

      Good to know … thanks

  12. Potato Man says:

    For those stupid “people” that have one brain cell in their heads, Iran election is coming up, the now clown government of Iran trying so hard to win some how to show off, for the election that is coming up.
    I don’t think people know much about Iran… it is funny, ask yourself what type of government Iran have now?
    It is pro-US-EU…they wouldn’t agree with far right parties in Iran, that would put Zion nose in their as$.

    Also, some fuking people here are young or just stupid and act they don’t understand how US and Zion work… in history between these two countries you see again and again, US say one thing and Zion do their own and hide under US as$.

    The next government most likely would be more right and hit Zion much harder…I wait to see who win the election and that would pretty much tell us what gonna happen to Zion – US.

    1. Ewan says:

      A hardliner will be installed or the opposition will be crushed by the IRGC.

    2. tzatz says:



  13. <> says:

    No one threatens Israel with destruction, never forget that mullahs.

    1. Helen4Yemen says:


      The alien entity has gone way down in military power
      and now stands in 5th place behind Turkey, Egypt,
      Iran and Saudi Arabia – despite huge infusion of US
      dollars and weapons.

    2. Helen4Yemen says:

      As long as there are stones and there are Palestinian kids,
      the Jew invader of Palestine will never find peace.


      1. tzatz says:

        Cool … bring stones to a gun fight

        I like that … what are the odds verner at William Hill? lol

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