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Israel: S-300 Will Not Protect Iranian Forces In Syria

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Israel: S-300 Will Not Protect Iranian Forces In Syria

People watch S-300 air defense missile systems launching missiles during the Keys to the Sky competition at the International Army Games 2017 at the Ashuluk shooting range outside Astrakhan, Russia, August 5, 2017. . (photo credit: REUTERS/MAXIM SHEMETOV)

Israel claims that the S-300 system delivered to the Syrian military will not defend Iranian forces in the country from Israeli attacks.

“We have made it clear to the Russians at the highest levels in recent days that we have no interest in confronting Russia or Syria,” Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi stated according to the Israeli Broadcast Authority. “The more the Syrians understand that our efforts are not directed against them, the better for all concerned.”

He added that Tel Aviv has a “red line” and “every Iranian military deployment in Syria represents a threat” to Israel’s “national security”.

“We will use all means at our disposal to prevent the [Iranian] expansion,” Hanegbi stated claiming that S-300 delivery would not affect the Israeli Air Force’s capabilities.

Meanwhile, General Joseph Votel, who heads the US Central Command, stated that the S-300 delivery to Syria is a “needless escalation”.

He stated that the deployment of the S-300 missiles “appears to be an effort to cover for Iranian and Syrian regime nefarious activities in Syria. So, again, I think this is a needless, needless escalation.”

The general repeated the Israeli narrative saying that the S-300 delivery will not impact the US Air Force capabilities to operate in the war-torn country.

“Our forces here have been operating under a latent anti-air threat for some time and we will continue to do so,” he stated.

Votel also accused Iran of using Syria as cover to target other countries.

“We believe they are moving lethal capabilities into Syria that threaten neighbors in the region,” he said.

However, the general noted that the US is not seeking an open conflict with Iran.

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Zo Fu

Hmm, it is two pieces of S-75 (SA2) on the picture I guess. Range 30-45 km. 1957 year. Good for museum only.

John Whitehot

yeah i noticed too, although the launches in background are S300s.
the picture may have some propaganda value in some twisted, degenerating mind.

Brother Thomas

Then why the nervousness? And why Netanyahu himself in person pleading the case to Putin to block deliveries to Syria of the S-300 system?


The answer is between the lines of recent Israeli rhetoric. Now Israel wants peace (or to make it seen like they want peace) with Syria to ensure some sort of concession out of Syria in order to not let Iranian forces to transfer weapons and supplies to Hezbollah but they’re failing even there.

Fact that they’re continuing to threaten Syria with more Air strikes shows one that Israel is still deep into their own hubris of arrogance and will try to attack again to attack “Iranian forces” whatever the hell that means.

Zo Fu

Because Israel is obsessed with idea, that he must destroy all military targets near his borders, keeping its “military supremacy” forever. This is another example of stupid wolfowitz doctrine, the same as in US. Israeli leaders should be treated medically.
It is not normal behavior start preemptive wars with any neighbor in proximity just to feel “safe”.


This is just golden. Literraly not too long ago, on record, the Israelis were saying we will bomb Syria over the false-flag chemical attacks, protecting their airspace or defeating terrorists on the border. In addition they were threatening Assad with outright obliteration of himself and his family. Now they want to play nice and say what they’ve done so far is just fair game and don’t want conflict with Syria and are only hitting Iranian targets?

………..curse them… I genuinely mean it. Nothing is worse in the world then Israeli leaders. Racist, vile, demons that forfeited their humanity long ago.

Israel is trying to settle for second best and it will fail even in that endeavor. Iran will continue bringing in supplies and equipment to give to Hezbollah for the eventual war that the Israelis will start some time soon.

Zo Fu


And by the way. Israel would have fraction of problems, if USA didn’t toppled Hussein in Iraq and Pahlavi in Iran and if CIA didn’t militarized Mujahideen Taliban Al-Queda ISIS proxies, didn’t supported Saudi Arabia, didn’t orchestrated 11.September and didn’t invaded Afghanistan.
Israel is the brain behind all of those wars, false-flags and provocations and you can track Israeli influence down to 1963 year when JFK was assassinated and the so called “DeepState” took control over America.


Concrete Mike

Your claiming that CIA toppled the shah in 1979??

Khomeini was a cia asset?

Or was that a typo??
Please elaborate sir.

Robert McMaster

The author said the USA was responsible, not the CIA. And certainly, were it not for the odious pressure and presence of the U.S. there would not have been a Shah to topple. The entire business was driven by and because of the U.S. Though I take your point. Stupidity is not intent.

Val Shadowhawk



Undoubtedly the S-300 will protect all Syrians and their allies including Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah etc. and their lands. Now Israel cannot butcher children anymore in these countries except Palestine.

Val Shadowhawk

Yes!!! Darn right. Agreed 110 percent!


Seems like its time for the americans to sit down with Iranians to talk about future and stop Israel from treating the ME as their back yard.


Literally impossible. The Israelis control US foreign policy in the ME. If the Israelis catch wind (which is not even technically possibly, since they’reginna be the ones who know first) that the US is going to reach and understanding with Iran, HIGHLY unlikely, they will raise hell in anyway they can. Unfortunately US politicians are bought and paid for by many Pro Israel Jewish groups same goes for many companies and institutions.

As long as Iran and Israel are enemies, the US will never reach a meaningful understanding with Iran.

Zo Fu

Netanyahu said recently in his own words, that he wanted US to cancel deal with Iran and that he MADE Trump to do so.

Concrete Mike

Western politicians have been usurped by israel, its pretty sad.

And if you stand to to israel, ISIS magically shows up in your country…who would have thought.

You can call me Al

Yep, politicians, media and of course the owners of the fed.

You can call me Al

Good dream mate, but unfortunately – you know the rest.

Lena Jones

You said the same yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that too, israel – in fact, you’ve said the same thing over and over since Russia announced its delivery of S-300s to Syria a couple of weeks ago. Funny thing is: nobody believes you cuz everyone knows what a coward-crank you are! Man up or start packing yer bags jewish colonialist kelpto scum!

Sage Durham

Israel needs to respect sovereign national airspace. W T F

You can call me Al

It needs to respect every person in the World that isn’t a hooked nosed kiker.

Jim Bim

After many Russian cave in`s to Israels demands, ( S-300 in 2013 ) this summer the Israeli demanded Iranian trops withdraw away from the Syrian south near the occupied Golan heights. The Iranian pulled back and let the Syrians liberate the south. Then the Israeli demanded the Iranians to leave Syria and until it leaves, Israel will attack Iranians in Syria.
The Russian lesson should be, every time they cave in to Israeli/US pressure and demands, the Israeli/US will continue to move the goalpost.

Concrete Mike

Give an inch take a mile.

Its like dealin with a petulant child.

Like me 30 years ago LOL

Jim Bim

Exactly :-)

Concrete Mike

Syria, you now have the advantage, dont give anything to the filthy occupiers.

Well done after 7 years, we will speak of your heroism in the face of true evil for generations to come.


Be careful what you wish for “Minister Tzachi Hanegbi”

The WORLD knows you have NO LAWFUL RIGHTS in Syria, no matter what EXCUSE you present so be prepared for what is to come

Your ZIONIST cowardly bombastic bluster is about to be tested.


The Jews are talking out of both sides of their mouths trying to justify their blatant criminality and scofflaw disregard for law that they insist that others have to follow, and that they’re claiming an exemption from for their perpetual 70 years of violations. Israel should be delisted from the UN and replaced with Palestine and Palestine and the planet should be dejudified to get rid of this problem.


I’m genuinely enthusiastic about the outcome of the confrontation between Israeli and Russian missiles in Syria. Are those S-300 in the picture of this article?


Nope, not those two in front at least.

Peter Moy

They are S-75 surface-to-air missiles developed in the 1960s. (NATO Codename: SA-2 Guideline.) In upgraded versions, still in use by some countries.


Thanks for the exact specification, to be honest I thought they were S-200 or something but I knew they are not S-300. With all the mistakes in the titles lately and now this, I’m pretty sure that whoever writes this articles, is not very passionate about this job :)


Lying Israeli devils. Spit in your eye and then deny it!

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