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Israel Revealed Details About Defected Hamas Military Commander (Video)

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The Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, confirmed in a statement on July 30 that a commander of Hamas’ military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, had escaped to Israel last month.

In the statement, Shin Bet named the commander as 24-year old Izz al-Din Hussein. On June 28, Hussein swam from the Gaza Strip to Israel. “Family problems” and concerns of “persecution and defamation by senior figures in Hamas” caused his escape, according to the Security Agency.

Israel Revealed Details About Defected Hamas Military Commander (Video)

Izz al-Din Hussein. Source Shin Bet

The Israeli Defense Forces shared a video of Hussein’s escape. The Israeli Navy arrested the man after entering Israeli waters. He was later handed over Shin Bet for interrogation.

Hussein enlisted in the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades in 2013. Five years later, he began working for the brigades’ air-defense units.

According to Shin Bet, Hussein was given an anti-aircraft missile that he kept at his home. He was ordered to launch the missile at an Israeli helicopter if one flew nearby in order to kill or abduct Israeli soldiers.

“Hussein’s activities in Hamas and the vast knowledge he acquired through his work… revealed to the Shin Bet a great deal of intelligence about Hamas,” Shin Bet said in its statement.

Hussein will be tried in Israel. In the Beesheba District Court he was indicted on several security-related charges.

Earlier this month, the al-Arabiya TV reported that a military figure of Hamas had defected to Israel. Nevertheless, the UAE-based channel falsely claimed that this figure was Hamas’ Naval Forces commander, Mohammed Omar Abu Ajwa.

While the defection of Hussein is a major blow to Hamas’ military wing, it is unlikely to have any real consequences of the way the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades operate.


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Damien C

This is what happens to would be informers when their cover is blown and they have to swim for their lives.
Arrested and charged with being a member of Hamas because the Israelis have no use for him and there in nothing more to get from him only the joy of inflicting imprisonment
Hamas should post this on every meeting door


What if is fake info?

Jens Holm

I dont think none here can see that.

Not many try to emmigrate TO Gaza and why dont You blame Hamas for not informing. Most likely they hoped he was drowned, doesnt they.

Clean Your own dirty first unless You are paid for anybody elses.


kidnapped and tortured by the jews, no doubt.

Jens Holm

Yes, they killed him first. We only see them move a mummyfied version. The eyas are stolen sparkling black diamants.

They also has put ears in him. For many years, he never listened.


Even he knows that Gaza has no future, we need to reward him and give him new life in Israel.

Mr. Saddam

Likely just to keep up appearances.
Remember…thou fight war via deception.
Epstein is also ALIVE.
By in to the narrative if you desire….

Jens Holm

Hard to compare. Your eyes are looking in different directions or Your brain is split in the middle.

I see Epstein swimming to Gaza asking for asylum too. Whats wrong with me:)

Jens Holm

If You go to court there, You are accused but innocent until You are convicted as crimimal. You therefore can go free there too.

Jens Holm

You and we dont know if this guy has any information of importance as well as he probatly already as a member and even commander of a military wing already is well know as “criminal”.

So what we read about it here is the version, we are allowed to see and very carefull made for political reasons.

There are more the 2 reasons or options. I can give You my own example and even more.

Just because I dont like Assads, Hesbollah, partly Turks and now adding Iran by balistics at Danish teachers in Iraq doesnt say I like Israel or USA.

I have my own side or agenda, whish os closer to the EU version.

My version is I prefare Israel and USA for You and critiseize them too. Its true it might be 70 to 30%.

Its the same for Our involvements there by helpeing Bagdads improving their military forces. I dont think we should. I see no friends there. We here pay 3 billion for all Your refugees and last year also payd 50 million dollars. I kind of dont care who we help to kill each other. Kill each other Yourself.

So I am a “dont care apart from waste” We only should send sober information to most of that area by radio, TV and Internet and tell how we do and think.

I dont want any to defect from there. They are almost impossible to integrate even in the next 2 generations. They are traumatized and even told, they or next,next generations will “come back”.

Not even Russians will ever allow that. We have some of those here. They still has keys to their homes even its Grandparents keys and the homes and villages has not been existing in 500 years. To me most of them are like ISIS of Kaida and again I am back to the 70 to 30%. I certainly dont like Israel in this.

Muslim countries wont take them themselves even we pay them hard in money for the state as well as corruption. I have no soultion and dont think I created the problems.

Its the same for slaves. My ancisters were very, very poor fishermen and farmers hand. We didnt have slaves. Actually we were close to be slaves Ourselves. But I did not. Should excuse for that, which stoppedor declined a lot 170 years ago(1848).

And why should USA be blamed. They didnt start it and most slaves in USA was in South America.

Faro had slaves. Assyrians had slaves. Arabs had slaves, many african tribes hadslaves. The chinese had slaves. Vikings had slaves. Roman and greeks had slaves.

Jens Holm

Fear for own life normally gives temporary asylum here. He is known in Israel and most likely a criminal for them.


That’s not up for me to decide, we have laws. I would give him freedom and maybe try to get him new passport to Europe if he wanted.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

We don’t want him in Europe, he’s your informant, you put him up.

It’s bad enough that we secured Palestine for your cowardly arses, without expecting us to house your terrorists also.


What job would that be a cleaner for some foreign settler?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

There is only one Palestine, and your little apartheid state is just a small part of it.

johnny rotten

They arrested a Palestinian who was going from one place in Palestine to another, and illegal occupiers also claim to have the right, plus they boast of it, people without honor or dignity.

Jens Holm

It was because he had no west:)

Lazy Gamer

Extraction? ?

S Melanson

Shin Bet should watch Topaz, a 1969 American espionage thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. During CIA interrogation of a Soviet KGB defector, the defector is threatened with being dumped in East Germany if he is not forthcoming with information. The defector replies:

“Well that would be the end of me… … and you will never have another defector.”


Hamas is controlled opposition, so this guy is more likely just fleeing back to israel mama because he fears discovery.

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