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Israel Resumes Hitting Targets In Syria: Chief Of General Staff

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Israel Resumes Hitting Targets In Syria: Chief Of General Staff

IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot attends a State Control committee meeting at the Knesset on August 16, 2016. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The Israeli military has resumed striking targets in Syria, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Gadi Eizenkot claimed on March 28.

However, Eizenkot provided no details regarding this claim.

Meawnhile, no Syrian sources reported Israeli strikes in Syria after the IDF’s warplane was shot down by the Syrian Air Defense Forces on February 10. The downed Israeli F-16I was involved in strikes on targets inside Syria under a pretext of responding to Israeli airspace violation by an alleged Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle.

Eizenkot’s statement is likely an attempt to show that the IDF is still capabile of conducting strikes on targets across the region with no limits despite the Feburary 10 failure.

More details about the February 10 incident:

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Well we are all waiting to see how Israel CAN FLY INTO SYRIA and attack Syrian targets. Let’s see if Syrian SAM are able to handle Israeli planes. Maybe they will try to use F35s … then Syria will shoot birds to damage them.

We are all waiting for the big wolf boy….


They will not send the F35 into a combat zone which might have capable defence. Russias interest in this bird is surely existent, so the chances are high that they might “assist” a bit in tracking – The US will not risk loosing their advanced piece (of shit) of technology, so no permission for the Israeli Air Force.


Yeah, I reckon that the Russians would be more then eager to down one of those. Even more if they can do it with a S-200 or Buk missile. Imagine the schadenfreude in Moscow if they can say that even old Russian technology can down the most advanced American aircraft?


Be more ‘bird damage’.


US won’t use f35 or else they will lose face for the fact that f35 is a fucking expensive kinda junk they have ever created..!

Mik Moore

They did fly a couple F-35s into Syria and one was damaged by a S-200, they won’t do that again. The israhells claimed it was damaged by a bird strike.

You can call me Al

Let them shave their noses first.


JEWISH terror, in words and deeds. Yet Putin remains a zionist appeaser- and will continue to lavish praise on the jews whenever he makes a public appearance.

Jews are FULL SPECTRUM terrorists. In other words, when one door (temporariliy) closes, jews open others for alternative ways to mass murder the innocent.

So what do the jewish butchers mean in this instant? That Putin has, behind the scenes, agreed to the partition of Syria, and Israel can now run riot in the Israeli sector of Syria, and use it to launch various forms of attack against the other sectors when it so wishes.

But Syria is ruined, and if the jews were not so, well jewish, they’d be focused on other things today. But pure spite and twisted petty evil drives the jew, so the massive destruction and ruination in Syria is not enough for their disgusting blood-lust. They’ll seek to undermine the lives of ordinary Syrians in any way they can- their preference being regular massive vehicle bombs striking civilian centres that have seemingly been liberated. Never underestimate the evil of the jews, and the dedication of jews to that evil.


Putin is a great leader for Russians and Mother Russia as far as I’m concerned..! he doesn’t give a shit about others.. not even Syria..! Syria is its last defence not to have war inside Russia., sorts of national interest and securities..! Yeah he’s speaks a lot about following the international norms (UN the incompetent and useless body) and at the same time ignoring and praising Apartheid, wahbabi throatcutter backers..! These are all hiprocacies beyond doubt..! Russia is still selling their energies with that same toilet roll.. lol..! So much for his crappie talks..! Whatever deals it(Russia) had with Syria are at the expense of bases.. emm.. was it 50yrs @ 99yrs leased.. lol..!

Miguel Redondo

It must be a show seeing this man going to the toilet. (Everyman can try to find a correct translation into english for “Eisenkot”)

V. Mecki

heces de hierro!


I think that what the evil Jew baby rapers are running into is an integrated air defense system that is designed to handle NATO intrusion. And Israel is a NATO tag along. So their much vaunted Samson nukes and numerical and qualitative regional edge against local opposition isn’t up to dealing with a state of the art military super power that can put a smack down and hurting on them quickly that will threaten their very existence if a decision is made to do that. And running to the US isn’t going to do them much good. Because the damage will already be done before the US can do anything to prevent it. And the US military is telling them the same thing.


Evil Jews crash and burn:



There are a lot of people in Russia and Europe who remember the holocaust that the Jews did to Christians. That proceeded and dwarfed what was subsequently done to them:

“Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda.”

– Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union –


Judaism should be outlawed to create a Jew free world that will be better for humanity.


There is no problem with naming the misdeeds of particular acts of inhumanity by any group or individual but there is a racist problem in collectively tarring all Jews – or any race or religion with the same brush. While I recognise that the Israeli and the Jewish lobbies in some countries have an unhealthy impact on governments and are being let off lightly for their crimes, there are many Jews who criticize Israel and the zealotry of the Jewish Lobby which have far more impact on the US elections than Russia could even dream of. However If bigotry and blatant racism is to be defeated then it will only be by those who do not adhere to the same qualities otherwise we will have a constant merry go round of claim and counter claim of racist rhetoric.You defeat evil with good not more evil. Your posts turn off people by their lack of reason and surfeit of hatred. They allow the Netanyahu’s of the world to escape sanction because of your lack of reason gives them an out. They point at your extremism and say these people criticising us are all unreasonable extremists.


Why do you support an evil pedophile mass rape cult that engages in vile blood sucking baby raping rituals, infects the cult children with venereal disease, brain damages and murders them on a regular basis? What kind of a two faced degenerate hypocrite are you?

Non Jews are arrested everyday, sent to prison and receive life or death sentences for the same crimes. Pervert pedophile apologists and supporters like you are part of the problem.

John Whitehot

the significance of the strikes is basically only propagandistic – the Israeli government is desperate to show it’s own people that it has a military superiority over anybody in the region (and outside), so to perpetuate the “exceptionalism” concept.

In reality, after having to admit the loss of a plane last time, they run a much higher risk to ruin their machinations towards the israelis.

The dilemma of any sane government would be “does the advantages of such theatrical stunt outweigh the risks inherent to suffering other losses?”

In their shoes, I’d just stay put, whine a little here and there, launch some airstrikes elsewhere and so on. But of course, I am not a person that believes to be exceptional, or that God gave me the right to dispose of the lives of other peoples as I see fit. Neither I am a person in serious need of diverging the attention of people away from me and my mischiefs in internal politics and economics.


” “does the advantages of such theatrical stunt outweigh the risks inherent to suffering other losses?”

I feel that Theresa may et al will be pondering that statement in due course as well.


Considering the shambolic state of the Brexit negotiations I’d say that statement runs true for more then just the phony gas attack. It’s like she and Boris doesn’t give a crap as to what happens to the UK after Brexit, as long as they can look good on camera for the voters.

Acko Manah

Brexit my foot. The whole EU is a joke. Nations with a bit of remaining soul like Poland protect themselves. The spent ones like Sweden and Netherlands just dilute into oblivion. The one time mighty Europe is falling apart with the exception of a few remaining: Poland; Serbia and a handful of others


The Visegrad four are the only resistance within EU structure to autocratic and destructive, top down, hostile policies designed to weaken and dominate member states, with intent to facilitate a centralized federal super state. The rest of EU states are just sleep walking their way into centralized political and economic domination.

John Whitehot

sorry but on this i disagree.

the visegrad four may be resisting centralization, but what they are actually proposing is to let the US to make EU policies. Which although it’s somehow already happening to a certain degree, still isn’t happening on the macroeconomic level – especially on energy policies, where Germany wants to act as a hub for Russian LNG, while Poland wants to became one for US LNG, at twice or thrice the price.

As a citizen that uses gas provided services, and pays for them, I highly prefer to pay less for the same product, which incidentially also keeps the US farther than in the other situation.

You can call me Al

Germany wants to act as a hub for Russian LNG …….it is not LNG, it is just pure and sweet gas, but the rest is spot on.

John Whitehot

you are correct.

You can call me Al

Thank you – It does not happen that often apparently.


Agreed Czech Republic and Poland are firmly in the US camp in many ‘security’ based respects. But suspect in energy policy Germany will dominate in the end – powerful German manufacturers will not tolerate unstable supplies or overpriced LNG and will lobby for Russian gas.

John Whitehot

I agree on Germany. It remains to be seen what kind of economical war the US is ready to wage on it.

Merkel was already warned, with the Wolkswagen scandal.

You can call me Al

You can add Italy now and the big one you missed was Austria.


Oh yeah, actually did forget about big shifts with Austria. Corrected.

You can call me Al

No worries mate….


Yeah her and her Parliament of ‘miserable worms’, excluding of course, real humans like Corbyn.

John Whitehot

we shall see, if and when Corbyn gets into that Downing street premises, how is he going to cope with those phone calls he’ll receive about relations with Russia.

In these latest times it seems to me that he’s already smothered his tones.

You can call me Al

God help us if Corbyn gets in, May is bad enough but that tosser…..well I thought we were at our lowest, but if he gets in, we shall see how far we can dig.


Smothered- dear lord. Corbyn was obviously a Deep State puppet from Day One. Only very thick wishful thinkers believed he was real.

PS look at Corbyn’s Labour party voting record in the House of Commons/Lords. 100% pro-Deep-State. Non-cretins look at a person’s DEEDS and not his words.

John Whitehot

yes, smothered, i was talking about tones, and honestly i did not believe anything about him in one sense or another – actually i never cared much.


That’s why Corbyn is getting the ‘Anti Semitic’ treatment now.

All the Jewish cries do though is to cause otherwise disinterested people to Google the history of Jews.

As more people learn history, the cries of Jews will further backfire.


Corbyn is a Blair LOYALIST wearing a very obvious mask of a FAKE socialist (just like Tony Benn did). It is Corbyn who has worked to ensure a jewish take-over of the Labour party by working to ensure they seem to have ‘just cause’- a very old and basic trick.

It is known that pathetic desperate Humans have such a need for their own ‘hero’, they’ll attach to the first person that seems to fit the bill. A very obvious psy-op. First genuine options must be eliminated, but Tony Blair ensured a system in the UK that can eliminate genuine people long before they are in danger of rising to enough power and popularity. Then placing puppets into position, and boosting those puppets with FAKE demonisation in the press is child’s play. You would need an IQ below 50 to think Corbyn was ‘genuine’.

Only a total CRETIN doesn’t notice the voting pattern of Corbyn’s labour party in the House of Commons- the only place where they cannot hide Corbyn’s real pro-Deep-State agenda.


Gob smacked, limp dick Fake Jews wanna prove to the world they still have the power to do as they please. Those days are over. Hope Assad’s friends assist with an S300 enema.

Acko Manah

I see Israel is mad that their proxy ISIS has lost. Now they are going to openly attack another nation. Did they not cause enough harm to innocents that now they want more. Are the Israeli so stupid to wonder why people hate that nation? Drop the act: we know why US is in Syria. It is not oil. It is to placate the paranoia of Netanyahu and his sicker ministers. Do they really think we are so stupid to not notice? I don’t give a damn what book his father wrote. It is actions now that matter


It is approaching “ALL or NOTHING” for Israel and it looks like it is on the verge of choosing “ALL” !

The CONSEQUENCES of that decision, may be and HOPEFULLY, will be, NOTHING and Goodbye Israel


Hi Free, hope you are well Would like to add that this is a sign of true psychopathy and the utter delusion and desperation that accompanies those now cornered who figured somehow from a book that they are The Chosen` and somehow protected. War of some sort is for sure and sadly going to happen unless a miracle and a Great Awakening before its too late. The world is absolutely fine and incredibly beautiful but the scourge on True Humanity could and indeed wants to bring us all down or at least enslave us as mere `goyim` and dust on their evil dirty shoes. `The Jewish question` must never stop being questioned and then understood and then acted upon……………….Cheers to you for keeping it so alive.


Thanks for that, Trevor

j. jaxson

hopefully someone will be dropping bombs and missiles on Israel soon too.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yzMiE8dsk6U TÜRKIYE’nin ÇOK GIZLI 10 SÜPER SILAHI. Turkey’s Confidential 10 super-weapons.

Turkey produces its own version of F-16, main battle tanks, Cruise missiles (350km to 700km range).

Turkey also produces nuclear Ballistic missiles (70km to 1200km range), anti tank, anti ship, air to air and air to surface missiles and anti submarines and anti ship torpedoes. Turkey have also produced nuclear warheads (1ktons to 200ktons capacity).

Turkey must unite with Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Egypt governments to eliminate PKK, Israel, Washington and UK terrorists from the region for the freedom, prosperity and development of the region. Unite their army because these Muslims states passing devastated condition due to these morons. Lonely Turkey cannot deal with it. Second there should be no visa requirements for the visitors to visit each other countries.

John Whitehot

“Turkey also produces nuclear Ballistic missiles ”

you must be joking.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Reading between the lines this just says, when the US invades Syria in the very near future we’ll be there helping them.


Very soon they’ll get real bloody nose.. they really ask for..! The Muslims (this time around) will start doing jihads to save their fellow brothers.. And if Iran, Iraq interferes.. be sure that that their One Satan World Order will be in jeopardy as Haifa Hellaviv and Dimona will be razed down to ground+1000s of missiles will be falling like rain from the sky..! Remember that.. we didn’t ask them to be a Shia.. but we are the protector of the sunnies..! And those are not my words anyway..! I believed Iran is waiting eagerly to teach those zionis a real lesson..! Just keep on provoking..!

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