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JUNE 2023

Israel Resumed Attacks On Syria

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Israel Resumed Attacks On Syria

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Israel Resumed Attacks On Syria
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Israel Resumed Attacks On Syria

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Israel resumed its attacks on Syria by targeting several military positions on the outskirts of the capital of Damascus, after a pause that lasted for well over a month.

The attack took place late on October 21. Four F-16 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force launched the attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The fighter jets fired four cruise missiles and eight guided bombs in total.

Syrian air defenses intercepted two cruise missiles and four guided bombs. Still, a Chinese-made YLC-6M medium to low-altitude surveillance radar of the Syrian military was destroyed and the runway of al-Dimas airport was hit. There were no casualties, however.

This was the first Israeli attack to target Syria since September 17, when the Damascus international Airport and several positions in the southern outskirts of the capital, including an alleged office of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, were hit.

On October 22, less than 24 hours after the Israeli attack, a series of explosions rocked the U.S.-led coalition Green Village base in the al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Some sources reported that a salvo of rockets hit the base. However, others said that the base was attacked by an unidentified drone. The alleged attack was seen by many observers as a response by Iranian-backed forces in Syria to the Israeli attack on Damascus.

Last August, Iranian-backed forces responded to Israeli attacks on Syria by targeting U.S. bases in the country’s northeastern and southeastern regions.

The U.S.-led coalition didn’t comment on the alleged attack. However, it did announce on October 23 that its forces in Deir Ezzor had conducted a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) operational rehearsal. The live-fire rehearsal was likely meant as a warning to Iranian-backed forces.

On the same day, Israeli defense officials told The Jerusalem Post that Israeli military attacks had destroyed about 90% of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria. The officials claimed that Iran can no more transfer weapons to Syria, manufacture weapons on the country’s soil, or establish bases there with the same ease as before.

The officials also said that the pause in attacks on Syria was a result of an Iranian decision to suspend the smuggling of weapons to Syria, in order to try and find a new route to trick the Israeli military.

The last strikes on Damascus, the U.S.-led coalition’s indirect warning and the statements of the Israeli officials all indicate that Israel will not end its attacks on Syria any time soon. In fact, Tel Aviv may be planning to further escalate its attacks on the war-torn country under the pretext of fighting Iran’s growing influence in the region.

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Domenic Patrone

They’ll target the Iranian king pin of the war zone. His Jeep, they’ recognize fast. He needs to keep moving without that vehicle in tow. Keep changing vehicles too.


USA and Allies are slapping russia and it’s puppets around!



I still don’t understand why children think powerful countries have “allies” (No country has an “ally”, same just share the same goals).

The US also calls the EU/NATO their “allies”, which is funny as the US also claiming a recession in the EU would be great for the US. Why? Because American companies with their fake currency can buy the EU companies (Slavey).

The US also destroyed Nord Stream 1 and told the EU they should ONLY buy gas from NA. It is funny how the EU said nothing about what the US did in JP and S-KR after the war/s, fast forward a few years later and the US is doing the same thing to the EU clowns. The US is only an occupying force and is there to steal/leech from others.

Which country is profiting from the Ukraine war? The US.

Which country is profiting from a recession in the EU? The US.

Which country started this war? The US.

Histrionics Lesson

Where’s the UN peacekeepers? Where’s the declaration of war? Oh wait International Law + Morality don’t apply to Israel. “Rules for thee, not for me.” Israeli’s entering anyone’s airspace they want. Bombing with impunity.

One Hezbollah drone comes from Lebanon, shot down, no civilian or infrastructure damage. Retaliate with numerous airstrikes that kill civilians, and do nothing but strengthen Hezbollah recruitment.

Hey, did you know the Israeli’s attacked the USS Liberty as a false flag, during the 6 day war. (1962) If you can find the sailors who survived they tell the truth. Israeli’s tried to sink their ship. There was no mistaking it as an American ship. Israel lies. Even the U.S. Gov. said “The Court produced evidence that the Israeli armed forces had ample opportunity to identify LIBERTY correctly.” (It took the US Gov. 5 years to produce that report. Took them long enough, perhaps that was intentional too.)

Trying to drag The United States/NATO allies into their war. Again and again and again. “See photo of dancing goofs on 9-11, as the towers fall.”

Last edited 7 months ago by Histrionics Lesson
Slight Corrector

I think you mean “No mistaking it, as an Egyptian ship. The Israeli’s knew it was an American ship.”


Ha blocked my comment about the USS Liberty. And how the Israelis tried to destroy it and blame it on the Egyptians. 1962.


The website is shit buddy.


The Israelis are at least smart, appearing to have an informal agreement with Russia that they won’t interfere in Ukraine if Russia doesn’t hinder their strikes in Syria. With their hesitance to arm Ukraine, they know that there is a very real possibility that the US’s supposed moral crusades on Russia and China will end in some kind of US defeat and a serious withdrawal of US forces across the world and they want to be on good terms with the victor. The US itself acknowledges this possibility with its attempts to use strategic ambiguity rather than making commitments, knowing its commitments will result in massive loss of life of US troops and withdrawal back to the failing US regime’s own territory. This is the US that is trying to play tough with Russia and China when it is weaker than ever since 1945.

Last edited 7 months ago by Clubofinfo

Israil war planes destroying the factories where the drones sent to Ukraine are produced.

Last edited 7 months ago by F16

Please give different resolutions in video download option

Rodney Loder.

Well done Iran, Jews are going to be naked when China engages the US.

USS Liberty

Remember 1967! F.F. attack by Izreal. US, and IS, gov. inquires concluded it was a mistake. “Others, including survivors of the attack, have rejected these conclusions and maintain that the attack was deliberate.”

Last edited 7 months ago by USS Liberty
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