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JULY 2020

Israel Responds To Syrian Army Advance Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor, Strikes Syrian Military Facility In Masyaf


Israel Responds To Syrian Army Advance Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor, Strikes Syrian Military Facility In Masyaf

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

On September 7, the Israeli Air Force’s warplanes conducted a missile strike on an alleged “chemical weapons plant” in the town of Masyaf located west of Hama city in central Syria, pro-Israeli media reported.

According to other sources, the missiles hit a medium-range ballistic missiles plant located in the area. Earlier this year, Israel repeatedly claimed that Iran was building missile plants in Syria.

The Syrian Defense Ministry said the missile strike was made from the Lebanese airspace at 02:42 local time and hit a military facility in the area. 2 Syrian soldiers were killed as a result of the incident.

So far, Israel has refused to comment on the reports to the media.

An alleged photo from the scene:

Israel Responds To Syrian Army Advance Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor, Strikes Syrian Military Facility In Masyaf

The Israeli missile strike took place amid an intense fighting between the Syrian Army and ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor where government forces were aiming to liberate the provincial capital from terrorists.

The Syrian Defense Ministry said that the Israeli move was aimed at supporting ISIS.



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  • Nigel Maund

    Typical Israeli “act of war” against a Democratic State. Israel is a rogue State “par excellence” and gets way with it solely due its support from the Zionist International Bankster Cabal and the powerful Zionist Lobby in the US and UK. Otherwise Israel would face International condemnation and sanctions.

    • BMWA1

      Typical also that they stuck from Lebanon. Syria needs mutual air defense treaty to stop these tricks.

      • Nigel Maund

        Thanks! Totally agree with you! There will come the day when Israeli warplanes get shot down and then they’ll have to think about matters rather carefully. I am sure the Russian and Syrian planners are thinking about how best to deal with this ever present threat from a nuerotic and dangerous State. The US and UK are unfortunately totally captive to the Zionist lobbies in both countries. The German’s are constantly reminded of “the Holocaust” which is trotted out non stop and to be honest everyone is tired of this endless and totally worn out excuse for Zionist excesses..

        • Mahmoud Larfi

          US and UK aren’t stuck actually with the Zionists, THEY ARE the Zionists !

          • Red Tick Alert

            I don’t think the UK are stuck with them at all; they would drop them in a moment, as they are doing with the US currently.

          • Nigel Maund

            Correct Red Tick – many intelligent people in the US have woken up at long last!! Sigh! Indeed, the US is ahead of the UK in this regard. All the US has to do now is …GET RID OF THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED FEDERAL RESERVE.ONCE AND FOR ALL AND NEVER ALLOW SUCH A BANK TO BE CREATED EVER AGAIN. Putin has done it .. and all credit to him!

          • Red Tick Alert

            For me, the Zionists have done it themselves (with the help of the US) – but it doesn’t matter, you are absolutely correct when you state “GET RID OF THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED FEDERAL RESERVE”; which by the way is not a Zionist bank, but another branch of jewfish.

            Rothschild is not a Zionist.

          • Nigel Maund

            Red Tick – Agreed! However, Rothschild’s are the most powerful Zionists of all and prior to WW1, with Chain Weizmann, and Lord Rothschild created the basis for the Jewsih State of Israel with the Balfour Declaration:


            Essentially, the Palestinians were sold out. If this doesn’t indicate that the Rothschilds are Zoinists I really don’t know what does. Check out the history. The UK has always been in very close co-operaiton woth the Zionists; read this:


          • Red Tick Alert

            I must agree to disagree with you. I shall try and find a very good article I read on either NEO or Global News, where they looked into it.

          • santiago

            When did Putin do it? The Fifth column is still in charge of Russian Central Bank and the contracts haven’t expired yet, they are supposed to expire in September right? let’s see if they get renewed.

          • Nigel Maund

            He’s done it a few weeks ago; check out this report from Dave at X22 report:


          • Red Tick Alert

            I know he was in the process of doing it, but whether or not he has done it yet is a different question. I will believe it, well, when I believe it – fantastic though.

            Thanks for the video.

          • Nigel Maund

            Red Tick – this is the main reason why Putin and Russia are being totally demonized in the US MSM and by the political class. The Banksters tried to kill Putin last year in, most probably, a CIA engineered assassination attempt using a vehicle which drove across the demarcation barrier and hit his car “head on” killing his favourite personal driver. Fortunately, Putin was not in the car as hoped for. But it sent him a clear message.


          • Red Tick Alert

            Yes I saw a summary of that, his friend, the driver lost his life unfortunately.

            To be honest, I am still not convinced if it was intentional – the video I saw also had the video from the other side and it seemed the oncoming car was going very quickly and lost control.

            I am not saying you are wrong or I am right, but nowadays I don’t jump to conclusions until my little brain is satisfied that I understand things.

            With Putin, I both believe and hope, he believes in:


          • Nigel Maund

            RTA, the CIA have the technical capability to over – ride the controls of a car and steer it in any direction they like. Google it. To hit the “right car” in traffic at a closing speed of 100 mph (160 kph) takes some doing!

          • Red Tick Alert

            I do understand what you are saying, but I just think sometimes today many people including me, CAN read too much into things.

            Therefore I repeat “I am not saying you are wrong or I am right, but nowadays I don’t jump to conclusions until my little brain is satisfied that I understand things.”.

          • They can do it for airplanes too,

          • Uhmm…. I don’t think Putin had a $20T debt to worry about?

          • Nigel Maund

            Shahna, Putin has paid off all Russian State debt. So Russia is now unique being the only major country without debt. This is a colossal advantage. The prostitutes who run the US Government have sold their country “down the river” to the the Zionist International Bankster Cabal, and the US can never repay their debts. In financial terms, the US is utterly broke and the Empire will implode. Besides US$ 20 trillion of Federal Debt, there is over US$80 triliion in unfunded liabilities including Medicare, pensions and so on; and then, the monster of them all is the US$ 550 trillion of derivatives debt. The US is quite literally kaput!

          • Yes. yes. yes. YES (kaput!)….. But.
            HOW does the US drop the Fed with all that debt?

            Putin inherited a heavily indebted Russia in chaos – but even Russia’s debt wasn’t anything NEAR that of the US?

            So … 2 questions
            •HOW does the US get out of this? How do they survive? I don’t mean the empire – I mean the 50 states. (49 if Hawaii goes bye-bye.)
            •Shhh… what does derivatives debt mean and how the hell did it get so high?

          • FlorianGeyer

            There is a problem that all too many UK MP’s have prostrated themselves as ‘Friends of Israel’ ,either due to paedophilia blackmail or personal,greed.
            A large proportion of the UK population as a whole has always distrusted what powerful Jews do.

          • Nigel Maund

            FG to determine exactly how many corrupted UK politicians there are in the House of Commons watch this question time video concerning the secretive “BILDERBERG GROUP” of which Ken Clark is key leader. The effort to rubbish Michael Meacher’s important questions shows you that 90% plus are shills:


          • FlorianGeyer

            Reality has always been the death of these vampires that control OUR economy for their personal gain.

          • Nigel Maund

            FG you’re absolutely right! Their defeat in Syria, largely owing to Russia’s massive and unwavering support for Syria, and their outstanding generalship which totally outclasses the UK and USA, has been a major setback to their evil plans. Indeed, they’re starting to lose everywhere except their bailiwicks inside the US, UK., EU, Australia, Canada and Japan. However, once they lose in these key countries they are losing completely. If Trump shuts down the Fed, that will be a major torpedo below their waterline and the howls from the MSM will be heard from Antarctica. The key thing then will be Trumps defeat of their controlled MSM and Political Class on both sides of the House. This is a highly dangerous game and you will know something is really happening if Trump get’s Podesta, Wasserman Schulz and H R Clinton prosecuted over Pizzagate and the murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich over the WIKILEAKS e – mail leaks. WIKILEAKS brave leader Julian Assange will trade the leakers name (Seth Rich) to Trump amongst other critical information in exchange for his freedom. If Trump gets this information the MSM will be utterly defeated as will the Democrats and the entire US pollitical establishment who will lie completely discredited with the US population. It will be an epic defeat for the Cabal.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I agree with all you say with one proviso. I believe that the majority of Japanese actually resent the continued US occupation there and the literal rape and abuse of young Japanese boys and girls by the US military.

            Japan was obviously cowed by the nuclear devastation in 1945, but not for much longer I hope.

            Many Germans also resent the continuing presence of the US Military in their country. It will also be interesting to see how many votes the jew Martin Shulze gains in the forthcoming elections :)

          • Nigel Maund

            FG all fair and correct comment; nothing for me to add to what you say other than thanks for posting! Always appreciated!

          • FlorianGeyer

            I greatly appreciate your informed posts as well Nigel.

          • Nigel Maund

            Thanks FG! I feel we’re both trying to make a sensible and positive contribution to the news on SF without resorting to emotionally irrational outbursts that lower the quality of the debate and impact on the site negatively. I recognise that I will never have the entire picture so welcome observations and views of others, such as yourself, which add substantially to the debate and benefit all the readers.

          • Germany and Japan are OCCUPIED by the US military – this occupation is disguised as ‘protecting our allies’ – that lets Americans pretend they are the good guys and lets Japan and Germany save face to their public.

            If you don’t really believe it’s a military occupation then check out the number of US bases and US troops in those two – in fact, in all ex-Axis countries (even Italy and S/Korea.) The numbers are simply mindboggling.


          • FlorianGeyer

            Yes I agree. The US has de facto never ended their WW2 conflict . Long term occupations such as these have of course always been a fact throughout history as they provide the extended means of extracting wealth from defeated nations, often for hundreds of years.

            However in today’s world , change seems to be accelerating and I hope and feel that many of us alive today will witness the demise of the US Empire as it decays from within.

          • EmilyEnso

            You have to swear to Israel first to even get selected.

          • Red Tick Alert

            Do you mean prostrated or prostituted ?; very different things.

            But I agree totally with you.

          • FlorianGeyer

            mmm, Yes that’s very remiss of me. Its both.
            Thank you for pointing that out :)

        • jabberwolf

          You mean having to deal with Israel with balls larger than most US states? The US who should have dont the same thing to NK but didnt and now are stuck with a crazy fat man with ballistic missiles and nukes?!
          Maybe we should have asked Israel to come help as we cant even wipe our own asses, only complain about Israel.

    • jabberwolf

      I dont care if Israelis are “gods people” or whatever. Israelis only fight and bomb things when they are sure and know what needs to be done. No politics.. just necessity. They don’t ask USA, they dont get permission from Russia.. and they have larger balls than both to do what was needed.
      Maybe we should have asked Israel to bomb NK in specific sites, while Obama and everyone else were talking.

      • Nigel Maund

        Under UN resolutions and International Law Israel is a “Rogue State” that has consistently and shamelessly broken the law and gotten away with it due to the powerful Jewish Lobby in the US and UK. an their UN veto or abstention Israel’s interpretation of the Law does not interest the world at large and their interests are irrelavent. The law is the law regardless, and all countries are obliged to observe it otherwise we have international mayhem. Your agreement with Israeli actions in the ME indicates that you prefer an international “free for all” which is downright reckless and dangerous. Where does it all end? If Israel carries on in the manner she has, then she will live to rue the consequences of her actions. No one is invincible as history has proven time and again. Hezbollah

      • Israel is a dirty little rogue state that violated Lebanon’s airspace to launch an aggressive strike on Syria under a pretext that was a LIE.

        That you admire that behavior speaks only to your character!

      • And if those are “God’s Chosen People” then God needs his head read.

  • Jan Tjarks

    That Israel has to use Lebanese air space shows, that they are troubled by the air defense placed around Syria, that is the good message.

    • Daqiri

      Also shows that Syria has no long range air defense systems and rather weak radar capacities… Their fighter/interceptor fleet is also uncapable of dealing with any kind of threat.

      • Barba_Papa

        That has always been the case, even long before the war started. Syrian air defenses, like most of the armed forces have always been utter shite. There was a time that the SAA ranked together with the Saudi army as most incompetent in the world.

        • Jan Tjarks

          Indeed, the current air defense of Syria probably is the strongest they ever had, but only due to Russian aid. The moment Russia is redeploying their Anti air assets, Syria will struggle again.

          • Red Tick Alert

            Why would they redeploy them ? and why cant the Syrians upgrade to S-400s ?

          • Jan Tjarks

            Not intending or implying to say that Russia would redeploy, just an example who is in the lead regarding air defense.

          • Red Tick Alert

            Got it now; yes your are correct. I think Syria has a few S-200 systems; which would probably be OK against the land of Oz, but certainly not Israel and others.

          • I think they would not redeploy before they felt Syria was competent withut them…. else this whole fandango just starts up again.

          • Jan Tjarks

            The Russian bases are there to stay for quite some time, otherwise some wicked people would get ideas again.

        • John Whitehot

          this isn’t right.
          The Syrian Army has always been at the top in the list of all the arab nations in training and equipment. In fact, it participated in 1991 Desert Storm with very good results.

          • Barba_Papa

            They got hammered in the Israeli independence war, they got clobbered in the 6 day war, in 1973 they outnumbered the two IDF tank brigades on the Golan heights 13 to 1 and failed to achieve any breakthrough and wave after of Syrian tanks got shot to pieces as they rode in mindless echelons, in 1982 they got clobbered too, including the great Bekaa Valley turkey shoot, where the SyAF lost a 100 aircraft to zero Israeli losses. During Desert Storm they didn’t stink, but then again neither did the Saudis. But that’s probably because the USMC did most of the work on the Kuwayt front.

            The only ones who have shown actual battle prowess has been the Syrian special forces. But those always tend to be drawn from trusted elements in Arab countries, with special preferential treatments, as they tend to be the regime’s guardians.

            I’m sorry but the SAA has never shone particularly in its foreign wars. Part because of circumstances that are inherit to Arab culture, but also because of rampant corruption and nepotism due to the Baath regime. One that favors those commanders who are loyal, and rewards them with their own personal fiefdom to exploit, and frowns upon actual competent commanders, because those might become risks to the regime. Generals who are busy lining their pockets are not busy plotting to overthrow the regime. Competent generals might actually get ideas that they could do a better job. And in the end, that’s how almost all Arab dictators started. Assad’s father, Saddam, Nasser, Mubarak, Khadaffi.

          • John Whitehot

            You must have missed the part where I said “among arab countries”.
            Saudis may not have stank during Desert Storm but they lost Khafji to the Iraqis on the first day and wouldn’t retake it without US direct help.

            As for the rest, the data on the SAA performance in other wars comes from Israel and that is enough for me to consider it clownish. yet Isrealis themselves have declared ~80 syrian planes losses, not 100.

            It’s also well known that IAF F-15s were shot down in the event and they were never acknowledged by the Israeli, not to mention the dozens of aircraft the IAF lost to Syria and Egypt in 1973, losses that would had given the arabs air supremacy if Israel hadn’t an agreement with the US to replace every single aircraft lost

            I’m not saying that the Syrians performed particularly well outside of their country – Israel did no better in Lebanon 2006 anyway.

            And spare me the “i’m sorries this and that”, it’s the kind of rhetoric that stinks of ziotrolls, alongside all the usual loads on “corruption”, “nepotism” and all the lauds on Baathist governments so hated by Tel Aviv.

      • Jan Tjarks

        It is unlikely that the planes haven’t been tagged by Radar, but shooting down planes in other peoples countries is against international law.

        That Israel is flying over other peoples countries too is against international law, abusing the weak air defense of Lebanon again shows how Israel is respecting international law.

        That the SyAF won’t be able to cope with Israeli planes is no news. However, even the Russians preferred not to fuel the fire and their planes are more than capable to face off with anyone.

        See Shahnas comment too, who got it.

        • John Whitehot

          Lebanon should probably be put in the position to defend its airspace.

          Israel keeps violating international law with these acts of war. What would happen if it was Iran doing this kind of shit?

          • Jan Tjarks

            Western media … =)

        • Rob

          Who has given open aerospace to Israel are the main perpetrators. Shot down Israeli jets in their country and then accused them of their own crimes.

        • Graeme Rymill

          The S-400 is supposed to be able to shoot down missiles. How come it didn’t?

          • Jan Tjarks

            An S-400 for a missile from a plane is a bit …. over the top.

            It most likely would have been the job of the smaller Pantsir missiles. As to why the Israeli missiles came through, that could have multiple reasons.

            A saturation attack will always succeed, as there is no system in the world that can deal with countless missiles.

            However, as we do not know any details, there is no point to speculate.

          • Graeme Rymill

            And yet some versions of the S-400’s missiles are designed to do just that:

            “The 9M96 medium-range missile, which comes in two versions (9M96E and
            9M96E2), is designed to destroy aircraft and air- delivered weapons at
            ranges in excess of 120 km.” http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/s-400-missiles.htm

          • Jan Tjarks

            I didn’t imply that the missile wouldn’t be capable of hitting missiles from a plane. What I meant is, that it is a question of economy too.

            If the target that is shot at is worth less than the S-400 missile itself, it is pointless to waste the missile. Instead rebuild the structure, which costs less anyway then.

  • Israel is now reduced to Saddam-tactics during the 1st Gulf War. Saddam was lobbing scuds at Israel wanting a retaliation that would bring the region’s Arab/Muslim armies to his side. Israel did not respond and Saddam lost his war.

    Now Israel’s lobbing artillery and missiles (scared to fly her planes in these days) at Syria hoping to provoke a response that will bring her allies to her defense.

    Saddam failed.
    Israel will fail.
    She is nothing more than a gnat on Syria’s arse.

  • MeMadMax


  • RichardD

    Lebanese air space needs to be closed to the Jew crime state. And I’m sure that there have been talks with the Lebanese government on how to do it.

    • Do you those Israelis ASKED Lebanon if they could use their airspace before firing missiles into a neighbouring country?

      (Just asking.)

  • Red Tick Alert

    So on day 1 – the US and the UN blame Syria for an old chemical attacks; after no investigation.

    Day 2 – Israel starts waffling on about an Iranian missile manufacturing site.

    Day 3 & 4 – Israel hits and kills Syrians, just as they were fighting with ISIS in DZ.

    What an amazing co-incidence.

    I think it is either well overdue, or maybe wait for the full Syrian war to be completed and then I think some of the bigger nations should show their strength against Israel.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, give the Joojos anuf rope to hang them self by, this, blatant support of ISIS, camouflaged as an “rebel” force fighting the “Dick Assad” of course, head chopping an Palestinian child is of course an good deed, done by the “freedom of Syrian” people fighters, happy head chopping their way thru the locals, yeah, why aren’t we supriced.
    But again, in this “racist”, Jew hating and Holocaust pimping times anyone saying anything against this rats is an Nazi.
    Dunka, dunka.
    When thats said, I agree with others, the war is lost, Kurds may drool as much they want, the uISISa will be forced to turn, and their “case” is lost, since they again let Greed and lack of morale blind them self with, and is continuing to do the same as their masters do, wipe the land of the natives and fake the rest.
    but overall, Israel is going into an new path, and is hoping for response, and so far, of course as always they hide behind the Yanikies asses, behaving like an snotty screaming over the top, deeply spoiled shait head of an hideous rotten brat, without restrictions or moral boundary’s what so ever, the world have to deal with the whims of an insane and evil Gov, the Israelis, the scums of this earth.
    They need the Yankikes to do the fight, because as we all know, the next war, they will lose it, and I hope they attack, because the rest will simply wack Israel into smithereens and out of existence, I dont doubt that, all wars are based upon Infantry, the air is over rated, but the soldiers is the essence, and right now, Israel have non, other than happy head shooting Palestinian children, the Jews.
    Witch are of course, everything, but Semitic.
    Of course, the victims are the same as their comrades on the other happy head chopping cult they support in Syria, yeah, how eh……humane.

    You still dont get it, do you, why the fight for Palestine is so vital, its because the enemy is the largest Mafia org humanity have encountered, the Kosher Nostra, the ZioNazis, national Zionism, the murder cult beyond anything, was created to harvest our wealth and resources.
    Again, it shows their true faces, chutzpah at its best.
    You cant beat the masters.
    Israel is the Russians Achilles heel its been obvious for decades, nothing new, and also increasingly more obvious, the crawling in front of the scums of this earth, tsk, tsk, tsk.
    Your biggest mistake, you will regret it, they will kill us/you all, why do you think we are here in the first place, morons, get an grip.


  • Marc Fischer

    That’s two Syrian soldiers who won’t be going home to see their families. Does Israel care? Not an iota. But if an Israeli soldier gets wounded it’s a major heart-breaking, tear-jerking event. This is a nation that does not hesitate to massacre its own allies, should the opportunity arise to blame it on someone else, as was disgracefully demonstrated when they attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967. They had even covered up the Israeli insignia on their planes, hoping the US would blame the Egyptians.

  • Graeme Rymill

    The Centre D’Etudes et de Recherches Scientifiques is 5km north east of the city of Masyaf in Hama Governorate. This means it is just 50 km from Russia’s Khmeimim airbase near Latakia. Russia’s S-400 antiaircraft batteries are at this airbase.

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      Israel shot long range air to ground missile from 75-100 km..from lebanese air space!

      • Graeme Rymill

        If they didn’t want to shoot the plane and violate Lebanese air space then there might have been the option to shoot down the missiles in Syrian air space. The S-400 has some missile versions that can do just that. I don’t know what versions the Russians have in Syria though.

        • Manuel Flores Escobar

          Israel only attacked one time inside Syrian air space..it was an attack near palmyra..and SAF with the approval of Russia shot SAM 5 missile( 300km range) and shot down one F-16 inside israeli space!

  • G Jetson

    Will the UN now call for sanctions against Israel for threatening and then attacking its neighbor, Syria with MISSILES?

    Currently, the US and its allies are threatening to obliterate North Korea for Test Firing its MISSILES – yes, for test firing missiles and nuclear bombs to DEFEND itself.

    And has applied sanctions against the country via the UN.

    So lets see world actions against Israel for its REAL aggression (NOT Test Firing Missiles)

    Hypocrite much?

  • John Whitehot

    it’s also doubtful to me that Iran has “missile plants” in Syria, especially right now.

    Seems to me one of those idiotic excuses Israel has used over the course of years to justify hostile actions in the area.

    Iran has basically all the means to manufacture missiles at home and then move them around.

  • jason sixx

    They reported this on the radio today lol

  • Rob

    This may be right but I have different perception.

    Israel wants to take advantage of Syrian turmoil condition and create war with Syria. Israel have done this crime multiple times and will do in future as well. Israel needs good treatment for their own itch. I mean good attack on their all weapon production facilities that is nuclear, chemical, biological and missiles and their all airports and depots to surrender them to international criminal court along with American republic.

    America finance and arm Israeli refugees against Middle East countries. So America is the main perpetrator.

    America doing crime by crime even nuclear attacks on Japan and now Japan have forgotten those attacks and has become good friend of US after those nuclear attacks.

  • Rob

    I want that Iran immediately do nuclear tests so that will be a good taste for israel. America has been declared a terrorist country long time ago when they attacked Japan by nukes and killed millions of innocent civilians.

  • goingbrokes

    Sheer desperation… and, of course, their last chance! Russia and Syria are about to integrate their air-defence into one system that covers all of Syrian air space. And it covers all air defence platforms, whether it’s Pantsir or S-400, regardless of location. It is about to come online, which will make it very difficult for Israel to keep lobbing missiles at Syria safely.
    So far most systems have their own tracking systems that don’t talk to each other. These are the gaps Israeli planes have been exploiting. And they know soon they won’t be able to do much at all against Syria without a great risk, so they are taking potshots – while they still can. The skies are about to close to Israeli planes – and American planes. Not sure but I think they can still bomb Gaza…

    • Be good to see those skies closed to those two……………

  • Rob

    This is a golden chance for Russia and Syria to expose Israeli crimes on yesterday or today attack on Syria using Lebanies aerospace. Please don’t be silent. When Israel attacks on Syria so Israel inform Russia that we are going to attack Syria. That is why Russia remain silent.

    • I suppose Russia could pop up another UNSC resolution for the US to veto?
      Would be nice of them to do that – US would feel relevant again………..

  • Sylvain Jeuland

    Good luck SAA, just get Deir Ez-Zur, Madan, T2, Mayadin and Bukamal. Then recover Idlil, An Tanf, Ghouta, all the North, etc. Don’t react to airstrike provocations.

    • Sylvain Jeuland


    • And then the Golan Heights.

      • EmilyEnso

        Especially the Golan.
        To uphold the principle of international law.
        Important to world peace and all nation states.

        • Oh screw international law! (Everyone does when it suits them.)
          Just kick Yisraeli butt into next week.

          • EmilyEnso

            In fact everyone can’t.
            The glaring hypocrisy over the Crimea as against the Golan is breathtaking.
            That is why that law is important and must be upheld.
            Please note the sanctions are on Russia because the Crimean people quite properly voted to return to Russia – of which they have been part for centuries.
            Yet Russia is being punished.
            The Israelis are – by international aw – illegally occupying Golan.
            So where are the sanctions?
            Time the Russians started asking and I suspect its going to happen – certainly the Syrians will.
            International law strengthens your hand – don’t underestimate it.
            It gives you the right on your side.
            Always an asset.
            International law which the Russians quite rightly followed re the Crimea and which Israel is in serious breach of over Golan.

          • Here’s why it’s all a load of BS.

            From US-EU point of view, Russia was “the BAD guy.”
            Putin Himself stormed into Crimea with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of soldiers ‘n guns ‘n tanks ‘n things and he forcibly took over Crimea (terrifying all the poor people.) Even worse he practically shot up the parliament and overthrew the REAL govt and then ran a FAKE referendum offering the poor terrified Crimeans 2 Options: (1) leave Ukraine and (2) join Russia jus’ so Putin could say “See! They wanted us to do this!” Then Putin ANNEXED Crimea back into Russia.

            Have I got it all there? Okay.

            Then what do they do?
            They sanction ….. Crimea – RUSSIA’S VICTIMS!
            Seriously – How daft is that?
            Yes, int law gives you right on your side, but int law does not give you might on your side – Syria is not yet strong enough to take back the Golan and she needs to re-unite “rebel held” territories back into Syria first. They’ll get there – but at a time convenient to Syria.

          • EmilyEnso

            I regret to say the account above is total codswallop – an insult to the intelligence.
            Utter and complete piffle.
            But thats the USA for you.
            Lies,lies and more lies!
            Thanks Shahna

          • ;-)

          • They really did say that the referendum offered those 2 options…..

            It’s worth the watch if you haven’t seen it – my favourite part of it is right at the end where Russia isolates herself!

            Oh – I got Putin’s troop numbers wrong – it was 20,000 Russian troops!

          • … I haven’t noticed that intelligence is highly prized in official western circles these days.

  • Turbofan

    I can feel the Israeli desperation.How can a nation be so in love with violence..

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Syria prefer to complain and prove that Israel is a sponsor of terrorist teams!…they can shot down that planes as SAF did over Israel territory recently using long range S-200(SAM5) missile improved by Iran and using Semiactive radar homing and radio command guidance (Track-via-missile)…But SAF will not do nothing only test pantsir missile which shot down some AGM-142 launched missile….meanwhile Russia look elsewhere…as israel has stopped future Gas pipeline from Haifa to Cyprus to Anana ( Turkey)..with the added danger to his interest that Arab gas line( Egipt-Aqaba) and future pipeline Qatar-Medina link with Arab in Jordan to Israel……

  • The Farney Fontenoy
  • Kell

    Time to give S300/400 to Hezbollah, the Hez would rejoice in blasting jews out of Leb airspace.

  • Carol Binkley

    Certainly isn’t helping the state of Israel at all. Has IS commented on this strike?

  • They bombed Maysaf?
    Why are Assassins attacked a 3rd time by invaders?
    Where’s Altair when you need him?
    He needs to protect his city. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fdd2b448f0284a3b01b28442bf776bb2209707fa1b86867c79637a99695e140a.jpg