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Israel Releases Photos, Locations Of Alleged Iranian Facilities Targeted By Its Recent Strikes


On May 11, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released a series of photos showing alleged Iranian facilities, which were targeted by the May 10 Israeli strikes on Syria. MORE ABOUT THE STRIKE

Israel Releases Photos, Locations Of Alleged Iranian Facilities Targeted By Its Recent Strikes Israel Releases Photos, Locations Of Alleged Iranian Facilities Targeted By Its Recent Strikes Israel Releases Photos, Locations Of Alleged Iranian Facilities Targeted By Its Recent Strikes Israel Releases Photos, Locations Of Alleged Iranian Facilities Targeted By Its Recent Strikes



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  • Joe

    Sending massive 60+10 missiles wow… Russia gave go ahead here .
    Damage from Iran side? any?

  • Luutzen

    Nothing is hit!

  • Thomas Wolsey

    So Iranian build a outpost near golan heights and did not install any anti air defence system.Or Israel is lying or Iranians are silly.

    • as

      Netanyaho lie in UN a lot. The boy cries wolf.



    • Rob

      I feel the downfall of US and Israeli migrants. One time the US was the only country that deliver their military hardware to other countries and therefore, there were nations to listen to them but now Russia and China have took the market. That is why the world axis of attention has moved to Russia and China. The world many countries have switched their allies.

  • goingbrokes

    All I see is several photos with no military activity whatsoever? Am I supposed to be convinced. Yeah, I am convinced. I’m as much convinced as by Colin Powell and Boris Johnson.

  • Rob

    Israel don’t trust any country whether that is US, UK, France, Saudia or Russia etc. Israel only use them like a prostitute.

  • Rob

    US will soon stop delivering aid to Egypt. That aid is blood money for allowing US and Israeli both migrants to oppress and slaughter Palestinians and their supporters. Remember US and Israel both are migrants. On which land they are now they are not supposed to be there because these both criminals are occupying lands of other nations. That is why US and Israel both expending their occupied lands and making it legalize that stealing lands is legal act. That is why I am saying that both are pervert. LOL

  • Alexis Goldwasser

    Russia will never move against Israel. Assad and his iranian guests are on their own here lol ..

    Forget about those S300s, if Israel says no, Russia says no.

    • Rob

      Trump and Netanyahu both are despicable. Mr. Putin hate them a lot due to land steeling of other nations, small kids kidnapping and butchering and due to regular attacks on Russian allies Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen etc. US and Israel both are migrants and have occupied the lands of other nations and then trying it that stealing land is legal act. That is why both are corrupt and pervert. LOL.

      • Joe

        No Putin loves both of them Trump and Nethanyahoo . He even bowed down to Nethanyahoo .. proven fact now.

        Stupid Assad is a tool .
        He should make friends with US/West .. so no more war .

        • Bill Wilson

          Bashar is/was the tool of the powerful rich elites that kept his father in power. He did manage to start implementing reforms that were sufficient enough to start negotiations for Syria to join the EU and WTO in 2010. I would think that Russia rather see those elites lose their grip on the government and military so more rebuilding assistance will be provided to Syria. Little is coming in because much of it winds up in their pockets by skimming and awarding contracts to businesses ran by friends and relatives. These same elites have been making money of all factions during the war which Russia also has found to be very annoying.

        • Rob

          Assad liberated 70% land from US and Israel by the support of Russia. The remaining 30% land will also be liberated from US and Israeli migrants with in few months. Then the next will be Israel from whom the whole Palestine will be liberated and then all Israeli migrants will be deported to their native countries.

          • Joe

            You missed the point.
            Assad fought a war that saved Russia and Russia’s role was air Support but the dying are/were Syrians.

            You expect Assad to fight the US and all others alone?

            That’s why it is criminal that Russia does not fully support Syria .

            Syria should now make peace with US etc and stop the war. Let them have what they want and live in peace etc

            Stop fighting over the pipeline
            And allow it to make lots of money from transit fees

            What’s wrong with that?

          • Alpha&Omega

            If we forget the evil behind US and that you never ever sshould try to negotiate or make deals with the Devil and his minions, you got a point. We can bet that Russia would deliver S-300 real quick if that was an option.

            Syria could offer to open up for any pipelines that provide much needed revenues. Iran could actually leave and save the effort and money for other more needed projects now when Assad has won the war. Syria could even offer to demilitarize southwest Syria and start negotiate about the Golan Heights. Russia could keep their bases and pay rent for them since it would discourage future invasion plans.

            Israel would be in a tough situation to justify more attacks if Assad made these offers. Add to that open election, with international observers, that Assad most likely will win and it’s a win-win for Assad and Syria.

    • as

      Iran and Syria is Russian national security interest. Not just a strategic partner in economic or else. Unless the USA stop trying to contains and degrade economically and militarily the Russia i wouldn’t believe that they playing both Iran and Syria.

    • Joe

      It is confirmed . Russia bowed down to Israeli threats

      Russians only good against defenceless ISIS forces … but not vs others so far.

  • Rob

    Putin and Egypt’s Sisi make joint statement after meeting in Cairo
    Egypt also divorced US because now they have start deep political and defence cooperations with Russia. If a country is developing and buiding industries and making their defenses stronger then it means that the country is now moving away from US and NATO states.

    11 Dec, 2017

  • Rob

    Russia: Jordanian King lauds Putin’s role in Syrian settlement. King Abdullah also stood for the support of Syria and Palestine.
    Russia and their allies Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan face serious provocations from US and Israel. If a country is developing and buiding industries and making their defenses stronger then it means that the country is now moving away from US and NATO states.

    15 Feb, 2018

  • Serious

    Like I said way before and I keep repeat, Putin is with israel. Those who think that Putin is helping Syria are mistaken from the start. How can you help a country by letting killing 1 million of inhabitants, let USA invade the country and take half of the country, let israel bomb Syria since day one and keep saying you are helping ??? XD.

    If Putin wanted to help Syria, he will have given brand new S-300 and S-400 decades ago.

    Putin and Trump are with israel.

  • Rex drabble

    I read a comment elsewhere that Syria sent many rockets into Israel and they penetrated the so called IRON DOME!!
    If that is the case then Israel just got shown up before the WHOLE WORLD.
    Reminds me of Trumps 100+ missiles that did virtually nothing.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Rex… Here is the truth about so called “Iron Dome”… It is as phoney as the previous “Patriot” systems as well as the “Arrow” system that is under development… Aerial defensive systems simply do NOT work and have a pitiful “success” rate at hitting incoming missiles at best..

      But they all look good on “paper” and are a fabulous money maker for swindlers in the military industrial complex!

  • northerntruthseeker .

    Seriously???? No really… SERIOUSLY????? … If any idiot out there actually believes these are “Iranian military facilities”, I have a pyramid in Egypt to sell to you?

    How gullible and stupid do these psychotic Jewish freaks think we are?

  • Smaug

    This last battle would actually explain the nature of previous airstrikes. If Iran was planning a major offensive in the Golan and the ODF knew it then all the disputed bombings of ammo dumps over the last month make sense.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    we dont see before and after….Israel should post image of their bases in Golan…surely many of them have been hitted by Iranian rockets and SAA artillery…