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Israel Reinforces Troops Near Golan Heights Fearing Hezbollah Retaliation To Strikes On Syria

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The Middle East is rapidly moving towards a new round of confrontation between the US-Israeli bloc and Iranian-led Shiite forces.

On July 26, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) deployed M109 Doher howitzers near the separation line with Lebanon. The deployment of howitzers became the latest in a series of broad measures employed by the IDF near Lebanon recently. Earlier, the 13th “Gideon” Infantry Battalion of the IDF’s elite 1st “Golani” Brigade reinforced troops near the border. The number Israeli Hermes 450 drone reconnaissance flights also significantly increased over southern Lebanon. Additional IDF units were also deployed in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. On top of this, the IDF announced that it will hold the Lebanese government responsible “for all actions emanating from Lebanon”.

These measures followed the July 20 Israeli strike on Syria, which resulted in the death of a member of Lebanese Hezbollah. Over the past years, Hezbollah has been one of the main supporters of Syrian Army operations against ISIS and al-Qaeda. Tel Aviv increases its strikes on what it calls Hezbollah and Iranian-affiliated targets in Syria every time when the Syrian Army launches active actions against terrorists and seems to be very concerned by the possibility of a Hezbollah response to the July 20 attack.

If Israel is really set to conduct strikes on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon to the retaliatory action by Hezbollah, this scenario could easily evolve into a wider border confrontation between Hezbollah and the IDF.

At the same time, tensions between local resistance groups and the US-led coalition grew in Iraq. On July 24, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, Ashab al-Kahf, announced that its forces had shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle of the US military over the province of Saladin. The group claimed that the UAV was downed by some ‘new weapon’ and released a photo showing the launch of what appears to be an anti-aircraft missile, likely a man-portable air-defense system.

On the same day, four unguided rockets struck the Pasmaya military camp, which is located 60km south of Baghdad. One of the rockets hit a garage for armoured vehicles, while another one targeted the barracks of the security unit. Two other rockets landed in an empty area. Despite causing some material damage, the rocket attack did not result in any casualties. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Pasmaya military camp is known to be hosting troops of the U.S.-led coalition and is used for training of Iraqi troops. On July 25, the coalition withdrew its forces from the camp and handed it over to the Iraqi military. According to the official statement, the coalition trained 50,000 personnel and invested $5 million into the creation of training infrastructure there.

Earlier in 2020, the US-led coalition withdrew its forces from several smaller military camps across the country. Some sources tried to present this as a withdrawal from Iraq due to the increasing attacks on coalition forces by anti-US Shiite paramilitary groups. These attacks increased significantly after the assassination of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Deputy Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani in a US drone strike on Baghdad International Airport on January 3, 2020. The attack put the region on the brink of the US-Iranian war and caused a public outcry against the US military presence in Iraq. However, in fact, the US has not been withdrawing its troops from the country, but rather redeploying them to larger bases. The US military even brought Patriot surface-to-air missile systems to provide additional protection to its forces. It also continues isolated attacks on positions of the Popular Mobilization Units, an official branch of the Iraqi Armed Forces that Washington describes as terrorist groups and Iranian proxies.

On July 26, several large explosions rocked the al-Saqer military camp near the district of Dora south of Baghdad. The Al-Saqer military camp hosts forces of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) as well as the Iraqi Federal Police. Large quantities of ammunition, which were stored in the camp, exploded. Iraqi Security Media said the ammunition exploded as result of “high heat” and “poor storage”. Nevertheless, sources affiliated with the PMU rejected these speculations. Local sources claimed that the explosions were caused by US drone strikes. An MQ-1 Predator combat drone was spotted over the al-Saqer military camp just after the incident. This was the second situation of this kind that happened in al-Saqer. In 2019, a US drone strike hit a weapon depot at the camp.

The current situation sets almost no prospects for a de-escalation in Iraq. The main goal of attacks by local Shiite groups is to force the US to withdraw troops from the country. At the same time, the US is not planning to withdraw its forces and uses these attacks to justify the increase of its campaign against pro-Iranian forces in the Middle East.

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Hezbollah got what they asked for today, wanted to test the IDF and they got their answer from us. Make no mistakes it’s far from over, if they don’t cool down and decide to stop their terroristic actions, then they will pay for it along with Lebanon. I’ll say it the best way I can – Israel is ready for a war.

Putin Apologist

Hezbollah said “Israel claim about border clashes aims to fabricate fictitious victories.”

Sounds like the Jews are so scared they’re shooting at their own shadows.


Wow, so they said it. We don’t take any of their lies seriously, and ready for any escalation.

Putin Apologist

“A Hezbollah cell, which numbered between three and five operatives, crossed the border, also known as the Blue Line, several meters into sovereign Israeli territory and was identified by the IDF, which opened fire on them with machine guns and tank shells. The cell fled back into Lebanon without firing at the soldiers.” — The Jerusalem Post

So these well-trained Israeli soldiers “opened fire on them [the infiltrators] with machine guns and tank shells”… and missed ALL their targets?

You sure the IDF is “ready” for Hezbollah?


Lies, they were killed.

Lazy Gamer

Videos or corpse or pieces of weapons? I assume, the drones should have a video


Let’s wait and see when the IDF publishes it.


Why don’t you ever learn? you are not a match for the IDF in an all out war. Hezbollah failed today, and if they somehow succeed next time to hurt any Israeli, then you will get a 2006 deja-vu. Maybe it’s for the best, we won’t leave anymore shias in SL.


The broke US paper Dollars stink civil war !

Madoff was the appetiser !

Do Epstein is hiding in Tel-Aviv ?

The Corona-19 Media terror hoax is imploding…. !

Do Russia will take a revenge from the 70 millions Ashkenazi run Gulags Victims ?


If Israel kills Hezbollah in Syria with air strikes you can hardly blame them for wanting to hit back.


They have no business in Syria, other than trying to open up another front against us.

Guibus Guib

Israhell has no business in Syria. No business in financing, training heretic brainless jihadists beheading christians and muslims through captagon drugs given by your utterly deluded military and politicians. israel has no future without abandoning its racist and supremcaist ideology, and the vast majority of israehellies knows it.

Stephan Williams

You don’t even realize how dangerously stupid you sound to sane people, do you?

The cognitive dissonance on display in your comments is a prime indicator of your mental instability and lack of fundamental intelligence.

The more I read from hasbarabots like you the more you confirm my suspicions about your lack of any authentic intelligence. You lot appear to have replaced your lack of real intelligence with cunning, avaricious greed, belligerence, corruption and serial-lying – all traits of a psychopath and all traits of the self-chosen collective you claim to be a proud part of.

Thank goodness for the likes of Gerard Menuhin, Ron Unz and the oh-so-few )ews like them who have grown up to be perceptive humans instead of monsters like you. Because of them at least we know your tribe isn’t totally evil…


bla bla bla…

Aaron Aarons

But are rich supporters of Israel, Jewish, Christian, or other, in places like California, Florida and London ready for when their mansions, country clubs and mega-churches come under retaliatory attack?


Nothing has changed, every war both the rich and the poor are in the same boat, united against our enemies.


The satanic ziojews are planning to kill you all. Just like the zionazi collaboration last century. You can click the link below the screenshot and draw your own conclusions. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44745bdc27b5e80a5a3853513effc8e4de7d67dc857a47570de72a0095910a9e.png




https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c3565e1e879e333501d7fd35da9f7963373863be2757ac5373b0badd36adb071.png 2

– The Zionist-Nazi Collaboration –



Do you get paid to come on this site every day and shill for your evil cult that rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week, and is a primary source for the forever war on this planet?


Two fronts to defend,thats gonna slow down,the great expansion project,as if usa don’t allready have enough of their own problems to deal with,here on in,well,they may try to fire on everything that surroounds,but sooner or later the more patiently timed head shot arisened,no more cia/fake/heros!

johnny rotten

The fake Jews are a comedian, they will have to spend a lot of money on mannequins, in uniforms, and if they insist on fighting to the last Yankee even in dead bags, as usual the Chinese producers of these goods earn it on, a help after the fake corona virus blocks, while the rest of the world will die of laughter.

Rhodium 10

IDF needs calming pills…sooner or later a Hezbollah scout group armed with KornetD ( 8 km range) will hunt them.

Icarus Tanović

You sure about that 8km range?

Rhodium 10

New Kornet given to SAA

Tommy Jensen

The Zealots thinks again they are invincible after they won a couple of victories.

Last time the Zealots were overdoing their might, Rome gathered 60 000 thousands Roman soldiers and destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple II and enslaved 6 million Jews.

History books claim that 6 million Jews were killed during the several revolts against Roman occupation of Judea and Jerusalem from +66 to +137.

Icarus Tanović

Shia, you mean Muslims?


Only in your deluded mind.

Stephan Williams

At least Tommy has a mind…

Hind Abyad

A Zionist mind

Hind Abyad


Leo Club

Accounts been blocked on Facebook again.

Italo Vernazza

“Panic”… bloody marvelous!

Icarus Tanović

Shia? They are Muslims, for that matter, if you want to be “politically” correct.


This is more information on the Jew world order’s omnicide plan for the extermination of humanity on this planet. The poisoning of America. What’s been done already, and what they’re in the process of rolling out. It can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.







Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in a debate with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, pointing out that ‘key

parts of testing’ were ‘being skipped’



Thank you, I’ve already watched it. It’s unfortunate that Kennedy has a speech impediment. But the points that he makes are well worth watching the interview. Jew Dershowitz is up to his eyeballs with the ziojews running the scam and destroying America. So he’s obviously talking out of both sides of his mouth.


Dershowitz is currently being sued by one of Epstein’s sex slaves that Dershowitz allegedly raped:

“the firm of Cooper & Kirk, had been given sealed records from her since-settled suit against Maxwell, who Giuffre claims recruited her to have sex with Epstein and his pals while she was underage.

The other men allegedly include Dershowitz, whom Giuffre is suing for defamation”

– Epstein ‘sex slave’ Virginia Giuffre, Alan Dershowitz both lose in new court ruling –


James Bond

So, SouthFrontTV yt channel terminated (again).


so hezbollah, full steam ahead an wipe the jewish illegal occupiers of palestine off the face of earth – any mercy they may pray for is not to be had since they have long ago forfeited any expectation of mercy or human decency from their neighbours or the world.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Al Jazeera news is owned by the Qatari royal family and they’re positively biased towards Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Sunni Fundamentalism, but they also have anti western and anti Israeli sentiments as well, so I’m linking this article of thiers for anyone to read, it’s very old but still relative to current times, and as accurate an assessment as I’ve ever read from anyone else concerning Israeli/Russian motives concerning Syria, and yes they are an opposition site and shouldn’t be trusted, but I’ve also read the same things on official Russian media sources as well, so I know it’s completely accurate even if the article is from the enemy. Back in june 2018 both the Israelis and the US co-announced they no longer objected to Assad remaining in power, they then sat back and watched Russia and the SAA beat the FSA HTS and Isis in Daraa, Quneitra, and As Suwayda, they let the SAA take back all the southern territories totally unhindered, no Israeli or US air support to stop them, so why was there such a massive change in policy, why did Trump and Israel stop saying Assad had to go and start saying Assad could stay.


cechas vodobenikov

the problem in the ME is USA/Turkey/UK and their colonies—if the USA did not provide 3.8$ billion annually to Israel they would develop better relations w Lebanon Syria—they now have few disputes w Egypt and Jordan after returning Sinai to Egypt…prior to the anglo invasion of Iraq Sunni/Shia lived harmoniously in Iraq—no longer true…anglos have long exploited artificial divisions in order to create chaos—Uganda, Kenya, India, Afghanistan, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Kurds in Iran, syria, etc—Belgium did the same…US is doing the same in Myanmar by creating, funding the Islam Salvation Army, Essen in Thailand, sanctioning Cambodia, China, Russia, etc—boycotts, sanctions, etc always fail—Cuba is one of many proofs….something even examined by the US conservative anti-think tank Hudson Institute….amerikans don’t pay attention to their own researchers

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