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Israel Pushes To Increase Military Budget Amid Growing Anti-Iranian Hysteria

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Israel Pushes To Increase Military Budget Amid Growing Anti-Iranian Hysteria

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Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is attempting to get Israel’s Defense Forces an increased budget, to defend from alleged Iranian aggression.

Funds would specifically be aimed at improving the country’s air defense system and particularly to counter cruise missiles.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also Defense Minister is pushing for a $290 million project that would defending the country against cruise missile attacks, similar to strikes on Saudi oil facilities on September 14th that were blamed on Iran.

These efforts come amid a fully-fledged campaign to fuel anti-Iranian hysteria in Israeli media.

According to Channel 12, officials believe Iran may have publicized information about an allegedly foiled “Israel-Arab” plot to assassinate General Qassem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as a pretense to attack Israel.

Netanyahu, during a speech on October 3rd at the swearing-in of the new Knesset (Israeli parliament), also called for a “broad national unity government,” saying the country’s security challenges demanded political stability.

“This isn’t spin, it’s not a whim, this is not ‘Netanyahu trying to scare us,’” he said. “Anyone who knows the situation knows that Iran is getting stronger and is attacking around the world, saying clearly, ‘Israel will disappear.’ They believe it, they are working toward it, we need to take them seriously.”

This need for funding is reinforced in a recent interview, given by Major General (res.) Yaakov Amidror, who is part of military intelligence.

Amidror said the military budget is small to counter current threats and should be increased. According to him, also, new threats to Israel’s security come primarily from Iran. The discussion of these threats intensified sharply after the attack of Saudi Arabia on September 14th. Mainstream media outlets claim that approximately 20 UAVs and about 10 Quds-1 missile launchers were used for the strike. Israel sources fear that such a massive attack could break through the air defense system and could damage important Israeli infrastructure.

On October 6th, the first meeting of the military-political cabinet of the government took place after the general elections in Israel. Yosi Cohen, director of the Mossad’s foreign intelligence service, allegedly presented cabinet members with new information about the strike on Saudi Arabia on September 14th, 19. Messages appeared on social networks, allegedly based on leaks from this meeting. These reports claim that Israel is not ready for such an attack.

Regardless of the presumed threat, Netanyahu’s first proposal for a budget increase was blocked in the Israeli parliament. On top of the $290 million for improving the air defenses, he requested approximately $500 million more of a budget increase. However, the Knesset interim commission approved the allocation of $400 million to book military vehicles and strengthen the protection of military personnel as part of a multi-year procurement plan. Funds will be allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Defense due to reduction of financing of other projects.

Over the course of several years, it is proposed to increase military spending from 5 to 6% of GDP.

In 2019, the budget for defense in Israel was approximately $20 billion, with approximately $8 billion on top due to various additions.

A 1% of the GDP is approximately $5 billion USD, so the budget would grow to around $33 billion USD. This increase is intended for the next five-year development program of the IDF.

Separately, in 2018, the Commissioner for Complaints of Military Personnel Major General (res.) Yitzhak Brik issued a report, which refers to the general unreadiness of the IDF for a full-scale war. According to him, large parts of the armed forces suffer from a lack of effectiveness in the command structure, and a lack of personnel training with new equipment (for example, communication, control and control systems).


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Iran has now successfully created squadrons of Dove’s , to be known as the Doves of Peace.

These celestial Doves are now fully equipt to defeat the swarms of new F35 aircraft sent to Israel by the US tax payers.

God Bless the Doves of Peace.


It happened a few times in the past, when Israel sells the US a weapon system, it means they are abandoning that project. It usually is because the project didn’t produce the intended results and a few systems are sold at a price that is equal or slightly more than the whole project’s funding. Recently there is negotiations to sell Iron Dome to the US. It’s a system which they claim is capable to defend a city from short range projectiles, is used since 2011 with a success rate of >%90.

With the presence of such mighty defence, why do they feel unprotected and in need of a huge increase in military budget? Their budget is already much higher than Iran’s and they need to cover about %1.26 of the area Iran needs to cover, they claim their equipment (satellites, jets, missiles, tanks, artillery, guns, you name it) is much better and more sophisticated than Iran’s and is the best in the world and they receive military aid regularly. Not to mention that Iran’s missiles are photoshopped and it’s proposed defence budget for the next year is further decreased!

Can it be that they know their weapons are all hypes and in reality aren’t worth much? No… it can’t be… The “only democracy in Middle East” never lies!

Umar Sani

I will like to draw attention to South front to the disinformation/information warfare tactics of the western-backed anti-nation delusional Russian opposition media. Such media continue to dissiminate fictitious corruption allegations on patriotic officials like Rogozin, Alexander uss and other critical staff committed to national breakthrough. I will Southfront to be analysing thier articles and practically debunking them point by point. I think this will alarm such media and force them to at least try to be more creditable by searching for facts. And since such corruption and mismanagement facts are lacking they will have to either desist or become laughing stock.i mean media like meduza, crimerussia, Moscow times , radio liberty etc and especially telegram outlets


good, the quintet turkey, iran, iraq, syria and hezbollah will soon be finished clearing up the mess in syria and for which israel is solely to blame and once it is done and dusted, the quintet should with some haste proceed towards israel and finish the squatters off, no mercy and scatter them over the world. they won’t be much liked anywhere and pogroms are sure to be part of their new future. jared kushner, resident slime ball in the white house, might secure netanyahu and his nearest and dearest green card but the rest will most likely have to endure a universal condemnation and harassment. well deserved in my view!


I’m sure this will not cost the Israeli taxpayer a single sheckel, all to be paid by the grateful American tax payer of course.

Saddam Hussein

Oy vey, shut it down!

Xoli Xoli

Biggest Jesus traitors with unending wars.The Bible only speaks in volumes about Jesus but their killed him.Today this satanic Satanyahu pretend like he follows bible teachings. Israelis believe in tor reads tor history of unending war waging.

Peter Jennings

The isreali regime is at war with the world. They will not stop subjugating their immediate area and will go anywhere their paranoia deems it necessary. Even their allies are not safe.

The isreali regime can end their woes with some diplomacy, yet they prefer to rely on threats and violence. Things have moved on since the isreali regime won their last victory with US help, even though the regime bombed barracks and murdered US soldiers.

The use of ‘they’ in Netty’s little speech does not only apply to Iranians, but, in time, to all of us goyim around the world.


I bet the US taxpayer is very happy to pay. Who needs hospitals and schools in the US?

Ceasar Polar

The kikes are shitting their pants. They saw what the Houthis did. Now they understand what Hezbollah can do, even Hamas can do what the Houthis did. They are losing sleep over Iran and over the unwillingness of US of Trump to wage an expensive war on Iran on behalf of the occupiers of Palestine.


yep, israel is the party that set off the syrian war with 100-thousands dead and maimed and whose lives have been utterly destroyed so it’s time to reverse the process, now that israel’s carefully orchestrated war has failed, and the reverse process is simply to destroy israel to the core, and if there is random violence while the process to destroy israel progresses, so be it. the ulterior result is a palestine entirely free of the squatters and since most private property is the fruit of the land any property held by a squatter is rightfully palestinian and must be expropriated.

Tommy Jensen

Iranians are kissing their $42 trillion oil reserves to be spend on WMD while farting all Americans up in the face. This is what is called terrorism. Psychological terrorism.

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