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Israel Provokes Damascus To Escalate

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Israel Provokes Damascus To Escalate

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Israel Provokes Damascus To Escalate
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Israel Provokes Damascus To Escalate

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Israel continues to launch attacks on Syria under the pretext of disturbing Iranian weapons shipments meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Late on September 6, a new Israeli aerial attack targeted the northern governorate of Aleppo. The attack was launched from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, right off the coast of the city of Lattakia.

Israeli fighter jets fired a number of stand-off munitions, which hit Aleppo International Airport. A military official told the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency that the attack inflicted heavy damage on the airport’s main runway, placing it out of service. No casualties were reported, however.

The Syrian Ministry of Transportation announced that all flights meant to Aleppo airport will be moved to Damascus International Airport. The ministry didn’t specify when the airport could resume operations.

Arab media said that the airport’s runway was not the only target of the Israeli attack. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and other Syrian pro-opposition news outlet claimed that warehouses where Iranian weapons were stored had also been hit.

The Al Arabiya TV said that the attack came as a response to the resumption of Iranian aerial weapons shipments to Hezbollah via Syria.

Exactly a week earlier, a large-scale Israeli attack targeted the international airports of Aleppo and Damascus. Both airports were placed out of service for several hours. Five Syrian service members were also wounded. The same claims about Iranian weapons shipments to Hezbollah were used to justify the attack.

Israel and its allies are apparently increasingly worried of a possibly Syrian military response. After the attack on Aleppo International Airport, Israel placed its troops along the border with Syria on high-alert.

Moreover, the US-led coalition placed its bases in Syria on high-alert. US troops in al-Tanf garrison in Syria’s southeastern region as well as in the Conoco gas plant base in the northeastern governorate of Deir Ezzor were reportedly oredered to prepare for a possible attack by Iranian-backed forces in Syria or Iraq.

A recent report by the New York Times said that Damascus and its allies, who are known as the “Axis of Resistance,” have agreed to respond to Israel’s repeated attacks by targeting US bases in Syria.

Israel has launched 23 large aerial attacks on Syria since the beginning of the year. At least four attacks targeted Damascus International Airport, while only two targeted the airport in Aleppo.

Syria, who continues to face many security and economic challenges, has been refraining from responding to Israeli attacks in order to avoid a serious military escalation. This policy will not apparently change any time soon. Israel will likely continue to escalate its attacks on the war-torn country under the pretext of battling Iranian influence.

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Normal Mossad shit

Iran will get nukes there is nothing that USA can do but bait a war


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John Tosh

Iran has nukes already…. they have had it a while now. The day the USA or Israel push Iran, that day Iran will conduct a nuclear test on an Israeli city….

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This is fiction or is it???? You decide.

Last edited 8 months ago by John Tosh

As usual the radar and air defennce S300 and S400 were a sleep. Iran has the right to send armaments to Syria and Libanon and Palestine. The rest off the zio-controlled cowardish world is arming Oukraine. Time to install the powerful Iranian AD, and put a no fly zone on Syria, Libanon, Palestine and half off turky. Yankees, nato and the illegal entity israhell will be paralised on the ground. Look for spy planes off us and nato to close to your borders over Turky, Jordan and coastlines. Schoot them down !!!

Iron Zion 🦾🇮🇱

We blow terror hard. Don’t want to blow, don’t play with terror. Famous Israeli saying.


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The khazar abomination in apartheid, occupied Palestine needs to be excised. The cancer is out of control and these welfare warfare squatting thugs are crying out to be exterminated.

Palestine must be liberated from the khaZar evil.


Can someone tell me why they don’t return fire on the Iz Ray Li airport?


Syrians are willing to take a certain amount of Israeli punishment because they know that if they hit back, IAF wil use as an excuse to do much more serious damage. And Syrian forces are stretched so thin, there is no way they can face down IDF in any way. No bias, just facts. That is why they allow Turks free reign in north as well. They are not even in control of places that they claimed months and years ago. Hizbullah is on its own there.

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as lgbt amerikan cesspool dies Israel will melt into desert


NATO war gaming for 70+ years .Alexander, the Romans and Israel may soon pass into the dust bowl of history but Iran may want to think of the unthinkable for now.


The Allies are whoopin ASSad’s azz again! russia is too weak from getting bled in Ukraine to do anything about it… heheheh


Allies? who are they?


Al-Arabia is not a reliable source of information. It’s backed by Saudi Arbaia, Israel and the US.


Even broken clocks are right twice a day. They might have biases but they also have assets from whom they get solid info.

Lance Ripplinger

Syria won’t respond officially to these continued attacks. If any “response” happens, I think it will come from Iranian backed groups, etc.

Marcus Chapman

A little advice. Quit putting weapons in storage facilities at the airport. Try using them instead.


Not sure you know how this works, but all arms go through depots. These are not for SAA. They are for Hiz, bought and paid for. Syria has to allow this as price for Hiz losing so many soldiers fighting for them.


I pray I live to see the day when the Jew shithole is nuked into oblivion and every kike in it sent straight to Hell!

Last edited 8 months ago by WillieBrennan
Rocky Trojson

Someone here must see the pattern. Syria is an endless war slowly bleeding Russia to death. What is Russia getting out of Syria? Absolutely nothing except death, destruction and poverty back home.

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