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Israel Promotes Own Weapons With Animation Showing Destruction Of Russian S-300 Radars And Ka-50 Attack Helicopters

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Israel Promotes Own Weapons With Animation Showing Destruction Of Russian S-300 Radars And Ka-50 Attack Helicopters

S-300 radar. A screenshot from the video.

There is a new trend in the Israeli propganda. Now, Tel Aviv is promoting its weapons by making animations showing how they eliminate Russian military equipment.

In February, Israel Aerospace Industrie released 2 videos promoting the capabilities of Israeli-produced military equipment. One of the videos shows how a Mini Harpy tactical loitering munition destroys an apparent radar of the S-300 air defenese system.

Another video shows how the Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) destoroys Ka-50 attack helicopters.

The Kamov Ka-50 “Black Shark is a single-seat attack helicopter. Its serial production was halted in 2009 and is now more in service with the Russian Armed Forces.

Israel Promotes Own Weapons With Animation Showing Destruction Of Russian S-300 Radars And Ka-50 Attack Helicopters

Ka-50 attack helicopters. A screenshot from the video.

The aforementioned videos are actively exploiting the “Russian threat” narrative as a tool to promote Israeli weapons and equipment. Another factor is a balanced military diplomatic approach employed by Moscow in the Syrian conflict. At least a part of the Tel Aviv leadership attempts to show that this approach is a sign of the Russian weakness.


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Unfortunate but maybe the Kremlin should have thought better than inviting Netanyahu to the vicotry day parade or more importantly tolarating Israeli destruction of targets inside Syria time and time again.
Incompetence and naivity will be exploited by the enemy-and that is what Israel is, the enemy.

Zionism = EVIL

It is Putin who is crawling up Nutter Yahoo’s arse. The Russian army is really pissed off.


So true! All his top military advisers and top generals in the Russian defense ministry can’t stand Israel, you can just tell by the looks on there faces, especially after the downing of there IL20 plane, the face of the head of the Russian defense ministry’s video explaining there responsibility for the downing of the jet says everything you need to know about how his army really feels about the so called land of milk and honey!!!

Jens Holm

Again pure nonsence as if You are the center of the world. I am sure those Russians are much more like You.

Without them i for Syria would say, that assad hardly was Emir of Latakia.


It’s a shame you can’t spell properly or pronounce a sentence let alone write a comment that makes any sense, go away and take your pro Zio garbage somewhere else please.
Take a lesson in learning how to make sense at least before you try to write a useless comment on here, kind regards and thank you for your irrelevant comment.

Jens Holm

No, its not. Your main problem is, that You think You are more important, then You are. You even behave as Assad is commander of the Russian army.

David Price

Putin I’d imagine when entering Syria had a certain recline on losses of military hardware and personal. Does he have limitations? Of course his Army has won the War in Syria. Bibi the Barbarian is desperate to get a full on War with Iran which in fairness is not going to happen. The Yanks are busy talking abaabout the destruction of huge military powers in SAmerica. US regime talks a great game but can’t deliver


Netanyahu invited himslef – by specifying the day of the parade as the only day he could make it for urgent talks with the Russians.

Jens Holm

After years You still dont get why. You never will.


Oh, do enlighten me please.. Or is it something only the most devoted of Putin groupies perceive while all else are blind to it?

Jens Holm

Thats the whole problem . So few in the region wish to be entlightend, and when they do – maybee like You – You only use it for critisism about what others do wrong into spelling contests with commas and we of course all are evil zionist western and Iran can take Israel with its army of 17 million overpopulation as if the one woth Saddam wasnt enough.

More like if You ask for entlightning and add electricity, it will become and remain dark.

You dont understand the relations for Russia with You as well as Israel. You not even try. So much of You is made in stone from the times of Moses.


Offer a straight answer and not senseless bloviating-that is if you have an answer.


I think it’s time for you to take your medication and to go to sleep, you are boring every body on here now.

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist parasites are running scared and trying to demonize Russia. If they kill any more Russians in Syria they will bear the full brunt of Russian firepower as the the Red Army is no longer is a benevolent mood. Talk is cheap.


And what you’re doing is … talkin’.

Jens Holm

Timewasting too. I woner how much he pays to be allowed to write here.

Jens Holm

Yerrh zionist are the parsites. Yerrh yearhh. And they demonize too yearhh yearrrh – Thats hardly needed seen from here.

You really dont get much, do You.

Poor Turk

We will witness once again a humiliation of the Russian Servicemen in the Middle East.

Promitheas Apollonious

the question is only one and always the same. Why dont they ever do, what they claim they can?


They’ve blown up multiple Pantsirs and shot down an IL20

Russians are so pathetic their junk systems haven’t killed a single Israeli during the entire Syrian war


Manuel Flores Escobar

Be worry why in Ashkelon 40 of 100 palestine home made rockets were able to hit Israel soil…Israel have launched HUNDRED of cruise missile and guide bombs along these years..and no significative damage for SAA because more than 75% have been intercepted and destroyed!…in hands of Russian servicemen it would mean about 90%….so good test for Russian military complex!..

Jens Holm

And the result is 0. Better to raise ducks and ens laying eggs.

Manuel Flores Escobar

the result is 0 because population were hiden in shelter holes like rats…some houses and a bus were detroyed..

Jens Holm

Israel and Russia has agreements about that for many years. You ignore that fact and even think You are the center of the conflict.

You are not. You are one among several cooks for the dirty soup adding a lot of dirt with the good part Yourself.

Jens Holm

Most powerbalances is like that. When both losse too much, there is no winner. Its not always about military results.

I take a fictive example which could be Turks against Assads or even SDF. Sure Turkey would win, but the Turkish population might replace the AKPs seeiong all their own coffins and the even more bad economy by it – even most dead ones are Syrians.


Wishful thinking on part of Israel promoting mediocre weapons that are over rated and doing well in animated video clips.
S300 radars would be protected by EW countermeasures and Pantsir air defenses.
Helicopter gunships would use integrated data and direct air strikes against any Barack launchers. Barack missile is a wanna be Pantsir.


Reminds me of Saudi animation in which they successfully invaded and conquered Iran while Iranian soldiers didn’t even cuss them, and finally comically arrested general Soleymani.
It’s OK for the youth to be dreamers.


Mini Harpy loitering ammo did well against a Pantsir that was out of missiles and uncrewed, a lot of the Jewish fake propaganda made a big deal about it.


The Russian Mod admitted Israel killed 4 Syrian soldiers last strike, the real number was far higher

No retaliation from the cowards

Allan Greedspoon

Thank you once again for your input Shlomostein. By the way . . how is the weather there in Haifa this time of year?

Jens Holm

A typical reaction infected as usual putting in Shlomostein in instead of dirty little arabs hardly washed every friday and Turks as mongols.

And in economics: How many goats for a wife. How many goats for a warwidow as a wife. That might be the real reasons for Your everlasting wars, thats the price of wives gos down, because more men are tkilled then them.

Shalom Aqabar…

Jens Holm

You seemes spitting a lot of Propaandalf Yourself. Its not only propaganda Israel has to neutralize those missiles. They have to even they actually are only animations or sooner or later will come.

Its very normal in warfare, they You work hard to eliminate eyes and ears of the enemies.

Jens Holm

Thats how videos can be made. Those can be made more or less realitic.

We also have animations for living on Mars. We also go back and simulate how dinos were killed by vulcanos or meteors reflection how we think – it was.

Animations are very good in science too. We make a lot of medication as well as equipment for hospiltals. Here we now save lives for several millions of mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and like that.


Good for you, now please take some of those medications, register in one of those hospitals, watch a sciency dinosaur animation, rest and let the doctors try some of those equipments on you.

I don’t know about you, but it may save some of our lives for a change!


Pantsirs can’t even protect themselves when Israel blew them up like 5 times with 0 losses lol

You can call me Al

Kike Yanker – piss off and go breed with a pig or camel.

Jens Holm

It certainly dont calm You down.

Allan Greedspoon

You can’t even invade 300 meters into Lebanon without your troops urinating in their panties and crawling home weeping like depleted cockroaches . .lol


A turned off pantsirs, with close radars in OFF state, if you call that success you really did kills some pantsirs but you Zionist should try take out a Active Pantsir for once, not the one on side that are empty and turned off. But what else you can do right? Typical Zionism, maybe Hitler should visit you again in different form, if ww2 was 1 year longer you Zionists were not going to exist today, oh above that you are all Nazi-Zionists, all of your mothers were in bed with Nazi soldiers so technically you don’t even exist you are part of Nazi leftover.

Jens Holm

So far they are there since 1948, even You try to add and subtract thinking You score a lot of sheep points Yourself.

It has nothing to do with zionism but are hard facts military facts as well. Much like You are very dirty Yourself and by that try to make them dirty, so they look more like You.

After all You once climbed down the same mountain as only one. Allah might have known more about cloning then written in the holy Choran. The first 3 generation also was men only. That might be the main problem even today.

Jens Holm

Seees like You are shout in the head. You are magnetic or radioactive as well ?


Well at least they made some good animations unlike the russians.


That CGI looked like it was made 20 years ago. They’re gonna be oh-so excited when they discover bump mapping.

Lena Jones

Yet another stupid ape show from the coward jew army.

John Whitehot


Jens Holm

Yerrh, its like You are. You even put in “coward”. Hard to see some few millions jews having a billion muslims around them making a state – as cowards.

Lena Jones

Liar! The klepto jews are NOT surrounded by a “billion muslims” lol! And if they were not such a hide-behind-apron-of-America cowards they wouldn’t busy themselves with killing unarmed civilians and shitting in their pants at the mere mention of ‘Hezbollah’.


just goes to show how friggin scared they are, the squatters and that they have nothing even remotely close to what the video shows. in fact the squatters are seriously threatened and this is the time to evict the murdering and thieving scum into the mediterranean sea. for good.

they have for far to long been allowed to get away with murder and mayhem on the palestinian people, in what rightly can be called a DEPALESTINATION-program. but and this is the crux, they have forfeited any and all rights to be a sovereign country and all recognitions given earlier by gullible countries can now be revoked, thus taking away the legitimate basis the squatters rely on. thus a country which hardly any country recognizes will soon be toast and in particular if the financial subsidies the squatters rely on to survive are prohibited and stopped al together – and the squatters will be swimming towards a non-existing safe shore – what a larfffff

Jens Holm

Only arabs tell all the time the Israelians are scared.

Most of the rest is only hopes of the worst kind.


Israel está desesperado por vender sus juguetitos mortales a países compradores de armas.

Jens Holm

Thats normal procedure. Which countries do not. Make a list please…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Russian weapons have always been useless against Jews. When Jews were slaughtering 20,000,000 Russians, the entire Russian army was useless to defend even a single Russian family (the royal family) lol. Ever heard of the Holodomor Russians? It is when Russians were slaughtered like pigs by their Zionist-masters and Russians were helpless.


This should not come as a surprise, even though Israel is not at war with Russia their enemies still buy Russian weapons. Like how Americans think of an enemy weapon as AK-47s, simply because the Soviets sold them to our enemies and there are a lot of them and they last forever.
These is not an underhand political agenda, but South Front’s selective reporting is.


They are afraid of russians. The same kind of ridiculous clips as Kim Jong Un have with US set on fire.


Exactly, dogs bark out of fear.

Jens Holm

Not all dogs are like that. We have many guiding sheep by barking.


Yes my son has a Mareema that barks at the brush-turkeys.
My old German shepherd didn’t bark, but he would growl just before he attacked.

Jens Holm

Illustrations are like that.

You probatly can make Your own, where the Isralians hit nothing and after that row back to, where they came from in small unusefull swimming wests.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So where in this animation is the Pantsir and Tor?
Since the birth of the earth, Russia have had multi layered air defence.

And love the servo sound effects and the jet engine sounds, just missing the Stuka soundeffect

Manuel Flores Escobar

Nothing special…Iran and Houttis have also auto bomb drones as we have seen when one of them killed the yemeni staff during a parade…for other side I see Iron Dome vs heli and planes…I remember the last palestine home made rockets attacks in which they launched a barrage of 100 ( when usually they launch no more than 10)…and Israel only was able to intercept 60%..another 40 hit Ashkelon!…

Jens Holm

But they are still there since 1948.


From the people who brought you ET and Indiana Jones, comes the latest blockbuster fantasy.

Jens Holm

Whats wrong with animations. Should they test it for real in stead ?

Its even named as propaganda and by that very infected. Nothing strange in taking awar radarsystems and other kinds of communications. Thats the normale procedure for most attacks and counterattacks.

But of course several here expect the Israelians behave like sitting ducks even more and more gunpowder seemes to arise in front of them. They dont.

As usual You expect Israel are like Yourself not even knowing the enemy(fx You). In the same moment You expect som 300-400s are the ultimative Vergeltungswaffen. They have no choise.

And its a kind of funy You get those as gifts from Russia hardly being able to handle and use them. So came down Your propaganda Yourself. Its onlt for internal use believed by someone Yourself.

The facts are Israel do its best to neutralize any possible attack against their jets and missiles even thos might only be in its pilot/prototype phase and even might be a fiasco.

Albert Pike

Good stuff! They must show it on Russian TV, that for sure will make the Russians angry – which will make Putin angry. And angry Russians near by in Syria – that’s no good for the Zionists. But since in their twisted minds they want a big war to serve their Moloch – that might serve them too. Who knows what Chabad’s PR department was thinking…


Hopefully Syrian S-300 start swatting israeli aircraft like flies pretty soon


To be fair, this weapon system has been in existence for about two years and so has the advertising video. It is a bit exaggerated and also inaccurate to put it in current world political context. Especially the Russian-Israeli tensions.

And you have to say something they finally have to shoot down in the video, russia is also a very big exporter of weapons, certainly they will not shoot down german tornados in the clip.

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