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Israel Preparing For Military Operation In Gaza Strip If Tensions Grow Further: Netanyahu


Israel Preparing For Military Operation In Gaza Strip If Tensions Grow Further: Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly informed his cabinet that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are preparing for a possible military campaign in the Gaza Strip if tensions there grow further, according to Israeli media.

“If the reality of civil distress in Gaza is diminished, that is desirable, but that is not certain to happen, and so we are preparing militarily — that is not an empty statement,” Netanyahu stated according to Israel’s Hadashot.

i24NEWS also reported the following:

“Senior defense officials apparently told Hadashot that Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas was irked by the transfer of funds from Qatar to the coastal enclave, in spite of his attempts to cut financial aid to the Hamas-ruled Strip.

UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Nikolay Mladenov had facilitated the transfer. “

Several Palestinian, Israeli and international humanitarian entities reports have recently stated that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is deteriorating rapidly. The region itself has been reeling under a strict Israeli blockade since 2007.

Since March 2018, more than 190 Palestinians have been killed and thousands others injured by Israeli forces fire during anti-occupation protests near contact line between the Gaza Strip and the Israeli-held area.



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  • leon mc pilibin

    You would think that the israhellis have lost nearly two hundred kids to sniper cowardly fire.The eternal victims ,at their genocidal best..What a satanic tribe of scumbags,what did the world do to deserve these warmongering demons?

    • Val Shadowhawk

      I know. It really is sickening.

    • Carol Davidek-Waller

      The Palestinians have lost thousands and their country was stolen.. Israel will get no sympathy as long as they continue their aggression and cruelty.

  • FlorianGeyer

    It was only to be expected for the IDF to attack the civilians in Gaza, that is the Largest Concentration Camp the world has seen as the IDF is angry that the Syrians can now fight back.

    • Val Shadowhawk

      Yeah, the freaks take it out on the Palestinians. Sons of bitches. One day, they will be made to get on their knees and beg the Palestinians forgiveness for their unconscionable acts.

  • Ray Douglas

    Yeah, pick on the defenseless you cowardly bastards.

  • Abramo Putra

    Another step of the Zionist, anti-Semitic Ashkenazi, towards the final solution. The massacre and expulsion of the Palestinians.



  • bernie garland

    Blood your new recruits, with unarmed civilians is it ? cant wait for the next war with Hezbolla fighting real men,your days are numbered

    • as

      In fact their defeat in 2006 is because they’re too dependent on PGM to literally just terrorise Lebanese civilians to give up it’s support of Hezbollah.

    • Sinbad2

      Jews from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Israel to kill unarmed women and children.
      When they go back home, they can brag, apparently Jewish women love child killers?

  • Smaug

    He certainly means it, but I wouldn’t be to sure it will happen since Hamas’ aim so far was to go as far as they could without full on war.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    What sort of preparations are necessary to continue genocide?
    How drunk, drugged up or crazy do you have to be to think your victims won’t object. Object, suffer and die is about all they can do. Gaza is no threat to Israel.

  • putinbeater


  • Sinbad2

    Russia has stopped the Israeli bombing of Syria, so Netanyahu needs another war to keep him high in the polls.

  • Concrete Mike

    Bwahaha IDF, whats a matter too chickenshit to go dance with syria and uncle Putin?? Now you have to go kill civilians again .

    I got some nice rope with me all the time now. :))

  • Ewan

    Bloodlusting Satanic Khazars cannot live without human sacrifice to their God Lucipher so they can continue their stealing land in Palestine with the blessings of their god.