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JUNE 2023

Russia Suffers Casualties In Greater Idlib. Israel Pounds Damascus Countryside

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You can read this article in German. LINK

On the morning of December 30th, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force once again carried out strikes on alleged Iranian targets in the countryside of Damascus. According to reports one person was killed and 3 others injured in the attack.

Earlier, an unidentified, unmanned aerial vehicle struck several oil tanks near the village of al-Hamran, which is located north of the town of Manbij in northern Syria. The village is situated on the contact line between territories controlled by Turkish-backed forces and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to local sources, the oil tankers belonged to SDF-linked oil smugglers, who were selling oil looted from the US-controlled oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates to Turkish-linked entities. This oil smuggling business sheds light on the real face of the Kurdish SDF leadership, which likes to make loud statements about its alleged patriotism and its plans to expel the Turkish Army from northern Syria.

In Idlib, three Russian service members received minor injuries as a result of an ATGM strike on their armoured vehicle, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on December 29. The report said that an armored personnel carrier of the Russian Military Police came under attack from the territory controlled by Turkish-backed militants. Russian forces, in cooperation with the Turkish military and Syrian security forces, are looking for those involved.

These developments came as the Turkish Armed Forces were working to evacuate their observation point near the town of Tell Touqan. This was one of their last remaining points within the territories, which have been liberated by the Syrian Army.

Over the past months, Turkey has withdrawn a group of its posts, which had been besieged by Syrian troops. In light of this, the recent increase in attacks by Turkish proxies along the contact line may be a part of the Turkish game aimed at demonstrating that any decrease of the Turkish military presence in Greater Idlib would lead to the deterioration of the security situation there.

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Arman Melkonyan

So Putin, For the sake of your own Natashas, Bring more Turks to Russia or wherever Russian national interests lie. The Turks will take good care of your Natashas who love their smelly dicks and American dollars. “Russian” ought to be a synonym for ‘WHORE’.


Arman Melkonyan is a synonym for DICKHEAD.



You’re a salty clown Keep crying bitch

Servet Köseoğlu

Clown..ha!..clown definition:A clown is a comic performer, typically in flamboyant costume and makeup, who employs slapstick or similar types of physical comedy, often in a mime style….this guy is not clown and experiencing mental burnt out and turning upside -down all the stupidity levels..even worse he thinks he makes sense or intellectual statements..he doesnt even deserve down-voting and after all these worthless bullshits the people who are reading his comments and replying,upvoting him is a man wihout dignity..

Arman Melkonyan

This is what you are, Turk. You don’t have slant eyes anymore because you carry the genes of the Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, and European women you raped by the millions. Heard you burned some more TURKISH women to death today. That’s what happens when Turks run out of Christians to torture and kill. Oh yes, this is what you are, Turk: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e50f6a8ae803224cef5c6f1eeaa8448e26ca976c68eb1efc5174ef607da74e84.png

cechas vodobenikov

GG is close enough—a sadomasochistic clown

Arman Melkonyan

Yep, my jizz is salty. Glad you liked it. It’s good for your skin. But by the looks of it, can’t do much about it. Now go suck some Russian dick like a good Turk should.


Israel invades syria from south and we invade from north, a good scenario :)

Lone Ranger

And than you wake up realizing you have peed yourself while asleep…

John Tosh

Wet dream!

John Tosh

China is testing 6G communication with about 3 satellites ALREADY orbiting the earth.

While the USA has allowed the ridiculous Central Intelligence Agency to hold Americans back, the CIA should see how a real intelligence agency works in China…. it does not poison people, it does not get people fired from jobs, neither does it involve itself in personal relationships. It simply collects information and allows active decision making by a MATURED group of people.

The CIA has limited medical research by using the USMLE to only allow certain people to be physicians in the USA, the result is a group of physicians who are not scientists. Hence do not be surprised the first Covid vaccine came out of Russia! The USA is supposed to have the most advanced healthcare facilities in the world….. that has been proven false! We all must thank the CIA for using the USMLE to select physicians in the USA…. your hard work CIA is paying off…. we now put RNA in clumps of fat and inject it into Americans calling it a Covid vaccine while the Russians have modified Adenoviruses as their Covid vaccine (how its supposed to be done)

It is a shame the CIA is causing the USA to degenerate….. soon … we will be similar to other 3rd world countries…. our chief export is now SANCTIONs….. our military is all over the world….. we are spread thin. We cannot conscript the citizenry because they are fat and out of shape… due to cheap unhealthy MOSANTO feeds, sick Chickens that are made to grow overnight….. we cannot even raise an Army large enough to defend ourselves… we are depending on missiles like the Tomahawks which decorated Syrian gardens when Trump shot at Syria…….

We are screwed because the CIA would not allow the USA to grow at the rate it is supposed to grow…. ALLOW COMPETITION you morons….. let the USA breath….you the CIA may lose control but the USA wins with time… as long as those morons in the CIA run things, the USA will continue to take a nosedive!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

CIA first coup was in Iran in 1953 i believe. their last failed coup was in venezuela in 2019, their current attempted coup seems to be biden USA in 2020

Ryan Glantz

C[1]A = ch!naD33pst@te

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

sure it isnt russia? russia? russia? russia? russia? russia? are you sure it’s China, China, China, China, China, China? are you sure that you learnt your MSM lesson correctly and it definitely is China you have been told to blame?

Assad must stay

so who is supposed to stop the CIA? and what is USMLE?

John Tosh

Not sure… but as the USA degenerates, the power of the CIA degenerates… the CIA is only as powerful as the USA…. so while the CIA is using and abusing the USA, it is cutting the power of the USA.

With the introduction of the Digital Yuan by China and many other ways of bypassing the Dollar trading system, with the advent of Liquified natural gas replacing petroleum, the Petro-Dollar system will lose its power. The US Dollar will cease to be a reserve currency…

Once the US Dollar loses its power as a reserve currency, the CIA is finished…. many countries are aware of CIA activities but are afraid of the Petro-dollar and sanctions from the USA so they do not act against the CIA agents who are running amok. Once that sword (petrodollar) is gone, watch CIA agents get picked up globally and prosecuted/hung for global crimes like terrorism.

In Nigeria for example, the CIA runs boko Haram, the headquarters is in neigbouring Niger where the CIA has its Terrorist headquarters right next to US Military camps…. they know but cannot do anything….

The CIA is doomed….unfortunately, it looks like it will take the USA down with it. What a pity. I had hoped the CIA would go down alone but it seems it will take the USA down with it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump tried. China doesn’t fire people from their jobs? doctors treating corona virus victims were jailed for simply telling the truth, which the Chinese authorities thought to be subversive in some way, mmm.

Tommy Jensen

They were jailed for going to Western CIA media for deliberately creating unnecessary conflicts with authorities and the Chinese public.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They were jailed for telling the world the truth, they weren’t being politically subversive at all. Chinese doctors were just confirming what the Iranian doctors had already told us on Iranian media outlets, I posted and linked Iran’s incredible findings on SF and a few weeks later the Chines doctors confirmed what the Iranians had already told us, darkened skin on a small number of patients, ongoing lung problems in 10% of recovered patients, and a few other things I can’t remember. Telling the truth is never subversive unless you have something to hide, they didn’t reveal Chinese troop locations or numbers did they, or even criticize the Chinese Government for not dealing with the virus adequately, they just presented some additional facts about the virus and were jailed for it. I know of many Chinese/Australian citizens who had their lives made a living hell by Chinese authorities, some of them were outright subversive and perhaps got what they deserved but some of them weren’t, they were just honest people telling the truth, but they suffered the same fate as anyone else who dared to criticize the Chinese Government. I have to admit I’m biased because I’m totally pro whistle blower immunity, I don’t think people like Julian Assange should be jailed for telling us ignoramuses the truth, I love knowing the truth, unlike most of my fellow SF readers who can easily turn a blind eye to the truth when it suites them. I spent 40 years of my life criticizing the US Government until I finally realized they weren’t any different to all the other Nations governments [even my own], they were just a lot better at doing what they were doing, which was lying to their own people as well as lying to the rest of the world, and I don’t like liars no matter who or where they’re from.

Tommy Jensen

I take your point. I just see we many times dont understand the different way of thinking in China. We relate lies and fake in the media as kind of free speech, while China ban any kind of deliberate fake and lies. As example China ban the Nobel Prize on the Internet which in my opinion is good judgement. This way I have seen more fairness in the China way than the smut freedom in West, but I would be open for any fairness.

John Tosh

Chinese intelligence does not start a rumor to get you fired from your job. I have direct experience where the CIA agent started a rumor to get an individual fired from a job in Florida. Another agent called a different job and started a rumor to make sure the individual is not hired. This is a childish tactic only used by the Central Intelligence Agency. Where is the intelligence in that???

China has completely controlled Covid-19 They did what they had to to control it. You cannot hide the facts.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I can’t argue with what you say about the CIA but I can tell you China is definitely no better. I’m an Australian and now seeing first hand what Chinese authorities are capable of doing, we’re on the receiving end atm and getting the full brunt of Chinese political and financial retribution. Our trade with China has been ILLEGALY halted on a huge variety of commodities due to a litany of FALSE allegations, our Chinese citizens have been targeted for their anti Chinese Government sentiments, our universities have been blackmailed, our politicians bribed and corrupted, and they’ve been hacking our administrative networks causing problems to not only our government, but the utilities and other agencies that serve us citizens [we hack them too so we’re no better in that aspect but we don’t disrupt social functions]. I didn’t say China hasn’t controlled the virus, I said the Chinese authorities jailed their own doctors for telling the simple truth, and that is the truth if you care to check.

John Tosh

No human entity is good…. we are supposed to all be strong so that we can be check mates on each other…. The CIA was bad, turning the world into an ISIS Boko Haram hell ….. That was no better…. the Chinese will get stronger…. to balance the power, the USA MUST get stronger… unfortunately the CIA is getting in the way of making the USA stronger….

I have tried in the past to make the USA stronger….. advised about things to come like for example using Covid-19 to hurt China would backfire on the West and accelerate the takeover by the Chinese. The CIA not only ignored the warning, they are trying to get me fired from my Healthcare job. They have their agent calling a different city with fake rumors, and have Doctors making false accusations against me.

This is what I get…. I can make the USA stronger but It cannot be done with the CIA pulling strings all over the place… its a mess right now. The CIA must go for the USA to survive. The CIA will go down one way or another… unfortunately, its looking like the CIA will take the USA down with it, which does not make any sense.

Anyway, the next plan is to use an European country or countries to create a balance of power since the USA does not look like it would survive the CIA.

This is the future.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“No human entity is good” But some do try to be good, so we always have an example somewhere at some time from someone, that we can follow, Nelson Mandela is my favorite but there are many others too. Trump tried to drain the swamp but he nearly drowned in the process, but maybe his leading example will lead to more effort by those who believe the same thing that Trump did, and one day someone will drain that swamp. The truth is the truth, so calling for an independent inquiry into just how and why Covid became so perilous is the right thing to do no matter what the consequences politically or economically, seeking the truth is always the right path to take and never the wrong one [unless it kills you]. The US only needs to do one thing to solve all it’s current problems, stop the LGBTQI movement in it’s tracks, arrest all the government officials and media personnel that have ever supported the movement in any way shape or form, and then reinstate traditional family values as the pillar of American society. Human family values are universal, there are no borders that separate the way one family loves their children from the way another family loves their children, so we all have something in common no matter where we’re born or how we’re brought up, it’s the same everywhere. You say the CIA are responsible for the self disintegration of the US political/social/economic systems, others say it’s the Zionist Jews, others say it’s the Satanists, and some even say aliens, but I look at most of the western world and the only problem I see is the LGTBQI movement and it’s insane brain washing program. That doesn’t include all gay people, just the ones who believe they can change the genders of little children by the force of their wills. As I said some people who entertain conspiracy theories join all the dots and see the Zionists, some join them and see the CIA or other government bureaucracies, some see the media, and even some see the Satanist or aliens, but I join all of those dots together, the Zionists, the government bureaucracies, the media, the Satanists [not aliens] and I can ONLY see the LGBTQI movement, they’re the group responsible for destroying your country from within, and a lot of other western countries like mine too.

John Tosh

Does not matter what any of us believe…. the CIA is going down… the question is will it go down alone or will it take the USA and its supporters down with it. A patriot organization will go down alone.. but the morons will not allow themselves to go down alone, so they will take the USA down with it. That’s all the CIA can do.

The future does not have the CIA, or as Edgar Cayce calls it “The entity”

The ENTITY does not exist in the future…. so it will go down drastically that way nothing gets to replace it!


Here are the Israelite ”returning home” to the Arab region.


Jens Holm

And here are pigs escaped from Your world. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cf20f47fe5c0b2ec03252965cabf89536e7004d06b7088927b8694961802fc13.jpg

Ryan Glantz

Turkey must know something is coming. When is the next SAA offensive? I wonder if space force can do something from orbit.

Cheryl Brandon


Tommy Jensen

24 Russian Senior Officers were killed in an Israel precision airstrike against Iranian WMD’s in Syria around Latakia and Idlib. Israel has apologized saying the error was due to unprofessional amateurism among Assad’s SAA, and Putin has declared shit happens but next time Israel do it again Lavrov will give Assad the S-300. Fixed.

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