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JUNE 2023

Israel Plans To Carry Out Strikes On ‘Iranian-backed Militias’ In Iraq: Reports

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Israel Plans To Carry Out Strikes On 'Iranian-backed Militias' In Iraq: Reports

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Israel allegedly plans to strike Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) ammo stores, according to Iraqi security expert Fadhil Abu Ragheef, cited by RT Arabic.

“Available information suggests that Israel is preparing to bomb the weapons caches of Hashd al-Sha’abi [the Arabic name of the PMU] forces, and not the command centers or fortifications of the fighters. This is quite likely to happen,” Fadhil Abu Ragheef said.

He added that “what happened yesterday in the weapons depots south of Baghdad may be part of the plan that Israel is preparing.”

The incident in question is a fire in an ammunition depot, resulting from an explosion in southern Baghdad. The camp, in which the depot was located belonged to the PMU.

Israeli and US sources have repeatedly called the PMU a coalition of ‘Iranian-backed militias’.

One person was killed and 29 were injured as a result of debris from exploding rockets and mortar shells which fell on nearby residential areas, according to a statement by Sayf al-Badr, spokesman of the Iraqi Health Ministry.

An anonymous Iraqi Interior Ministry official who said that an ammunition warehouse exploded inside a federal police military base, named Falcon, in Owerij area near the southern district of Doura – in Southern Baghdad.

The source added that the blast was followed by a series of explosions at the warehouse that sent a large amount of shrapnel to nearby houses.

These possible actions by Israel are substantiated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who on May 7th arrived in Baghdad in an unannounced visit. He reportedly shared intelligence with Abdul-Mahdi about the allegedly increasing threat the PMU poses to the interests of the United States and its allies.

Before and after Pompeo’s visit, there were a series of attacks on targets in Iraq where U.S. personnel were based that were minor but noticeable.

The attacks did not cause any casualties, but they were part of a broader picture of a growing regional and international crisis.

Namely, a rocket hit an empty area approximately 1 km away from the US Embassy in Baghdad, which was almost entirely empty.

These attacks were quite dubious and there was much speculation that they were false flags used to justify increasing the pressure on Iran.

In possible response, there were two attacks on PMU camps, the first occurred on July 19th on Camp al-Shuhadaa near the town of Amerli in Salahddin province. The second on July 22nd on Camp Ashraf in Diyala province.

It was unclear who carried out the attacks, and there was an investigation launched into the first one, but after the second one any reports died out. Israeli media reports suggested that it was actually Israel that launched the two attacks with F-35 fighter jets.


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Isisrathell is threat to all civilization on earth which only nuke can stop em.



Iran have kicked out ISIS Califat from Middle East and now its time to kick out US and Israel from Middle East. Any country that support US and Israel in Middle East are enemies of the Middle Easterns.

These US and UK perverters says we punish governments with sanctions but in fact these baby butchers slaughtering small babies in the African and Asian defenceless countries by starvations.

klove and light

where zhe fuck is the surprise…thats satanic jew tactic for milleniums………..but….”dont worry be happy” PMU Forces are well Aware….well prepared……outnumber their enemy in iraq 25 to 1……..and well armed..

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews death to the british crown


I believe it’s Israel’s doing when I see something that proves it, not just speculation. They don’t say it just about Iraq, they say the same nonsense about Iran too: Israeli F-35 flew over Tehran and took selfies, everybody in intelligence circles have seen it but because of security matters, they don’t publish it. They show the pic of an F-35 over Beirut, over a country which doesn’t possess any air defence as the proof of the story about Iran.

And it’s not all of it. One of VOA Persian service “reporters”, claimed Israeli F-35s flew over Iran, not just the border area but over Karaj and Qom (central north of Iran) undetected. Not only that, they destroyed and annihilated not one, but 2 bases full of missiles in 2 cities completely. I kid you not about this part: The explosions didn’t have any sound because they used freaking Lasers!!

He also provided an evidence: The silence of the Islamic Republic is the best evidence, why don’t they say anything about it? They are guilty and afraid!

Here is the video of wacko in Persian:


Let’s not forget, these days are the anniversary of the arse whooping Hezbollah dealt to IDF and Israel, richly deserving. They do and say anything to divert people’s attention from it.


So you do not believe Pompeo’s words about the Iranian presence in that traditional country in the Persian sphere of influence, Venezuela???


Well if it’s any consolation, I didn’t believe Trump too; not when he say he’s pretty sure they destroyed Iranian drone, not any other time.

Shame on me for not believing American officials. I’m an absolute exception, aren’t I?

I must admit I find Israelis more believable only when they talk about Israel

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

so why did iran not shoot down the F-35?


What F-35? The ones with suppressing lasers? Because missiles and solid objects go right through them like Spooky.

Hasbara Hunter


Americans should be given some extra time to solve the problems in those Parasite-Infected Cancerous Shitholes Themselves…


They might as well do it. It’s not like they have to fear any kind of retaliation.

Hasbara Hunter

ISISraHell will Burn…All Narratives Point in that Direction….No Alternatives…The Net is closing

You can call me Al

Dead noses flying.


there is just one way to go and that is to strike right at the center, at the heart of israel, in order to stop these crimes carried out by the IDF and their support on the ground of spies and saboteurs moving around the middle east pretending to be iraqees or jordanians or syrians or iranians or or. get rid of those and then make a joint turkey/iran/hezbollah drive towards the land the squatters stole and liberate the palestinian homeland and in the process kick the shit out of every israeli remaining. they, the squatters, deserve no respect and should be kicked into the ground full and final. and then the world can have a world wide anti-zionist day to celebrate the demise of the squatters. something to look forward to.



Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i think iran should send some of its Bavar 373 to defend these sites and give the zionist parasites a welcoming party when they do come flying in :)))

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