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JUNE 2023

Israel Makes Dramatic Attempt To Influence Future Final Settlement Agreement Over Syrian Crisis

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Israel Makes Dramatic Attempt To Influence Future Final Settlement Agreement Over Syrian Crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting in Sochi, Russia August 23, 2017. (photo credit:SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived the Russian city of Sochi for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Putin and Netanyahu discussed the Syrian crisis and the Israeli prime minister once again confirmed a harsh stance of Tel Aviv against the growing Shia influence in the war torn country. Netanyahu also blamed Iran for alleged attempts to “Lebanonize” Syria.

The visit of the Israeli prime minister to Russia took place amid the collapse of the ISIS defense in central Syria. ISIS terrorists had been encircled in two pockets north of the Homs-Palmyra highway and was rapidly loosing ground to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

Meanwhile, behind the scene, Russia and the US have been conducting negotiations in order to reach a final settlement agreement over the conflict in Syria.

Tel Aviv is concerned that the final Syrian settlement with a notable influence of Shia forces will threat the Israeli security. In this situation, Israel has increased its efforts in order to avoid this.

Most likely, during the meeting, Netanyahu suggested Putin to use the Israeli influence on US President Donald Trump and the Congress to ease the key economic sanctions imposed on Rusia. In turn, Tel Aviv seeks to particiapte in the final settlement agreement as a negotiating side. Isael sees this as a tool to defend its interests in Syria.

By now it seems that Netanyahu has failed to achieve these goals during the meeting with Putin.

  1. Moscow has strong positions in Syria and is not interested in inviting more participants in the current format of the negotiations;
  2. Russia sees Iran as an important ally in the region;
  3. Even if we suppose  that Putin is ready to shape the Russian point of view on the Iranian role in the conflict, it’s hard to expect that Moscow will be able to make some significant steps considering the current situation. Furthermore, Russia may face some difficulties on the ground in this case.

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Dod Grile

The Reich Must Fall. Benny and his criminal associates must do serious time for their crimes against peace and crimes against humanity. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c29a73d111f1aee38ca583dbcf04c5fd83bba2913ce9f714d22ee04085e6dfe1.jpg

martin aguilar

Yes war criminals Trump O´Bama Hillary Bush´s ,Sarkozy , Saud, and all the British Prime Ministers….all of them must be hanged after trial. Then the world can live in peace.

Richard M

LOL. Plenty of evildoers in your list, but if you think that would usher in world peace you are living in fantasy land.

888mladen .

True. The root of evil would not have been eradicated. However it would have been weakened.

Dod Grile

On principle against capital punishment, despite the heinous nature of those slugs crimes. Though one might not be totally adverse setting them adrift on some polar ice flow, in an area not yet much affected by global warning.


I see nothing wrong with capital punishment in principle, except only that human justice is too imperfect to hand out such punishment. Although in this case they should bring back the gallows. In Nuremberg. Same gallows and rope as used on the Nazi war criminals, and for the same reasons. Crimes against humanity by starting wars of aggression.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This time they have mountains of evidence unlike the Nuremberg just conjecture and hyperbole.


don’t have a problem with capital punishment. however, at this trial, of which you speak, just exactly what evidence will be produced? are you expecting to bring a book to the trial, authored by one of your aforementioned charged, entitled, “how i did it”? if that is what you are proposing, my comment is: LOL. that evidence never existed. so what use is your trial?

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree, however lets give Trump till February so he had one full year in office so we can better tell what his real goals and aims are. Perhaps he really does respect other nations and he is trying his best to pretend to go along with the Liberal generals while meantime he is figuring out ways to not give the Liberal generals what they want.


With a person like his son-in-law Shlomo Kusner(stein) whispering in his ear on a daily basis? I am pessimistic about it.


Add to that list all the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, all central bank chiefs and all MSM controllers, etc. and you may have a chance.

Ivan Kumar

doesnt look very smug to me, looks like hes been constipated for a few months

Joe Doe

Benjamin Netanyahu is war criminal and should not be allowed making any demands. Israel is applying the same rule of law as Hi^ler applied on Jew in WW2


Not quite but Netanyahoo is an antisemitic terrorist shitehouse who had it coming.


He is a Zionist! And what of George Soros?


well, guess and see who is the most staunch supporter of ISIS and similar terrorist groups operating in Syria… the evil comes to light and unmasks itself openly…

Davis Daruka

Hare Krsna!


” Netanyahu suggested Putin to use the Israeli influence on US President Donald Trump and the Congress to ease the key economic sanctions imposed on Rusia. In turn, Tel Aviv seeks to particiapte in the final settlement agreement as a negotiating side.”

this explains it all re. the apparently irrational and absurd sanctions of our Western regimes against Russia and why Trump was prevented from fulfilling his pledge toward those who voted him : now the rationale of the sanctions is revealed: to be used by a certain country in preventing Russia from saving the neighbor of this country from terrorism and destruction… I always thought so and now Netayanahu has made a public fact of it…


Putin is also very wise not to give in to this Israeli blackmailing because by doing so he renders the Western sanctions useless. ( so there is not point in maintaining them ).

Would he on the contrary give in to this blackmailing, they would always use sanctions to manipulate Russia the way they want.

Congratulations, Russia, you are a free country ( just the opposite from what our western propaganda manipulates people into believing ) !!!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Israel should just keep out of Syria. Its pets have done enough damage. Israel and the US/EU/NATO/GCC gang must now come to terms with a re-invigorated and reunited Syria under brave President Assad. Syria will chose its own allies and destiny, as the right of every sovereign country. Get over it and stop complaining to mummy and daddy.


I am totally, completely sure, Israel would act in a impartial and fair way, LIke they did in Gaza, if big brother USA would back them…..

Jan Tjarks

The constant sanctions against Russia are not having the effect the USA and the West were hoping for, especially that more & more European countries see the damage to their own economies.

Meanwhile, the Russian economy slowly comes back from these sanctions, as indigenous developments take shape. Instead of weakening Russia only, it became more independent, less reliant on international economic ties. Furthermore, the economic ties with the USA became stronger, as both countries traded more with each other, while the Europeans see their markets in Russia being taken over by other countries, not only China, Iran or India, but by the USA too.

In this situation, in which the Russian government already understood that it has to develop its internal economy to be more independent, Netanyahu wants to hand Russia the poison gift, that the sanctions could get lifted (only to employ them later anyway, as we already know not to trust such deals by several examples), undermining Russias efforts in economical independence.

Did he really expect Russia to fall for this nonsense? They learned their lesson since the last sanctions had been lifted, only to be put in place again under new allegations which never have been proven anyway.


The zionist antisemite shitebag with a comb-over does American Caesar’s bidding again and fails again. Why isn’t this fucker on trial at Nuremberg?


Because the Rothschild aren’t.


Antisemitic twat. Is it something in the water in America?


Like what the ZioNazis put in the water of Gaza?


that’s amusing. i’m hearing the US does the zio bidding.


It’s all part of the game, Caesar can hide behind blaming the contractor.


All for stealing American tax money to enrich the European Zionist genocidal invaders of Palestine.


Putin is the victor in Syria, he will not backstab his ally Iran……because a Zionist who lost the chess game in Syria wants to dangle the sanctions carrot and try to be an active player during negotiations. Putin should tell Netanyahu that loosers have no capacity to impose demands on the victor.


Putin should not be scared from Netanyahu Israeli refugee. Israel is destroying the whole world communities by its poisoned tong. The whole nation become against that world leader who listen to Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has betrayed many world leaders. He is not trustworthy. The world leaders that Netanyahu has betrayed still cannot clean themselves in front of their own nation. They became absolute losers, like Bush, Tony Blair, Hollande, Barack Obama, David Cameron etc. Be careful, be careful …


Israel gambled all on trying to topple the Assad regime, in the hope that it would bring an end to Iran’s influence and deal a blow to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Too bad for Israel they forgot that when you gamble you can also lose. And now all they achieved is manage to increase Iran’s influence and presence in Syria. In which I can easily live with Netannutjob’s discomfort.

Maybe the smart move for Israel would be to sack the politicians and policy makers responsible for this, as they are clearly incompetent, and install some new politicians and policy makers. Do you really trust the people who made the mother of giant cockups to come up with a solution?

Larry Entenfus

Russia will not fall for Bibi’s ploy. Russia, though Christian, has no significant Christian Zionism movement. Many of us assume that AIPAC, the Deep State and the Israeli government are responsible for all the Isra.mischief. Not true. Without the “Chrsitian” Cult of Israel, these elements would have no power over America. Fortunately, Christian Zionism has no role in Russian Orthodoxy. BTW, this could be one reason Russia does not welcome US missionaries with open arms: http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/culture/the-us-church-israel-first-christ-second


These are all issues Israel should have considered BEFORE they decided to support the destabilisation and attempted break-up of a neighbouring country.

It’s a bit late now! NOW they get to live with the results of what they actively and determinedly helped orchestrate. Sow reap shìte – they’ll find it in their Holy Books.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Israelis are getting mad because their proxies lost 200 sq km in the Southeast desert and they keep losing everywhere else.


Absolutely. I think we need to acknowledge a “new” political reality on the ground and start talking about the Saudi-Israel Axis (we could talk about them as the Axis powers – lol). The wars in Yemen and Syria are conducted by this axis, and their proxy force, ISUS-AQ. The present situation being that they are losing both wars, but particularly in Syria.


bomb explosion in moscow bus terminal, in 3……2…….1…….


yeah, we can be sure this will happen! But the Russian’s know who is behind this! The same can be done to Israel from within or via Hamas and Hezbollah! And much more effective!

Real Anti-Racist Action

The world will never be safe as long as we fool ourselves that Zionist can be reasoned with. Wipe Zionist off the map, not Israel. The Zionist inside of Israel and London and NY must pay, all of them! http://whitegenocideproject.com/


Probably right as I have liked every Jew I’ve met here in America.


Shove ur sanctions up your ass, shove your missile shield in Eastern Europe, shove MH17, shove your war games on our borders, shove Crimea because its ours, shove your safe border zone area between Iraq and Syria, shove the Mossad attacks u will commit against our citizens in the near future.

You were warned before this war started, DO NOT USE TERRORISTS FOR GEOPOLITICAL CONQUESTS! WE WARNED U AND WE WARNED U UNTIL WE COULD NOT STAND BY AND WATCH U MESS UP EUROPE and push these Jihadis into southern Russia!

So now u must pay! YOU ARE NOT THE CHOSEN CHILDREN OF GOD! You rejected his son. God does not protect only Jews he protects all! And your injustice and malfeasants have stained your nation and its people! THIS ENDS NOW!

And now you will pay for your crimes! Now you will feel what it is like to be surrounded by THE BEST missile shields S-400’s and BUK M3’s, you will have ballistic missile manufacturing plants only 200km from your border and we will be making them night and day! Hundreds of them will be mobile and pointed at your cities! You will learn to submit and pay for your deeds! Reap the whirlwind Israel, REAP IT!


I agree …. there must be consequences for the destruction of Syria, all of it planed by Israel and it’s neocon/Zionists corner in the US, and carried out by the CIA and Saudis and Gulf States. There are now 450,000 dead people and millions of refugees resulting from this war on Syria. Israel must be taught a lesson. The Saudis must be taught a lesson too. Perhaps it is time for a military coop there after this embarrassing defeat and total humiliation brought by the Saudi rulers on their country.

These are serious war crimes that have occurred, but Israel and the neocons who planned this war on Syria will be protected from their day in Court at the Hague. Therefore, there should be some other form of punishment.The tables should now be turned. Israel should now feel the pain. A complete and permanent threat aimed at Israel , backed up by Russian tactical nuclear weapons should be put in place in Syria.

For there not to be consequences would mean that Israel has not learned it’s lesson. They will be back doing the same thing again and again.


Yes, these weapons that threaten Israel should be placed in the Russian bases that are in Syria! This way, if Israel decides to take them out, they will need to confront the Russian’s to do so! This will be Russia’s ace card! And the answer to de-escalate! Eastern Europe defence shield will need to be taken down! OR it can stay up! Their choice! And Russia will let Iran have its way!


Agreed, Israel has acted badly sometimes, but we might do the same if we lived in that area, I’m just saying, you might want to slow down alittle, because You remember what our lord said about ‘Pay back’ ? “Vengeance is mine” Saith The Lord.

John Mason

Nothing has changed with the Zionists. Bunch of slime bags forever arse licking and crawling up the rear end of the victors, Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.

Cheryl Brandon

Satanyahu, mind your own business; Syria is not part of Israel! It is independent since the 50’s; Your fears are all made up! You exaggerate as always; Nobody else in the region exaggerates like you and your murderous government.

Len Zegelink

laat rusland de s400 gebruiken tegen dat zionisten tuig ,en daarbij denk je nou echt dat assad in dat paleis zit .wat meent die gek van netayahu wel niet dat hij de baas van syria en rusland .fuck you scum bag


To our Russian brothers; Thank You very much for kicking the shit outta ISIS, tell our Iranian brothers and sisters, there Americans who can see Iran, for the most part, as an ally in everyone’s fight against extremist killing civilians. I believe, if everyone tries in any way they can, to make the world a safer and better place for our children and grand kids, we can do it, and it is a worthy goal.


Netanyahu’s face says it. One day I will stab you from the back Mr. Putin!

superpam1979 .

Really now, no matter what type of understanding Russia may want to have with the U.S. now, in order to avoid a widening war with each other, are we expected to believe that Russia is willing to sit back and allow Israel to do what they have threatened. And won’t the U.S. at least support Russia’s position on this matter considering how terrible it would look to the whole world if it appears that we support Israel, because everybody understands that Iran is really not doing anything to be a threat to Israel (except self-defense) but Israel has been talking so long about how horrible a menace is to the entire region (When in fact it is Israel.) And of course it has been clear since ISIL(ISIS) was formed by the U.S. and Israel that both want total control of Syria with Assad merely being the person who is in their way. That has not changed and never will until there is a pro-Israel regime (ISIS?) in Syria. Considering the huge mess that the U.S. has created, it seems like they will have to look like they are in agreement with Russia. How could we look like we defend the war criminals running Israel when the world is quickly learning that the U.S. was the main organizer since al-Quaeda morphed into ISIS?; with the supervision of Senators McCain and Graham?

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