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Israel Loses No Chance To Remind Of Itself In Syria

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Israel Loses No Chance To Remind Of Itself In SyriaOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

You can read this article in German. Link.
Barely a week goes by in Syria, without Israel reminding of itself and the warplanes it has.

At dawn on May 5th, Israeli warplanes carried out an attack on several areas in northwestern Syria, including the port city of Latakia along the Mediterranean coast. The strikes also hit the towns of Hifa, east of Latakia, and Masyaf in Hama province

Syrian Air Defense systems reportedly intercepted most of the missiles that were launched.

According to initial reports, the strike led to the death of a civilian and the wounding of six others, including a child and his mother. This comes in addition to some material losses, including a civilian plastics production factory. A Syrian military site in Deir Shamil, near Masyaf was struck, personnel was injured.

Airstrikes appear to be all the rage in Syria, as the US-led coalition reported that on May 4th it had carried out a strike and eliminated a single ISIS terrorist in Deir Ezzor. Essentially, Washington’s forces carried out a drone strike on a single person sitting in a car.

Comparatively, Russian forces seem to be more effective, on May 3rd and 4th, Russia’s Aerospace Forces carried out dozens of airstrikes on ISIS positions in Syria’s central and eastern regions.

The May 4th strikes targeted locations in the eastern countryside of Hama and the administrative border between Hama and al-Raqqah.

Additionally, Russian fighter jets carried out dozens of airstrikes on the Syrian Desert on May 3rd, along with the ongoing search for ISIS cells in Athria area, Aleppo-Hama-al-Raqqah triangle, Jabal al-Bishri, and other positions in the eastern countryside of Homs. The number of airstrikes is at least 55, and there are reports of an unknown number of casualties.

This increased activity is in preparation of an expected operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its Russian support that should take place in the central region, further contain ISIS’ diminished numbers and limit the terrorist influence.

Local media reports claimed that reinforcements from the SAA’s 25th Tiger Force division were deployed to the desert area east of Itria.

Taking advantage of Russia and the SAA’s focus being elsewhere, Turkey and the factions it backs are attempting to stir the pot in northern Syria. Ankara’s forces, and the “moderate opposition” shelled a number of villages in the Aleppo countryside, causing only material damages.

Ankara is taking the chance, as the impending anti-ISIS operation is sure to not last indefinitely, and Damascus’ gaze is sure to turn northward sooner or later. Its positions and those of the militants it supports need to be reinforced and secured.

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Uh, Israel “reminds itself of Syria” because -It is next door -It is filled with people who want to destroy it -Those people are arming themselves to do what they promise to do every chance they get -IAF raids happen at night (when fewer people around) and rarely if ever hit civvies. Just saying.

Rhodium 10

No official sources have told that any military personal have been injured….also there are no photos of military bases burning…

jens holm

We know Erodium. If SANA dont tell, things dont exist… :(


** arming themselves to do what they promise to do every chance they get **

Is there any evidence of, like, ACTUAL Syrian or Iranian attacks on Israel or are these attacks going to take place sometime over the rainbow?

I know ISIS shelled Israel one time but apologized for its mistaken attack on its ally. And then there was that one stray missile that landed near the nuclear weapons facility in Dimona. A rain of terror clearly.

Then we have, what, hundreds of Israeli attacks in Syria? I know. Israel defines an imminent attack as something that might take place in the next ten years.

Rodney Loder

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So with mothers day coming up spare a thought for wher this fictional indulgence is leading, – hell on Earth as being experienced by the Palestinians.

Rodney Loder

“Not” be quiet about the Freemason and their partner the Democratic Labour Party. My mistake.

jens holm

Loder is hounted and hunted by homosexuals because they did a good job for him – And he has no paid.

Its heard he will convert from Islam to something else, because 5 times with the behind upis pretty dangerous even he has a diaper as protection:)

jens holm

Maybee You understand not cutting grass better.

jens holm

Much as if parrots becomes more and more clever:(


Sionistan go home Free Palestine !

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