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JUNE 2021

Israel legalizes homes in the West Bank

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A committee of the Israeli Civil Administration has passed a plan to legalize existing houses in settlements of the West Bank.

Israel legalizes homes in the West Bank

Israeli illegal settlement in Sansana

About 800 houses will be legalized in the settlements of Yakir, Itmar, Shilo and Sansana in northern and southern West Bank occupied areas.

The mentioned houses are not actually new, but by means of the legalization process they will be part of an urban planning program, that hadn’t taken place until now.

The international community claims Israeli occupation in The West Bank is not legal at all and considers this last measure adopted by Netanyahu’s government, a clear provocation since the latest escalating violence not only in the West Bank, but also in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians keep considering now occupied territories as part of their homeland if an independence process of their state ever gets to happen.

The decision of legalizing the mentioned houses was taken two weeks ago, but was just informed to the media on Friday.

According to declarations provided by the Israeli envoy to the UN, the only way to reach a peace agreement with Palestine is by means of direct talks between the leaders of both countries.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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