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Israel Is Secretly Buying Oil From Iraqi Kurdistan. Similar Channel Was Used For ISIS Oil

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Israel has been secretly buying oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan, which is supplied by the oil pipeline from Iraqi Kurdistan, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported on April 10.

According to Haaretz, in November Samir Madani, a Kuwaiti oil trader, noticed some oil tankers, heading to the Suez Canal from Turkey’s port of Ceyhan. It stopped somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean outside Israel’s territorial borders, turned off its identification transponder and “resurfaced” a few days later, “mysteriously” lighter than when it had left Ceyhan. Then the vessel sailed to Cyprus and returned to Turkey, loaded up on oil that had come from the northern Iraq and repeated the journey, including the act of disappearing.

“His conclusion was that the Valtamed had been shipping oil that wasn’t recorded anywhere to a country that wasn’t supposed to buy it – in other words, Israel was secretly buying Kurdish oil through Turkey,” Haaretz wrote.

Haaretz also reported another similar incident quoting the website TankerTrackers.com [Madani is its Co-Founder]. It affirmed that a tanker called Kriti Diamond “turned into” Kiton and offload oil in Israel. Then it transformed in its original identity to sail back to Turkey.

“It is with great pride that we present you the missing KRITI DIAMOND, currently operating under her new pseudonym: KITON,” the site wrote on February 16.

‘The MARIKA/KRITI DIAMOND forgot to take off her disguise as KITON after leaving Ashkelon empty”, four days later they tweeted.

Addititionally, TankerTrackers.com noted that the Mabrouk oil tanker, left Ceyhan, then was masked as the Maro near the Israeli shore. After a few days appeared again as the Mabrouk.

It’s interesting to note that a similar method was used by Tel Aviv when it was allegedly buying ISIS oil.

On November 30, 2015, the Israeli newspaper Globes wrote that Kurdish and Turkish smugglers were transporting oil from the ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq to the Kurdish city of Zakhu in a triangle of land near the borders of Syria. Then, this oil was sold to Israel through Turkey.

Globes reported (source):

In August, the “Financial Times” reported that Israel obtained 75% of its oil supplies from Iraqi Kurdistan. More than a third of such exports go through the port of Ceyhan, which the FT describe as a “potential gateway for ISIS-smuggled crude.”

“Israel has in one way or another become the main marketer of ISIS oil. Without them, most ISIS-produced oil would have remained going between Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Even the three companies would not receive the oil if they did not have a buyer in Israel,” an industry official told the newspaper “al-Araby al-Jadeed.”

“Israel has in one way or another become the main marketer of IS oil. Without them, most ISIS-produced oil would have remained going between Iraq, Syria and Turkey,” the industry official added.

Israel Is Secretly Buying Oil From Iraqi Kurdistan. Similar Channel Was Used For ISIS Oil

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It’s interesting to note that in the both cases Turkey and a pipeline between it and Iraqi Kurdistan are a key part of the “unofficial” oil supplies.

When the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) held an an independence referendum in 2017, the Turkish leadership threatened to impose a blockade on the oil supplies from Iraqi Kurdistan halting the main source of the KRG financial revenue. However, this was not done.

The 2017 independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan caused a signficiant political crisis in Iraq and triggered a limited military operation by the Iraqi Federal Government against KRG forces. As a result the KRG obtained no independence and even lost the oil-rich area of Kirkuk.

As to the ISIS oil business, the oil supplies from the ISIS-held area through Turkey was halt only thanks to a large-scale Russian military capaign against the terrorist group’s oil infrastructure and a major diplomatic and media campaign aimed at pressuring Turkey.

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No surprise here. Israel funding head choppers by buying stolen oil.


Obviously a Blockade or a Siege would work very Good to Squeeze Israhell…no more ISIS-Oil…Enter them ships, Confiscate any Illegal Black Gold…redirect or pollute their Rivers (throw ISIS-Cadavers in them)…slowly but surely bring’m on their knees.. make’m suffer…they are doing that to others too. It’s according Geneva Conventions..many illegal occupiers will return to the places they came from…or perish..want hell?….get HELL…


Messy, but it would be easy to torpedo the tankers.


Then you’ll pollute the Mediterranean… Fish & Birds will die…that’s sad… fish love ISIS-Cadavers…so that is a better option


Putin should establish no fly zone over Syria for illegal intruders. Without wasting time, from now Russia should choose the targets in Israel, in UK, in US and in the sea. This war could be nuclear.
Putin should be stood up otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break and Israel may dismantle.


Typical Zionistic shit NOTHING can surprise me from ISrahell.


This is a proof that Israel’s commercial interests is one of the reasons of the Gulf War + Arab Spring. Other reasons are similar; the commercial interests of US/UK/France…. And the ultimate reason is to widen these commercial interests over to Iran and Russia i.e. NWO – geopolitical deployment of NATO (tightening the rope around Iran and RF). Then they’ll get to China.

It is this greed which kills millions. Capitalism (The System) failed big time, and war will not be its savior this time.

Daniel Castro

One more reason to CRUSH kurd rats!

Irak should call the russians to bomb the truck convoys just like they did in Syria.

And of course Erdogan is getting his share of this two, on one hand fighting Kurds, on the other taking money from them, doublefaced bastard…


Iraq is controlled by the USA, the US appointed Faud Masum a Kurd as President of Iraq.
Once the US has invaded a nation, it is forever ruled by the US.


Then the Kurds should be Kicked out of Iraq too…they are Gipsy-Zionazis..and proven Traitors…there never should be a Kurdistan..they are the Devil’s little Demons…the new Weimar Republic


All I have to say is “no shit!”.


Genie oil a Israeli/US/UK oil conglomerate is one of the major players buying IS purloined oil.

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