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JUNE 2021

Israel Is Ready To “Act” Against Iran “If Necessary” – PM

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Israel Is Ready To "Act" Against Iran "If Necessary" - PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds out what he calls “a piece of an Iranian drone” Israel shot down during his speech at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Feb. 18, 2018. (Facebook/The Prime Minister of Israel)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Iran “the greatest threat in the entire world” holding a piece of what he said was fragment of an Iranian UAV downed by the Israeli military during a gathering at the Munich Security Conference on February 18.

“Mr. Zarif [Iranian Foreign Minister], you recognize this?” he ssaid holding the alleged UAV piece. “You should, it’s yours. You can take back with you a message to the tyrants of Tehran: do not test Israel’s resolve.”

Netanyahu went further and claimed:

“Israel will not allow the [Iranian] regime to put a noose of terror around our neck. We will act if necessary not just against Iran’s proxies but against Iran itself.”

The Israeli officiall continued claiming that Iran seeks to dominate “the Middle East, and seeks to dominate the world through aggression and terror. It is developing ballistic missiles to reach deep into Europe and to the United States as well… This is, in my judgment, the greatest threat to our world, not just to Israel, not just to our Arab neighbors, not just to Muslims far and wide, but to you as well.”

On February 10, the Israeli military reported shoot downing an Iranian drone at the contact line between Iran and Syria. Then, Israeli warplanes conducted an air raid on an alleged Iranian facility in Syria. One Israeli F-16I warplane was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire. MORE HERE

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he acts 24/7


israel and The Rothschilds are the greatest threats to humanity and this planet

MD Ranix

these zio scumbags and their worldwide laodogs/slaves are passionately seeking perm hell domination – total big time losers


So true and the BEST solution is to “take out” KEY family members of the House of Rothschild, peacefully by Arresting them for TRIALS, ( or “otherwise”, if necessary) by people who have the Wealth and Power to do it


Peacefully..? Lol.. I’ll put bullets through their brainless brains if I had chances to do so..!


Don’t forget the US. The Israel lobby is just one of several reasons the US is in the Middle East.


It’s the only reason.

MD Ranix

playing the victim again – such zio retards

Nigel Maund

Well said and 1000% correct! I wish someone would drone the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Oppenheimers, Bill Gates, The Pope, Georg Soros, Bilderberg meetings and the CFR just for starters!



Good luck with your ambition.
During 1967 war Pakistani pilots shot down a total of ten Israeli jets without losing a pilot or aircraft. During the 6 Day War in 1967 Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam on Jordanian front engaged four Israeli jets over Jordanian Mafraq air base. He shot down a Mystére commanded by Israeli pilot H. Boleh and damaged another that crash-landed in Israeli territory. Two days later, Jordanian airforce commander sent Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam to help Iraqi airforce. There they shot down two of the Israeli attacking planes.

During the 1973 war, on Syrian front the PAF pilot Flt. Lt. A. Sattar Alvi was flying a Syrian aircraft and shot down an Israeli Mirage in air combat. Similarly on the Egyptian front, PAF pilot Flt. Lt. M. Hatif , flying an Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4 phantom in an air combat. Pakistani Air Force did not lose a single pilot or aircraft in any of the wars.

Bjorn Metaal

Those jews are just like North Korea. Both country’s are run by fat morons and idiots, they both have have nukes and israel is hated in the middle East like North Korea is hated in the west.comment image


Zionists are US favorite Proxy for Middle East NeoColonialism.

North Korea is Human Wars History worst ever victims.

Every mainstream Medias Information about these two Countries
is load of crap at the best !

America is using Norkor to threat Asia with a failed NeoColonialism.
America is using Israel to treat the Middle East to steal Oil…

North Korea Punished for Helping to Liberate Africa

by André Vltchek

Soon, most likely, there will be new brutal sanctions imposed against North Korea. And there will be massive provocative military exercises held, involving the US and South Korean (ROK). In brief, it is all ‘business as usual’: the West continues to torture DPRK; it is provoking it, isolating, demonizing and dehumanizing it, making sure that it wouldn’t function normally, let alone thrive.

The submissive Western public keeps obediently swallowing all the shameless lies it is being served by its mainstream media. It is not really surprising; people of Europe and North America already stopped questioning official dogmas long time ago.

North Korea (DPRK) is depicted as some insane, starving, subnormal and underdeveloped hermit state, whose leaders are constantly boozing and whoring, murdering each other, and building some primitive but lethal nukes, in order to destroy the world.

Those of us who are familiar with DPRK know that all this is one bundle of fat, shameless lies. Pyongyang is an elegant, well functioning city with great public housing, excellent public transportation, public places and recreational facilities, theatres, sport facilities and green areas. And despite those monstrous sanctions, the countryside is much more prosperous than what one sees in the desperate Western ‘client’ states like Indonesia and Philippines.

At least there is something; there have at least been a few decent reports that have been written about those grotesque lies and the Western propaganda.

But the essential question remains: ‘Why is the West so obsessed with demonizing North Korea?’

And the answer is simple: Like Cuba, North Korea dared to step on the toes of Western colonialism and imperialism. Sacrificing its sons and daughters, it helped to liberate many African countries, and it provided assistance to the most progressive forces on the most plundered and devastated continent.

This is one thing that the West never forgives. It lives off the unbridled plunder of all continents; it essentially thrives by looting its colonies. Those countries that assisted the liberation struggles, those nations that fought for freedom of the colonized world – Soviet Union/Russia, China, Cuba and the DPRK – were designated by Western ideologues as the most ‘dangerous’ and ‘evil’ places on Earth.

In Europe and North America, conditioned masses (they have been actually profiting from the colonialism and neo-colonialism for decades and centuries), are stubbornly refusing to comprehend this main reason why the Empire has made the people of North Korea suffer so terribly for years and decades.

My comrade, Mwandawiro Mghanga, Chairperson of SDP and also a Member of the Executive Committee of Africa Left Networking Forum (ALNEF) based in Dakar Senegal, wrote for this essay:

“The Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP) condemns the unjustified sanctions against North Korea (DPRK) instigated by imperialism led by the United States of America. We are aware that imperialism has never stopped its cold and hot war against DPRK that through one of the greatest patriotic, heroic and revolutionary anti-colonial and anti-imperialist national liberation armed struggles succeeded in winning true independence in the northern half of Korea. When it invaded North Korea, US imperialism like Japanese colonialism earlier, suffered one of the most humiliating military defeats it will never forget in its reactionary history. We also know that the US and the West hates DPRK with venom for refusing to be a puppet of imperialism like South Korea. A dirty false propaganda war is waged against DPRK for refusing the capitalist and neo-colonial path of slavery, under-development and exploitation of person by person and instead choosing the path of development for freedom and humanity, socialism.

We in Africa will not accept to be cheated by imperialists who have always been part and parcel of our problems. Imperialism is not and has never been a friend of Africa but its enemy. African patriots and revolutionaries will never allow imperialism to tell us who our friends are. For we know whom our friends are! And North Korea has always been Africa’s true friend. When the whole of the African continent was under Western colonialism, Korea under the revolutionary leadership of comrade Kim Il Sung was fighting Japanese colonialism and showing solidarity with Africa at the same time. After DPRK, in the name of socialist internationalism increased its moral, military and other material support to African countries in their struggle for liberation from colonialism, imperialism and apartheid. Immediately after independence from colonialism in the 1960s, thousands of Africans, including Kenyans, received free higher, technical and specialised education in the DPRK. DPRK not only offered arms, finance and other material solidarity to Namibia, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique in the war against apartheid and imperialism, but it also actually sent internationalist revolutionaries to Africa to fight side by side with Africans for Africa. DPRK fought with Egypt and Africa during the 1967 war against the brutal Zionist regime of Israel supported by the Western countries. Today DPRK is together with African countries in the demand for a new just international order. In this DPRK is blamed by imperialism and imperialist puppet regimes for being in the forefront and showing by its own example that a new just international order cannot be but anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, it must be socialist.”

North Korean internationalism is legendary, just as Cuban internationalism is. And this is the least that we can do right now, when the country is facing new tremendous and brutal challenges – to recall how much it gave to the world; how much it had already sacrificed for the sake of humanity!

I spoke to people in Windhoek, who with tears in their eyes recalled North Korea’s struggle against (South African) apartheid-supported regimes in both Namibia and Angola. Naturally, South African apartheid used to enjoy the full support of the West. To repay that favor, South African troops joined the fight against North Korea and China during the Korean War.

As mentioned by Mwandawiro Mghanga, North Korea fought against Israel, its pilots flew Egyptian fighter planes in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. DPRK took part in the liberation struggle in Angola and it fought in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Lesotho, and Namibia and in the Seychelles. It provided assistance to the African National Congress and its epic struggle to liberate South Africa from apartheid. In the past, it had aided the then progressive African nations, including Guinea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mali and Tanzania.

Arthur Tewungwa, Ugandan opposition politician from the Uganda People’s Congress Party (UPC) compares the involvement of the DPRK and the West in his country and the African Great Lakes region:

“Uganda benefited from its relationship with North Korea in the 1980s when it helped the government to fight against the Museveni rebels who were supported by the US and UK. Morally, compared to the DPRK, the latter two have no leg to stand on with all the bloodshed they triggered in the Great Lakes Region.”

Has North Korea been fully abandoned, left to its fate? Has it been ‘betrayed’?

Christopher Black, a prominent international lawyer based in Toronto, Canada:

“…The fact that the US, as part of the SC is imposing sanctions on a country it is threatening is hypocritical and unjust. That the Russians and Chinese have joined the US in this, instead of calling for sanctions against the US for its threats against the DPRK and its new military exercises, which are a clear and present danger to the DPRK, is shameful. If the Russians and Chinese are sincere why don’t they insist that the US draw down its forces there so the DPRK feels less threatened and take steps to guarantee the security of the DPRK? They do not explain their actions but their actions make them collaborators with the USA against the DPRK.”

The situation is bleak, but most likely not fatal; not fatal yet.

Jeff J Brown, a leading China expert based in Beijing, does not hide his optimism when it comes to the Sino-Russian relationship with the DPRK:

“There is not a lot that North Korea does in the international arena, that Baba Beijing does not have its hand in. They are two fraternal communist countries and 65 years ago, the Chinese spilled a lot of blood and treasure to save North Korea from the West. Mao Zedong’s son died on the Korean War battlefield, fighting against Yankee imperialism. There are two million ethnic Koreans living along the border with North Korea and another half a million Northerners living and working in China. Koreans are a recognized minority in China. No other country in the world understands North Korea like China does. This closeness is emblematic of their common border, the Yalu River, which is so shallow, you can wade across it. They also share boundaries with another key ally, Russia. China is North Korea’s very, very big brother and protector. Frankly, vis-à-vis the upcoming UNSC sanctions against North Korea, I think the West is getting played like a drum, and it is the drum that gets the crap pounded out of it.”

Of course both China and Russia have their long land borders with North Korea -roads and railroads inter-connecting all three countries. According to my sources in Moscow and Beijing, it is highly unlikely that the two closest allies of the DPRK would ever go along with the new sanctions, whether they are officially ‘supporting them’, or not.

But the logic used by Christopher Black is absolutely correct: it is the West that should be suffering from the toughest sanctions imaginable, not DPRK.

It is the West, not North Korea, which has murdered one billion human beings, throughout history. It is the West that colonized, plundered, raped and enslaved people in all corners of the planet. What moral mandate does it have to propose and impose sanctions against anyone?

We are living in a twisted, truly perverse world, where mass murderers act as judges, and actually get away with it.

North Korea spilled blood for the liberation of Africa. It showed true solidarity with robbed, tortured people, with those whom Franz Fanon used to call the “Wretched of the Earth”. That is why, according to perverse logic (which has roots in the Western religious and cultural fundamentalism), it has to be punished, humiliated, and even possibly wipe off the face of the earth.

Not because it did something objectively ‘bad’, but because the objectivity lost its meaning. Terms ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are now determined by only one criterion: ‘good’ is all that serves the interests of the Western Empire, ‘bad’ is what challenges its global dictatorship.

If you save the village that had been designated by the Empire as a place to be raped and pillaged, you will be punished in the most sadistic and brutal manner. North Korea did exactly that. Except that it did not save just one village, but it helped to liberate an entire continent!

André Vltchek


I think Zionists are at the Roots of NeoColonialism…… And sure…. with the help of their Freemason Brotherhood….a very complicated and well thought….worldwide criminal organisation…..that could freely operate & evolve for many centuries….


But NK are not child and babies killers..!


only forced abortions

Bjorn Metaal

Not in foreign country’s….. But they’re murdering them at home.comment image

jerry hamilton

Netanyahu just cant stop lying.
I wonder if they went into Syria to retrieve that fragment or is it just a piece of scrap they had lying around.


He was in Fantasy Island shouting :it it a plane…. No it’s a drooooone and the world’s biggest threat

Michał Hunicz

Netanjahu on this photo looks like some savage from cave.

You can call me Al

They do say “a picture paints a thousands words”.


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He is a “throwback”


He is indeed.
To a fish.


Not an AMOEBA?


His mother was :)

HighLord Gaz

No, to an intestinal parasite… he’s being true to his race…

Nigel Maund

He’s a savage and a crook! A very nasty human being indeed!


Looks like his trying to get the highest bidder for the junk SAA shot down recently..! I bet that camel shepherd Bedouins will bid the highest..!


Israel is a so tiny state. If Pakistan use just one missile then there will be no life in Israel. Palestine can win this war from Israel so easy, just they need support of Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Russia and these countries want to help Palestine. In 1967 and 1973 wars Pakistani pilots used Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi and Egyptian fighter jets and shoot down 10 Israeli fighter jets. Palestine has diplomatic power because they are victims of Israeli occupation but Israel have no diplomatic power because they are thieves and kids butchers.

In case if Israel use nuclear or bio-chemical weapons then in this case Israel will be completely wiped out. Then there will be no chance of survival for anybody in Israel. According to Torah Jews should keep themselves away from Holly land. If Jews occupy holly land then they will be annihilated.


I have no respect for UN. If Netanyahu like land thief, kids kidnapper and kids butcher can go inside.


This criminal of course heat the human being, other none jew people.

leon mc pilibin

This NUT and YAHOO making cartoons again.Why is this low life Psychopath not in Prison for WAR crimes???


Because Nutti is Jewish and a ‘victim’ :)

Al kuffar

comment image


Don’t forget also Nutty’s drawing of a bomb at his address at the UN.


I have no respect for UN. If Netanyahu like land thief, kids kidnapper and kids butcher can go inside.


Zionists are great deceivers.


To your arab neighbors, you don’t have any Arab neighbors you ass whipe, you are ingaded in war with all of your “Arab Neighbors” you zio-fuck


Woo.. he has one.. that camel shepherd Bedouins nomads of the hse of Satan (In the land of Jazirah al Arabi) who are not even Arab..! Bedouins are Bedouins.. they are Arabs..!


Had to repost this mail….as long as this Nuttyahu doesn’t shut up…. you ain’t nothing but a War Criminal Mister!!! And you will Pay!!!

The fact that I saw Jews everywhere on prominent positions and up to 80/85% in government or other control and their heavy involvement in Extermination Camps or the changing and shaping of Nations Worldwide according a plan made me suspicious from the very moment I started to dig deeper last years. And made me realise that these people are responsible for a lot of Grieve in this World. The plan they used was every time the same…Steal the Land (by Divide & Conquer) take over the business, Kill the Indiginous people & Keep in control from the Darkness of Shadows, That’s where they like to pull the strings because they Know! that things are going to happen, when their involvement becomes known, (this is probably the reason why they were kicked out of almost ALL countries all these centuries. After wars they had their slaughters in Deathcamps were they could fullfill their Demonic Fantasies (which very well could be their invention with their “scientific” approach) the abuse and dissapearence of kids (“we will rape your Sons & Daughters”). Everything I read kept on pointing in their direction. So an important question to answer: Why do people with “jewish” roots keep on popping up in every Major event in World History from The Roman Empire, Khazaria, Troubles in Europe, Troubles in Russia, Troubles in the Middle East, the conquest of many Nations worldwide through Lies & Deceit (gaining Trust & then a knife in the Back always using opposing tribes to do their dirty little job of fighting) to install their Satanic System, The French Revolution, The founding of America and it’s first seven Presidents or so (before George Washington), the everlasting Slavetrade, WWI, Communism: Stalin, Beria, Yagoda & Many, Many others. They enjoyed chopping up christians & intellectuals in “their” Gulags & the Famine in the Ukraine, Weimar Republic (one of the reasons the Germans started disliking jews), WWII (and yes, even Hitler had jewish blood & got 40 million or so from jewish banksters From New York City to finance everything). I imagine Churchill, Hitler, Stalin drinking champagne together and toast on the destruction of mankind. The English Royals (could they be 100% jewish by any chance after killing the “Original” English Royalty, just like they did with the French Royalty and later the Tsar) To rid themselves of Royals in Europe. Last & perhaps Least the creation of that Criminal Fascist Free State called Israel where they can do as they please….History obviously ain’t what they taught us…..it turned out to be an Evil Game…..This makes you wonder….. why are people always angry with’m jews? I don’t know, maybe ask them (still in my eyes there are Good Jews, Bad Jews & Very Evil Jews)…..the poor Jews can die as easily as the rest of the Goyim as far as these ZioNazi-Evilworshippers are concerned…for they see themselves as gods with their Divine Bloodlines. They decide who lives & who will Die. My vision in this: Eradicate Evil at the root, punish the Perpetrators severely and hunt down the Ringleaders without mercy: I think many agree with that these days. I see BIG troubles for these people rising on the horizon…and believe me this time their Divide & Conquer will not work… don’t let them use that trick any longer. When they want trouble this time: On my left side will be an American & on my right side a Russian and I got me back covered by a Muslim…… all I can say is: Let them come…..


He’s above even war criminal since he also steals from gentiles.


Why do they pops up in every historical event..!
This is what happens when you saves slaves.. they became ungrateful and being cursed by the AlMighty..! They do everything the opposite way..! Many would say they are brilliant, smart & clever.. but the facts is they’re illicit.. sounds almost the same as brilliant right.. but it’s totally different..!

You can call me Al

The Israeli official continued claiming that Iran seeks to dominate “the Middle East,

this is irans official goal


Good….. if Iran turns out to be a Wise, Honourable & Righteous Leader…… Why Not?


Today iran is a primitvie, theocratic state, where religio police pesters the people. Iron courtain around iran! (also around gulf states!)


I happen to know some Iranians and they are very intelligent, modest, decent & well mannered people….. nothing like the image the Western Media likes to portray…therefore I am no longer interested what the Western Media got to say……(and sure they can change their visions on some issues here & there but that is up to Iranians to decide)….


You are wrong. Everywhere you find normal people. But the state is desperate. and most of people agree with religion police. the irgc is also like SA+SS.


Like I said they can perhaps change their visions here & there…. When your country is constantly put under threat of War by Third parties….and you have to be vigilant all the time, I bet that has some influence on the way you run your country & your policies….maybe stop threatening them will be a good start


The terror of ayatollahs began in time, when iran was not under pressure. I dont forget the fatva on Salman Rushdie. iran made terrible things, therefore is under pressure.


I remember the brutal terror of the Shah of Iran who was supported by the US /UK .


“The Shah systematically dismantled the judicial system of Iran and the country’s guarantees of personal and social liberties. His regime consistently violated the codes of law and justice,”


The sah was same type like saddam, gaddafi or assads. good guy, killed the islam fanatics.


you’ve been watching too much of Hollywood movie by the MSMs.. Have you ever heard of the word propaganda..? or indoctrinated..?
I hate to say this.. but you’re not well informed aka ignorance..! or just plain…!


My first contact with Islam was in Malaysia, the news paper said it was the first day of the Sunni religious police, I thought it was a college prank, it wasn’t.
Second experience was in Bangladesh, their Army was wiping out thousands of Buddhist Hill Tribes along the border with Burma, completely sick.
Third contact was Pakistan, Sunni again, the people even poorer than the Bangladeshis because the military ruled by Wahhabi Sunnis kept all the money
Fourth contact Iran, hospitable, educated, wealthy as in having a predominant middle class . Iran are Shia and maybe not perfect, but miles above the Sunnis.


Now the Bangla Invaders in Burma are very unhappy that the local Buddhists are attacking them. Thanks for that tidbit about the Bangla army.


At least they are civilised and do not go round attacking stealing land and give a thousand toothless warnings ?

Want to challenge Iran is so lame


As i see at iranians in our country, they are dirty. Nobody want rent them flat, because they run-down it.


Did you skipped your history classes /lessons while in school..?
lol..! how old is this guy anyway..?


my life is history, child.



HighLord Gaz

You’re outta yer mind…


Iran should not negotiate the defence of their nation.


Not seeking…they with Russia already dominate the ME.

Israel tried but seems failed


Russia is nobody in the ME. always was. Iran is agressor, but will beaten back.


Well tell me why Russia and Iran are calling the shots in Syria while US and Israel had failed all these years?

What forces can take on Iran and Russia more so if Turkey join in.

I am all ears


Iran destabilises all countries. Should not interfere with iraq, lebanon. syria is another chapter, assad pleased help. but after war shall go home. in ME each country should be manoveur within own borders.


You read too much Israeli/US fake news . All opposites

Read more SF .


By whom? Is the IDF finally going to fight? Because Americans won’t…..


Yanks? They are ahungered to destroy iran.


Sure….a bunch of’m will be…. more than 50% do you think? I don’t have the feeling all Americans agree with you on that part…. option One: Boots on the ground…. in Iran not a very smart idea if you ask me……option two: Nuke everything…. will mean total annihalation of the Earth I’m afraid… this ain’t time for movies bro……WWIII…..Hahahahaha what a joke….


You’re a bald face liar. Israel is the aggressor constantly attacking it’s neighbors. Iran hasn’t attacked anyone.

“Israeli strategists have long wished to balkanize the Middle East to make it easier for Israel to dominate the region. These efforts to break up the surrounding nations into smaller units were described by Moshe Sharett in the 1950s, by Yinon Oded in the 1980s, and more recently by the neocons in the Clean Break document.”

– The Mossad’s role in the Kurdish Independence movement –



You’re a Zionist shill. It is Israel that seeks to dominate the middle east. Iran’s actions are a response to Israel’s crimes.comment image


comment image


Non of them is me.


If Zionist Israels demise is the result that is needed to give the Palestinians their land back, so be it.

Few care for Israel these days after seeing what the Zionist state has actually done :)


I did not talked about IL, beacause this state should not exist.


I told you so.. he’s a dropped dead idiot.. lol..!


I’m sure that the prime minister’s speech was a roll eyes moment for many in the audience. If you want to know where American government officials constantly embarrassing themselves and the American people with this type of nonsense comes from. You have to look no further than the Jews. Because they’re the cause f it.


Reminds me of the INFANTILE drawing of the RED LINE on a Missile, being demonstrated over a year ago by him.

Is Nutty Yahoo becoming SENILE or are his advisors having too much Fluoride put in their water?


Why are they still listening to him? Boycot him. Leave the room. He has never ever said anything of value, only complains ant threats. Enough bibi. Just shut up!


These guys together with the likes of Nikki everyday talking nonsense and childish threats .

That would be the day Tiny Israel dare to attack head on with Iran without US

Now Syria is out of bounds to Israeli planes .

It would be interesting to see if this is true or not

Nigel Maund

The creation of the State of Israel is the UK’s greatest ever mistake and that’s saying something given the scale of the UK’s historic mistakes and absolute perfidy. Israel is a neurotic, crazy and aggressive “nation” hell bent on emlarging itself at the expense of the Palestinians, who now occupy a utterly Balkanised tiny Gulag, and Syria which it seeks to take over and control as part of the Greater Israel Project in a very similar manner. Iran is an utter obsession and Israel will only be happy once they have destroyed it and control it with their Puppet Government. However, their chances of achieving this aim are shrinking by the day. One day Israel may meet its nemesis regardless of its apparent military might and possession of atomic weapons. That day too is drawing ever closer. In the end Evil loses.

jerry hamilton

Ahhh. That wasn’t actually planned.
During WW1 Britain came very close to defeat.
German U-boats were destroying British shipping and much needed suplies were not getting through.
When everything was looking lost, Lord Rothschild approached Lord Balfour and said “I can get America into the war to help you. For doing so, I want Palestine for the jewish people”.
Britain was desperate.

Nigel Maund

Good point as the Balfour Declaration was made in 1917 at the height of the U – Boat war.


Baldy is desperate to start a shooting war with somebody before his corruption proceedings start.


Netanyahu’s default setting in international arena of UN is always grandstanding and showboating stunts. This particular performance is most likely designed for Israeli audience – UN role-play as the strong leader with resolve to attempt to divert domestic Israeli attention away from the ongoing corruption scandal and attempt to his performance and Iran on front page of Israeli media rather than his legal woes.


Guess everybody knows of his BS that no one gave a fuck about it., just like that nuke bomb drawing.. lol..! what a moron..
I won’t even bother listening to child killer..! This idiot is trying hard to avoid being held for corruptions at home..! lol..,

bill delry

is he not under investigation for fraud ,and could go to jail.


Across Europe those with a long history of experiencing the judaic power CULT have a saying “the jew will scream “ouch” when he steps on your head”.

Judaism has never been an ‘organised religion; in any commonly understood meaning of that phrase. Judaism has always been much closer to what we associate masonic, mafia and nazi movements with. A ‘club’ or cult that is all about societal POWER. A cult that uses ANY means to achieve its goals, considers members as ‘gods’ and non-members as ‘sub-Human’ tools to be used and abused.

Jews regularly murder non-jews in Palestine and many of these murderers are terrorists the jewish controlled press call ‘settlers’. A murdering jewish Settler is NEVER punished by the jewish regime, but if a terrorist ‘settler’ is killed, the jews descend on the local settlements of the non-jews, and inflict as much torture, murder and destruction as they can- ewspecially targeting the CHILDREN and WOMEN.

The action of jews in ‘Israel’ makes the nazis of WW2 look like SAINTS by comparison. But the Israeli jews model themselves on the methods and means of Hitler himself, as laid down in Mein Kampf.

To jewish leaders, Adolf Hitler was the strongest and most powerful individual in Human History- and his example, perfected, is what modern judaism aspires to (minus the anti-jewish ideology, of course). But then again no serious historian doubts that Hitler would have had 100% support of world jewry at the time had he not ‘targeted’ jews.

We forget at our peril how “admired” Hitler was before WW2- by powerful people all across the globe. Today Hitler seems a by-word for ‘evil’ – but that is ONLY cos of the organised jewish demonisation of this war criminal. Without that constant demonisation, Hitler would be another accepted and admired DEMON, like slave owning US presidents, Columbus, Henry VIII, etc etc.

But the jews are pragmatic- while they have a public axe to grind with the nazis- behind the scenes they consider the nazis the best of the best from the 20th century with regard to so many aspects of the nazi machine- and they want that same thing for themselves.

The new, jewish nazis, threaten our planet, just like the original ones did- and modern judaism has ZERO self-control as the Weinstein and Polanski stories prove (world jewry moved heaven and earth to protect and reward these two insanely evil sex criminals just because they were jews).


** It is developing ballistic missiles to reach deep into Europe and to the United States as well… **

Isn’t that the purpose of the Samson Option?

jerry hamilton

There is a reason that jews can blatantly lie and feel no guilt.
“Kol Nidre” is Considered the Holiest of Jewish Prayers.
It is recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yom Kippur. (Day of Atonement)
It means all vows.
This is part or all of it, from wiki.

“All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.

I had trouble believing what I had read. Google it.

Brad Isherwood

Iran does not have a Planet Rothschild Central Bank, …
So…it’s going to be attacked,… ..no Netanyahu needed.

Israel/Netanyahu is more a Kodak of how stupid the Jew is…. ..how he is Be’atch to the Globalist system.
The Fatalistic Abrahamic Religions cult dooms all who practice. ..as total planetary doom and 11:59
The piece of shit God shows up to rescue…

Lol….that’s what they ….All ….Believe! .

On the face of it….it’s completely insane.
No God has appeared to confirm any of its real. …..you know….. better obey or else.
It’s Santa Claus /Easter Bunny…. with doomsday weaponry.

So….it’s get popcorn,or get out the hash pipe ….as Planet stupid goes to its doom while morons talk on TV.

Veritas Vincit

Through its aggressive/hostile policies and actions against successive strategic opponents (ongoing efforts to engineer conflicts [employing the “blood and treasure” of ‘allies’] being an aspect of the Greater Israel project [territorial expansion] to concurrently partition and destabilise/weaken regional nations), Israel is ensuring a self fulfilling prophecy. Those it acts with hostility against believing them to be a threat will eventually respond with hostility and will become that threat.

Indeed, the greatest threat to many are the consequences of their own actions. It is likely the artificially created (apartheid and ethnic cleansing/land stealing) state of Israel shall in time be dismantled when its hostile behaviour blows back on it. The belief that its ‘allies’ will be able to protect it in such a situation will likely be proven incorrect as such an occurrence is likely to coincide with the situation of a broader conflagration.

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