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Israel Is Conducting Large Scale Bombing Campaign In Gaza. IDF Claims Multiple Hamas HQs Are Targeted (Video)


Israel Is Conducting Large Scale Bombing Campaign In Gaza. IDF Claims Multiple Hamas HQs Are Targeted (Video)

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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are conducting a large-scale bombing campaing against alleged Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip. So far, the IDF have claimed that its strikes had targetd security service offices and a “secret intelligence HQ” belonging to Hamas.

Palestinian sources report that multiple strikes continue to hit the area.

According to reports, the office of Chairman of Hamas’ Politburo Ismail Haniyah was destroyed.

At the same time, the IDF claimed that Hamas had shelled several Israeli settlements along the contact line with the Gaza Strip.

Israel Is Conducting Large Scale Bombing Campaign In Gaza. IDF Claims Multiple Hamas HQs Are Targeted (Video)

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  • LR captain

    oh for f**k sake Israel

  • john smith

    go Nasrallah kill them all, hit the Tel Aviv citisens together with Hamas

  • Turbofan

    these first rockets into Israel were most likely false flags with elections coming up..A sick sick country

    • Sukhoi

      either it’s a flase flag because how in the hell did a rocket travel 120km without being detected by advanced THAAD/ARROW radars? Or IDF radars are a complete joke

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Hezbollah preparing to retake Northern Israel and declare a Humane State. (HS)

  • Uwe

    Trump recognition of Golan heights, a misterious home made missile able to strike deep in Israel (not ten, not one hundred, they had only one rocket), a swift massive response against Gaza. All in no more than 12h ! Orchestrated by the masters of false flags and divertion.

  • Rob

    Without condemnation from Washington and UK. No compassion for Palestinian children in Palestine. This is a worst example of double standard.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      To supposedly ‘save the world from conquest from a tiny state’ these same Empires fire-roasted the 75,000 children in Dresden 3 different times in just 3 days till their were almost none left.
      Just an earlier example of their same double standards.

  • Sukhoi

    Good. Hamas are salafi scumbags who support the FSA/HTS against Assad in Syria. They even sent troops to fight against the SAA. The only good loyal resistance in Palestine are the PFLP and PFLP-GC who are loyal to the Syrian Government – however they’re outnumbered by the hamas and PIJ morons. Hamas was created by Israel as a tool to destroy the solid, original resistance in Palestine

  • Rob

    Where are Muslim world leaders now, whether their asses are not in control of IMF and World bank of Zionists.

  • Thunder

    i blame you for this too dump the trump for that is my battle cry now weak ass slave!!i know you serve the sinigog of satan dump the trump and for that no fckn military order by your side like ever!!if you try martial law now it will be an act of war by the sinigog of satan on america in which we all know you serve no dice no more white man you fall along with these war criminals in israhell and IF you do try to force martial law on americans now your fake jews will be hunted down in the streets and lynched NOW!!!for i will show them EXACTLY who is doing it and it ain’t you slave prez!!!same shit as in france the rothschilds same as america trying to agressively take over the world!!over my dead body slaves!!

  • Thunder

    and for every time your fake jew masters attack and or kill any brown anywhere in the world now i shall turn more and more on YOU DUMP THE TRUMP!!!i will take it out on their body guards who are you and your racist pig administration!!

  • H Eccles

    Interesting map at the bottom of the article. It seems to list Israeli communities but for Gaza nothng but blank space, as if Gaza is devoid of human beings. Perhaps southfront would like to explain why they would like their readers to think that Israel’s missiles are landing on empty space??

  • Wraith

    Mazel Tov! Go IDF!

    • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

      Nazel Tov! Go blow your honker!

  • cechas vodobenikov

    Hamas seems to collude w Israeli leadership—impotent gestures merely provoke Netanyahu and permit more seizure of Palestinian land