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Israel Is Bad for America

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Written by Philip Giraldi; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

American journalism has become in its mainstream exponents a compendium of half-truths and out-and-out lies. The public, though poorly informed on most issues as a result, has generally figured out that it is being hoodwinked and trust in the Fourth Estate has plummeted over the past twenty years. The skepticism about what is being reported has enabled President Donald Trump and other politicians to evade serious questions about policy by claiming that what is being reported is little more than “fake news.”

Israel Is Bad for America

No news is more fake than the reporting in the U.S. media that relates to the state of Israel. Former Illinois congressman Paul Findley in his seminal book They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby observed that nearly all the foreign press correspondents working out of Israel are Jewish while most of the editors that they report to at news desks are also Jews, guaranteeing that the articles that eventually surface in the newspapers will be carefully constructed to minimize any criticism of the Jewish state. The same goes for television news, particularly on cable news stations like CNN.

A particularly galling aspect of the sanitization of news reports regarding Israel is the underlying assumption that Israelis share American values and interests, to include freedom and democracy. This leads to the perception that Israelis are just like Americans with Israel’s enemies being America’s enemies. Given that, it is natural to believe that the United States and Israel are permanent allies and friends and that it is in the U.S. interest to do whatever is necessary to support Israel, including providing billions of dollars in aid to a country that is already wealthy as well as unlimited political cover in international bodies like the United Nations.

That bogus but nevertheless seemingly eternal bond is essentially the point from which a December 26th op-ed in The New York Times departs. The piece is by one of the Times’ resident opinion writers Bret Stephens and is entitled Donald Trump is Bad for Israel.

Stephens gets to the point rather quickly, claiming that “The president has abruptly undermined Israel’s security following a phone call with an Islamist strongman in Turkey. So much for the idea, common on the right, that this is the most pro-Israel administration ever. I write this as someone who supported Trump moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and who praised his decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal as courageous and correct. I also would have opposed the president’s decision to remove U.S. forces from Syria under nearly any circumstances. Contrary to the invidious myth that neoconservatives always put Israel first, the reasons for staying in Syria have everything to do with core U.S. interests. Among them: Keeping ISIS beaten, keeping faith with the Kurds, maintaining leverage in Syria and preventing Russia and Iran from consolidating their grip on the Levant.”

The beauty of Stephens overwrought prose is that the careful reader might realize from the git-go that the argument being promoted makes no sense. Bret has a big heart for the Kurds but the Palestinians are invisible in his piece while his knowledge of other developments in the Middle East is superficial. First of all, the phone call with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had nothing to do with “undermining Israel’s security.” It concerned the northern border of Syria, which Turkey shares, and arrangements for working with the Kurds, which is a vital interest for both Ankara and Washington. And it might be added that from a U.S. national security point of view Turkey is an essential partner for the United States in the region while Israel is not, no matter what it pretends to be.

Stephens then goes on to demonstrate what he claims to be a libel, that for him and other neocons Israel always comes first, an odd assertion given the fact that he spends 80% of his article discussing what is or isn’t good for Israel. He supports the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem, the end of the nuclear agreement with Iran, both of which were applauded in Israel but which are extremely damaging to American interests. He attacks the planned withdrawal from Syria because it is a “core interest” for the U.S., which is complete nonsense.

Contrary to Stephens’ no evidence assertion, Russia and Iran have neither the resources nor the desire to “consolidate[e] their grip on the Levant” while it is the United States has no right and no real interest to “maintain leverage” on Syria by invading and occupying the country. But, of course, invading and occupying are practices that Israel is good at, so Stephens’ brain fart on the issue can perhaps be attributed to confusion over whose bad policies he was defending. Stephens also demonstrate confusion over his insistence that the U.S. must “resist foreign aggressors…the Russians and Iranians in Syria in this decade,” suggesting that he is unaware that both nations are providing assistance at the request of the legitimate government in Damascus. It is the U.S. and Israel that are the aggressors in Syria.

Stephens then looks at the situation from the “Israeli standpoint,” which is presumably is easy for him to do as that is how he looks at everything given the fact that he is far more concerned about Israel’s interests than those of the United States. Indeed, all of his opinions are based on the assumption that U.S. policy should be supportive of a rightwing Israeli government, that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has recently been indicted for corruption and has called for an early election to subvert the process.

Bret finally comes to the point, writing that “What Israel most needs from the U.S. today is what it needed at its birth in 1948: an America committed to defending the liberal-international order against totalitarian enemies, as opposed to one that conducts a purely transactional foreign policy based on the needs of the moment or the whims of a president.”

Stephens then expands on what it means to be liberal-international: “It means we should oppose militant religious fundamentalism, whether it is Wahhabis in Riyadh or Khomeinists in Tehran or Muslim Brothers in Cairo and Ankara. It means we should advocate human rights, civil liberties, and democratic institutions, in that order.”

Bret also throws America’s two most recent presidents under the bus in his jeremiad, saying “During the eight years of the Obama presidency, I thought U.S. policy toward Israel — the hectoringthe incompetent diplomatic interventionsthe moral equivocationsthe Iran dealthe backstabbing at the U.N. — couldn’t get worse. As with so much else, Donald Trump succeeds in making his predecessors look good.” He then asks “Is any of this good for Israel?” and he answers “no.”

Bret Stephens in his complaining reveals himself to be undeniably all about Israel, but consider what he is actually saying. He claims to be against “militant religious fundamentalism,” but isn’t that what Israeli Zionism is all about, with more than a dash of racism and fanaticism thrown in for good measure? One Israeli Chief Rabbi has called black people “monkeys” while another has declared that gentiles cannot live in Israel. Right-wing religious fundamentalist parties currently are in power with Netanyahu and are policy making for the Israeli Government: Shas, Jewish Home, and United Torah Judaism. None of them could be regarded as a moderating influence on their thuggish serial financial lawbreaker Prime Minister.

And isn’t Israel’s record on human rights and civil liberties among the worst in the world? Here is the Human Rights Watch’s assessment of Israel:

“Israel maintains entrenched discriminatory systems that treat Palestinians unequally. Its 50-year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza involves systematic rights abuses, including collective punishment, routine use of excessive lethal force, and prolonged administrative detention without charge or trial for hundreds. It builds and supports illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, expropriating Palestinian land and imposing burdens on Palestinians but not on settlers, restricting their access to basic services and making it nearly impossible for them to build in much of the West Bank without risking demolition. Israel’s decade-long closure of Gaza, supported by Egypt, severely restricts the movement of people and goods, with devastating humanitarian impact.”

Israel, if one is considering the entire population under its rule, is among the most undemocratic states that chooses to call itself democratic. Much of the population living in lands that Israel claims cannot vote, they have no freedom of movement in their homeland, and they have no right of return to homes that they were forced to abandon. Israeli army snipers blithely shoot unarmed demonstrators while Netanyahu’s government kills, beats and imprisons children. And the Jewish state does not even operate very democratically even inside Israel itself, with special rights for Jewish citizens and areas and whole towns where Muslims or Christians are not allowed to buy property or reside.

It is time for American Jews like Bret Stephens to come to the realization that not everything that is good for Israel is good for the U.S. The strategic interests of the two countries, if they were openly discussed in either the media or in congress, would be seen to be often in direct conflict. Somehow in Stephens’ twisted mind the 1948 theft of Palestinian lands and the imposition of an apartheid system to control the people is in some way representative of a liberal world order.

If one were to suggest that Stephens should move to Israel since his primary loyalty clearly lies there, there would be accusations of anti-Semitism, but in a sense, it is far better to have him stick around blathering from the pulpit of The New York Times. When he writes so ineptly about how Donald Trump Is Bad for Israel the real message that comes through loud and clear is how bad Israel is for America.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is www.councilforthenationalinterest.org, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is inform@cnionline.org.

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You can call me Al

They are not Jews, they are Zionists.
comment image

Hasbara Hunter

To be a Zionist….One has to be Jewish….not every Jew is a ZioNazi…..


You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.

Hasbara Hunter

Nope…but in general one has to be….or a Crypto-Jew….or Imposter….or become Jewish….



The U.N. created state of Israel exists today because of the false Christianity that most people adhere too. If not for the false Christian belief that the Jews are Gods chosen people then the U.N.s Israel would not exist.
You have to be an Imposter is the most accurate description. Imposter Jew or imposter Christian. Or a utopian do-gooder.

Hasbara Hunter

One will find God inside his Heart…. not in a Church…..Nature & the Skies above are my Church….


God is not in your heart unless you change your heart to please God. Otherwise there is only evil in your heart. You do not define who or what God is.
But you are right about the evil that has and is being wrought in the false name of Jesus.

Hasbara Hunter

If I am a good Human Being…. I will please any Good God….


You do not define what is Good or Bad either.

Hasbara Hunter

Fucking little Kids is Bad….so these Priests will go to Hell right?


Nice language. Not. You would have to define “Hell” before I could accurately answer that question but it is safe to say that they will be judged accordingly.
You can define what you want all you want. But you do not define what is Good or Bad in God’s eyes. And there is only ONE true God.

Hasbara Hunter

If your God Thinks it’s okay to Fuck little Kids than he is my Enemy….very simple…I have had the Honour to have been up there once my Friend…..and I can tell you up till now I have nothing to Fear……nothing…..


Now you are just spouting rubbish. And let me tell you that God does not like your language either. Your language says that you are no different than those you demonize. You will be judged accordingly as well.

Hasbara Hunter

I take my Bloody Freedom to Say things the Way I want…


Yes you have the Bloody Freedom to Say things the Way you want. But if you can’t even bridle your own tongue then you probably can’t bridle much of your other fleshly desires.
Yes, God has always desired that we censor our speech. Certainly when we speak in His Name. You can speak as you wish and do as you want just like those you hate and rail against.

Hasbara Hunter

I will fight these Demonic Sons of Satan…..I’m just a Watchman…..and I will Call Out the Enemy & Their Trojan Horses for what they are….Filthy Cockroaches….who destroyed what the Great Creator made….and I will use any Language available to Curse them…Curses Need to be Strong…..they will Fall…


Yes we should call out the evil of the world. But why not rise above their level while doing it? I know your anger but we all live in flesh and have to fight the evil that it desires.
It doesn’t come easy and you must make a conscious decision to do so. Why sink to their level. Sure we all have “moments” where we lose our tongue but we shouldn’t make profanity a part of our every day speech.

Hasbara Hunter

Language is a Way of expressing yourself….that is why we invented it in the First place…..we invented all kinds of words to express ourselves as Human Beings….I express myself in a pretty personal & very clear way….and I must say: most of the people in here accept me for what I am….I rarely had any complaints…..Good Folks…


“Language is a Way of expressing yourself” EXACTLY!
None are “Good”.

Hasbara Hunter

It’s all in the Eyes of the Beholder….I can imagine it is painful for some Folks to hear the Truth……and see the Truth…and to realize they are Doomed….


Many don’t realize they are doomed. In the end it’s all in the eyes of God.

Hasbara Hunter

I will be happy to face him….I don’t have to Fear anything….and like to keep it that way….But Good can become Pretty Evil once they realize Truth….there is Honour in Fighting Satan….He will go Down…Aut Vincere Aut Mori….


“I will be happy to face him”. Ah, but will you censor your language when you do? Don’t be funny, you know the answer is YES. Why not start practicing now?
And again I feel I must clarify. Good does not become evil but evil does present itself as good and when the truth is revealed then evil stands out.
We do agree that Satan is ruler of this world and we must stand against him. Even with our own faults and limitations.

Hasbara Hunter

We do agree that Satan is ruler of this world and we must stand against him. Even with our own faults and limitations…..

I am Kicking against his Castle Door….and tell him to come out and Fight….Friendly Folks are Friendly Folks no need to Curse them…..I Curse them Devil & His Henchmen… and I will continue to Curse Him until he’s Destroyed…..


As if God cared about good manners when so many people are being muerdered every day by those who say they are God’s children. They are the Devil’s children, and they are hypocrites. Thus, He will spit them out of his mouth!


Your statement is a contradiction. If He doesn’t care then why will He spit them out?
God does not make people do things. Everyone want’s freedom of choice and that is something that God gives all of us. Blaming God for the deed of man is like blaming God for the kid that gets run over by a bus or the earthquake that destroys a village. Or those who call themselves Christians or Jews who are not.
Faith is knowing that in the end judgment will come to all. Good or bad.


I was paraphrasing Revelation 3:16, and I thought that since you are so religion-oriented, you’d get the idea. I am not Christian anyway. I do not need a religion to communicate with God or believe in It. You seem to know what God’s will is. I don’t. How do you know that freedom is “something that God gives all of us.”? You’ll probably say that the Bible states such a thing. Maybe God has all arranged from beginning to end, and your freedom is only an illusion. Remember “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care”? This points to a frame that is already set and nothing happens without God’s will. Where is your freedom? Now you will provide “your” or “your religion’s” interpretation of course and say what you like to hear.


Yes I know the verse and you still didn’t address my comment. You first infer that God doesn’t care about “good manners” and then you reference the verse. Either He Cares or He doesn’t.
It is simple and you don’t need to be religious to understand. Twisting what the Bible says doesn’t change reality. You have freedom of choice with God. You have freedom to choose with every fork in your road. You are not being moved like a piece on a chess board. Your conscience is your guide, or lack thereof. The only ones who take away your freedom are those who rule over you and your own conscience. And even then God gives you the ability to defy them.
Freedom doesn’t mean you get what you want and it doesn’t mean their are not consequences and rewards. But you have freedom to choose none the less. But freedom of choice does not mean you have absolute freedom. Absolute freedom is a lie. Just like the U.S. and it’s claims of freedom, just a big lie. But that’s another discussion.

Hasbara Hunter

One True God is Everywhere & in Everything….the Ant & the Universe….The Great Creator & Great Mistery…..

You can call me Al

Just tell him to fuck off, he is winding you up.

Hasbara Hunter

I thought it would be a good thing to start this new year a bit more friendly & understanding…. The Opposition became Irrelevant…..they have lost….and they will lose a little more this year….

You can call me Al

Bless you my Son; your heart is in the right place.

BUT, I repeat BUT, just tell him to fuck off, he is winding you up.


Man does have the right to choose and that is point. We can choose good or evil, lawfulness or sinfulness and we will answer for our choices in the end.
The Ant and the Universe are not God, they are God’s creation. You should reread the Commandments if you believe in them.

Kelli Hernandez

Everyone will assert differing opinions about what is good or evil, but I am not God.
Jesus said simply love one another. That is what I strive to do.
Israhell deliberately strives to do evil. I”m sure there is a segment of society in Israhell who are appalled at their gov behavior but most are not .


I can’t say that most are or not but the state is surely evil.
Love one another? What one another? What is love? We do not know what love is without proper teaching.


It is fair to say that every religious cult has done many cruel and demonic things throughout history.

As Hasbara Hunter rightly says, kindness can be in ones heart, irrespective of ones beliefs.


Misguided “kindness” is one reason the U.S. has degenerated so much and why we have become a welfare state. To be evil to one in order to be kind to another is just evil.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Do i understand you correct if you say that to be a good human, you have to serve a good God?
So if you are not a slave to a good God or religion then you cant be a good human?

I believe that people that have a need and desire to believe there is a god, needs an excuse for all the shit in the world, and some use religion as an excuse for doing bad things.

I have experienced a lot of shit in different parts of the world, and if theres is a god, then its a god that just want slaves and do not want to do anything to prevent all the evil in the world.

What religion or god you serve does not make you a good or bad human, your actions do, blaming religion for your actions just makes you a sad human without dignity and morale.

If i misunderstand what you are Saying, would you please explain it to me?

Happy New Year by the way

Hasbara Hunter

My Friend anything in the Entire Universe is related….We are Buildingstones of the Universe….I am Billions years old…..I come from the Rock & to the Rock I shall return….God comes in many forms shapes and Sizes…and most important: He is Impartial……a Wolf Kills a Deer to feed his cubs….very simple…My body will feed the Trees & Plants once my Spirit leaves this Earth…and the Circle of life starts all over again….

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Death gives life, life is dependent on death?

If my actions gives joy to others, then let that be my salary, but I do not need a god to tell me what to do, those i want to please tells me what i should do.

Seeing the joy in other people because of my actions is my guidance in life, no god can replace that.

I 100% agree with your last statement.
Your actions create your character, and your should be judged by your character.

Hasbara Hunter

Nature tells me exactly what to do….answers are to be found in a Leaf Falling or a slight breeze of wind….a Crow pointing the right direction if I am Lost…a Dream can show me where to find Medicine…one has to open his eyes to see…and get ears to hear….

Without Death….No Life….without Life no Death…goes hand in hand….everything goes in Circles….

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I think I understand now, thank you for taking time to explain it to me.

Hasbara Hunter

My pleasure…

Kelli Hernandez

Israhelli Jew squatters hate Christians.
Recently in Jerusalem, Kazharian squatters defiled a few monasteries there, writing on their walls, “Death to infidel christians.

Israhell is the Rothschild scum swamp central of evil


They also hate pagans, despite Yahweh/Jehovah, etc having been derived from a fusion of a few deities such as El, Ba’al, etc (ancient Hebrews, Habiru, Hyksos, etc were in fact polytheists). The god of Carthrage was known as Ba’al Hammon.

comment image

Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and Its Relevance to Judaism: http://archive.is/WxZsU




I wouldn’t defend the Jews in general but to be fair most who call themselves Christian are infidels.

Zionism = EVIL

But only the so-called “Jews” belong to the Zionist cancer. It is a fake narrative created the by the devious Brits and then sustained by Americunt ignorant idiots and their western patsies to destroy Arab lands and rip off OIL. How many gun toting rednecks are flying the Zionist arsewipe flag in the US? NONE.


The U.S. and Britain are not the only ones. Even Hitler wanted to give the Jews their own state. Russia perpetuated and perpetuates the Holocaust lie and is as big a part of the U.N. Israel deception as anyone.
Every “Redneck”, as you call them, who flies the American flag is part of the deception. Same goes for the Russian flag or any other flag that is flown by socalled Christians.


Majority of Zionists are atheists (non believers)

Hasbara Hunter

So if they are the Atheists….then they needed a place for Jews to Massacre them? Like herding the Sheep in one spot and finish them all in one Sweep…. because they have done it after WWII….one of the reasons why this War was started: the Creation of IsraHell & European Jews no longer welcomed back in Europe had to go to IsraHell….now we can see a Second wave of Jewish refugees coming….Antisemitism is on the Rise…. more Jews will Flee Europe & America….

Zionism = EVIL

Most of the Zionists are criminal and evil. PERIOD!

You can call me Al

But that is not true.

All these Yank and European Christian Zionists !!!????.

Hasbara Hunter

They are all Imposters….Cryptos & Fakes…..that’s why these Cockroaches could Shapeshift for Centuries…just changing their Skin….like the Snakes they are….That is how I see them….and it will be a Hell of a job to cut the Cancer out….Because they will Smile in Your Face and when you turn around to get them a cup of Tea they will Jab a Knife in your Back….The Typical Traitor & Rat….


They are just brainwashed and deceived, if you ask them to go and fight for the zionists ….you will find out where they stand.

Kelli Hernandez

And not every Zionist is a JEW re: Hillary Clinton.


They’re both on two sides of the same coin.



comment image

comment image

comment image


That’s not a freemasonry logo, I used to believe it was myself, it’s actually the logo of the resort they were attending. I forgot the name of it but if you look it up you’ll find it.


Thanks for the heads up!


Google search: ao dai vietnamese putin bush
It’s a lotus flower I believe, it doesn’t even look close to anything masonic. And if they were trying for secret meetings they hardly would have a photoshoot….


Thank you for the clarification. However, it turns out that Putin’s mother was a jew (effectively indicating that he too is a jew according to jewish law) and the the Bush family has a history of membership with the Skulls & Bones secret society that used to carry out their Masonic-Cabalistic rituals at Yale University.

Vladimir Putin Is In The 33 Boys Club: https://www.bitchute.com/video/UwLWfhpVf7sV/

Old passport: https://zionistreport.com/2017/03/putins-passport-proves-he-is-a-member-of-the-tribe/

[Circled in Red: Shelomova Maria Ivanovna, Jew (“евр” is short for “евреи”/Jew or “еврейка”/ Jewess). Full name is Maria Ivanovna Shelomova.]

According to Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/#ru/en/%D0%B5%D0%B2%D1%80%D0%B5
comment image
comment image

comment image

comment image


The cool bit about Putin is that his grandfather was Stalin’s (main) cook at his dascha. That’s about as trusted as you could be in that time. And skull and bones isn’t secret it’s just has restricted membership. It’s only difference with other fraternities is that it’s more exclusive. If you have 1000 fraternities there will always be 1 that is the most exclusive.
All these theories about secret clubs is nice but as these are all people that already have power before joining they don’t serve any function. These people already work together very openly and know each other because they are part of a small group of people. And that doesn’t include masons of which there are hundreds of thousands.


Her actions in Libya and Syria prove otherwise.



Zionists are Khazarians. They’re not Jews – they’re identity thieves.



Hasbara Hunter

Sure it is one Big Fraud….but I must say that People that call themselves Jews keep popping up all the Time throughout History….the Holodomor, The Gulags, The Bolsheviks, Their Major Role in the Slavetrade, The Weimar Republic, The Financing of Worldwars…..But the Same goes for the Roman Catholic Church…..who loved to Burn Witches & Torture for Confessions…..


Most jews aren’t Semitic, including Ethiopian jews. I don’t remember if it was Richard or someone else on Southfront, or even somewhere else on the internet, but whoever it was they mentioned how jews will intermarry with members of the host population in order to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb, sort of like their own kind of biological crypsis.


[In ecology, crypsis is the ability of an animal to avoid observation or detection by other animals. It may be a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation. Methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle and mimicry. Crypsis can involve visual, olfactory (with pheromones), or auditory concealment. When it is visual, the term cryptic coloration, effectively a synonym for animal camouflage,[a] is sometimes used, but many different methods of camouflage are employed by animals.]


The Habiru people (jewish origins): https://bit.ly/2CJAb1M

Akhenaten – The Kosher King: http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/truth-hertz-akhenaten-kosher-king-3-22-18/

By Charles Giuliani: http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/hosts/charles-giuliani/

Although they are in possession of Indo-European (Aryan) blood, their genes have become polluted through inbreeding and even the genes of other peoples due to the excessive miscegenation they have endured over the past couple thousands of years.

AshkeNazi jews are 40% more likely to develop schizophrenia than non-jews:


Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium: https://www.jewishgeneticdiseases.org/
comment image

[The jews, although they are a people whose core is not entirely uniform in terms of race, are nevertheless a people with certain essential particularities that distinguish it from all other peoples living on the earth. The jews life as a parasite in the body of other nations and states explains the characteristic which once caused Schopenhauer, to call them the ‘great master in lying’. Existence impels the jew to lie, and to lie perpetually, just as it compels the inhabitants of the northern countries to wear warm clothing. His life within other peoples can only endure for any length of time if he succeeds in arousing the opinion that he is not a people but a ‘religious community’, though of a special sort. And this is the first great lie. The jew is the incarnation of egoism, and their egoism goes so far that they’re not even capable of risking their lives for the defense of their most vital interests. The jew totally lacks any interest in things of the spirit.

If he has pretended in Germany to have a bent for literature and the arts, that’s only out of snobbery, or from a liking for speculation. He has no feeling for art and no sensibility. Except in the regions where they live in groups, the jews are said to have reached a very high cultural level! Take Nuremberg, for example: for four hundred years – that is to say, until 1818 it hadn’t a single jew in its population. Result: a situation in the first rank of German cultural life. Put the jews all together: by the end of 300 years, they’ll have devoured one another. Where we have a philosopher, they have a Talmudist pettifogger. What for us is an attempt to get to the bottom of things and express the inexpressible, becomes for the jew a pretext for verbal juggleries.

His only talent is for masticating ideas so as to disguise his thoughts. He has observed that the Aryan is stupid to the point of accepting anything in the matters of religion, as soon as the idea of God is recognized. With the Aryan, the believe in the beyond often takes quite a childish form; but this belief does represent an effort towards a deepening of things. The man who doesn’t believe in the beyond has no understanding of religion. The great trick of jewry was to insinuate itself fraudulently amongst the religions with a religion like judaism, which in reality is not a religion. Simply, the jew has put a religious camouflage over his racial doctrine. Everything he understakes is built on this lie.

The jew can take credit for having corrupted the Greco-Roman world. Previously words were used to express thoughts; he used words to invent the art of disguising thoughts. Lies are his strength, his weapon in the struggle. The jew is said to be gifted. His only gift is that of juggling with other people’s property and swindling each and everyone. Suppose I find by chance a picture I believe to be a Titian. I tell the owner what I think of it, and I offer him a price. In a similar case, the jew begins by declaring that the picture is valueless, he buys it for a song and sells it at a profit of 5000 percent. To persuade people that a thing which has value, has none, and vice versa – that’s not a sign of intelligence.

The jew has a talent for bringing confusion into the simplest matters, for getting everything muddled up. Thus comes the moment when nobody understands anything more about the question at issue. To tell you something utterly insignificant, the jew drowns you in a flood of words. You try to analyze what he said, and you realize it’s all wind; The jew makes use of words to stultify his neighbors, and that’s why people make them professors.]



Please checkout the comment section:

Oldest known Swastika found in Ukraine: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tSYgfMrw01LT/

Cool Channel – March of the Titans: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/marchofthetitans/

comment image


Tommy Jensen

I knew it. I always knew Hitler was still alive on Antarctic and live in a complex with Elvis.
So this means the nasis existed since 15000 years ago and the nasis are older than the jews. We are all doomed. I knew it. Incredible.


You took what I said completely out of context.


From the time of the Kush Empire to the
occupation of the Arabian peninsula where they raided what would later became the African states
of Sudan and Ethiopia (Kush Empire II, tech/cultural transfers to the Nubian Negros along with the Egyptians having extorted the Nubians into offering tributes to the Pharaoh not unlike how the South-East Asian kingdoms Indo-China were tributary states subordinate to China at a much later time in a very different part of the world), to the Occupation of
Egypt (Hyksos/=Habiru, Hebrew, “Shephard” Kings, Canaanites and
Phoenicians) – Rabbis are liars extraordiaire stealing from every people
they conquered, an abomination of extraordinary proportions, they were
Pagan until the 200 year reign of terror of Egypt then being thrown out
by King Ah Mose I. They even stole monotheism from Akhenaten (possibly a Hyksos puppet himself), Proverbs
from Amenamope, Solomon’s Temple from Ramses II Temple at Habu Medinet,
10 commandments from the 42 of Egypt which are far greater than the
garbage they decided to keep. The Psalms are Vedic as well as the Myth
of Solomon and Sara (Brahma and Saraswati), and there is no end to the
disease of a people that act with all contempt to Goyim (Chattle,
Cattle, Kush, Akum…) which only exist like other animals to serve them
as their myth goes.

Countless other great leaders of the past are also
stolen from:

– The Sumerian Code

– The Ur-Nammu Code is the oldest Ancient Near Eastern law code recovered
by archeologists. The Sumerian Code from 1800 BCE belongs to this oldest
enduring legal tradition.
– The Hittite Code

While Hittite law was similar in many ways to the Hammurabi law codes
the “Hittite Code” containing two hundred paragraphs of regulations
demonstrates a tolerance for sexual immorality with a strong emphasis
upon financial concerns. The Hittites cultivated barley and wheat,
brewed a barley beer. Silver pieces were circulated as currency.

– The Middle Assyrian Code Decreed by Tiglath-Pileser I, Emperor of
Assyria from 1115- 1077 BCE. Originally a legal code emphasizing the
social concerns and interests of the Assyrian Government. Discovered in
1903 at Ashur in Iraq. Written in Cuneiform on 15 baked clay tablets.
Numerous laws in the biblical books of Exodus, Deuteronomy and Leviticus
have been stolen from The Assyrian Code.

– The Neo-Babylonian Code

– The writings in the biblical book of PROVERBS were STOLEN from numerous sources:

– The Words of Ahiqar

– Ahiqar was an advisor to Sennacherib, king of Assyria from 704-681 BCE.
In 1906 German archaeologists excavated a copy of his teachings,
inscribed upon eleven sheets of palimpsest papyrus, from the debris of
Elephantine which is today part of the city of Aswan in Southern Egypt.


– Whoso curseth his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness. Prov.20:20

STOLEN from:

– “Whosoever takes no pride in the names of his father and mother, may the sun not shine upon him.” Ahiqar 9:137

– The Story of Joseph and Potipher’s wife; Genesis Chapter 39. STOLEN from The Story of Anubis and Bata [Egyptian in origin].


– The birth of Sargon

– The birth of Horus

1. The secrecy factor surrounding the birth

2. The placing in a reed basket, covered with bitumen

3. The setting in a river

The recovery and adoption Much of the biblical book of PSALMS was stolen from:

– The Hymn to the Aton

– The Hymn to the Aton can be found in the Tomb of Eye. 1365- 1348 BCE.

– The Stories of Ba’al and Anat Inscribed upon six clay tablets, in the Ugaritic Language; cuneiform script. Circa 1400 BCE.

– The Lament for Ur

Many of the writings in the biblical book of Joshua were stolen from:

– The El Amarna Letters

– The Stele of Merneptah

More stolen writings in the biblical book of Judges:

– The Story of Aqhat

– The Diary of Wen-Amon

– The Gezer Almanac

The biblical books of Samuel and Kings also contain much stolen material from:

– The Mari Prophecies

– The Stele of Mesha

– The Karatepe Inscription

– The Annals of Shalmaneser III

– The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III

– The Annals of Tiglath-Pileser III

– The Annals of Sargon II

– The Siloam Inscription

– The Yavne-Yam Inscription

– The Lachlish Letters

– The Arad Ostraca

– The Annals of Sennacherib

– The Annals of Nebuchadnezzar II

More stolen material in the biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah from:

– The Cylinder of Cyrus

More stolen stories and writings in the biblical books of Job and Ecclesiastes:

– The Story of Keret

– Here is the original story of Job, written in the Ugaritic language
[Cuneiform Script], composed circa 1400 BCE by “Ilimilku The Scribe.”
This epic involves “Keret” and the God “El.” NOT Job and jehova. Keret’s
family tradgedies and illness are comparable with the story of Job. In
the original tale, “Satan” never even entered into the picture.

– The Sufferer and the Soul

– The Farmer and the Courts

– The Sufferer and the Friend

Asherah was the wife of El Yahweh and also included which was found
by Dr. William Dever, Prof. Emeritus U of Arizona middle eastern studies
which up to this point was thought to be Astoreth which was found in
Canaan and Phoenicia during the semitic period. More of their “gods”,
Anat, Athtart, Baal Hadad (Storm God) which is the story of Abraham and
Isaac, Lotan, Kotaerat,Mot Nikkal-wa-IB, Resheph, Shalim and Shachar,
Shamayim, Shapash, Yam, Yarikh and others, most all are stolen from the

These people lie behind the front of groups that they create so that
they are giving orders from the Darkness, hence, the pyramid with the
Eye of Mt. Zion (Lel), mountain of complete darkness. Everything they
believe is found in the Halacha (Torah stolen from the Egyptian
Tarot-something that the Tribe of Dan never heard of as they left to
Europe before this sick cannibalistic, narcissistic garbage which
justifies every perversion known to be performed on the rest of

Then there is the Septuagint (The additional books are filled
with murder, perversion, cannibalism, pre-emptive war…), Talmud
(Sickest book ever written which spells out in more detail their beliefs
and note that Abel sacrificed people (his flock) as a sweet smell to
their godless perversion as if the creator needs blood sacrifice and was
practiced from the bloody Indus Valley, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece,
Rome, Carthage (after being run out of Egypt they escaped to Carthage,
Canaan, Phoenica and other locations). After being run out of
Alexandria if 415AD for the same practice of blood sacrifice in their
plan of goyim slaughter, they left to Khazaria http://s155239215.onlinehome.us/turkic/70_Dateline/KhazardatelineEn.htm in which practice of deviancy was most profound (Benjamin Freedman and others). The Sephardic traveled along North Africa.

Is Ra El did not exist in any text in Egypt, Babylon for where there
where supposed to be millions. Sargon II, king of Assyria absorbed
Samaria (Phoenicia) in 722BC with the help of Judah-ites. John Hyrcanis
destroyed the temples of the Samaritans who Assyria allowed to continue
their practice at Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Alba in 200BC. Jews are
fratricidal, genocidal, androcidal. Anyone who has read the Talmud
volumes, Kabbalah volumes, Jewish Encyclopedia would know that the Seal
of Solomon was to control the 72 demons of their god who is the
destroyer (Halel/Haylel/Lucifer (3rd Century). They admit to being
created by Lucifer which is also found in Freemasonry, a Jewish front
which allows idiot “anti-semites” to do their dirty work for them.
Hence, the US is a demonic state as well as the demonic Kingdom,
Netherlands, France which has plundered every country to come under the
belt of Jewish Banking Cabal.

They have in fact written the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
but one must get copies from the Internet Archive to download the
originals which identifies the writers (Haskala) and others since the
times before Moses Maimonides. Zionism was their creation from 1600-the
late 1890s and a 2 volume book is written on the subject by Nahum
Sokolow “History of Zionism 1600-1918)” with forward written by Lord
Balfour (who is a Marrano according to the book).

As Judaism is a full fraud, all attached beliefs are also frauds).
Rome wanted to rule the world and put out another blood sacrifice book
written by committee by several people who were “inspired” by God (by
the way this is the Dog star spelled backwards as the Sphinx was a
monument of a Dog which identifies Sirius-a “hidden secret of secret
societies” which has a large web that goes directly to the Sanhedrin as
the Roman Catholic church was destroyed by the time of the creation of
the Jesuits (marrano are the inside circle of the group whose rules and
laws are no different than the diseased Talmud and Kabbalah) and was
bought outright by Richard Rothschild in 1832 when the church could no
longer meet it’s financial obligations.

Both Christianity and Islam have gone through so many re-writes by
subversives that there is very little of the original text left. Rome
and the other Catholic churches have reverted to their old pagan ways
and most of Islam is little more than an English/Jewish rewrite with
Wahabbi being no more than that of British Intelligence (SIS). Of
Symbols, ISIS (Israel Secret Intelligence Service is a giant hexagram
while the Pentagon is an inverted Star. All Freemasonry is Jewish and
it’s basis is the Black Star which John Dee explains in detail in his
book (The Enochian Grimoire of Evocation).

The information is available from the massive histories of the
expeditions of Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Egypt and several others even
going back to the Indus Valley and it’s extreme bloodlust, death,
cannibalism and sacrifice of every kind of animal. RAS Macalister
“Excavation at Gezer” along with his cohorts identify ancient Canaan and
Phoenicia during the semitic period as one of the most backward and
depraved people as close to troglodytes as can be imagined (2 volumes)
with no sense of honesty in weights, measures, education, acts of eating
babies and other sacrificial animals whose history is a grim for life
as one can find (the Philistines were the only highlight of the region
and nearly their only trade partner).


109 Excuses: http://www.renegadetribune.com/109-excuses/

Jews expelled 328 times over the last 2,700 years: https://bit.ly/2LnKvPC

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Tommy Jensen

LOL………I tempt to accept your postulate that all these wars and riots were about money :-D.
Very impressing and thanks! I will print out this excellent resume and spend some nights checking them. (Just wonder why it must be so difficult to find El and thank him).
The biblical smirking responsibility by blood sacrifices of innocent lambs, scapegoats, killing first born children, the juridical murder of Gods own son in humiliation and public bloodbath to forgive all the bad guys, together with vampire drinking blood, eating human flesh, usury of loans to foreigners made me dig some spades deeper into it.
All the best and a good new year.


You took what I said completely out of context.

Tommy Jensen

I was just trying to balance the heavy ugly stuff with a joke. Set aside this, yr links are interesting :-).


My previous message below is an edited version of a what James Reinhart wrote in the comments section at the following link:

Jewish Racism and Intolerance: http://www.renegadetribune.com/jewish-racism-and-intolerance/

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, so called Zionism is a British and later Hollywood construct, the so-called “Jews” who like parasites are destroying the region and the world all came from overseas and not one is native of Palestine or the region. Zionism is a cancer that is destroying the region, the west and the world. 70 years of this malignant tumor has brought nothing but misery, wars and pure evil. These Zionists must be destroyed if humanity is to prevail.

Hasbara Hunter

I have the same thing with the Khazarians & Sabbateans….
Because Sephardic Jews & Ashke Nazis appear throughout History as Bad Guys too…to me it appears like creating more Smokescreens…just like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Jaysh-Al-Islam, HTS & all other Headchopping Militias…Jews many times like to blame others is my personal opinion…Blame the Whole World but Yourself…there are Good Jews & Bad Jews….The Vatican is in it….Just Like White Elitists


Wrong, Al, USA does it because israhell wants it.What happened to the Yinon plan? Did you forget it or skipped it on purpose? As for the rothschild’s objectives- yes, that is correct. Could you please explain why those oh-so -supreme-and-exceptional…. -parasits have not risen up against the genocide of Palestinians or the suicidal politics of their pm or against isis ? It’s naive to equate jewdaism and zionizm and stupid not to acknowledge it as one and the same.

You can call me Al

Sorry 1691, no I am not. Look at that image I added:

It purposely stated the central bank, the IMF loan and the US dollar; all KIKE shit, used to fund the Greater Israel Project.

As for “Did you forget it or skipped it on purpose?”; what the fuck are you inferring there you twat ?.

So much for Happy New Year hey ?, that’s really irritated me.


Wow. Very impressive argument and language!
Now, read your comment and my reply again, please. Thanks.
I shall simplify it for you: you wrote “They are not Jews, they are Zionists.” This is the part that I am talking about.

You can call me Al

Damn, damn and damn…. if I am wrong, I apologise.


That’s a complete lie and you know it. 95% of Jews are Zionists and the other 5% are orthodox extremists who are some of the biggest baby raping pedophiles on the planet.

Tommy Jensen

What if the bad guys are the good guys and reverse? Israel is not without reason to be fork tongued.

Constantine the Great/Rome converted Rome to Christianity in 337. Vladimir the Great/Russia converted Russia to Christianity in 988.
Not as a result of faith but as a result of political convenience. As a SOURCE OF SOCIAL ORDER.

From Catholic planet:
“Matthew’s Gospel wrote in Hebrew, Christians mostly converts from Judaism.
Mark’s Gospel wrote in Latin, for the Christians of Rome.
Luke’s Gospel wrote in Greek, for Theophilus (a Roman ruler in Greece)..
John’s Gospel wrote the last in Aramaic for Turkey.

So the Gospels and Christianity may have been invented as a political tool to maintain social order and crack down on heresy?
(Titus destroyed Jerusalem Temple in 70 after Jewish riots, Jewish won war against Rome in 132-136, Rome banned Jews several periods to enter Jerusalem, and the Gospels were written in 100-200).

Hasbara Hunter

Christianity & Judaism Heavily infiltrated by Evil….


The Catholic church not adhering to it’s own teachings is a problem. The evil that you rightly complain about is committed by people violating the basic tenements of the faith. These are crimes against their victims and Christianity.

Hasbara Hunter

The Essence is: They have infiltrated & Corrupted every Major Organisation in this World…..To stay in Power they formed Strong Alliances with Kings & Queens mixing their Bloodlines by Marriage….By promising them Fortunes unheard of……and it worked…. Jews were always the Banksters for the Elites….Financiers of Wars & Fleets….Owners of Slaveships…


Jew tolerance is a flaw of Christianity stemming from the old testament nexus between Judaism and Christianity. 99% of Jews live in Christendom. The non Christian world almost universally rejects Judaism, as Christ did and Christians should. The planet needs to be humanely dejudified to resolve the problem by outlawing Judaism and closing and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas so that Jews go extinct and the planet is Jew free. It’s an evil ideology that children shouldn’t be born, indoctrinated and raised in. It needs to be extinguished for everyone’s well being.

Hasbara Hunter

Any Book or Religion that preaches Hate, Supremacy over People or could otherwise intoxicate and Poison The heads of Children should be Banned & Prohibited…that’s what I think…


Many are, if the law was applied equally the Talmud would be to.


Constantine did NOT convert Rome to Christianity. Catholicism and it’s Protestant offshoots are not Christian. Most people don’t have a clue and are happy with it.
It’s all part of the deception and you appear to be caught up in it.
No offense.

Tommy Jensen

Right, I am caught up in it, thats why Im asking :-).

Emperor Constantine 1 converted to “Christianity” at his deathbed 337.

His follower Emperor Flavius made “Christianity” the state religion in approx. 385 to kit its social influence into a decreasing Roman Empire which collapsed in 410 .

Orthodox Christians emerged when Tito destroyed and robbed the Temple in 70 and kicked out and banned the Jews and their traditions from Jerusalem.

Orthodox Christians loyal to Rome became the sole rulers in Jerusalem and helped Rome to exile the Jews from their own capitol Jerusalem and to sabotage the Jewish Temple being build again.
Hereafter came the Jewish Bar Kokhba revolte in 132-136 and the Orthodox Christians were kicked out from Jerusalem to Constantinople and via Aposteles ended up in Russia too.

Just a bit stunned about the amount of sheeple and the world of pure illusion.


Constantine practiced false paganized Christianity and that is what most people who call themselves Christian today still adhere to. He did not convert to Christianity, he usurped it with his own traditions worship.

Hasbara Hunter

Happy New Year everyone…..


You too Merjin.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

You too sir


What people call Israel today is just a U.N. created deception. True Israel is spiritual and will last forever. The U.N. created Israel will be destroyed along with the rest of this degenerate world.

Hasbara Hunter

True IsraHell is called Palestine… for they are Semites…..and No Ashke Nazi White Boys… The Elites are going to Sacrifice a couple of Million Poor “Jews”….. while they themselves will hide in South America & Elsewhere….Parasites jumping from Host to Host…..Follow the Money….Jews & Freemasons…. ”The Unholy Alliance”


“IsraHell” is what ever you say since their is no such thing. But true ISRAEL is spiritual and lawful and faithful. There is no country for true Israel.
Here is the patience of the saints who keep His Commandments and the testimony of Messiah.


With Zionists it just boils down to “you MUST follow every order barked at you %100 and no question asked, or else”.

It doesn’t matter how many times you do what they demand and how much you damage yourself in the process, with the first sign of thinking and acting on your own interests or damage control, they’ll throw you away like a used tissue. Trump in the White House is not so different than Menachem Begin in the WH, as long as Israel is concerned but with the first sign of doing something that helps a little bit to amend the damaged image of the US, they attack him like a pack of wolves. The exact same thing that happened to Obama on his last months as POTUS.

One other important matter is that many of American Jews are against Israel. From fundamentalists who believe the creation of Israel is a sin to liberal ones who oppose the Israeli government’s murderous and insane policies, while many of them are not against creation of it. Of course there are many Jews who support Israel regardless of the horrors done, but so exist many Christians and Gnostics/Atheists who do the same. They’re both probably better be identified as Zionists, not by their religion or it’s lack.

Too bad that most Americans can’t think for themselves and are deprived of real truthful, none-interpreted and rendered news, otherwise they’d come to the same conclusion that Israel is the US’s enemy number two, number one being Israeli-firsters in the government, media and whatnot.

Nevertheless, such article as this makes Hasbarats to freak out. Let’s sit back and enjoy! :-D

PS. Here’s some links to a few sites, maintained by Jews from the US, Europe and Israel who are for justace for Palestinians and against Israel’s policies. Is it a coincidence that many of them are also against Trump?

Jewish Voice for Peace

Jews for Justice for Palestinians (they are British not American).

Haim Schwarczenberg

Tikkun Olam, meaning “healing the world”. The guy is a frequent on Press TV too.


I welcome you to look into a book titled “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by Michael E. Jones which details the chaotic relationship between jews and Gentiles in Europe from the Middle Ages throughout the European Renaissance and towards the early 20th century. Although Europe resisted them the most (taking into consideration that the vast majority of jews from the early Middle Ages until the early-mid 1900s due to intermarriage with Europeans). The Muslims, the Romans, Egypt and Babylon experienced similar troubles with jews that the Europeans and everyone else have faced and continue to face today to varying degrees.


[“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy
sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle),” Friedman wrote in
response to the question posed by Moment Magazine for its “Ask the
Rabbis” feature.]

Does the Torah View Goyim as Inferior to Jews? Yes! Says Rabbi Mintz!:


comment image





Very nice analysis and writing. Thank you.


An excellent piece, clearly written and powerfully logical.


Jews are bad for the US and humanity. The US and our planet should be dejudified to create a Jew free and much better world without Jew crime, corruption and evil.


and that is the most obvious statement of the day, no surprises there. but on the other hand he could have extrapolated his thoughts and he would have arrived at the next step – that israel is a danger to the entire world and that it is of paramount interest for the world, of all human beings hanging around, that israel is efficiently and finally discontinued, the people living on and off the land they stole from the palestinians returned to the original owners. all economic transfer from outside to israel to be completely and finally forbidden ny law. that is all the world should ask for.


Saw the title, and just stopped by to say that it needs an opinion label and a question mark in order for it to appear on a news channel.


The New York Times prints Israeli propaganda all the time.
Why don’t you write your opposing opinion in the NYT, and have your account immediately closed.

Tommy Jensen

Daily Beast is also a good place to commend Putin in just a some superficial few words.
The weak parfume smell of liking Putin will make your comment immediately deleted and banned forever……………LOL.


The Daily Beast, like most of the media is Jewish controlled.


Why don’t Jews have a country?
Because they can’t run a country. They rely on blackmailing major powers to create false states for them, because they can’t work together or with others.

Jews are a stateless people, because they are unworthy of a state.
Stealing other countries is not a solution, because they destroy what they steal.
Look what they have done to Palestine, the water is now so polluted it’s unfit to drink.
The Jewish solution, steal clean water from Lebanon, which they will also pollute.

Tommy Jensen

Actually the Jews were expelled from their own country and capital because they rebelled against their invaders and overlords.
The 10 Commandments forbids to make and obey statues and pictures of other Gods.

In order to break the neck on Jewish culture in their land, Ceasar and Caliglula arranged statues of themselves inside the Holy Temple and in Jerusalem, which provoked many of the riots and wars against Israel´s invaders Rome and Egypt.


Caesar is a title, like King Emperor Shah etc.
Caligula was actually a nickname his real name was Gaius and he was Caesar.

The Jews were expelled from Judea firstly by the Syrians in about 700BC, then again by the Babylonians in roughly 500BC.
Caligula got his mate Pompey to get rid of the Jews in 63BC, but it was because they refused to pay tax, it had nothing to do with religion.
The Assyrians got rid of them because they stole, all the Jewish expulsions have been about money.

Tommy Jensen

From when was Israel (Galilea) owned by Syria?
At the moment I have Moses and Co as slaves in Egypt 1450 BC and back to the Holy Land in 1425 BC approx.
Then the First Temple build in Jerusalem by King Solomon in 950 BC.

Tommy Jensen

This map seems to be the closest to an independent nation, not Israel but the Judea part a couple of years.
Then the rest is as vasal state until 1948 where Rothschilds focked it up.
comment image

Tommy Jensen

They may have a reason to hate. Enslaved constantly by Egyptians, Romans, Persians, Greeks and European Cross warriors.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Well said Philip. Especially putting to rest the lie that the US and Israel share democratic values.
The corrosive effect of Zionism in US politics and skewed opinion is transmitted through AIPAC. AIPAC is funded by the Zionist Israeli government, sometimes even using money given to Israel by the US taxpayers, yet it is not required to register as an agency of a foreign government. In addition to its lobbying and PR (distorting opinion) activities, it controls a large amount of money that fund pro Israel candidates, especially those running against less friendly competitors. AIPAC openly brags about ruining the careers of unfriendly politicians and operate organized trolling on social media that disagrees with the ‘special relationship’. AIPAC needs to be exposed and restrained.


caw1 3+


The USA today is very like Germany in the 1930’s, a few people are extremely rich, whilst most struggle to feed their children.
Will the American people rise up against the surreptitious invaders like the Germans, or will they remain forever enslaved?

Tommy Jensen

They will remain forever enslaved. According to Huxley the sheeple will love their slavery if they obtain social security.
With the chip and e-money there is no way back.

The love for slavery you can see in the Scandinavian nanny states:
slavery = freedom
ignorance = strength

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