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JUNE 2023

Israel and Iran: Inching Toward Armed Conflict

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Israel and Iran: Inching Toward Armed Conflict

Written by Peter Korzun; Originally appeared at strategic-culture.org

Can you hear the drumbeat of war? It is getting louder. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on the final day of the Munich Security Conference that Israel might go a step beyond striking the proxy powers and instead take direct action against Iran. He was especially concerned about the possibility of a land bridge stretching from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea. According to the PM, Iran represents an existential threat and its permanent military presence in Syria is unacceptable to Israel.

The Feb. 10 incursion of what Israel called an Iranian drone from Syria into Israeli airspace has spiraled into a major fight, resulting in the downing of an Israeli jet and a broad wave of strikes against military targets in Syria alleged to be linked to Iran. This was the first time Israel has used force directly against Iran.

If Iran itself is attacked, its sites related to its nuclear program will top the list of the prime targets for Israel’s F-35, F-15, F-16, and Kfir fighters, drones, and intermediate-range Jericho missiles. There are different routes they could take, but all of them would require flying through the airspaces of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, or Turkey. None of these Muslim countries will openly allow Israel to use their airspace, but anti-Iran sentiments are strong in the Sunni-dominated Arab states. Some of them might be willing to look the other way. A clandestine agreement to tacitly allow Israeli aircraft to cross their air space is entirely possible. Anger could be vented publicly once the mission has been completed.

Iraq is not focused on monitoring its airspace – it has many other problems to deal with and Israel could take advantage of that. The route through Iraq looks like it might be the best option.

The distance that would need to be covered would be between 1,500 km (930 miles) and 1,800 km (1,120 miles). The aircraft will also have to make a return trip, so in-flight refueling will be a necessity. Israel is only believed to own between eight and ten large tanker aircraft (such as Boeing 707s). That will hardly be enough. The Israeli military is not particularly adept at aerial refuelling. If the aircraft have to fly undetected, the F-35s will have to forgo their externally mounted weapons in order to preserve their stealth capabilities. Then their payload will be reduced to only two JDAM-guided bombs in the internal bay. Pretty underwhelming.

Then Iran’s radars will have to be spoofed, and its air defenses, especially the Russian-made S-300, will have to be knocked out. It won’t be easy.

Israel has a few dozen laser-guided bunker buster bombs (the GBU-28). The Jericho III is an Israeli three-stage solid propellant missile with a payload of more than a ton and capable of carrying multiple low-yield independently targeted reentry warheads. All the targets in Iran fall within its range of up to 6,500 km (4,038 miles). These missile strikes are capable of destroying every command and control site, as well as all major nuclear facilities.

The Heron-2 and Eitan drones can hover in the air for more than 20 consecutive hours to provide guidance and intelligence and to jam Iranian communications and confuse its radar.

Israel would wage electronic warfare against Iran’s military and civilian infrastructure, such as its electric grids and Internet, creating interference with Iran’s emergency frequencies.

After the war has begun, Israel will come under rocket and missile attack from Iran’s proxies: Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hezbollah has up to 150,000 rockets that can reach anywhere in Israel. It is true however, that Israel possesses a sophisticated, multilayer, air-defense shield. A first-class intelligence and early-warning system will mitigate the fallout, but substantial damage will be unavoidable.

Israeli troops will have to deploy in the Strip and move across the Lebanese border. But the Shia group will have to fight on two fronts: in Syria to prop up the Assad government, and in Lebanon against Israel. Syria is likely to find itself involved in combat operations. Israel will go to any length to keep Iran and Hezbollah away from its border.

Iran may try to block the Strait of Hormuz. But even if it does not, global oil prices would go up. Iran or its proxies might attack US forces in the Middle East, primarily in Syria and Iraq. Should that happen, Iraq would likely become a battleground between US forces and Iranian proxies, with American reinforcements rushing in. Iran could punish the Americans for their support of Israel in Afghanistan.

A conflict between Israel and pro-Iranian forces would douse the light at the end of the tunnel so recently kindled as a result of the diplomatic initiatives in Syria by Russia, Turkey, and Iran. Once the shooting starts, all that work will go down the drain. This scenario could be prevented. As we have seen in some other situations, Russia is the only actor capable of effectively mediating. The US has become openly hostile toward Tehran and may have a hidden agenda in which peace is not the goal. There may be forces interested in sparking any conflict that would exacerbate the situation in Syria and bring a large-scale war against Iran even closer.

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Dick Cheney 4 potus israel 1st

you can’t stop israel!

Promitheas Apollonious

they don’t need to stop it, just destroy it and that, is as easy, as killing a duck in a swimming pool.


Hello what is Israel going to do to be stopped? Tiny little Israel want to play big boys ‘ game? Play with Hez first before playing with big brother. No contest.

Everyday shouting never allow iran this or that but no action. Iran has been waiting for the boy who ‘ a thousand times to feel good for their own .

Still no action how to stop?

Dick Cheney 4 potus israel 1st

Iran will fall from the inside


Even if Israel effectively bombed Iran, Iran would have unlimited excuse for attacking Israel and its accomplices. It would make Israel a very hard place to live and stretch its military as it would need to be constantly alert for random attacks, much more effective and sneaky than Hezbollah is capable of. In the end its a no-win situation for the both of them. Hopefully saner minds prevail in Israel.

paul ( original )

Remember that Iran has been preparing for an Israeli attack for decades. There is no reliable way for us to know how effective their preparations have been. The possibility exists that the response could be overwhelming. As with any war only the actual fighting reveals the truth.

Steve Bell

Iran has its best stuff protected deep inside nuke-proof basalt mountains, and only it knows what is there (only a handful of nukes is needed to take out Israel).

paul ( original )

This is true. However, as far as I can know Iran has no nuclear weapons. May be they should but they have repudiated them.


Maybe the Pakis will oblige Iran with a few nukes.


Israeli, Turkish, US and UK armies are hiding behind terrorists. They have hostage whole Syrian nation. Syrian and Russian armies are eliminating their hideouts from Syria. This will bring ever lasting peace, prosperity, strength to Syria.

paul ( original )

I think any attack on Iran from Israel will almost certainly be followed by American involvement. In the past I think the USA had a slight retaining effect on Israeli military intentions. Now I think all that is gone and there are those in the USA just itching to attack Iran and any excuse will do.


Iran needs the S-400. Do it Putin, give the S-400 to Iran.

Promitheas Apollonious

they need them yes but lets not forget that they have already the chinese equivalent of the S400 and that the war industry and chinese war industry have been in bed for the last ten years. And the chinese unlike russia don’t need any ones permission or play the games russia is playing in order to arm Iran or share technology with it.

The missile power Iran has, is enough to turn israel into a black hole and any ally they have within their range. So to me, israel will remain to farting as they have done for almost 20-30 years now against iran. And they know they can not stop the missiles they rain on them, if they do what they threatening they will.


The Chinese buy a lot of oil from Iran. They have an interest in securing that.


I think the the Russians would have a real problem with any attack on Iran and would support Iran if it was attacked.

Promitheas Apollonious

Yes and Iran naturally will wait for israel to attack and do all the article is saying while praying and not reacting. Back to reality, by the time all this attacks they dreaming like is a prearranged war game as the scenarios the americans and allies play on video games, reach iran it is more than likely, israel will cease to exist.

The same goes for all american bases within range of iranian missiles. Lets hope israstupid will stop farting and stinging the place and attempt to do what they farting about.


I’ve read that Iran has enough conventional throw weight to quickly level Israel. Which leaves the baby rapers with having to resort to nukes. The article doesn’t address that.

Promitheas Apollonious

of course not because they are still wiht the believe that israel is beyond punishment and retaliation. Iran is not a country that someone will lightly attack. Especially now that they have spread their missile power beyond their borders and are set right on the borders of israel. This myth about the iron dome and their anti ballistic missile ability, is just that.

A myth. Their nuclear facilities as well their towns will be eliminated within the first hours of them attacking Iran and so will all the nato bases in middle east and all who plan this war hollywood scenarios know it better than we do.

If that was not true then UK/USrael would have gone from farting to action many years ago.


That makes sense. It probably would take days not hours. The Jews would be able to use some nukes. So in effect they would be resorting to a nuclear first strike while trying to claim that it was in defense.

Promitheas Apollonious

using nukes will provoke a nuclear holocaust and I don’t think, the real nuclear powers will allow this to happen. And if you remember israel many times threaten europe with a nuclear attack against them, in the form of allegedly blackmailing them.

The use of nuclear weapons in middle east means the total collapse of global economy so is not that simple.

And a nuclear strike will not prevent Iran and allies to rain missiles, on israel. Iran is a very big country not an easy target to eliminate. On the other hand israel is a seating duck and very easy to eliminate from the face of the earth as they claim Iran want to do to them, trying to use this as an excuse for their jerking off about iran.

What is left to be seen, is who really are true allies, of Iran and if russia is for real, in what they claim they are, or just opportunist, looking for a piece from the pie. In either case much that I doubt ever Usrael will ever find the guts to make reality their threats, one of thsi days this shit happening due to them and allies and genocides they causing need to be stopped, so the globe finally see some peace. So it be good if they stop farting and try to do what they claim they will.


The Jews almost used them in 73. A US airlift wouldn’t do them much good this time. I wouldn’t rule them out.

Promitheas Apollonious

almost have used them also in europe few years back when they try to blackmail their masters and makers. Same as they every day declare war on Hezbollah – Syria and Iran not necessary, in this order.

Almost is like IF. never happen and using nukes they may damage Iran but will eliminate them from the face of the earth and not only in israel. This global war will be nothing as the ones before. And it will be global as in every single city and village on earth.

nukes can not save israel. And also are not the only ones have them. What goes around will come around.


“almost have used them also in europe few years back when they try to blackmail their masters and makers.”

I haven’t heard this before, do you have quotes or links providing additional information?

I don’t think that nukes would prevent a lot of destruction in Israel. And I don’t think that the US would support an Israeli attack on Iran or participate in in it because of the economic consequences.

But if for whatever reason Israel does get in a war with Iran. I wouldn’t rule out the baby rapers using nukes. If their economy and nation is being destroyed, even if they started it, they’re not going to care about anyone else.

Promitheas Apollonious

is been happen several years ago, but is common knowledge among military people, israels planning and blackmailing. If you search it i am sure also you find the speech given by Netanyahu to UN few years back and he openly threatens will activate The Samson option if they don’t stop Iran.


http://www.rense.com/general34/esde.htm Israeli Professor – ‘We Could Destroy All European Capitals’


Now that you refresh my memory, I do remember this. The Jews have already attacked the US with conventional and wmd weapons with the USS Liberty and 911 Pentagon & WTC attacks. And are probably complicit in terrorist attacks in Europe as well.

Which is why there are plans and preparations to use Masada nukes on Israel as part of disarming it. I’m in favor of outlawing Judaism and dejudifying the planet peacefully. But if the baby rapers use Samson nukes, they should expect Masada nukes as part of the disarmament process.

Promitheas Apollonious

If you search and study the actions of GLADIO from 1945 to today you find out that all major western secret service organizations are involved in all major attacks globally labeled, as terrorist acts.

Also you find out that the hard core of ISIS or how ever they called it at times is nothing but the hard core of blackwater left behind in Iraq. Follow the line and also search that since the blackwater rename itself and took over most police stations in USA how suddenly all the shooting increased always with a single crazy shooter.

As a professional sharp shooter i am telling you is next to impossible to achieve one shooter 90% of the body count in the time period claimed they happen in US shootings.


I’m not aware of any information on Black water involvement in US policing or school shootings. I have studied school shootings in depth. And at close range against unarmed people it’s possible to shoot a lot of people. I have a lot of guns and shooting experience and could easily duplicate those tragedies. I have no interest in doing anything like that. And I don’t use drugs.

Some of the shootings may be different then what they’re portrayed as. In terms of additional shooters, crisis actors, etc. And some probably are what they appear to be. The main cause is the psychiatric drugs. Almost all of the shooters are on them. And 30 years ago before they were developed and legalized. Mass shootings were rare.

Promitheas Apollonious

well my friend though i can do your home work for you search and in this case google is your friend.

What you saying is common knowledge especially among people who seen real action in all forms and they can see a false flag and black operations when are executed.

yes the reason is the fact that 16+ million children are forcefully drugged, but then don’t confuse the tool with the ones who orchestrate and execute the shootings as well the bombings. Also the drugging is been going on since the 60s in a very organized manner is not a new fruit as far americans are concerned. And is easy to prove it to your self one way or the other now with the net. Use it, learn.

check also how many blackwater mercenaries got jobs as police officers coming back as well that all police force in US received training by blackwater then you will have a clearer picture of what to expect if you live in usa.


You can’t tell from the media what really happened a lot of the time. I’ve lived in the US all of my life. 17% of the military has psychiatric drugs in their medical history, some go on to be police. I don’t think that many Americans are afraid of ex mercs, I’m certainly not. The vast majority of police crime is committed by non ex mercs.

You can’t get a commercial driver’s license to drive a truck, I have one, if you have psychiatric drugs in your medical history. So the government knows how dangerous these drugs are. Either way that you look at it, the mass shootings are orchastrated by the government. Whether they’re just drugged up kids going off the deep end. Or whether they’re enhanced mass shootings involving criminal terrorism by nefarious elements in the government or overseen by it.

I know from ET contact work the efficacy of psychotronics. It’s a coercive form of mind control that amounts to torture in the more severe instances. At best if you’re strong enough you have to deal with impairment. I can easily see a drugged and or weak willed individual giving in to it and doing something that they normally wouldn’t.

One of my acquaintances is a former DEA under cover agent who worked in South America. Her husband is a former Army special forces Phoenix Project assassin. After the war he worked in private underground security at places like Area 51. During one incident his team had a confrontation with ETs working there over a disagreement. Some of his security team members were turned by the ETs and he unfortunately had to shoot some of his own team members. The government is working on similar technology and it may be a contributing factor in some of the mass shootings.


Almost vto use them does not mean they dare to use them and be hanged in the Haque.

No matter how crazy those Israelis are, it’s not easy as you say to trigger use of nukes after the Retaliation from Iran.

At the same time , massive attacks across the border into Israel will happen by all countries from Syria, to Hamas would be launching their attacks . Using nukes in Israel proper is not an option .

So on the end, Israel will capitulate as air Force ‘s power can be negated.

So peace now better.


Hezbollah might invade, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria wouldn’t. The Syrians have a defense pact with Iran, but they’ve got their hands full at home. The IDF can handle Hezbollah.

You’re mistaken about Israel’s ability to launch nukes in a dust up with Iran. Iran can’t prevent it. There are intervention plans and preparations to deal with Israeli nukes. But it involves a lot more than Iran.

Co Ragoo

The IDF can handle Hezbollah? Are you serious? LOL


A Hezbollah invasion force, yes the IDF can handle it.

Co Ragoo

With 150,000 rockets they don’t need an invasion force


That’s a separate issue to what was being debated.


OMG, Hezbollah now has 20,000 launchers for small rockets, LOL


This isn’t “73. The Persians aren’t Arabs and Nasrallah is the next King of Jerusalem.


Iran and allies will be massively attacking with massive saturation missiles strikes at the same time land attack cross into Israel. Israel cannot use nukes in their own country and will lose.

Once defeated those who ordered using nukes would hang like Mussolini upside down .


There’s no guarantee that Egypt or Syria would attack Israel as they did in 73 if Israel attacks Iran. The Syrian military is busy in Syria. Israel has enough of a conventional military to hold off anyone else that would get involved for a long time.

It’s unlikely that fear of prosecution would have any effect on an Israeli decision to use nukes. Enough conventional throw weight can destroy a compact target like Israel quickly. But not before they could deploy an extensive nuclear first strike. Only nukes could minimize an Israeli first strike. And even that wouldn’t stop air and sea launched missiles.

I don’t see any non nuclear preemptive first strike option for preventing an Israeli nuclear first strike.


Sisi is a comitted Zionist. He’ll attack Syria on behalf of his Israeli pappa.Iran and the Hizb should wipe them out first.


If Sisi was a Zionist, Egypt would be quite like the Gulf states. Egypt is the only military peer that Israel has on it’s borders, the next closet are Turkey and Iran. The Egyptians fought the Jews in 48, 56, 67 & 73. There are plans and preparations for rolling NBC Egyptian armor down the streets of Tel Aviv to accept the Jew’s unconditional surrender and the return of everything that they’ve stolen over the past 100 years.

Sisi is rapidly modernizing the Egyptian economy. That’s the last thing that the Satanic Jews want. They want a weak and servile Egypt, not a regional military and economic powerhouse on their doorstep. And that’s exactly what the Egyptians are building right now.


But Iran MIGHT have BOUGHT some too…


If i remember correctly, Iran was joining the Eurasian Union and the SCO in February 2018. What happened to that.


Israel doesn’t need in flight refulling. They have base’s in SDF/US controlled Kurd territory – East of der-Azur. Israel has radar ‘spoofed’ practically every Middle east country. Trump is itching to get involved even boots on the grouund in Iran.

George King

A attack on any of coalition partners of the Syrian alliance will meet full Russian defense systems from land and sea, there is no other possibility as this is Stalingrad and the message has been that never again will Russia wait to defend from its border/s. The messages are public and are being ignored as bluster, it is not.

That is a make my day statement of which there is no doubt. All this talk is just that. There is no turning back if the first (even conventional) attack against the uni-polar world that will not be met. Naval fleets will not last the week even in a conventional war, it will escalate because those in power should never have been allowed in that position. They will try and flee the battle zones only to be tracked down and dealt with, there will be no sanctuary on earth for them.


The MOST important FACT I take from the article in the link, which I provide, below, is that RUSSIA is ADMITTEDLY ZIONIST, by its lack of support for IRAN’S opposition to Zionism, which explains Putin’s inaction towards Israel’s transgressions. It means he will NOT necessarily support Iran if Israel ( via proxy, UNITED STATES) attacks it.

I have suspected such, but was waiting for ADMISSION by Putin. Now I have it., in the link below.

To be Zionist explains his lack of OPEN support of the Palestinians on THEIR OWN LAND being Stolen by FAKE Jewish Criminal Zionists and at the same time Slaughtering those Palestinians who resist. Palestinians are the SACRIFICIAL LAMBS to Israel in order for Zionists leave Russia alone…..BUT, unfortunately for that sad possibility, it will not Happen. More than anything Zionists want to DESTROY Russia and Orthodox Christiansity, if History of the Bolshevik WAR is any indicator.

I do know that the Zionists cannot complete their GOAL, of World Domination, with Russia being as it is. It also must be subdued, if it is not already.

Putin is either ignorant of History or he is OWNED. I suspect the latter.

Now we know, that ONLY Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela opposes the New World Order. They are NOT enough power, collectively

Without a WAR, or other means, to STOP Israel, as Russia cannot be depended on, the New World Order ( Zionist Jews), in effect. has won.

https://www.rt.com/news/419177-us-safety-zone-syria/ and ISRAEL ESCALATES: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/02/19/552865/Israel-fighter-jets-Gaza-Strip and http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13961130001385


How any power can defeat Iran is beyond me even if Russia became cowards to allow Iran to be attacked.

Iran falls, Russia will fall too as entire ME is gone.

Now Russia needs Iran more than Israel to have any influence in the Middle East. Iran is the only true ally for RUSSIA that will be solidly against US …. Only one besides Assad


“Iran falls, Russia will fall too as entire ME is gone.” ……….exact;y and I have made that point in a few of my past comments


One of the biggest immigrant groups in Israel comes from…?? There you go!


Absolutely correct


Suppose Putin is one of’m…. The New World Order is already in place anyway…..if people are awake, it is going to be very hard for the Elites to sell their stories at home…. if sheeples stay asleep then them will always win…the famous Lemmings…look at what is going on right now: still the Poor are fighting the Poor…. I see no Trumps or Putins in the Desert…Everyone with more than a billion dollars on his bank account is more or less a Suspect…..and perhaps them is just very clever Lads that really want to change things…. who knows….


EVIL wins because it is EASIER and CHEAPER to DESTROY and SLAUGHTER that it is to BUILD and CREATE

One Bomb, costing a hundred thousand dollars or even less, can destroy a building worth a Billion Dollars, to rebuild

You are correct in your sentiments

Co Ragoo

I totally agree with your analysis, most people like Putin and fail to see that he has his Chabad Rabbi advisor Lazar at his side. Putin is Zionist, a simple search on the Internet would reveal this


BS, Putin is a Russian nationalist.

Co Ragoo

I like Russia but I can’t trust Putin, he allows Syria to be attacked at will by Israel and America. Russia can implement a no fly zone and stop this madness but Putin prefers to lick Nuttyahoo and Trump’s butt

Cee Jay

The Russians have to walk a tightrope in regards to who they engage militarily. It’s an over simplification to assume the can just wave a magic wand and keep the US and Israel out of Syria. Russia has the same GDP as Italy, is more then double the population and is 47 time the land mass. Russia cant finance an empire or fight a full scale industrial war.


And Russia nor the Russians doesn’t have to support or finance a War….. if peoples wanna see things change they should do it themselves….. follow the “Leader”, we are passed this stadium I hope…. otherwise I’ll start diggin’ some trenches. If the American people don’t want War…. then there will be no War…easy as 1,2 & 3

George King

How do they reach Kurd territory? NUTS!


Don’t be silly. When that happened the US would be fighting for their dear lives and Kurds wiped out by massive Iranian army and allies.

Yes try landing and the planes we I’ll belong to iran


Has Trump bought a new pair of boots already…? Maybe he should paint his hair Tan before he goes….. little camouflage….


Radar Spoofed? So HOW did that F16 get knocked and HOW did that F35 get made “unserviceable” – a birdstrike? – you smoking the wrong weed man.

George King

US has become openly hostile toward Tehran, Russia, China, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Pakistan, North Korea and the list goes on…………….. There is a much longer list where the US/NATO endangers those countries surrounding them including South Korea, Japan, Guam, Australia, all of Europe, Greece (is there no other reason for those seeking defense outside of US Empire?) and again the list goes on.

The script has been written many times through out history and it never ends well for Empire or those civilians of all concerned. The bubble will burst soon. The only Question is who will survive and the struggles to endure.


In the past, USA was hostile towards Germany, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Chile, ….. The real problem is USA. USA is a fascist state and a dictatorship. The problem also is that to many people love USA and think USA is a good country whereas USA is a very bad country and has become hell even for Americans.


As if israel can beat Iran !!! XD. israel is willing their american and sunni slaves to do the job for them. israelis can’t even beat Hezbollah !!!!


Israel won’t waste time ; Jews are ruthless and will not tolerate defeat, especially when they have 2000 nukes at the ready and itchy trigger fingers. They want Greater Israel, and typical of Jews, they are not going to let anyone or anything stop them from achieving their JWO goals and the complete ruling of the Goy and the utter elimination of the Christian population. Dystopia is headed our way, thanks to the lovely, kind, giving, sharing, supportive Jews. Such big hearts these aliens have, don’t they ?

Promitheas Apollonious

Israel has 2000 nukes?

Any more jokes you like to share with us?

George King

You are not correct here, it is zionist that are supported thanks to the lovely, kind, giving, sharing, supportive Jews. That will change as the past has proven those lovely, kind, giving, sharing, supportive Jews are included in the goy list.


israel is just barking so that Americans get involved in the process and the west sees Iran as a target. Of course, sunnis see Iran as a target because they just hate shias even if destroying Iran will absolutely not make their shitty life better (it can even make it worst) because sunnis are responsible of their shitty life because they are so stupid and bad people who can’t think.

Rakean Jaya

Big no, as a sunni i’m rejected this stupid assumption, just name the country who were targeting Iran do not make stupid generalization.


Sunni & Shia should become friends….. is a lot better…..why fight? Fighting is stupid…..

Rakean Jaya

Agree with you Merijn


Sunni and Shia ARE friends. The West is hard at work trying to prove otherwise, hence the “sectarian” bombings of each other’s worship places and neighbourhoods in Pak and Iraq – thanks to US/Brit special forces and Mr Prince of Blackwater.


That’s very Nice! I saw some Imams on Youtube saying the same thing a couple of years ago… Don’t let the West interfere anymore… they are Rats….and became very angry once I understood this complicated story a bit more…and when I saw a Father with his headless little Daughter in his arms, (thanks to these Western Headchopper Mercenaries)….I had to say something…the West has made many Enemies….

Co Ragoo

Saudi Arabia, Quatar, UAE


a totally bogus pseudo-analytical mop towel piece of a confused thinking ;

and you assume those flying lemons would cover 3000kms without detection from either iraqi, russian or syrian AADs ? and you assume upon detection, the iranians won’t be tipped ? and what then ? and those air refueling crafts will be lurking the skies unscathed ??? utter lunacy !

tell you what would happen ! any detection of a sizable formation of israeli or any supposed enemy crafts would trigger iran response, which would consist first of a saturating missile attack on israel (probably from syria) followed by another equally massive missile attacks against vital targets on the entire Israeli territory (from iran an syria) ; make no mistake, no single plane would be able to return from such a mission, as syria and iraq would certainly join the anti aerial hunt and shootout !

iran has built an extensive network of intelligence services and proxy groupings across the region (thanks to stupid zio-american policies in ME) and all of these will join the battle and will surely fight to subvert their respective countries to close ranks with iran !

and what would Israel have for allies ? ksa and uae ?, who can’t even defeat bare-footed houthis ? jordanians ? turks ? egyptians ? simply forget about any arab joining a war on the side of israel against muslims ; it’d simply be political suicide for the leaders in question (just look at the condemnations of Mr Orange Trump statement on Jerusalem) ; and what about the acclaimed american ally ? where do you think they’ll build logistics and get the numbers ? how will they be able to cope with a certain and complete closure of the Hormuz strait, even temporally ? forget about the Al Udeid airbase in qatar, its hangars will go in flames and its runways will become impractical in the very first 5 seconds of the alarm ;

from that point on, forget about conventional war, israel and the americans aren’t in any position to prevail under today circumstances, with the resistance axis having unprecedented political weight in lebanon, iraq, syria, yemen (and certainly clandestinely in jordan) under cross-regional coordination of localized irgc ; with a Hezbollah growing much more stronger in tactics, missiles and manpower, also with battle-hardened syrians, not to mention the PMUs, and add to that the freedom all those groups enjoy in looming the region (thanking again the USofWar policies) ; and while air supremacy will never be assured for the americans left alone the israelis … so, from that point on, only nuclear strikes would prevent the inevitable defeat and even israel wouldn’t survive those strikes ! as I suspect, iranians short of a proper nuke, wouldn’t fail to get dirty bombs !

so to cut the bs, war between iran and israel will never happen, it would be a regional human cataclysm which would wipe out the hydrocarbon production of the region and the banksters behind all these shenanigans wouldn’t allow that, not to mention the unpredictable political fallouts (including the potential overdue genuine revolutions in the west).


not to mention see the farewell of US of A from the region. But I DO wish the Iranians would start something….


Rubbish really. Wishful thinking Israel can do much damageIsrael will be fighting for their dear lives as to Iran’s assets. More likely as Israel daces the onslaught of ASSAD’s forces, Hez, Iraqi pmu, Hamas, and unlimited Iranian forces thru the land corridor.

Iran’s assets are practically unreachable much less by a few planes that have limited air time over Iran if not all shot down.

Yes Iran can invade Israel but tiny Israel can only pray….not even fight back as once inside Israel nukes can’t be used


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Israel couldnt even Jam Hizbollahs comms in 2006, let alone Iran in 2018! The entire scenario is a Zio Wetdream


The jews that control 99.9% of the media you read tell two gigantic WHOPPERS.

1) America is at risk of going to war with N Korea. 2) Israel considers direct military strikes on Iran.

Why do they use these lies on you? Cos most of you are so naive you want to see EVIL in the stupidest way possible- so this weakness is trivially turned against you.

N Korea is an AMERICAN construct. After WW2, the USA propped up the extreme right-wing regime of Japan, directly exterminating all grass roots socialist movements that attempted to flourish in the ruins of Japan. Korea was the SLAVE state of Japan, and when Japan could no longer continue the occupation of Korea, America agreed to level the entire nation and set it back many decades.

The Korean war that followed WW2 made the atrocities of Japan in China seem like an angel’s kiss by comparison. America mass murdered millions and destroyed everything of value and Japan’s rulers were HAPPY.

Now Iran. Israel wants Iran neutered, and doesn’t care how many Iranians are murdered to satisfy this goal. But Israel will never ever initiate a hot war with Iran- NEVER. Even if an hot war made sense for Israel (hint- it does NOT), only Israel’s nukes and plague weapons could ensure victory, but their use would lead to Pakistan nuking Israel. A jewish nuclear strike on any muslim nation would instantly unite all muslims on the planet.

Southfront has recently had its editorial staff invaded by (hidden) zionists- hence the dribble of this article. The coming Iran war, like Tony Blair’s Kosovo war, Invasion of Iraq, and destruction of Libya, is going to be an affair of the Empire of the West.

Canada, America, France, Germany, Britain and many lesser powers are poised to strike Iran once an excuse is discovered. They have bases recently built all across the Middle East. The British RAF, for instance, has the biggest base in its history located in Saudi Arabia- currently used to bomb Yemen.

But the ‘coalition’ that declares war on Iran will no more include Israel than it did when Blair invaded Iraq. Please get smarter, guys. Know the zionists spread their lies on our sites too.


Israel loves throwing around threats and getting other people, such as the US, to do it’s dirty work. So its certainly not something that should be ignored by Iran as zionist dribble.

Keep up the good work Southfront, we all appreciate the truth of whats happening in the world!

Pave Way IV

Russia is attempting to meddle in carefully crafted US/Israeli war plans against Iran, but this time they’re using Russian diplomats to do the meddling – this is an outrage! Stop interfering with the US/Israeli supreme sovereign right to proactively kill people and destroy nations to protect themselves from imaginary threats. Well, protect Israel. Nobody wants to invade the US anymore. its turned into a bit of a… what’s the word I’m looking for?

Promitheas Apollonious



Pave’s comment was sarcasm.

Promitheas Apollonious

mine was……. matter of fact.


America and Israel are a Damnation for the World



How the US Bullies North Korea, 1945-Present


For more than seven decades, US policymakers and military strategists have bullied, intimidated and ultimately tried to isolate the self-professed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a.k.a., North Korea). It is particularly instructive to examine official Congressional, CIA and Pentagon sources relating to North Korea’s motivations. These often paint a much more honest picture of events than mainstream media.

The official sources, conspicuously absent from mainstream US and European media, strongly and consistently suggest that threats and aggression on the part of Western countries, in this case the USA, are met with threats and aggression by weaker states; in this case, North Korea. From this we learn that if we want peace or at least de-escalation, it pays to pursue diplomacy and to stick to international agreements. We also learn that US elites are committed to global military domination at any cost, not to peace.


The current period of US-North Korea relations began at the close of World War II. Korea had already faced external threats, having been under brutal Japanese occupation, beginning 1910. A recent US Defense Department report, says: “[NK’s] threat perceptions are shaped by a legacy of guerrilla warfare dating back to its anti–colonial struggle against the Japanese, political and economic isolation, experience during wartime, and a political culture that is defined by an unending existential struggle with outside forces.” If the assessment is correct, we learn that aggression leads to escalation.

Before the end of the Second World War, the US had plotted to take over Japan’s regional empire. The Cairo Conference 1943 said of Korea: “in due course, Korea shall become free and independent”, which means a satellite of the US, as indeed history shows; at least with regards to the South (or Republic of Korea). By the end of the war, the US had developed unprecedented, destructive technology, the atomic bomb, which was demonstrated twice; once in Hiroshima and again in Nagasaki, to show the world that the US was the new imperial power. Around 70% of Japan was destroyed, much of it from carpet bombing, even before the atomic bombs were dropped.

With Japan defeated, Stalin, arguably in accordance with the Cairo treaty, invaded Japanese Manchuria, which included parts of what is now North Korea, and sided with the anti-Japanese guerrilla, Kim Il-sung. Supposedly in an effort to stop Soviet advances, the US imposed an arbitrary demarcation line, which is why there are two separate countries, North Korea and South Korea today.

Soviet archives reviewed by US scholars at the Woodrow Wilson Center suggest that “from February 1945 to April 1950 Stalin did not aim to gain control over the entire peninsula.” Stalin, according to the records, assumed that the US would seek control over Japan’s territories. A declassified CIA assessment of troop movements in the North in January 1950, says that the North Korean movements were “probably a defensive measure to offset the growing strength of the offensively minded South Korean Army (sic).”

This is in accord with the Defense Department report quoted earlier, which says that North Korea’s threat assessments are shaped by its sense of external vulnerability. It also adds weight to the idea that if you threaten people, they tend to respond.

In response to the North’s invasion of the South, the US-dominated United Nations Security Council adopted resolutions 84 and 85, which appear to have authorized the use of force under a United Nations Command. The UN Command was almost entirely made up of US forces, who unleashed what they describe as “burn[ing] down every town in North Korea … Over a period of three years or so, we killed off … twenty percent of the population of Korea as direct casualties of war, or from starvation and exposure,” to quote General Curtis LeMay. Dean Rusk, who served in Truman’s State Department, said: “We were bombing with conventional weapons,” meaning non-nuclear, “everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another.”

This destroyed about 90% of the country, proportionally even more than the US had destroyed in Japan, including with the use of two atomic bombs. There were calls from some quarters to use nuclear weapons against Korea. Sir Peter Roberts, a Tory politician from Sheffield, UK, told Parliament in 1950: “if the North Korean Government refuse to consider [a peace] resolution will the Prime Minister [Clement Attlee] advise his representative in the United Nations to ask for the use of the atomic bomb … upon the capital of North Korea?”, drawing gasps from fellow MPs.


In 1956, the US, in violation of the Armistice Agreement, considered the possibility of positioning nuclear weapons in the South. North Korea responded by building huge, subterranean bunkers to survive the possibility of annihilation from the US. It also sought nuclear materials from the Soviets. This began, unofficially, Phase 1 of US-South Korea military build-ups in the region, which North Korea perceived as a threat.

The first exercises took place between 1955 and 1957 (Autumn Season and Spring Shower). Others included Counterblow and Strong Shield. They incorporated counterinsurgency operations, due to the fact that North Korea had some ideological support in the South, among the population, not the government, and North Korea conducted frequent infiltration operations into the South.

Why did significant numbers of South Koreans support the North? According to the CIA, the North was developing socioeconomically in ways unseen in the South under a US-backed dictatorship. To quote a report from 1967: “excellent progress towards … rapid industrialization and the achievement of a high degree of self-sufficiency … aroused admiration among some South Koreans.”

And so began Phase 2: North Korea reacted to US-South Korean developments by engaging in provocations against the South. Kim Il-sung decided to relocate the armed forces closer to South Korea, to the Demilitarized Zone. The US-South Korea exercises, now called Focus Lens (or Focus Retina) began in 1968 and included long-range US flights designed to demonstrate rapid US force deployment.

During the late-1960s and well into the early-1980s, the North launched a series of cross-border raids, including assassination attempts and terrorism, such as hijacking South Korean airlines. Again, we learn that threats and violence are met with more of the same. The CIA report quoted above also explains that North Korea acted when it did in order to deter aggression from the USA: “more than a decade of relative quiet [followed the Korean War, but] the war in Vietnam probably caused North Korea to act when it did … [North Korea] has … been apprehensive that the conflict in Southeast Asia might spread to China and thence ultimately to Korea.”

It is also interesting to note that the CIA acknowledges “relative quiet,” so we might have expected US-South Korea military exercises to decline in scale and frequency, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Phase 3 began.


Former US serviceman and Pentagon analyst, Robert Collins, writes that between 1976 and 1991, there was “an increase in the size of combined [South Korea]-US exercises.” Operation Focus Lens became an integrated exercise combing the South Korean government. The new exercise Team Spirit was introduced in 1976. By the late ‘80s Team Spirit had grown in force participation, from 100,000 to over 200,000 US-South Korean troops. Collins says: “Because of its size, Team Spirit became a major concern for the North Koreans.” North Korea speeded up its nuclear programme, with assistance from the Soviet Union. So, again we learn that threats have consequences.

On the positive side, the ‘90s began a new phase of slightly relaxed US-North Korea relations, as US war planners and strategists realized that North Korea could not be stamped on. “Slightly relaxed” because the evidence shows that the US violated every one of its treaty obligations with North Korea.

In 1992, North and South Korea signed the Joint Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Initially, North Korea lived up to its side of the agreement, but the George H. W. Bush administration rejected North Korea’s offer to allowed UN inspectors to examine part of its programme. Specialist Leon V. Sigal of Arms Control Today says:

For a country supposedly intent on obtaining nuclear weapons, [North Korea’s] self-restraint seems difficult to explain. One possible explanation is that, starting in 1990 or 1991, North Korea was trying to trade in its weapons program for what it thought it needed more—security, political and economic ties with the United States … [Quoting further:] Washington entered into talks only with extreme reluctance, and even then it was unwilling to specify what it would give North Korea in return for abandoning its nuclear arms program.

Under the US-North Korea Agreed Framework (1994), the US was obliged to replace North Korea’s graphite nuclear reactor with light-water plants. It never did. By 2001, George W. Bush was in power and all talk of negotiations was for whimps. In his state of the union address in January 2002, Bush labelled North Korea part of the “axis of evil,” along with Iran and Iraq. Scholars at the Wood Wilson Center write: “Faced with such a clear and present danger,” i.e., the United States, “Pyongyang did what most countries [sic] under similar circumstances would do,” namely it turned to developing weapons of mass destruction. They go on to say that “ ‘evil’ is something to be destroyed, not something to negotiate with. Indeed, the Bush administration has boxed itself—and North Korea—into a corner.”

Phase 4 begins; the current phase of US-South Korea exercises, only this time with a supposedly nuclear capable North. This continued well into the Obama years, by which time North Korea had developed and tested—or at least claims to have tested—nuclear weapons. By then Kim’s son, Kim Jong-il had long been in power, and through state-media explained that North Korea developed nuclear weapons as a deterrent against potential US aggression.

Remarkably, even the annual US Defense Department threat assessments to Congress agree. The documents also refer to North Korea’s provocative actions and media statements as minor, which contradicts Western media hoopla concerning the latest leader, Kim Jong-un and the portrayal of him as a madman. They go on to talk about North Korea’s deterrent to US aggression.

To quote the Pentagon in 2015: “North Korea uses limited provocations — even those that are kinetic and lethal in nature, such as military actions and small-scale attacks.” The report also explains why exactly North Korea engages in “limited provocations,” namely “to gain psychological advantage in diplomacy and win limited political and economic concessions.” With regards to its alleged possession of nuclear weapons, the same report says:

“North Korea’s national military strategy … relies heavily on deterrence, strategically through its nuclear weapons program and supporting delivery systems and conventionally by maintaining a large, heavily-armed, forward-deployed military that presents a constant threat to South Korea, especially the greater Seoul metropolitan area.”


As Western media ludicrously claim that the US under Trump is committed to “negotiating” with North Korea, the same media that make a killing analysing Trump’s lies let Secretary of State Rex Tillerson get away (keeping a straight face) with saying that peace talks with North Korea are contingent on North Korea’s initial commitment to “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”; in other words, they are contingent on North Korea’s giving up its sole deterrent. The CNN interviewer never asked what right the US has to demand anything of North Korea, nor did she point out that the US stations weapons, including likely nuclear weapons, in the region. Under Democrats, Republicans or far-right extremists like Trump, the US project for Full Spectrum Dominance continues…

This article is adapted from a talk given to Cambridge Stop the War Coalition in the UK in January 2018.

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More articles by:T.J. COLES

Dr. T. J. Coles is director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research and the author of several books, including Voices for Peace (with Noam Chomsky and others) and the forthcoming Fire and Fury: How the US Isolates North Korea, Encircles China and Risks Nuclear War in Asia (both Clairview Books).


Even the US scumbs dare not to touch Iran.. so, just forget about the small fries barkings..! Unless if they really wants Haifa, Hellaviv & Dimona burned down and flattened to the ground..and jeopardized the greater israhell earlier..? either way.. at the end of the day, israhell will be burned and flattened down one way or another.. and that’s a promise from the Muslims by the Muslims..!

Real Anti-Racist Action

I must take this moment to disclose that Israel has for over a year now been working on developing weapons that can be carried externally on it’s upcoming F-35’s (now delivered) that will remain stealth themselves. That is part of their rationalization of their F-35 group is Israel wants external weapons to remain stealth. If this program has had any success at all I do not know. But I do know that Israel has been working on this project before they ever received any F-35’s, I knew about this back in 2016.


Not mentioned in this South Front article is the fact that Israel can only attack Iran if it is able to use it’s US supplied JDAM 2000 pound GPS guided bombs. These bombs can be released (and tossed at 40k feet) as far as 40 miles from the heavily defended targets. They simply glide to the target at little risk to the pilot.

And, back in 2015 as Obama was negotiating the Iran deal, Israel was threatening but did not attack Iran because Obama withheld the permission (and the keys) to use our military grade GPS guidance system for those JDAM bombs. These bombs don’t work with regular commercial grade GPS. Thus, Israel’s JDAM bombs, the only realistic weapon it has to use against the well defended Iranian hardened targets, are useless if it does not have this permission.

Does anyone think for one minute that the US military Joint Chiefs is going to give Israel the GPS “keys” to start WWIII, to take out another of Israel’s enemies when they know full well that the US will ultimately do all of the fighting and the dying for Israel?

In all of these endless wars to make the Middle East safe for Israel, there has never been an Israeli lost in combat. But, the death toll among Americans is now over 9,000. Do you think the US Joint Chiefs are not painfully aware of this fact?


This article reads like it was written about 3 years ago in 2015 when Israel was threatening to attack Iran as Obama was negotiating the nuclear arms deal. It was just recycled for today’s news.

Not mentioned in this article is the fact that Israel can only attack Iran if it is able to use it’s US supplied JDAM 2000 pound GPS guided bombs. These bombs can be released (and tossed at 40k feet) as far as 40 miles from the heavily defended targets. They simply glide to the target at little risk to the pilot.

And, back in 2015, Israel did not attack Iran because Obama withheld the permission (and the keys) to use our military grade GPS guidance system for those JDAM bombs. These bombs don’t work with regular commercial grade GPS. Thus, Israel’s JDAM bombs, the only realistic weapon it has to use against the well defended Iranian hardened targets, are useless if it does not have this permission.

Does anyone think for one minute that the US military Joint Chiefs is going to give Israel the GPS “keys” to start WWIII, to take out another of Israel’s enemies when they know full well that the US will ultimately do all of the fighting and the dying for Israel.

In all of these endless wars to make the Middle East safe for Israel, there has never been an Israeli lost in combat. But, the death toll among Americans is now over 9,000.

Do you think the US Joint Chiefs are not painfully aware of this fact? ….


How does this little Psychopathic Criminal Freehaven ZionaziLand (that only knows how to fight stonethrowing kids), think them can win from experienced and Battlehardened Soldiers?….. Israel keep your fingers at the Button…. because if you want to win, I’m afraid that’s your only option…..Fruitcakes….


It is clear why the US servants of Israel do not want Iraq to buy the Russian S400; to allow the Zionist planes to pass unscathed.


The writer of this piece of junk, Peter Korzan should surely change his medication. A few hundred Hezbollah fighters beat the crap out of the child killing Israelis some years ago and sent them screaming back to their mums and dads. Can you imagine what the might of iran is capable of doing to them? Israel, you have good reason to worry! Your crimes against humanity is not too far in the reckoning– and you will pay dearly for your greed. Be afraid! Very afraid!

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