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Israel Investigates Hezbollah Involvement In Guns Smuggling Attempt From Lebanon (Video, Photos)

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Israel Investigates Hezbollah Involvement In Guns Smuggling Attempt From Lebanon (Video, Photos)

Israeli military. Photo: IDF

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Israeli Police are investigating whether Hezbollah was involved in a recently prevented attempt to smuggling weapons from Lebanon into northern Israel.

The smuggling attempt was thwarted on July 9. The Israeli Police, with help from the IDF, seized 43 handguns and ammunition estimated to worth some $820,000. The attempt took place near the village of Ghajar.

“The IDF is examining the possibility that the smuggling attempt was carried out with the help of the Hezbollah terror organization, and is investigating, along with the Israeli Police, the perpetrators of the weapon smuggling attempt,” a statement by the IDF reads.

Israeli officials believe that the handguns and ammunition were meant for Arab-Israeli activists backed by Hezbollah, according to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation and Channel 13.

Furthermore, Israeli officials told Channel 12 that Hezbollah wants to arm others for an attack within Israel, rather than launching a direct attack on the separation line. The group wants to avoid any confrontation that may affect crisis-struck Lebanon.

Hezbollah has not commented on Israel’s accusations, yet. These accusations may be an attempt by Tel Aviv to ignite a political crisis for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Smuggling from Lebanon to northern Israel is not uncommon. Nevertheless, weapons are rarely trafficked across the separation line.


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Arch Bungle

Keep it up Nasrallah! Fly them in on balloons if you must.

Zionist Diaperheads

This has nothing to do with Hezbollah, it is the Zionist criminals who steal weapons from the Israeli Diaper Force (IDF) for their black market criminal activities. Remember the Jews control almost all global drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, organ harvesting and other perverted criminal activities. Hand guns are used for crimes not national liberation. Hezbollah has enough penetration in Occupied Palestine to smuggle large weapons. The Hezbollah are freaking the Zionist cowards out by sending them texts warning of impending death and defeat if they don’t leave Palestine.

Arch Bungle

Doesn’t matter. Keep it up anyway!

Simon Ndiritu

And we should believe there were indeed guns being smuggled, and Hezbollah was somehow involved, right?

A clown like you

Most pure BS from Zion again. Even the Zion themselves said “looking into the possibility that Hezbollah are involved.”
Pure BS and only morons buy.


Hisballah hidding in holes like the rats they are ^^


zionist inbreds running for the nearest toilets as they are low on adult diapers ^^


Guess what – all military’s use dug-outs and bunkers for defensive protection and protective storage. And your IDF are no exception – they are currently in their bunker holes too.


Bullshit!!! if Hezbollah were involved it would be machine guns and RPGs.

Roddney Loder.

Well I think Jew maggots are just hoping to liquidate all Arabs without anyone firing back, as is true with UAE actually KSA is breaking with the US and going over to China that’s where security lies, the Jews know that too, but China wont protect israel or KSA, so the West used Israel as an ideological tool and then attached my Second Coming to Israel as a clandestine Crusade to retake the Holy Land which failed and took Christianity down with lt, too bad for the jew maggots.

US has to restrain China or lose all of its ecomomic empire, Taiwan and Hong Kong are the not so secret weapon the Palestinians don’t need to smuggle Allah (swt) has provided our life line both in life and death God (swt) is greatest.


Hezbollah should investigate illegal zionist diaper smuggling ring. In 2006 supplies were reduced to zero for the zionists squatters, forcing their retreat.


Hezbollah doesn’t do this cheap tactic of small guns. but yes it is the cheap tactic if zionist to blame Hezbollah. If a dog pee on Zionist they will say Hezbollah sent them to do this.


is it me or do those guns look western made?

Israeli Diaper Force (IDF)

They are Austrian 9mm Glocks. The Zionist Mossad murderers and their terrorists use them. This is an absolute BS “news” planted to bring attention to Hezbollah which is now very popular all across Lebanon as they are providing social services to all Lebanese as the corrupt western imposed government has collapsed. Hezbollah which represents the largest Lebanese demographic is now the defacto state of failed Lebanon is running everything from schools, hospitals to electricity plants. Hezbollah is considered the most honest and efficient organization in Lebanon and the region.

Last edited 15 days ago by Israeli Diaper Force (IDF)
L du Plessis

But the IDF is allowed to supply unlimited weapons to ISIS & other terrorists in Syria.

Arch Bungle

It makes sense as a tactic.

It’s hard to get big arms to the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank, and we’ve seen that there is great potential for an uprising among Israeli Arabs and west Bank Palestinians.

Resistance begins with small arms…


How exactly would Israel investigate Hezbollah? Now, there are certainly Hezbollah agents in the border villages under Israeli occupation and occupied Shabba Farms. But when was last time a Hezbollah operative gave it up to to IDF?!! Hezbollah are THE regional Arab organization that Mossad services cannot effectively penetrate.

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